Monday 30 July 2012

US, Germany attempt to blot out Arab Spring, through weapons deals - reports


While attacking Russia for selling arms to Syria: America, Germany purportedly continue to support what may be termed non-democratic systems in and with Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait... claimedly to ensure security over human rights! These weapons are widely reported as being used in the middle east, by armies and security forces, called upon to quash rebellions. Interesting take from Vatican aligned, Pope connected AsiaNews.

German plans to sell tanks to Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, may be noticeable. Even more so, given Al Jazeera, is funded by the Qatari government. American aid of Kuwait, through weapons systems, also aid to affect the balance of power in the Middle East. Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, are thought by many to require decades of work, to recover their pre-revolution state of economics and power. America has wholeheartedly supported all of these regime changes. Qatar (home of Al Jazeera), Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait, however, have seldom made headlines, despite their very firm quashing of dissent.

America and Germany, see arming these nations, purportedly as a way to help stability in the near east. These weapons, according to media reports, are going to armies, which have been used, to quash rebellions.Especially in the case of Saudi Arabia.
GERMANY - UNITED STATES - MIDE Berlin and Washington to sell weapons to Mideast nations to boost Mideast stability - Asia News »
The German government confirms talks are underway to sell tanks to Qatar and Saudi Arabia. The US plans to strengthen Kuwait defence with missile and radar systems. Some experts warn this might harm h...

Sunday 29 July 2012

Israel plans to invade Syria?


Israel plans to invade Syria?

An American Fox News piece, as seen below is certainly an interesting, though inaccurate read. It does seem like it is telling half the story, but in a sense it is. The Vatican and non-American media have for a while reported claims from Vatican sources on the ground, and other sources that certain of the rebel fighters are in fact Al Qaeda members and other supremacists, these the Vatican has alleged have been committing a genocide against local Christians. The Vatican also alleges complicity of the rebels in this, and that the rebels have taken civilians hostage as human shields, and violated International Humanitarian and International Criminal Law, via its missionary news service Agenzia Fides, under the Congregation for the Evangelization of Peoples.

While Syria, Fox news alleges, claims they have chemical weapons (the sort of weapons of Mass Destruction Iraq didn't have), these have never been a concern to the region. If the claim was not a mere boast to prevent invasions or similar activities given Syria has not been using these weapons, there is still another angle. Syria, like Saddam Hussein's Iraq at the time it was invaded, and Hosni Mubarak's Egypt: has largely been a Western ally against Al Qaeda, and a force of moderate Islam, and an ally to American interests and had no real benefit in recent years of any sort of prolonged conflict. The fear the Israelis claim to have is that either the rebels, and their allies get hold of the weapons they fear to be in Syria, or else: the purported fear that Syria decides to take revenge against the West for the indirect war fought against them, by giving anti-Israeli groups these purported weapons. Furthermore, the mere presence of these, is not a justification in International Law for any breaching of the territorial sovereignty of Syria, in accordance with the International laws since the days of the Holy Roman Empire, present even Today in the UN Charter.

The instability hitting the region, through the civil war in Syria, certainly is not good for global security. Al Qaeda flourishes where poverty and instability flourish, as does its supremacist form against the prevalent global generally peaceful and modern Islam. For the first time, purported Al Qaeda murders of Ethiopian Christians have been claimed to be happening as far south as South Africa, by an unnamed source of South African media. Police, according to the South African media claims, had put the killings, seemingly paid for, professional assassinations of the Ethiopians down to local xenophobic tensions, given the reported low price of professional killing services in the regions affected. The murders were only noted, when a pattern of similar facts allegedly emerged. The poorest in South Africa, have alleged that government sponsored houses are given to foreigners corruptly, rather than to South Africans. Highly educated refugees and immigrants, also compete with uneducated poor South Africans. South African media alleged that it was possible, Al Qaeda was hiding among Somali refugees, who had legitimately entered the country to flee conflict.

