Thursday 15 January 2009

Paris, France; EU; Europe; Eurasia: Catholics stand up for their Jewish compatriots

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. Reuters (Secular; British; Independent) 13 / 01 / 2009)

Article by Marc Aupiais

French Catholics, and Muslims, and Jewish people, with the backing of French President Nikolas Sarkozy, have stood up, asking for calm, and order: due to firebombings, and other negatives backlash effects, of the latest Israeli offense on the Gaza Strip. Some groups blame the violence, on racism already present, in which: Rabbi's already, often could not go out on the streets, wearing their uniforms: and say, that this recent violence, has only been, basically a cover and excuse, to attack one's compatriots. Recently, a Jewish Rabbi, in Italy, use a publication, of the recently infamous Jesuits, in order to attack the papacy. The Pope postponed the canonization of a previous pope 9World War II pope), until further evidence of his innocence, can be released from archives; and has been the target of attacks from supporters of a major Israeli party. Statements, not endorsed, and seemingly apposed by the papacy, by a Cardinal Cardinal Renato Martino: of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace (Vatican City;Europe / Israel: Pope and Cardinal on "Concentration Camp" Statement of official 09 / Jan / 2009), about The Gaza Strip, being like a Concentration camp, have ignited the anger of some Jews, the ame Cardinal, later, also attacked hamas terrorist attacks: the acts of firing Rockets: into Israel. The Pope, in contrast, has condemned to violence on both sides, and prayed for peace.

Since Vatican II, and during the Second World War, Catholics: have done allot to protect the Human Rights, of those who are Jewish, along with protection of many other minority groups' rights, throughout the world. Recently, the Vatican apposed the Sterilization of Gypsies in Europe, and the bishops in Northern Ireland, have condemned the violence done by the terrorist grouping : IRA, in Northern Ireland. Racism, is considered the sin of Superstition, in Catholic beliefs, and wrong.

This stance against the persecution of Jewish people in France, in a sort of "Collective Punishment", is against wrong, and wrongs which are rightly apposed. While Israel, has as a state been accused of extremely disproportionate force, in response to the unjustifiable terrorist attacks on Israel, by terrorist grouping Hamas (Acronym for: "Islamic Resistance Movement"): those supporting the rights of the Jewish people, or else supporting their war efforts, throughout the world: in counter-marches: have been seemingly remarkably well behaved. Almost every march in support of the terrorist grouping Hamas: or at least, a large proportion of such, has either involved the burning of flags, or else violence, or violence after the fact.

Canada, was recently, one of the only, of about thirty states, on a certain council, to vote against condemning Israel: European states abstained from such vote, and America called that council biased.

Catholic stances against the conflict in the Gaza Strip, so far as the official stances go: have always been careful to condemn the violence, but not ignore the situation, whereby it was started by Terrorist attacks on Israel, and whereby Israeli counterstrikes have also caused massive collateral damage. Condemning one side, without the other: can result in backlash against more innocents, as has happened in France, and likely elsewhere.

Some time ago, France saw violent riots, by Muslim immigrants, which saw car burning, it is not unexpected, that an immigrant population, which did such: would also; take to firebombing French civilians. The result of condemnations, such as those by the South African government: focussed only on Israel: is only further violence. Even if the ANC, communist affiliated, South African Government, much like the Socialist Spanish Governments's: Spanish Socialists has condemned largely one-sided-ly; this does not mean that this sprouting of violence is due to them: but it certainly has something to do with the choice of some people to make similar statements.

Notably absent in these appeals, is the "Union of French Islamic Organisations (UOIF)", which has called for further protests against Israel. Militants also, regularly in Strasbourg, where a mayor joined calls for calm: hold protests.

In Italy, a group of Islamic Protesters, recently stopped in front of a Catholic Cathedral, and then a train station, bowing down to pray. This caused anger in the more conservative sections of the Italian parliament, with claims: that if Catholics were to pray the rosary in front of Mecca: they'd "be" shot for such an act.

Jewish groups: in different countries, have complained of a rise in antisemitism: probably largely caused by a one sided; out of context portrayal of the conflict: by many people. Just as in the bible: words carry life and death: by words, rockets were launched into Israel, by indisputable terrorists, and by the same part of the body, Israel returned fire. By words, also: horrid, and unjustifiable attacks on those of Jewish descent, are being carried out. It is not only the Catholic Church, and religious leaders, and France: and others, who should be condemning this. Other nations, also: should be taking a stand: the Hatred, maintaining this war, which is the cause, according to pope Benedict XVI: cannot be viewed as purely within the walls of Gaza, and Israel. This hatred is international, and seen, or fed in every statement, which is disproportionate on this situation.

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