Friday 30 January 2009

South Africa; SADC Region, Africa: DA (Democratic Alliance) Alleges possible ANC scandal

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Article by Marc Aupiais

We do not endorse the views of the DA (Democratic Alliance), nor do their views represent us, these quotations are not endorsements, nor guarantees of the accuracy: of the statements made by South Africa's major opposition party.

A letter sent out from Helen Zille, via email today: says:

"Reports surfaced this week that President Kgalema Motlanthe is poised to appoint Muzi Wilfred Mkhize as the next National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP) to succeed Advocate Vusi Pikoli.

If this happens, it will trigger a constitutional crisis.

Advocate Mkhize was a member of Jacob Zuma’s defence team when Zuma first appeared in the Durban Magistrate’s Court on corruption charges in October 2005. Under no circumstances should Mkhize be put in a position to decide whether or not his former client should be charged with 783 counts of fraud, bribery and corruption. That would constitute a clear conflict of interests.

If President Motlanthe appoints Mkhize, it will be clear why the ANC nominated Motlanthe as President when Thabo Mbeki was “recalled” last year. The conclusion would be irresistible that the ANC required Motlanthe to appoint a compliant National Director of Public Prosecutions who would make the charges against Zuma go away. Then Zuma would have a clear run for the Presidency without the cloud of an imminent corruption trial over his head. The first step was to fire Pikoli. The second step, according to this line of analysis, is to appoint a Zuma man as the country’s chief prosecutor, in accordance with the ANC’s infamous deployment policy."

Among other things.

The DA, is calling for the NPA to be appointed by an independent body, rather than the government. The DA campaign for elections: is to prevent Mr Zuma getting the Two thirds majority, which the ANC got last elections: which gives them absolute power over South Africa. Motlante was not elected as President of South Africa, and the current ANC leadership, were not elected by the people at the polls.

Thabo Mbeki, the previous president of the country: was president when the ANC were elected into office, once again. The ANC removed him after a judge, not judging Mbeki, but whether or not Mr Zuma, could be tried for multiple corruption charges, alleged a conspiracy against Mr Zuma, by Mr Mbeki. Zuma used the opportunity to rally his forces, and force South Africa's then President to resign: without an Election by the people, Mbeki was replaced by Motlante, in accordance with the laws set out by the communist affiliated ANC government.

Important figures in the ANC, have previously called for the "Annihilation" of the DA, and have said that they are prepared to kill and die for ANC president Jacob Zuma, who dodged rape claims recently: having been found innocent. The woman, who accused him of rape, is an HIV sufferer, currently in exile outside South Africa, fearing for her life, after Zuma supporters stoned a woman, who they thought was her. The ANC only will guarantee her safety, if she withdraws claims of rape. Zuma's supporters, do not deny that he was having extra-marital sex with her. They say that she actually stayed the night: and had breakfast: and that this is a sign that she enjoyed having relations with Mr Zuma. Zuma claimed that he took a shower afterwards: in order to avoid getting aids.

Archbishop Buti, of Johannesburg, recently expressed fears, that South Africa's government would not be accountable to the people after this years constitutionally needed elections, and fears: that Mr Zuma will not receive a trial on corruption charges; that a "political solution" would be used. What he feared, likely referred to the possibility, that Zuma would change South African law: to avoid prosecution. The DA claim, however: is a bit different, they allege the possibility, that what may be seen: as below board methods will be used: to further prevent a Zuma corruption trial, something Zuma, after asking for a day in court, has fought on every level he could.

Fear of electoral violence, after voter intimidation in recent by-elections, and in a mirror image of some previous times: is real, and feared in South Africa. The future, of the important regional power: is murky, and dangerous. If South African mediation efforts, and troops are withdrawn from across the continent, due to local issues: an even more dire situation could occur.

Attacks, or commentary on attacks of President Motlante's private life, appeared in independently run newspapers, and media, recently. Motlante recently refused ANC pressure, to change the board of the SABC, South Africa's government media network, without fair proceedings, even as they had been reportedly pulled into ANC headquarters, and encouraged to give the ANC better coverage. The ANC, has consistently interfered with the running of state television and radio. Local newspapers, years ago: alleged that the state broadcaster was no longer independent. SABC board members, were due to get the sack from communist affiliated Zuma's ANC recently, but Motlante stood against this, and refused to sign that. Motlante: however: has disbanded the "Scorpions", the body, which was investigating Zuma for corruption.

SSPX situation: BBC covers the Story

Article By Marc Aupiais

Due to constant media coverage, we also have been focusing on the irregular society of SSPX, the leaders of which have had their automatic excommunications lifted.
While the society itself, is yet to be reunified, the BBC article on radical, anti-semitic Bishop Williamson's statements about the holocaust: seems balanced, and in depth. I advise the reading of this article.

BBC, says that the Vatican had no knowledge of the statements, when the censures were taken away.

Euronews, and other sources: continue to generalize: as though Jewish people were a single person:

Stop keeping Nigerians alive: Gay group to EU; as Socialist Spain forces child indoctrination program

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. LifeSiteNews 21 / Jan / 2009; 29 / Jan / 2009)

Article by Marc Aupiais is reporting two interesting stories, firstly; following usual code: groups saying they represent "gay" "rights", have asked for EU (European Union) funding to be outright stopped: to Nigeria, which just rejected "Gay" "Marriage": considered evil by Islamics, and Catholics: and therefore democratically rejected in Nigeria. EU funding has been used in the fight against aids: based on religious views: Michael Cashman, Labour MEP and President of the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transsexual Intergroup, is the source of these "suggestions". The European Commissioner for Development and Humanitarian Aid, should receive a request from the "man", asking them to "re-evaluate" funding to Nigeria.

The EU recently past a resolution, attempting to force all member states to recognize "Gay Marriage": and action, considered the Matter of Mortal sin, and intrinsically evil, by the Catholic church. Barak Hussein Obama, Europe's friend in the White house on Abortion: recently lifted a ban on funding foreign abortions with US taxpayer money.

The Federal Government in America, was recently charged with a lawsuite: after helping fund Catholic Church efforts to rescue victims of human trafficking, because the church body, refused to fund abortions with the money given them. An attempt by the American so-called "Democrat" party: to bail out failing abortion clinics, recently failed.

Spain's socialist, and radically anti-religious government, spawned of an Al Qaeda strike, meanwhile: has remove the rights of parents: to remove their children from indoctrination classes: aimed at changing the views of their society on "Homosexuality". Spain's radical rejection of religion, has caused recent discomfort in Catholic circles: as a secularist government attempts to remove church symbols from public areas: and to force through ideological laws, and measures: on Spain's citizens.

According to

"Spain's socialist political establishment, however, was jubilant.

"I celebrate that with this the debate is finished," said Spain's Justice Minister Fernandez Bernejo, who added that "this situation has been created by the bad decisions of some autonomous communities who haven't fulfilled their obligation to educate children well.""

The decision was upheld by their supreme court: another judge: who objected to government policy on homosexuality: was recently removed from the judiciary: purely on his belief that a certain lesbian couple: would not give a child they wished to adopt: a natural upbringing, and normal life. Those involved: such as: Benigno Blanco, President of the Spanish Family Forum, object that the decision by a judiciary, with a history: is unconstitutional, as with the Socialist decision to implement the policy.