Fox News | 'As Assad teeters, Israel prepares for battle to secure chemical weapons' by Paul Alster  at Published July 28, 2012

As Assad teeters, Israel prepares for battle to secure chemical weapons »
As Syria's regime teeters on the brink of collapse, Israeli soldiers are preparing for possible military action to make sure Bashar al-Assad's chemical weapons don't fall into the hands of terrorist g...

Saturday 28 July 2012

#USA NBC censors out tribute to London 7/7/ Al Qaeda victims! #London2012


NBC censors out tribute to London 7/7/ Al Qaeda victims!
Really +NBC News#NBCSucks   #BoycottNBC  #London2012#BoycottNBCAdvertisers! NBC censors out London tribute to victims of Al Qaeda blast! Talk about snubbing Britain!

AND NBC seem proud of their actions, according to the UK Guardian Newspaper:
Mike Elgan originally shared this post:
Why did NBC censor the opening ceremony's tribute to victims of terrorism?

NBC decided to censor a beautiful tribute during the Olympic Games' opening ceremony to the victims of the 7/7 terrorist attacks in London. Americans never saw it.

Why did NBC do this?

Sunday 22 July 2012

Mutiny hits Madagascar capital, in a country unstable since a coup d'etat in 2009


Mutiny in Madagascar Capital! South Africa, where I live, has long imposed sanctions and other measures on what it views as an illegitimate Madagascan government, since the coup d'etat!

The rivals meet in Seychelles shortly, hopefully this mutiny and economic strife, will see a government South Africa supports, agreed to.
Gunfire hits military camp in Madagascar capital »
ANTANANARIVO (Reuters) - Gunfire erupted at a military camp near the airport in Madagascar's capital on Sunday, the Indian Ocean island's armed forces minister said, and a regiment commander said the ...

Saturday 21 July 2012

Vatican warns of Terrorist 'Love Jihad' used by militants in India


The Vatican's Missionary News Service, Fides, has warned of a 'diabolical plan' by certain Muslim Militants, in which about 2 800 girls have already been caught out. The militants, seduce Christian and Hindu girls in India, and then use them to conduct terrorist activities, at least 2 800 girls, have fallen for this plan and come to the attention of authorities and others. The unfortunate end for these impressionable girls, is much the same as victims of drug smuggling. Arrest by authorities, and the wrath of the law in India.

The article goes on to note that many interfaith marriages are legitimate, but that an eye must be kept on impressionable girls connected to the internet.

Pakistan and India were once one nation, before a civil war broke out. Muslims in India are a minority, as Hindus are in Pakistan. Some regions of India have large Muslim populations. Terrorist attacks on India have been conducted by Muslim militants in the past. Muslims, in India, as with Christians, have also suffered attacks by BVP affiliated Hindu nationalist militants.

Here is the Vatican report:

New Delhi (Agenzia Fides) - The spread of a "diabolical plan", called "Love Jihad " is the alarm among the Christian communities in India: according to a carefully orchestrated plan and financed from abroad, young Muslim radicals, especially in the west Indies, seduce and deceive innocent girls, Hindus and Christians, and then marry and use them in criminal plans and terrorist activities in the country. The phenomenon, according to the Indian Church, has involved in recent years over 2,800 girls and has caught the attention of civil and religious authorities.

The last case, as reported to Fides by the "Global Council of Indian Christians" is about a woman in Kochi, Kerala, Deepa Cheriyan, 31, who married a Muslim man and then became an accomplice in terrorist activities. The girl was arrested by the Indian police on charges of supplying SIM cards to the militant Thadiyantavide Nazir, of the terrorist group "Lashkar-e-Taiba."

The practice of "Love Jihad", when it came into the limelight, generated the concern of the Catholic Church: the Commission for social harmony of the Kerala Catholic Bishops Council, reported there had been 2,868 female victims of the "Love Jihad" in Kerala from 2006 to 2009. The Church recommended families to monitor adolescents and young people’s cell phones and computers, in order to combat this phenomenon. The Christians launch an appeal to "the saner sections of our society in India, irrespective of their religious backgrounds, including our Muslim friends, in order to fight these evil forces that undermine peace and harmony between different religious groups in India."

