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"Americas" News: "Obama" nominates pro-"abortionists", self-proclaimed "pro-life" "professor" "Miguel H. Diaz" for position of new "USA" "Ambassador" to the "Vatican"

(Social Justice South Africa ; c.f. "Creative Minority Report" (Catholic; Independent; American) 28 / 05 (May) / 2009, which quotes an article by the "AP" ("Associated Press": "American"; Secular; Independent) ; "Catholic Culture" (Catholic; Independent; American) 29 / 05 (May) / 2009 ; "Inside Catholic" (Independent; American; Catholic) 16/ 03 / 2009 ; "Cardinal Newman Society" (Catholic; Independent; American) 03 / 03 (March) / 2009 )

Note, in accordance with general policy: names, titles, places etc: placed in inverted commas, quotations explicitly noted as quotations.

Article by Marc Aupiais

"Catholic Culture" ("Catholic Culture" (Catholic; Independent; American) 29 / 05 (May) / 2009 ) reports: that: "Archbishop" "Pietro Sambi", the "Vatican's" "Nuncio" ("ambassador"), to the "United States of America" ("U.S.A"), has praised the nomination by the "US" "President" for the appointment, of "Miguel H. Diaz": as "U.S." "Ambassador" to the "Holy See"/"Vatican City State". The appointment, which had yet to be accepted by the "Vatican" officially, has been made by " "pro"-"abortion", "Democrat Party", "U.S." ("United States of America") "President", "Barack Hussein Obama". According to "Catholic Culture", the "Archbishop", who holds the position: of the "Vatican's" "Nuncio" in the "U.S." jurisdiction: has called the appointment of "Professor" "Miguel H. Diaz", a "funder" of "Obama's" electoral campaign  "an excellent choice" (ibid).

The "Vatican", according to some news services, including source(s) quoted by the "BBC", has apparently rejected multiple candidates for the job, which were reportedly unofficially put to the "papacy"/"Holy See". The reason given by these sources: was that the "Candidates", were not "pro"-"life".

The suggested appointment, by the "Obama" "Administration":

"Cuban-American" "Hispanic": "Miguel H. Diaz", a funder of, and according to another source, an advisor to "Barack Obama's" election campaign: has purportedly claimed in "January" "2009", to a "Spanish" language paper (ibid), that he was "pro"-"life", from "conception" until "death". "Diaz", was among 26 ("twenty-Six") "Catholics", who signed a written statement: in support of the  "nomination of ["U.S."] Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, a Catholic whose support for [so-called] abortion rights was criticized by conservative Catholics." ("Creative Minority Report" (Catholic; Independent; American)28 / 05 (May) / 2009, the quote here is from an article by the "AP" ("Associated Press": "American"; Secular; Independent)).

"Kathleen Sebelius", has been noted for her "honoring" of "Late Term" "Abortionist", "Dr. George Tiller", who stood trial on 19 ("Nineteen") counts of the "misdemeanor" of allegedly performing "Late term" "Abortions", without a "mandatory", "independent": "second opinion" (according to "Inside Catholic" (Independent; American; Catholic) 16/ 03 / 2009). She apparently threw a "party" (ibid) in honour of the "Late Term" "Abortionist" which was attended "[o]nly"(ibid) by the "Late Term Abortionist", his "wife" (ibid), and "clinic staff" (ibid), seemingly from his "Abortion" "Clinic".

 According to "Inside Catholic" , she ("Kathleen Sebelius"), whom "Professor" "Miguel H. Diaz", publically supported recently, had allegedly made use of her "veto" "right", as "Governor" of "Kansas", in order to "protect"(ibid) those practising "Late Term Abortions" (ibid): vetoing two bills: the first of which would allow "Late Term Abortionists" to be "sued" via "private lawsuits" (ibid), and the second bill, which she purportedly vetoed: requiring "explicit medical reasons" (ibid) for performing these "Abortions". She has been advised by a "Catholic" "Bishop" ("Archbishop" "Joseph Naumann"(ibid)), not to take communion.

"Miguel H. Diaz", (whom "Vatican" "nuncio" to the "USA", "Archbishop" "Pietro Sambi", has publicly praised as an "excellent choice" (quote by "Catholic Culture"), as "U.S.A" "Ambassador" to the "Vatican": as noted above,) had reportedly, voiced definite support for "Kathleen Sebelius", seemingly: for her to become the "Obama" "Administration's": "Health and Human Services Secretary"..

"Miguel H. Diaz", has seemingly slurred the "Conservatives", by saying that he wants to move past what he terms as "politics of fear" ("Creative Minority Report" (Catholic; Independent; American)28 / 05 (May) / 2009, which quotes here an article by the "AP" ("Associated Press": "American"; Secular; Independent) ), and towards: "the politics of hope" (ibid). He has further refused to give his positions on issues, saying it would be "inappropriate" (quote ibid).

Called an "Hispanic Roman Catholic Theologian" (quote: ibid), by the "Associated Press" ("AP") , "Professor" "Miguel H. Diaz", received his "PHD" ("Doctorate"), from the "Indiana", "U.S.A": "University of Notre Dame" (which recently disobeyed regulations by the "USCCB" ("U.S." "Bishops'" "Conference"). "Notre Dame" did so, in  giving "Obama" an honorary "Law" "Doctorate", and the position of "Commencement Speaker", at an important function, despite his support of legalising "infanticide", and making "abortion" easier, and his pre-election claim that he would take away restrictions, which have in the past allowed "medical" "doctors" to refuse to perform "abortions"). "AP" notes that he ("Miguel H. Diaz") acted in an advisory role, in the "Barack Hussein Obama" electoral campaign.

"Miguel H. Diaz" (affiliated with: "College of St. Benedict / St. John’s University (Minnesota)", according to "Cardinal Newman Society" (Catholic; Independent; American) 03 / 03 (March) / 2009), has himself, gained criticism, by the "pro"-"life"/"anti"-"abortion" demographic, with the "President" of the "Cardinal Newman Society", "Patrick J. Reilly", noting him and others as one of:

“These professors [that are] are giving comfort and aid to those whose stated goals are to advance policies directly opposed to Catholic teachings on life issues, and [and of "Miguel H. Diaz" and others mentiond: that] they do it under the guise of fidelity to Jesus Christ."
("Creative Minority Report" (Catholic; Independent; American) 28 / 05 (May) / 2009; "Cardinal Newman Society" (Catholic; Independent; American) 03 / 03 (March) / 2009 )

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