"SSPX" Denies connection with una Voce, and claims fr Leslie wasn't theirs, despite newspaper, and sspx sources

(Tridentine South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

According to an Article, published on Page one of the Kwazulu Natal (KZN) Mercury paper, a member of the Independent Newspapers (IOL) group: the Catholic church in Durban, has been forbidden, by local church structures, from partaking in the burial of a certain Fr Eldred Leslie. The Newspaper, then goes on to claim:

"Leslie, who was ordained by Hurley in 1968, belonged to the Pope Pius X Society, a right-wing breakaway group."
(29th Jan 2009; IOL; Independent; Secular: appearing in the Mercury, page 1)

Some time ago, we wrote an article, on the fact, that, unlike previous lack of mention of most priests' deaths, the Una Voce group in South Africa, had celebrated the life of a certain "Fr Leslie". Since then, we have received several emails from several sources. Our contacts in the Society itself, were certain the man was SSPX. Una Voce, were furious that we had published suspicions on them.

A certain Christopher Cordeiro, the head of Una Voce: in South Africa: called Fr Leslie:

"by "all" accounts a "good" and "holy" priest and well loved by many in KZN."
(email press release: 26 January 2009 22:16: inverted commas, underlining added in this particular quotation: for emphasis)

The fact: that he is being denied burial: makes this statement suspect: the church only denies burial to those: it believes are likely damned, or are not Catholic.

Claims that he was a "good" and "holy" priest, if Una Voce South Africa were to decide to avoid controversy, as to whether or not they believe SSPX claims, are easily combated: by his zeal to disobey: directly: his bishop, and appose Cardinal Napier, after the famous Bishop Hurley, who is known for his stance against Apartheid.

According to Una Voce SA, in an official statement released to us:

of their asking for prayers:

"This is simply an act of Christian charity for a man who was by all accounts a good and holy priest and well loved by many in KZN."
(26 January 2009 22:16)

In other words, they consider placing requests for, what the local church considered: a schismatic priest, and doing so: on their blog (internet log): without giving attention to his direct schism with local bishops: while treating him as a hero: to be an act of "Christian" Charity, when other loyal priests have not been granted such by Una Voce South Africa.

Finally, after calling a member of either his own personal schism, or the SSPX, who are still operting without the licence of local bishops: whatever the relations are on a personal, or Vatican level: "Godly", and "Holy": statements completely contrary, if Una Voce South Africa were not apposing what seems now the view of local hierarchy: to his denial of burial, and the apparent oppinions of those assigned to shepherd his soul: Una Voce SA adds:

"Una Voce SA's policy is not to comment on other Catholic groups (traditionalist or otherwise) or their members or activities."

(26 January 2009 22:16)

As though they had not just spoken of the man.

This is not to deny that the man can be seen as what they describe him as: my sources in SSPX, certainly seemed, at the time, and now even: to view the man as a good example. It is to say: that until negotiations occur, the SSPX, should be the only group lamenting the man in this manner: Una Voce SA's "policy" of not taking sides, or commenting: is what should be challenged.

Since then, we received email correspondence from the address:, from a man claiming to be: " Fr. Marc Vernoy, District Superior of Africa of the Society of St. Pius X". He claimed that our service was misunderstanding  facts, or producing errors about the Society, and denied any "official" ties with Una Voce.

The Man, was, it seemed: first language French, and also said several things off the record, which seem to validate his claim somewhat. SSPX's official site, was asked about the email address, and have not contacted us, as an organization should when one of their own is being misrepresented:

From such: we gather, that: it could well be their Africa Superior, especially, as the name is also listed on their site. He does seem validly their District Superior: "Marc Vernoy".

If he is not, I advise SSPX to do as we asked, and inform us of who he is, if not their person. As it is, all the signs say that this is valid correspondence.

The SSPX is an irregular canonical grouping, whose priests still seem to operate illicitly, via canon law: in any diocese, where they practice. Efforts are being made: to rectifuy the situation, but negotiations with the Vatican and Society, need to occur: and be successful. Statements by a Bishop Williamson, of the society: were viewed by Creative Minority Report, a social commentary: to be aimed at making it harder for church and society to reconcile. We cannot verify these claims.

Quotations, Links, and snippets below, are not guarantees of article content, nor is accuracy guaranteed, or insinuated, and such links, quotations and snippets are not guaranteed, nor do they necessarily reflect the views of South African Catholic, Or any persons, beings, organizations, or other affiliates associated with our grouping, and this article, or any site, or person associated with our site, or services. These links also are not endorsements of news, views, or perspectives offered by external news sources, which are not at all guaranteed by us, content placed in this section is also not guaranteed, as it is a quotation from an interview, and not our own views or perspectives, and is not said by us; nor is it an endorsement, of content, or of those saying what is said:

Email Details, received by us:

fromPère / Father Marc VERNOY < >
date28 January 2009 21:33
subjectSome questions

Email contents:


Allow me to present myself. I am Fr. Marc Vernoy, District Superior of Africa of the Society of St. Pius X.

I was told about several misunderstandings and errors spread on your blog.

I have no time to answer and correct everything, but two points.

1° Fr. Eldred Leslie has never be a member of the Society of St. Pius X, but a priest of the archdiocese of Durban and a very good friend and the founder of our Priory in Durban.
It is not fair to treat the case of a departed one that way and moreover when we know the atrocious circumstances of his death. We will be bury him in Marienhill next Wednesday.

2° About the assistance to S.S.P.X Masses.
The last lawful answer came from the commission Ecclesia Dei on 27 September 2002.
"Can I fulfill my Sunday obligation by attending a Pius X Mass?"
"1. In the strict sense you may fulfill your Sunday obligation by attending a Mass celebrated by a priest of the Society of St. Pius X."
"Is it a sin for me to attend a Pius X Mass?":
"2. We have already told you that we cannot recommend your attendance at such a Mass and have explained the reason why. If your primary reason for attending were to manifest your desire to separate yourself from communion with the Roman Pontiff and those in communion with him, it would be a sin. If your intention is simply to participate in a Mass according to the 1962 Missal for the sake of devotion, this would not be a sin."
"Is it a sin for me to contribute to the Sunday collection a Pius X Mass?" :
"3. It would seem that a modest contribution to the collection at Mass could be justified."

Yours truly.
Below some informations about Fr. Leslie.

The burials of Fr. Eldred Leslie will be held in the Monastery Church of Marienhill on 4 February at 10 a.m.