The Prime Minister of Kerala, the Christian Oomen Chandy, however, has urged the population not to generalize, recalling the legitimacy of many interfaith marriages celebrated with consent, and warning against the risk of exploiting these criminal cases to hit the entire Muslim community . (PA) (Agenzia Fides 21/7/2012)

As Ramadan Moon Spotted in Pakistan... In Myanmar: Anti-Muslim violence and attacks by Buddhists, Burmese authorities, continues with seeming impunity, International groups warn!


Anti-Muslim violence and attacks by Buddhists, Burmese authorities, continues with seeming impunity, International groups warn! Just when I'd read the fasting of Ramadan has begun, in Pakistan, as it did for most of the Muslim World on Friday, the visible Ramadan moon spotted in Pakistan, I came across this article by Italian Asianews. My thoughts go out to those suffering this violence. And for the Muslim community Ramadan Mubarak from a non-Muslim, I wish you the best Ramadan yet!
MYANMAR Burmese authorities accused again of violence against Rohingya - Asia News »
Human rights groups say that the Muslim minority is the victim of attacks, killings and property seizures by security forces and Buddhists. Rakhine state spokesperson denies the claims.

Catholics and what Papal Infallibility is!

Article by Marc Aupiais

Catholics and what Papal Infallibility is!

Non-Catholics may be surprised to hear, but most of what the Pope says, is not infallible. It’s what the church calls pastoral, or even his own views. The classic definition is that sacred dogma on doctrine and morals: in Sacred Ecumenical Councils such as Trent or Vatican II, are infallible, as with the one or two statements made under the procedure of papal infallibility.

So what’s the difference? Thomas Aqauinas puts it best:

‘Sciences are differentiated according to the various means through whichknowledge is obtained. For the astronomer and the physicist both may prove the same conclusion: that the earth, for instance, is round: the astronomer by means of mathematics (i.e. abstracting from matter), but the physicist by means of matter itself. Hence there is no reason why those things which may be learned from philosophical science, so far as they can be known by natural reason, may not also be taught us by another science so far as they fall within revelation. Hence theology included in sacred doctrine differs in kind from that theology which is part of philosophy.’
Summa Theologica (on New Advent) | ‘Article 1. Whether, besides philosophy, any further doctrine is required? Reply to objection 2’ by Saint Thomas Aquinas, Doctor of the Holy Catholic Church in the 13th century

In essence: that which comes purely of reason, and pragmatic purposes, is but that, but there is a special type of theology, called the Dogma of morals and doctrine: of what actions are deadly to the soul or damaging to it, and which acts and influences, etcetera: empower and feed it, and in the case of doctrine: dogma, is the knowledge, the information, which is the food that guides us to salvation. Dogma is not simply pragmatic advice, or measures, to help us along: which is pastoral and not infallible.

Friday 20 July 2012

Demo: Good, bad, Ugly? YouTube by Search Company Google: will blur your face if you ask it to, helping you avoid identification or commit crime and boast of it!#BoycottGoogle #PraiseGoogle ?


With the creation of avatars, that replace your face with an animation, or in future, another person's face and body, expressions included, as seen with researchers in Japan no doubt in the works. With the long standing existence of face recognition software for photographers... Google has taken a first step into the ominous world of anonymity. Want to execute a hostage, without the effort of a mask or balaclava... Google has the solution. Want to rob a man or murder him and publish it, Google has the solution. Want to riot or cause civil unrest? Google has the solution. Want to object to your government? Google has to solution.

You have the option to have your face blurred, and to delete the original unblurred footage from Google's server. That frees Google from having to share the original, it would seem. Is the idea of an avatar replacing your face coming soon? Or a new voice? Probably, as things advance. In Japan, scientists have already created an animated avatar software which mimics expression.

