Thursday, 1 January 2009

Gaza Strip, Palestine: Israeli attack a "Christmas Present": citizen of Gaza strip

(Scripturelink Voters guide; c.f. Catholic News Service (independent; professional; don't always give full picture) 31/12/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Israel's attack, so near to Christmas: is considered as a Christmas present, by one person interviewed in Gaza: who said that it was his opinion, that most people there hate Hamas, but are to scared of them to voice it. No name for this source was given.

Israel has been in contact with foreigners in the West Bank, extending short periods of permission to again exit the area. Another source said that they didn't talk about politics, rather: only about their immediate situation.

It seems likely that the source of all this information is Catholic people there. The accuracy of it is questionable, as to Hamas being despised, as there is only one source for this: someone who himself seems to dislike a group which he considers as abusive towards Catholics and Muslims in the area.

Condemnation of Israel, by lay Catholics in the Gaza strip, however: is something I personally have not seen since the start of the conflict. It seems, many in Gaza, just like many in Israel: are exhausted of the politically motivated impasse. Hamas continues defiance, and has at our last check: continued terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians: despite heavy losses. Heavy civilian losses, can be ascribed to a sort of human shield method used by the terrorist group: Hamas: which purposely places installations, and launches rockets also: intentionally: in and from heavily populated civilian areas.

As to whether or not this advance is justified: many sources would prefer a peaceful solution, at least: those outside of the Gaza strip, but other than supporters of Hamas: this invasion, seems viewed as relief from terror by some.

In the end, condemnations from Catholic sources fear greater hatred being caused by these battles: how justified this war is: will only be determined, after fighting has stopped. The Israeli government has launched this counterstrike: after hundreds of missiles were launched at Israeli civilians: an embarrassment: to a government; which has risked looking too friendly to Palestine.

The war itself: is a result of the failure of the International Community: in the peace efforts: embarrassing an Israeli government which actually co-operated with such: to the extent of being looked down on by Israeli people. A government, which seems to be fighting its war: for political survival: seen as having been too soft in securing Israel: now, spurred on by the opposition: the Israeli government is making a gesture to its people: a gesture, which has cost hundreds of lives: and which would not have been made, in the case: that this government had not been made to look foolish.

Israel: has decided to lift the corpse from its doorway: for years, it has been condemned for Palestine: often wrongly; it certainly is not implementing Apartheid: it is Palestine, which has taken a territory from Israel, and these are two separate states. The result of consistent calls for her destruction: Israel, has decided to finally rid the world of one of the causes of these.

This recent war, proves: not a failure in Israel, but in the International Community: simply continuing to Condemn Israel, while ignoring hundreds of Missiles launched at it: is a mistake; isolating Israel: despite the fact, their enemies: openly advocate terrorism: has only caused the Jewish nation to go it alone. As long as the International Community condemns violence: it is good publicity: but I have yet to see a real solution given: peace needs hope, and justice: but because Hamas could not survive it: the International Community has not once suggested an international Tribunal: to try members of both sides, and force through peace.

The words of the Israeli people: ignored by the world, as they daily face terror attacks; and endless threats: are so much more poignant in the eyes of their politicians: than a thousand protests, and condemnations. Until Israel is given the voice it deserves: it will continue to insure its safety in the only sure way it knows.

The civilian losses in Palestine are huge: but it needs to be noted: that these losses were intended by Hamas: should there be an attack: they have always used civilian deaths as a banner: and have not withdrawn from heavily populated ares.

This said, while I think there must be a better, peaceful answer to this: as long as the International Community continues to prevent Israel from having this option: by allowing her people to call for blood: out of constant fear: we will not see a solution. Any clever politics mean nothing: when Israel's people: are those forcing this war through: the International Community needs to look sincerely into this situation: rather than simply advocating peace: without giving a way to create it.

Both Israeli, and Palestinian needs: need to be put on the table: and those who are obstacles: unjust obstacles: not perceived ones: to a lasting peace: need to be taken down by the United Nations. Clearly, as seen in their strikes, and pointless fighting: Hamas: has it in their best interests politically: to insure fighting continues, and as long as terrorist attacks continue to hit Israel: any Israeli politician, also has it in their best interests to continue fighting: both sides also only lose face in hearing international voices.

Until the political necessity is reversed on both sides: there is no point in simply condemning fighting: because neither side will edge towards peace: until they think it is of benefit to their personal political interests.

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