Father Eldred Leslie was born on the ship travelling from England to South Africa on 21st October, 1925. He tried his vocation quite early on but had to abandon it in order to look after his mother. When she died he went to the English Beda College in Rome for late vocations and was ordained in March 1970 in the old rite.
After spending some time in the modern church at at least three parishes in Durban he decided to celebrate the old rite exclusively. This brought him into conflict with the then Archbishop of Durban, Mgr. Denis Hurley, a rampant modernist. The disagreement went public via the press where Mgr. Hurley repeatedly accused Fr. Leslie of disobedience by saying the old Mass, which, he claimed, had been abolished.
Finally, Fr. Leslie was suspended by the Archbishop and was supported by a small group of faithful attached to the Traditional rite. From an improvised chapel in Thomy LeBreton's garage via a house in Clarence Road Fr. Leslie finally came to the church in Gum Tree Avenue in 1991 before 'retiring' to England in 1996 and leaving the chapel to the Society of St. Pius X.
Dissatisfied with life in England, he returned to South Africa moving to Pietermaritzburg where he stayed with a member of the faithful for a couple of years before getting his own house with a small chapel in Bulwer Street. It was in this house that he was murdered on 21st January this year.
Finding out that he had been given a substantial amount of cash to repair the roof of his simple home, a person known to him and therefore let into the house killed him in cold blood before making off with the cash, two cheque books and the credit card. Nothing else was taken.
Fr. Leslie was well known throughout Durban by Catholics and non-Catholics alike. He was always popular in his parishes and known for his zeal in visiting the elderly throughout the city as well as many Catholics who were house bound. He was also very well known for his unstinted material support of the many indigent of all races. It was this kindness to all that ultimately led to his murder.

Bishop Fellay, General Superior of the Society of St. Pius X,  expresses his great pain about the death of Fr. Eldred Leslie in odious circumstances. He sends his condolence to all the friends and parishioners of Fr. Leslie and will celebrate very soon the Mass for this priest whom he knew and appreciated.

"I met Father Eldred Leslie in Durban on 18 November 2008. We started a very good relationship. When leaving he asked my blessing and I did the same. We have lost a pillar of Catholic Tradition in Africa after atrocious conditions. It is a great sorrow for all of us. I want to offer all my condolences to his family, his friends and all the parishioners of his priestly life. The Society of Saint Pius X owes him very much. We will keep and spread his memory as a beautiful and truly catholic example of the apostolate. He was slaughtered on the 21 January during the time of signature of the Decree removing the opprobrium on Catholic Tradition. After Our Lady, we believe that Fr. Leslie did a great job for its publication on the 24th. The devil does not like the priest, as he does not like the Mass and Tradition. Do pray for Fr. Leslie." Fr. Marc Vernoy, S.S.P.X Distrit Superior of Africa


We asked for permission to publish the email, and were granted such. Sources within the church, said that it was acceptable for us to publish, with our usual strong disclaimer: this email from what seems to be an SSPX official, we however: would like further: to point out our later response, which was not replied fully to yet, but which the source has promised to do so; note, Bishop Hurley, is a celebrated figure in the church in South Africa.

Email Details:
Marc Aupiais
Père / Father Marc VERNOY 
29 January 2009 11:58
Re: Some questions

Email Contents (NOTE, some sections have been excluded: due to a request by the so-called "SSPX" source, we will note when we do so
- When "[" or "]" are used, i.e. [ or ]: that which is encapsulated within such: is commentary on formatting, after the message. All formatting, to our knowledge, is explained in each explanation, and other explanations, foreign to the text: are also given in these.)
Details of Email repeated:

   Marc Aupiais
Père / Father Marc VERNOY 
29 January 2009 11:58
Re: Some questions

Contents of Email:
Thank you, this is most useful, and I generally respect confidentiality.
[excluded out of respect for off the record statements]
You quote a letter: Ecclesia Dei on 27 September 2002, I have been unable to find any mention, except on the Una Voce [their American Website: which had previously been sited as undermining the Magisterium, by Trinity Communications] website: which has gradually gotten better reviews, but still seems to be less than neutral.

My source, is a 1998 document from ecclesia dei, but even Una Voce's document notes that SSPX [space added, una voce, made "Una Voce", sspx, made SSPX, for publishing] priests are "Excommunicated", what does this refer to, and what would their current position be, I personally have been attempting to place an accurate but orthodox view of these matters. The later letter [reference to that which is seemingly quoted by the SSPX source, but which has been the centre of some controversy], has allot of controversy, and so: I prefer to avoid such!

[excluded out of respect of off the record statements, by them]

You said that Fr Leslie is not sspx, but that he set up sspx groupings, and gave over his parish to you, how exactly, did he relate with your grouping?

Also priory, is a hard to define word, it can mean a church? what would your say it means?

seems to say that a desire to have the Latin mass, is not sufficient reason to attend your masses, how would you answer that?

Also: you say "We will bury him", you refer to the society?

Who will take over his "small chapel"?

Also, did Una Voce inform you of our articles, or another grouping, can we be informed of their circumstance?

We do share a first name. I assume, you also have ancestors in our motherland: France?

I am very interested in clearing this up, as those in your church, do seem to think this man was an sspx priest?

Further, I would like to correspond with the official sspx email address, to ensure it is truly you I am speaking to, perhaps a few emails to guarantee, and a statement from them about this email.

The parts which are confidential: I see no reason to publish, I value such privacy. Of course, I would like public answers to my questions on Fr leslie and 1998 documentation.

It is not a single person who confirmed that Fr Leslie was SSPX, but more than one [original: "ne", correction in publishing here: "one") of your Parishioners believe such.

Also, what is your position, on SSPX members attending the summorum Pontificum, ecclesia dei mass, and how would you view the second Vatican council. I am wholly interested in such, and do hope for God's will in this matter, as I know more than just one member of your society, and reunification, is something I hope for.

Is it likely, that the society, will accept Vatican II, to allow full unification?

Is it of note to you, whether or not the documents be accepted?

Does sspx demand any view, on the other councils from parishioners: and as to Vatican II, do they demand a view on any documents? if not, for both, I would like to know the stance on views your priests have.

Why did not Fr Leslie, join the SSPX, if so associated with it.

Also, Bishop Hurley, I know of via family, he was important to my family, and known personally by representation of it. What do you mean, by "rampant modernist"? Do you refer to the heresy of modernism, or simply a modernizer, I mean to ask, if you are accusing him of heresy?

Do you view the Novus Order as Valid, and what is your view of the recent changes to the English Liturgy?

Thank you for the correspondence, this is important!

Père / Father Marc VERNOY, has since promised that he shall answer our questions, but due to time constraints, has not as yet been able to.

Our calling Fr Leslie SSPX, has been most fruitful: in the amount of emails received from many persons. The views of Père / Father Marc VERNOY, are his own, and we do not share, nor do we endorse these: nor do we guarantee their accuracy. Whether or not Fr Leslie is SSPX, is disputed by Père / Father Marc VERNOY, however, both our site, and a number of SSPX sources: have claimed him to be such, the Independent Newspapers report: also names him to be sspx, adding:

"A well-placed source told The Mercury on Wednesday that the church had had problems with Leslie in the past because he had refused to accept the authority of Cardinal Wilfrid Napier, and previously that of Archbishop Denis Hurley, the head and former head of the Catholic Church in Durban."

(29th Jan 2009; IOL; Independent; Secular: appearing in the Mercury, page 1)

Our reference to desiring to attend a Latin Mass, and therefore going to an SSPX church: not being adequate, may actually refer to another document, or to current pastoral advice. It does seem valid that this is the case however.

Whether or not, Mr Leslie, is SSPX, it does seem: that he has had close ties with them. We do find it odd, that Una Voce SA, chose to enter into such statements, if it indeed is against their policy.