Face blurring: when footage requires anonymity
As citizens continue to play a critical role in supplying news and human rights footage from around the world, YouTube is committed to creating even better tools to help them. According to the international human rights organization WITNESS’ Cameras Everywhere report, “No video-sharing site or hardware manufacturer currently offers users the option to blur faces or protect identity.”

YouTube is excited to be among the first.

Today we're launching face blurring - a new tool that allows you to obscure faces within videos with the click of a button.

Whether you want to share sensitive protest footage without exposing the faces of the activists involved, or share the winning point in your 8-year-old’s basketball game without broadcasting the children’s faces to the world, our face blurring technology is a first step towards providing visual anonymity for video on YouTube. '

YouTube Official | by Google 

'"As citizens continue to play a critical role in supplying news and human rights footage from around the world, YouTube is committed to creating even better tools to help them.' Telegraph UK | 'YouTube introduces face-blurring technology' by Donna Bowater at 9:04AM BST 20 Jul 2012

Good, bad, Ugly? YouTube by Search Company Google: will blur your face if you ask it to, helping you avoid identification or commit crime and boast of it!#BoycottGoogle   #PraiseGoogle ?
YouTube introduces face-blurring technology - Telegraph »
Rioters will be able to hide their identities in video footage they post online after Google introduced new face-blurring technology.

Sorry Galileo Galilei, Catholicism's most famous theologian: Thomas Aquinas beat you to the Spherical Earth / round / ball Earth theory by (300 years) hundreds of years!


Sorry Galileo Galilei, Catholicism's most famous theologian: Thomas Aquinas beat you to the Spherical Earth / round / ball Earth theory by (300 years) hundreds of years! In his Summa Theologica!

'Sciences are differentiated according to the various means through which knowledge is obtained. For the astronomer and the physicist both may prove the same conclusion: that the earth, for instance, is round: the astronomer by means of mathematics (i.e. abstracting from matter), but the physicist by means of matter itself.'

Thomas Aquinas the Summa Theologica | 'Question 1. The nature and extent of sacred doctrine' by Thomas Aquinas at 23 October, 1225-1275 A.D.
SUMMA THEOLOGICA: The nature and extent of sacred doctrine (Prima Pars, Q. 1) »
Is it necessary? Is it a science? Is it one or many? Is it speculative or practical? How it is compared with other sciences? Is it the same as wisdom? Is God its subject-matter? Is it a matter of argu...

MUST WATCH: Interview with the man who Vetoed the UN security Council resolution on Syria!


MUST WATCH: Interview with the man who Vetoed the UN security Council resolution on Syria! IT'S NOT ABOUT ASSAD! It's about trying to get peace in Syria. Something Russia (and the Vatican previously) says is hurt by the Rebels refusing to negotiate at all, thanks to their knowledge of unconditional USA support, and the propaganda campaign being run for these people, who the Vatican claims are complicit in a genocide / ethnic cleansing against Christians!

Moscow is NOT supporting Assad, it is supporting peace in Syria.

also see:
Why I support the move by Russia and China:

'It's all about Iran! Don't be duped by US & UK, "the great humanitarians" - remember Iraq'


Monday 16 July 2012

Lols... wrote this in 2009... trying to work out to whom;)!~ was a private poem!


I never sent it to whomever, if anyone:

Marc Aupiais:

Would I die for you, give my life for you,
Would I cry for you, yet stand there right by you?
Would I starve for you, certainly … yes!

Would I ever love another more,
Or put a friend before you dear,
Would I ever neglect, ever forget,

Would I fail due to sickness, due to health, due to birth… I pray never… not me!

Would I deny life, the God of this world, would I betray Christ for you,
Yet, this is answered, I’ll never need to, for it is Christ whose life you live on,
And should I betray him, I betray you!

Yet best of all, I ask you love me, you who are always game, always there, even in the night,
You now care, you always care, all and more you’d do for me, of what I would do for you too,
And should I cry, it’s you I crave, should I die, it’s all for you, my life, my future wife,

Sunday 15 July 2012

Obama calls Romney a felon (without evidence!) Mind you, he calls himself a felon too, or did in 1995!