Thursday 29 January 2009

The bad posture, which feels natural: a look at sin, and a bad worldview, and the oh so heavenly blessing of physiotherapists

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The back feels painful, the lg feels odd, uncomfortable: I was sitting in the car, playing music with heavy base: so as to feel better, it was raining, and I was not driving, I was in the passenger seat, I was playing music with the heavy vibrations of the modern, industriality of life. The vibrations were sooting, they combated the pain.

I had just had my back fixed, I was pretty out of shape, or had been: yet out of shape felt normal, felt comfortable. Now, that I was better, I wanted to bend my spine again, and the pain: which felt so comfortable. Even so: my mind, knew: the healthy feeling was best! Soon, if I felt pain, that would be the discomfort.

When we are used to something, we oft desire it, even when it is bad, is painful: what seems most real: we always choose that option, in every action, we have a human obsession with reality: even those on drugs, or those entering fantasy worlds: firstly, they either admit they need fantasy for mental health: that this is most real, or else: see reality as less real than fantasy.

This is the reason, why I treat the propagating "South Africa" advertisements on television so infuriating: they act as though South Africa were free, as though it were safe, as though foreigners had not been roasted sky high, or pressured into jumping off buildings to their death: in fear of hateful mobs: as though white men and women: were not legislated against; as though business were not forced to count how many token positions they must fill, based on colour, not merit, ethics, or skills: as though companies did not legally need a certain portion of owners, of the same colour, as most of South Africa's recent presidents, as though they were not punished for not judging by race.

These act as though our voters were not intimidated by the ruling party, in recent by elections, as though our president to be: were not seemingly making every effort to avoid being tried for corruption, after asking for his "day in court", as though important figures: in our society, were not threatening others, and publicly seeming to endorse violence against people based on belief, or other things they have a right to.

It pretends, as though our parliament represents the people in the laws they make: and not simply the vote of a poor masses, who have been denied a level of safety, security, housing, and hope: and education: that they deserve: and who still vote the same party in: election after election: believing the same hope they were sold: that same hope: by which: they burnt policemen with tyres over their heads for: before, and were called heroes: now, when they do the same to foreigners: with the same hope: they are punished, but both are murder, and the torturing of the hateful mind. Now, for the same hope, they burn foreigners, with tires over their heads: justs as: for hope: Zimbabwe, has been driven into a cholera ridden bug pit, with sewage for sustenance, and death: as a constant: and a leader who has committed genocide before: and continues to: yet, who is treated like a God. Like America: our ideology, is driven by ideology, by the need for token symbols: which: in reality: stifle true hopes.

Our media, and those who think themselves "Liberal", while really, they aren't, now seems a similar advert. Last Sunday, a new priest at the parish I mostly attend on Sundays: but at which I would not take confession: has now compared Christians to Barak Hussein Obama's folowers, and Obama to Christ. Amazingly: this priest, is not white, or not so amazingly, in this tribal land of ours.

When Mugabe used his presidency to murder a mass from another tribe, the press still saw him as a God, a hope for Africa, President (holding on), of a "Shining Star": just as, when Obama lifts the ban on American Taxpayers funding abortion in non-American countries, in countries like mine: suffering already from the breakup of the family, and from guilt and aids: from estern promiscuous "Comedies", and "values", so-called: "freedoms", which enslave, and: which cause aids.

Creative Minority Report, a brilliant social commentary, likens Obama'ism, "leg tingling": to a disease, but it is not a new disease. It is the same disease as Nazism, the same as fascism, the same as Marxism, the same as Napoleon'ism, the same as revolution'ism, and Castro'ism, as Lincoln'ism, as Washington'ism, as Mandela'ism, as how many other'ism.

It is the false hope we put in singers: and the reason why so many Catholics have Bono'ism, despite his support of what the church defines as intrinsic evil: of the very things which cause our society to crumble.

We look to false idols for hope, but crumble under the weight of truth: we know there must be goodness: surely, goodness is so real, so true, there must be something better, and ignoring heaven, saints, Christ: and all those sad and guilt infested hopes: we hope in politicians, and ignore a article 2 section a to d, to whatever genocide, or skeleton army in their past, or present, or in their hearts. We ignore that Washington, was a traitor to his country: England, and maybe rightly so; Catholics took his side largely in that war: perhaps justified, but what did he do on slavery? We ignore that Lincoln, did not seem eager to lift slavery, and that Washington did not seem the least, to consider this: though he fought so hard for tea.

With men like Kenedy, like Obama: who, in the second incident: Catholics, were so caught up: in lifting an idol to the top: that they ignored that he was promising to destroy their society: they ignored the warnings, such as his vote to allow infanticide, and his promises to abortionists, to fetus murderers, to "family Planning" insurgents, against past dogmas, who think that having less children in the world is good: as though we'd run out of space: ignoring that their position is illegal: that it is genocide, whether or not they deny the child is a life: provable Genocide, by its very (UN) definition.

Hope is that disease. Hope and faith: biblically, are one and the same: at least, in the early writings: interchangeable. When we say faith saves, we say: hope saves.

Hope, is seeing what is not yet always clearly so: because of trust in something, which is clear to us. This is why so many Christians look for any hope that this or that television star is good, or "Christian": hope is something, it is the belief that something other than "reality" is real: it is defining something that could be illusion, as truth.

So, the difference between false and real hope: is the nature it takes: false hope rightly believes there is goodness, is hope: but wrongly ignores Christ, and God, and the reality: and focuses on an illusion, and attempts to make someone imperfect fit a mold not designed for them.

True hope looks fleetingly, and wonders: can this be real, it tests, it looks, it asks: am I right: or is this person evil: it checks their record, it does not discount it: it asks, and wonders: and looks to the past. It asks: who supports these, who appose them? IT LOOKS AT A RECORD: HOW CONSTANT IS THIS SOURCE, HOW RELIABLE IN THIS SITUATION, THIS PLACE?

It knows that every man is apposed by someone: and that where a man looks perfect, his enemies, their nature, and person: these show him up, as with his friends.

If a media: which does not seem to care if we get aids, or any disease, that justified Mugabe, and Justifies now Archbishop (Anglican one) Tutu, with his lust for war against Zimbabwe, when ignoring that: we still supply their electricity: and whose "Non-judgmental (delusion is ok?) perspectives", whereby all are "God's children", no matter how sinful: whereby he attempts to justify the mortal sin of homosexual actions: of sexual endulgence outside of the mutual giving of marriage: of the spilling of potential life, as though a by product, and not the intention of a pleasurable act, while his church falls apart around him: are considered "liberal", okay?: if we believe these, and those who promote things which increase disease, and hardship and crime?

If such a media: still idealizes the promiscuity, which causes disease, and death: do we wisely trust their perspective on such things?

If these are our source, if these are those who hero-ize people; and give us role models: then: surely, we are misplaced: if they think someone good: maybe we should double check?

Hope, must be founded on reality, on experience, truth and facts. It is hope which causes the abused girlfriend to stay, and which causes the prostitute to view her slave master as an agent for her goodness. False hope: is likely what caused Patty Hearst to do as she did, in that famous case, hope: that her oppressors were not doing wrong, in kidnapping the heiress.

The problem with false hope, is that it is selectively skeptical, it keeps a view of things, which is false: while being skeptical of all else, in opposition. A believe in modernism: causes one to be skeptical of God, and church: an unfounded belief in democracy, a human system: causes fear of authority: even: as democrazcies, also cause harm. We hope wrongly in democracy, a human system, and so: we view the church: an autocratic, dogmatic structure, with fear, as though evil.

The Atheist, hopes: they are not skeptical: they hope: that hell does not exist, they are a bit too optimistic, and possibly, not that realistic, or practical on matters. They hope they are wrong, and shoot down anything which has any hole: even though: in any other situation, they would be dead scared, and skeptical of hope, if they truly are the skeptics they seemingly falsely claim to be.

To be healthy, and psychological: about the selective hope, and disbelief: we call this cognitive dissonance: the idea: that our held belief on something is right, and therefore that new things contradicting such; are wrong. Mostly, it helps us, it keeps us skeptical, which is healthy: but like with my back: the new: this was good, the old: this was bad, but I was used to the bad, was comfortable in in: and because I was comfortable, I wanted: naturally to reject the new. Yet,, I knew that the pain from my physio appointment, and discomfort, with the lack of old pains: this was good.

The same happens with sin: we feel uncomfortable with being honest, and truthful, and moral: we get scared: because we are no longer used to this: we fear, because we don't notice God, or that truth is reality: and is therefore most attractive in the end of things. We ignore that if we sleep around before marriage: it causes problems: that sleeping with your boyfriend, will set a president: that unlike marriage: will not mean the selfless sharing, but the selfish one. And men also: ignore: that when we do such: that we do not learn to wait, to control our urges: and that we are disabled before we marry. Also: such nice feelings: yet, we tell our bodies that they are our husband or wife: I am sure a chair would look beautiful, if we did such with it enough. Soon, though, if a better looking chair came to market...?

Morality is designed to live a mentally, physically, and spiritually full life. I am proud of my virginity, and the gifts of this truth. I am glad, because it is freeing, and allows me a rational, and skeptical, and safe, and less guilty, less deluded perspective of life.

Immorality may be the muscle one is used to using, but it is the corruption, which brought down "Christian" Rome, and the small sins, those small lies: which has defamed the church, which now bares the name, or that ancient political empire: in the modern era.

It is only when we see the ethical choice as the most practicle, and pragmatic: when we realize: or change our perception: to realize that evil: is as nonsensical as scoring a home goal: that we begin to see: that morality is best. Yes, my sinful form, it shivers and withdraws, it feels fear at change:, fears utter truth so deeply: yet: the fear we have: is not of hope in Christ, but that all our false hopes: these will be shown false: and that is why the convert cries, they see their sin, their hope in evil and they cry, at the loss, that false hope is shown to have made.

They cry also: at their stupidity, but after the first tears, must come the second, and after the second: come a weak realization, and then a belief, and with that a faith in things to come.

All says to be cautious, to not take the moral route, or thinks that morality is pathetic, or that it stands down, and lets evil happen. It is very good, that most of the world is willingly immoral: if they tried to be what the secularist defines as good: our world would be in trouble.

To be moral, to love: is nothing but to be just: no more, not less: this is why we worship God, and why we feed the poor. Justice is to act in truth, and act on truth correctly. The command to forgive: refers to those who are sorry, who have and will truly change their ways: but even then does not exclude just punishments: does not demand that one forget: only that one treats another as they truly are.

You see, justice is reality: is that which we so heartfully seek, with delusions, and pathos, and lies, and the mass, and systematic, and state funded: murder of infants, of a section of society, whose rights to life, and choice: are ignored: by their murder, while, like a family in the house: while still in the womb. By we, I have not once here referred to me, but to the monster, that snake which tries to live in the mouth: to the false ideology, the deep web of lies. I have sinned, but I am not speaking of myself, I do not share the view of C.S. Lewis, that a man can only speak of what he himself has done. Sin is banal: addiction to chocolate, can speak as much of sexual addition, or anything else, as those who have had such. Anger in the mind, is the same beast as murder, even as the consequences are different, and one is more self controlled. I still confess small angers, and small sins, and from these: I know those considered more important: under what is assumed to be: "most" peoples' eyes.

Firstly, the ice must melt, that solid structure on which we rely, then: the paths we took: they turn to water, and are stream: which we cannot cross. The problem is, that in winter: nothing grows: it may be easy to walk about, but we starve with too much ice, and "mobility": with no food at all. You see, the free wonderer, he is a dream: but to cultivate anything, we must give up such notions of "freedom", we are not wonderers, but farmers: being a too free, mobile man; is to have nothing that one truly owns!

A fighter jet, speeds up, when landing on the carrier, the pilot knows the cost of landing wrongly, and so: dangerously pulls a maneuver, which will allow him to take off again. Morality is the same: it is harder to do, but safer, and more real. To make out, or have sexual relations before marriage, or stimulate certain sections of mind or body too much: these are dangerous, and bad for the mind, body and soul. So, are lies: they hold the plane down. Then, if we land wrongly, we'll crash into the sea: but, if, like I try to choose: you choose the ethical path: when the landing goes bad: you take off again, enough speed and control remains: it is more realistic, safer to be moral. Sin, always hampers freedom: and prevents us from some options!

NOTE: STATEMENTS ABOUT POLITICIANS,AND GOOD AND BAD: ARE FROM THE POINT OF VIEW OF CATHOLIC ETHICS: AND DO NOT REFER TO JUDGMENTS OF PERSON, BUT ONLY TO THE MATERIAL APPLICATION OF CATHOLIC MORALITY: BY WHICH PERSONS SUCH AS MANDELA, OBAMA, TUTU, the IRA, and the band U2, and their leader: BONO: would materially fail the test, if indeed the Catholic God, is the judge, and these people were judged by their effect alone!

In the end, I am liberal: in all that is ethical: for ethics: are the true protection of freedom: and that which enslaves, incapacitates, or is immoral: by the Catholic God's standard; and by his magisterium's standard: is not liberal: but unwise: as far as I know.

Tuesday 27 January 2009

Response of Una Voce: To our article about their request for prayers, for an SSPX Priest

(Tridentine South Africa)

Introductory note by Marc Aupiais

Due to a request by Una Voce: our normal copyrighting does not apply to this press release: it may not be freely distributed, under our normal conditions, by those who normally could distribute it, or by those who can't.

We neither endorse, nor guarantee the content of what Una Voce has to say: their words are their own, not ours. Note: rely on this information at your own risk!

"Una Voce SA stands by its decision to post news of the murder of Fr. Eldred Leslie and to ask for prayers for the repose of his soul.

This is simply an act of Christian charity for a man who was by all accounts a good and holy priest and well loved by many in KZN.

Una Voce SA's policy is not to comment on other Catholic groups (traditionalist or otherwise) or their members or activities."

Monday 26 January 2009

Analysing Archbishop Buti Tlhagale's "genocide" accusations against the SADC (in Which the South African Government is implicated)

(Insider Confessions Analysis)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Disclaimer: The following analysis: is not an endorsement of the views of the Bishops' Conference, nor of Archbishop Buti. It is simply aimed at looking into possible effects of the Archbishop's claims, accusations, and statements. While, it is based on a viewpoint, and history, we do not guarantee that we are correct or accurate: Rely on this analysis, at your own risk.