LOLS! American Politics!
Obama calls Romney a felon (without evidence!) Mind you, he calls himself a felon too, or did in 1995!

Obama Drug Use From Dreams Of My Father 1995

Mitt Romney v Barack Obama...

My perspective on environmentalism, and 'population control'


Amazing, how humanity gradually spreads itself into every impossible domain... A favourite religious story of mine... is God telling mankind to be fruitful and multiply, and conquer and care for the Earth...

Human beings are not a drain on the world... we are it's care takers... and should take that task seriously, using every human hand we can... we were all tasked with caring for the earth, and we simply need to be smart to not be a burden to it! Because ALL human beings are assets, not liabilities!

see a beautiful picture:

Ramadan, the Muslim Lent, starts in 5 days!


Ramadan, the Muslim Lent, starts in 5 days! Wishing My Muslim friends, a happy Ramadan then!

Agenzia Fides Vatican News Agency: AFRICA/NIGERIA - Christians and Muslims warn of the danger of sectarian war etc...


Agenzia Fides Vatican News Agency:



Vatican Information Service:

Thursday 12 July 2012

Yahoo hacked: ... Okay... My Yahoo Account was safe... either way: I changed my password... again!


First link is to check if your password has been publicized, the second is for the story!
... Okay... My Yahoo Account was safe... either way: I changed my password... again!
Was Your Yahoo! Password Exposed? »
News broke late last night that the Yahoo Voices service was hacked, exposing more than 450000 usernames and passwords. If you'd like to check whether your email address was included we've built this ...

Great... I just changed my Yahoo Password... What fun... thanks Yahoo!
Yahoo looks into password breach »
Yahoo is the latest victim of hackers as it investigates the exposure of 400,000 passwords.

Mohammed Morsi's Choice: With the Islamists in power in Egypt... will they heed calls from their supporters... to destroy the Pyramids as Pagan Symbols?


As some Islamists, have calls for Egypt to follow the path of the Taliban in Afghanistan as regards the Buddist statues, and recent militants in Timbuktu, will Mohammed Morsi spare the pyramids, or bite the Pharaonic hand which feeds him? Also, would the Egyptian army allow such a destruction of heritage?

With the Islamists in power in Egypt... will they heed calls from their supporters... to destroy the Pyramids as Pagan Symbols?

Your thoughts? The Pyramids are the only Wonder of the World remaining, according to RT! Will he listen to these calls, or take a moderate, pragmatic stance, realising the value of the granted-they-are-pagan, but-still-fascinating-wonders Pyramids?

Can the living destroy the religious freedom of the dead?
RT originally shared this post:
Radical Islamists call on Egypt to destroy pyramids — RT »
Egypt’s ancient pyramids are under threat, as the country’s new leader receives calls to destroy the age-old structures. Radical Islamists have deemed the monuments “symbols of Paganism,” and are enco...

Apple Freedom of Speech Censorship continues: It's not just Christian apps... #BoycottApple. #FreeSpeech. #Politics.


It's not just Christian apps... You may be able to fight strategy games... but not ones such as 'Defend the Diaoyu Islands'... more free speech violations by Apple? #BoycottApple#FreeSpeech#Politics.

A game, resembling Plants v Zombies, was pulled by Apple, without explanation, was this the right move, or censorship... the game certainly didn't represent any Real invasion... considering the characters doing the 'invading' were ninjas, and Sumo wrestlers, and Japanese soldiers carrying flags, and were fought in a Plants v Zombies style!

It does play music from a movie about the Sino-Japanese war... but really, it reminds one of Red Alert's scenarios... were Apple right to pull it? Is it a hate game? or just a fun strategy game, like Red Alert?

Is this one of the troubles with official app stores, which Apple pioneered? Christian App developers certainly think so, given apple's silencing of their political speech!

Seattle Times | 'Apple pulls game with Japanese invading islands claimed by China' by Bloomberg News at July 11, 2012 at 8:23 PM Seatle Time

Apple Computers: San Francisco's choice: #BoycottApple or #BoycottGreen... they chose the former... after Apple loses Green status!