Buti Tlhagale OMI, President of the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference (SACBC), who is Archbishop of Johannesburg, also: in Pretoria (South Africa), recently claimed that the Southern African Development Community (SADC); of which South Africa, is an important member: either would or could be guilty of a passive Genocide: via the statement:

"SADC must stop supporting and giving credibility to the illegitimate Mugabe regime with immediate effect. Failing this, SADC Leaders accept complicity in creating the conditions that have resulted in starvation, displacement, disease and death for ordinary Zimbabweans. This is nothing short of passive genocide."
(South African Catholic 26 / Jan / 2009)

He considers the Mugabe government illegitimate, and sees the SADC (A regional body of governments), as giving it what he sees as false legitimacy.

The Statements: likely are aimed at creating opposition to the ruling ANC (African National Congress), in South Africa: before elections: so as to either: cause them to seriously consider acting on Zimbabwe, or else: to get more power to those who could. Archbishop Buti, has consistently lambasted ANC leadership of late, and has been angry with the church: for allowing the media to take her role as moral watchdog of society. The Archbishop of Johannesburg, has been much louder than South Africa's Resident Cardinal: "Napier", of the Archdiocese of Durban.

The ANC, forced through the legalization of abortion, and "Gay Marriage", despite massive opposition to both of these in South Africa (9 out of ten (90 %), and 4 out of five (80%), seem to appose, or view as wrong: these respectively)

As the ANC, is the only major key source of power: on whether Mugabe stands down currently, the statements: likely are not aimed at regional governments, but at the key regional player: South Africa. Those in Zimbabwe, also: already know of this situation locally.

The ANC controlled South African Government: which Buti, fears may not be accountable to the people (22 / Jan / 2009 ), has prevented international action against Zimbabwe, for about 8 years now. Whether or not related, a local Catholic broadcaster: was kicked off government airwaves; shortly after statements the Archbishop has made about ANC figures, and certain public matters.

Any influence of regional governments; may be aimed at pressuring South Africa, or else: at protecting the claims of Botswana, who appose Mugabe.

His statements, will likely not only tell churchgoers, that he is in touch with their lives, but these also: should win the church allies among those supporting human rights. According to South African Television Station (Secular; Independent) E TV, when looking at election results, and the follow up: at the time of the recent "Elections" in Zimbabwe: the MDC (Movement For Democratic Change) president: Morgan Tsvangirai: constitutionally (Legally, by election rules), is the true president of Zimbabwe, even without an additional election.

Mugabe, and the MDC, had scheduled for today, and attended: a meeting in South Africa, likely in Pretoria: in which they met with SADC. Public opinion, slants largely towards SADC, somehow taking the ZANU PF (Mugabe) side of things, or that the government in preventing peace efforts, which are not desired by mugabe: is not making the correct decision, if BBC World (Television) News reports (today) are to be believed.

The politically aware Archbishop of Johannesburg, certainly is not out of touch with his counterparts in Zimbabwe. The situation on the ground is desperate.

If he is quoting international law: then the document to quote may be:

"In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:

(a) Killing members of the group;

(b) Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group;

(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part;

(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;

(e) Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group."
(UN on Genocide 12 / Jan / 1951)


Or another section of the applicable document. The problem here: is proving genocide, whereby: it seems: that the archbishop: may be more grounded in International Humanitarian Law, than in the Genocide declaration. Either way: he does call attention to something occurring, something: that if done with the results, as the intention: is certainly a "genocide" of sorts, at least: materially, but intention is the thing about genocide. As it is: what is happening in Zimbabwe, is a dire humanitarian situation, and whether or not a "Passive Genocide", is as important as one. Much of this is avoidable, and with political leadership, and clear actions: he clearly seemingly thinks: could have been avoided more powerfully.

Otherwise: the fact that these deaths are occurring(At least 3 000 (Three thousand) now), could be what he is pointing to: South Africa, in his opinion, if we interpret the release correctly: continues to stand by as Zimbabweans die in droves. The bishop could be saying that South Africa either is, or could become responsible for these deaths: if they do nothing.

Whatever he is saying, it is the second statement he has released: which has attacked government policy: in 4 days, in his 22 January address this year: to the Southern African catholic Bishops' Conference, (i think) in Cape Town: he said:

"South Africa has failed dismally as a mediator in trying to broker peace and a government of National Unity in Zimbabwe. President Mugabe ought to be persuaded to retire. He has done his country incalculable harm. SADC (Southern African Development Community) too has failed to offer a strong leadership in the resolution of the Zimbabwean disaster – it is no longer just a crisis. We call for fresh elections without Mugabe."

(South African Catholic 22 / Jan / 2009)

About 6 % of South Africans, in about 2005: claimed to be Catholic: about 10 % of the Johannesburg population, also: even though the Archdiocese: says that only 10% of these 10% in the Archdiocese of Johannesburg go to mass regularly.

The voice of the Bishops' Conference: is one of moral standing, as South Africa is highly religious: these statements could well be read in church this Sunday: previously, priests; have noted the words of this Archbishop.

This is the second time in four days: that the Bishop's conference president; has called for a Zimbabwe government without Mugabe:

"We call for fresh elections without Mugabe."
(South African Catholic 22 / Jan / 2009)

"We, the Catholic Bishops of Southern Africa, call on Mugabe to step down immediately. We call for the formation of a coalition interim government of National Recovery and the preparation for internationally supervised and credible presidential elections as soon as possible."
(South African Catholic 26 / Jan / 2009)

As to calls for Mugabe to stand down: maybe it is slightly aimed at those inside Zimbabwe, or an attempt to pressure Mugabe: as it is: The Bishops Conference: seems to be calling for Mugabe to be made to not be in the picture. Their claims against the SADC region, and indirectly against the "Republic Of South Africa": Government have certainly made radio news.

Sunday 25 January 2009

Benedict XVI Blesses Lambs: whose Wool will adorn Archbishops: important clergymen

(Journey in a broken World )

Article By Marc Aupiais

In a Video Labeled January 21st, on the Vatican YouTube site, Benedict XVI is shown as blessing two very relaxed lambs, with wreaths on their heads. Rather than being dinner, we hope: some may consider two adorable little white fluffy; and seemingly a bit tired: lambs on plates, or more like cushions; too tempting, the two little darling animals: are being honored: as their wool (Or should we say lamb-fur): will adorn archbishops.

to quote the site:

"In honor of the Feast of St. Agnes, the Holy Father blessed the lambs whose wool will be used for palliums that are bestowed to metropolitan archbishops on the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, June 29. The pallium is a sign of union with the seat of Peter.Immediately after, the Holy Father received a delegation from the Austrian town of Mariazell, the site of an important historical Marian shrine. Benedict XVI was given the honorary citizenship of the Austrian city"

See the Video here:

NOTE: See how Benedict XVI touches one on the head! I don't have sound, maybe it is a blessing, but I think he may be patting it!

Benedict XVI, is the shepherd of the Catholic Flock!