Sound's a bit like Sophie's choice, but the APple loving San Francisco government, has had to cut its losses... Rather, be Environmentally Friendly, than be a Mac... as they put it:

San Francisco's choice: #BoycottApple or #BoycottGreen... they chose the former... after Apple loses Green status!

San Francisco Chronicle | 'Apple not green enough to suit SF policy' at 11:04 p.m., Wednesday, July 11, 2012 Sanfrancisco Time by John Coté

'With rare exceptions, San Francisco's 50 city departments will no longer be able to buy Apple laptops, desktop computers or monitors after the Cupertino tech giant pulled out of an international green electronics certification program last month with little explanation, city officials said. Apple's decision has also raised complications for other institutional purchasers, including the University of California system.'
Apple not green enough to suit SF policy »
The city that bans toys from fat-laden Happy Meals, bars plastic bags from supermarkets and mandates composting now has a new subject of concern, this one thrust into its lap: With rare exceptions, S...

RIM Get's it! Interesting Interview with Heins! The Future of Blackberry is in Mobile computing!


RIM Get's it! Interesting Interview with Heins!

What are you transitioning from and to?

Heins explained that the whole industry is transitioning from “a world of mobile communication, a world of social networking, a world of wireless” to a “a new domain of mobile computing.” the capabilities on most mobile platforms is now, thanks to dual core processors, high-resolutions screens and powerful graphics, comparable to what you’ll find in most desktops and laptops. The only difference, explained Heins, “is that we run off a little battery instead of a plug.”

With BlackBerry 10, it’s not just about the smartphone and tablet market, “we want to be a driver in the mobile computing space,” said Heins.

Does this mean RIM is ready to build laptops?

“Laptops is probably not something I would invest in these days. I believe enterprises and consumers will really look for mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones. …With BlackBerry 10, we really can mobilize the enterprisers, the consumers, the achievers. I think you will see a real mobilization of consumers and enterprise to just running with smartphone and tablets and getting services off the cloud.”

Mashable | 'RIM Can Be Successful, Says CEO' by Lance Ulanoff at July 11, 2012 USA Time
RIM Can Be Successful, Says CEO »
Mashable talks with RIM CEO Thorsten Heins about BlackBerry 10, the company's goings-on and Higgs boson.

Wednesday 11 July 2012

Mitt Romney made a smart strategy move, being booed by the NAACP!


Mitt Romney made a smart move, being booed by the NAACP! Their standing ovation at the end, shows how he will likely also come off to independents: as someone sticking by his guns!

No more always changing Romney... he's found his drive! Something Obama hasn't!

And one must remember, these voters are not the most open minded, he certainly had next to no chance at converting them from a strange fanaticism, which the African American community has for the Strange Charisma of Obama, despite things getting worse under his care.

'But how important will this be for Romney? For the black vote, it isn’t very important; he is not likely to earn much of their support. But this speech set a precedent for Romney – he is not about to change his mind about this economy and he will not cater to those who hold different views just for the sake of getting their votes. The tenacity he showed will likely appeal to independent voters undecided about which candidate to support. Many independents want to see a leader – not a talking head.


The NAACP ended up giving Romney a standing ovation at the end of his speech. A standing ovation may not equate to votes, but it shows that people are responsive to strong leadership qualities.'

Independent Journal | 'Why Romney’s NAACP Speech Was One of the Smartest Political Moves of Our Time' by BERT ATKINSON JR. at JULY 11, 2012 1:42 PM USA

Mitt Romney Speech... a different perspective!

'Romney's comments on education -- specifically his often-told story of protecting charter schools in Massachusetts with the help of the black caucus in the Massachusetts legislature -- appeared to be the most popular element of his speech today, here in the home city of the successful KIPP charter school system.

"We need Obamacare," said Liz Cotton, a grandmother from Virginia, when asked what she thought of Romney's speech, adding:"I agree with him on Charter schools. I think charter schools are really good."