Internal squabbles, and the Independent Catholic Press

(Insider Confessions Analysis)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Some time ago, we covered that the locally parish shelf best selling: Southern Cross; was supporting abortion arguments, and abortion supporting politicians. The Local South African church: had no problem responding to us, but still: no intention to reign the Southern Cross in, even as the Newspaper, is widely seen as a voice representing them, and even as it is sold in parishes, and advertised by Priests, and Catholic media.

In a separate story of sorts, that we haven't published: franchises are often odd: they do things not good for business for uniformity. The catholic church is not a business: it is more like a government, and in that category, is efficient.

The problem they face with journalists; lies in freedom of independence. How to allow journalistic integrity; without killing mortal souls.

The South African Answer: seems to be to write letters, and discuss things with editors; but not to crack down on pro-abortion arguers.

Connections between the Southern Cross and the Bishops need not be discussed, however, an expose we requested by an American News firm: Trinity Communications, does not seem to have gone down well. The Bishops have seemingly not taken any penal action on the pro-abortion arguments, nor any action on the slating of a Vatican decision, by the Southern Cross editor.

Freedom of the press, and independence of the press, however: should not be absolute; as Scripturelink News: we try to give accuracy, perspectives; and a human rights focus.

Because many abortion efforts; fall into the direct definition of article 2 section d: of the UN declaration on Genocide: we consider abortion to be a complete human rights issue: even beyond our Catholic belief that the child is alive: a belief verified in science.

The issues, where Catholic press should be forced to comply are: human rights; Canon Law, and issues pertaining to accuracy, truth: and life and death, and dogma.

These are issues, which are important: however; for whatever political, or other reason: these have not been issues which are enforced. Archbishop Buthi's statements: that it is the media in South Africa: not the churches; who have been the watchdog of society, and government: seem quite compelling now.

Indiscriminately using services simply because they are sold in parishes, or listed on Hierarchy websites, is as irresponsible as buying products that sports stars endorse. One must truly investigate what they read: and it is up to the Catholic, in our post modern world, where our post is often late; to discern for themselves; what seems to best fit the Gospel: they have the guidance of the papacy in this: a papacy, which publishes the views of the Vatican quite regularly; and the customization of the Scripturelink search engine; means that diverse views may be researched, to make up one's mind.

To be Lazy in choosing world view, and icons of celebrity, and film: is a dangerous position for any person. The day; when one must look at information, and make up their own mind: with a Catholic defined, and constitutioned framework: the day when we must research before we speak: has arrived, as after the modern age, came the post modern age; when demographics no longer insured world view. After the Post-modern age; come the age we define; but we must put away our single source perspectives, and trust in what is written: and go beyond; researching what is good and true, and not neglecting the intuition, and the facts.

Even I have been prone to mistakes, and yet; now, I crawl, where I once slithered, and perhaps one day: I shall fly.

As Media, and source: it is our job to pursue the truth, as a watchdog. Let us not revoke our role.

Una Voce South Africa: Laments SSPX death?

(Tridentine South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Having contacts affiliated with the SSPX is useful, in that they often show up what others say, to sometimes have another possible element: by their own words. Una Voce South Africa, mysteriously decided to ask for no comments, after saying that a Priest had died: Fr. Eldred Leslie, who is noted as supporting pro-life and the "Traditional" (Tridentine form Latin) Mass.

While asking for prayers for the repose of his soul, Christopher Cordeiro: of Una Voce South Africa, does not note that the man he asks viewers to pray for: is in fact SSPX: a member of an organization which, while its leadership have had their automatic excommunication lifted; are still at odds with the papacy on many issues.

Una Voce, usually does not choose to respond on discussions about the SSPX, and their American site, has been sited as somewhat sympathetic to the irregular grouping. Christopher, does not seem to permit comments on the irregular grouping on his blog.

Tridentine South Africa, is not affiliated with the Una Voce, or the SSPX movements: rather: it is purely based on helping Catholics to obey the Papacy, in a manner: which is proper, and which best allows for their diversity, and views: without coming into the dangers of radical traditionalism.

As Una Voce South Africa: have explicitly asked that no comments be placed on their article about this death, we have not done so. We have asked, via Christopher's, or possibly Una Voce's email address ( ) for his opinion, and hopefully, will be able to note his voice on this issue.

Saturday Star: publishes naked photos

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The Saturday Star, part of the IOL group of newspapers; has taken it upon themselves to air naked photos appearing in Marie Claire Magazine: whether to highlight the controversy, or anger over the fact that celebrity nudes are being published, to "Raise awareness" of woman abuse, or to sell newspapers: is unclear. What is clear, is that the women and men are not bruised, and while many likely object to the fact that arousing pictures are now in the reach of children doing grade 2 newspaper projects, the question as to why the IOL newspaper chose to air the pictures in their news, without any real warning for sensitive, um... viewers: is unclear.

If they had noted in front that they had naked pictures on page nine, wait: maybe they simply should not have shown naked pictures in the first place: really, did Marie Claire contact them for this? Why are there naked pictures in a popular newspaper. Surely, Marie Claire: cannot be as circulated as the star?

In either case: It does seem distasteful. It is almost as though: since the government shifted from denying the existence of HIV/AIDS: to telling children in Junior school, and younger: to wear condoms, on television: that now; sexual images are acceptable; after all: how else does one sell those nasty condoms?

Previous funding from the Marie Claire campaign went to funding the Treatment Action Campaign(TAC): noted for anger towards government in previous times: and for their rabid support of condoms.

Studies in America: have shown condoms less effective than Modern Natural Family methods: at preventing childbirth, more than that: abstinence training at schools: has shown more effective in preventing teenage pregnancy, and disease: than condom spurges. Children as young as twelve can get seemingly, if I remember correctly, and if the stats available online are correct: free government abortions, and also contraception, in South Africa.

Kissing someone under the age of 16 (Which is why age of girlfriends is important), is considered statutory rape in South Africa: and is punishable by a prison sentence. Getting contraception for personal use, is allowed at this age, and much younger, as with the use of government abortion facilities free of charge: to you, not those paying their taxes: who fund your abortion.

Saturday 24 January 2009

SSPX Bishops re-"communicated"

(Tridentine South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

In a seemingly politically motivated move: Benedict XVI; has lifted automatic excommunications, incurred under canon law: by four SSPX bishops, who: on being consecrated, committed what was then termed and largely perceived to be: an act of schism. While the excommunications no longer carry weight: this probably is not a precident for reintroducing others who incur the excommunication: rather: it seems to be a pre-condition for begining dialogue for the complete reunification of the Society, and the Catholic Church. It does not seem that all issues have been resolved overnight. This may be a start, but many things are still vague and unclear.

It was not because of the excommunications alone: that Catholics have been discoraged from attending society masses, and whether or not the SSPX priests will now be allowed by the Vatican to perform mass ligitimately, or if their actions are still considered illigitimate, is not something we can comment on. This is not the end of the issue, but the beginning of it.

We have asked for ecclesiastical assistence in covering this issue, so as to give a fuller view: whether by direct statements being quoted, or by indirectly quoting sources: so as to give an inside perspective. We hope to gain such.

As for the mean-time: it is still important that the valid tridentine mass be pursued in the mainstream church, within diocesan structures. Many SSPX priests' sermons might still carry certain bias, as with parishioners there.

Doubt still hangs over the organization, and until talks are entered into, in a meaningful manner, and a comprehensive clarification, and negotiation take place: there will still be a cloud over the society. When comprehensive regulations for this situation come to be meted out: perhaps, a clear answer can be made.

Pursuing the unquestionably valid Summorum Pontificum instituted Tridentine (Latin) Mass, within normal church hierarchical structures, remains not ony the clear, and legally sure way to proceed, but also means enjoyment of something special, within, without risking accepting some controversial, if not radical views, and without taking a political stand.

Until the situation becomes less vague: the isolation of the "Society" in the mainstream will likely continue. Negotiations have not happened adequately yet; so as to actually physically and properly reincorperate the controversial Swiss based "Society "of" Pius X", in a proper, and civilized, complete manner: nor is it clear that this shall ever occur, nor if the society will ever manage to regain credibility, and fulfill a beneficial function in the mainstream of the church. So far, ecumenism with SSPX has been at great cost to Catholic-Judaic relations, and the controversial views of the organization, and a particular member of it: could cause further issues.

For now: the best thing to do: is stop, and wait.

It is very dangerous to see this in more than its ecumenical (political) light so far, and it is still advisable to avoid SSPX masses, for those in the mainstream: until such time as more information is given; and it is likely important to wait for negotiations, and meetings: before determining if any headway has been made between the Vatican, and their biggest "irregular" canonical apponent. Whether this is the Vatican calling an SSPX bluff, or if it is genuinely the offering of a palm leaf: it certainly is political. Benedict XVI, is famed for his "Ecumenical" abilities. Hopefully, it may someday yield the fruit of curing the chasm between SSPX and mainstream laity and pastors, and others.

The meaning and ramifications of this ecclesiastical move are unclear. Benedict XVI's representation, seems clear that this has nothing to do with SSPX views on the world. The SSPX bishops were excommunicated for being consecrated, not for their views. The lifting of such excommunication: therefore says nothing of the validity of their views.

It is a political (Ecumenical) move: it is still unclear what status the SSPX churches have in this situation: and whether or not this will mean the lifting of the censure on the SSPX priests: which bans them from "ligitimately" offering the mass.

SSPX Masses have been considered Valid (The priests are considered to truly perform the Eucharistic Sacrifice, in the sense normal priests do), but illegitimate (illegal), it is not immediately clear if warnings against attending their masses, will be lifted, now that the first real move to dialogue has been made.

The Ball is in the SSPX's court. We hopefully may follow this story further.

Friday 23 January 2009

Venezuela; Latin America: Catholic Embassy tear bombed, government supporters suspected

(Social Justice South Africa; Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. Zenit News 22 / 01 / 2009 ; Archive : 25 / 10 / 2008; 13 / 11 / 2008; Zenit News 10 / 07 / 2007 ; 19 / 11 / 2007; CWNews 13 / 05 / 2006 ; Catholic Culture 21 / 11 / 2008; all sources quoted, are catholic, and independent; The First Two are South African; the Rest are American (USA) Based)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The Vice President of the EU (European) Parliament: Mario Mauro , who is also the representative on religious persecution in the: Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, has condemned an attack on a Catholic Nuncio: which is the technical name for a Vatican Embassy, to a political power. The Nuncio, was in Venezuela, and government supporters, are: due to a past record, possibly: those responsible.

Venezuela is ruled by the socialist: Hugo Chávez, who has had clashes with the church. During Last year's November 23rd elections, Hugo Chávez's socialist supporters, were accused of intimidating Catholics. Hugo Chávez, wants a completely socialist state, and has made controversial comments on the world stage. Tensions, between Hugo Chávez, who originally tried to create a coup, but later was elected, and the Bishops, in Venezuela; are high: due to his anti-life policies, education issues, possible interference with church structures, and accusations of an alleged plot against Hugo Chávez, made against the Bishops in the country. All of this and actual violence has created a tough circumstance.

The Attack is not the first, and previous experience means that the socialist government's supporters, and factions close to the president, called radical, and considered to have religious intolerance; by EU Parliament Vice President: Mario Mauro; who is also the representative on religious persecution, to the: Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe. Mario Mauro condemned the attacks, saying that any future incidences would only make things worse for Venezuela, where he claims that fundamental rights (He uses the word "Liberties"): are consistently being scraped into non-existence and stolen from citizens.

He noted his solidarity with the Catholic community in the country, where this is not the first attack on the church. Previously, also: government supporters have attacked this embassy, somewhat creating suspicions, that they have something to do with the recent tear bombings!

Wednesday 21 January 2009

Latin mass in Port Elizabeth: a success: our contact

(Tridentine South Africa)

Article By Marc Aupiais

We apologize for the time it took to get this out, there were both physical, and other problems on both sides. We ourselves received this on the 19th of January, that's about two days ago; from our contact in Port Elizabeth (PE).

They say this of the Latin Mass, we were involved in new media promotion of:

"The Mass on New Years Day at Corpus Christi Church was well attended:

over 100 people in attendance, many of them parishioners of this church, others from further afield.

Mgr John Clark offered a beautiful Low Mass and the response from those in attendance was generally very favourable.

Photos were taken and I hope - even at this late stage, over 2 weeks later - to post these. Mgr Clark continues to offer this Mass every Friday at 5:30pm at St Vincent's Church (his parish). We are hoping to organise more frequent public Masses at other parishes in the near future, and you will be kept informed - more speedily than this time!"

(we have added lines in between, but not altered the text itself.)

The Mass in Question was held on January first.

Obama Inauguration, now its happened, still +-4 times that of Bush? It was thought, in an estimation: to be more than ten times that of Bush!

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Before it happened, it was estimated that it would cost 5 00 000 000 US$ (Five Hundred million United States of America: Dollars), this probably included the concert and train journey, and use of Lincoln's bible.

Other sources, now are putting it at about 160 000 000 US$ (One hundred and Sixty Million United States of America: Dollars), or so. In fact, this probably excludes these other costs, which we received at the time. The estimate we published, was just that, an estimate, we thought to also show how close estimates were, the estimate, was from an external source, however, it included things, seemingly expensively not included in other estimates. We therefore do not immediately discount it.

This is still about four times that of the Bush inauguration, which was criticized at the time, as extravagant.

And that is the point, we are enjoying to make again.

SACBC Forwarded news: Monastery in Marianhill Robbed

(Southern African Catholic Dispatches)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The following is a copy of a dispatch sent out to a facebook list, the disclaimer applies to us:

"Apologies, for being late in posting this, we received it yesterday.

If you want the original email, send me an inbox, with an address to send to.

Subject: FW: Priest, monk robbed in Durban: South Africa: News: News24
Time: 13:27 20 / 01 / 2009
Sent to: contacts, such as myself
sent from: Fr Townsend: Information officer of the SACBC
Content of press release:

"Mariannhill Monastery Robbed

Fr. Chris Townsend

Information Officer - SACBC

P Please consider the environment before printing this email,,2-7-1442_2455880,00.html "

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Rely on this information at your own risk, we do not endorse, nor guarantee dispatches from the Bishops conference.

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