Campaign officials said they were pleased with the reception Romney received overall, noting many of his positions -- including pushing back against China on trade issues -- earned notable applause. Several political analysts also noted today that Romney's audience today was broader than just those in the room if he could appeal to moderates and independents just by showing up at the convention. (As the Republican nominee in 2008 John McCain also spoke to the group, as did then-Senator Obama, who begged off this year citing scheduling conflicts)
*But on the economic argument that he could be a better president for people of all colors in America -- the core of Romney's campaign message -- Romney appeared to make little headway with this audience.
"I wouldn't say there was nothing to his argument," said Goings, offering faint praise, and adding that he would "certainly" be voting for Obama again this year.*

Romney was interrupted with boos twice more for criticizing the president in the course of a twenty five minute address to an audience that was likely theleast-supportive one he has spoken to all campaign season. He earned only smatterings of applause for his policy positions, but ultimately receiving a brief, cordial standing ovation from the several hundred attendees as he wrapped up his remarks.'

MSNBC | 'NAACP attendees credit Romney for showing up, despite boos'
by Garrett Haake at 8 minutes ago
NAACP attendees credit Romney for showing up, despite boos »
HOUSTON -- Mitt Romney likely didn't win any votes at the national NAACP convention on Wednesday, but the African American atendees gave the presumptive GOP nominee credit nonetheless for trying. Th...

Businesses angry over smoking ban... But in Britain such a ban saw no statistical loss of business! (South Africa News)!


Artwork: Where there's Smoke There's Fire- By Marc Evan Aupiais!
Businesses angry over smoking ban... But in Britain such a ban saw no statistical loss of business! (South Africa News)!

Similar to rules, which had no clear negative effect on patronage in the U.K. (Even though smokers claim there is)

BBC | 'Smoking ban's impact five years on' by Philippa Roxby at 30 June 2012 Last updated at 23:02 GMT

'A review of the evidence on the impact of the law in England, was commissioned by the government and carried out by Prof Linda Bauld from the University of Stirling and the UK Centre for Tobacco Control Studies.

Prof Bauld's report concluded: "The law has had a significant impact."

"Results show benefits for health, changes in attitudes and behaviour and no clear adverse impact on the hospitality industry."'

'The new rules would prohibit people from smoking in any public place, including restaurants bars and shebeens.

It also prevents them from smoking within 10 metres of a window to a public place.'

Business Report | 'Smoking rules have business fuming' by SAPA at July 11 2012 at 01:29pm SAST

Fifty Shades of Grey: Life Imitates Art, man lands in dock for assaulting Fifty Shades Fan: his girlfriend!


I love the last sentence, so ironic... that the book she loved, was nothing like the reality of abuse! When an ex girlfriend read that novel, I was upset, but I certainly wouldn't do that lol!

They marketed this book as 'porn for mommies'! But from what I hear from the grape vine, it's badly written, but if you want to just read it for the sex, it may be 'gripping'. 

So, I'd say the boyfriend's objection is right: it is pornography... many feminists object that the book pushes back feminism 50 years. It does glorify violence, a bit more than just a tad... to use British understatement...

Something the Gent seems, slightly to be lacking;)!~ British Understatement... that is:

"@IOL: Man in dock over Fifty Shades attack " lol! 'True meaning of saucy'? Hilarious read! The article that is!
Man in dock over Fifty Shades attack - Back Page | IOL News | »
South Africa's Premier Online News Source. Discover the world of IOL, News South Africa, Sport, Business, Financial, World News, Entertainment, Technology, Motoring, Travel, Property, Classifieds ...

Robots that lie: Need 'saving' from a bad date: Robot app pretends someone is calling, with an 'emergency'


We Trust them with our bad dates? What if it told the truth? SHOCK!

Crying wolf?
'[...]  though it does have a few minor technical flaws.

Users have to remember to turn their phones to silent so that the fake ring tone doesn't interfere with a real one while the phone is up to your ear. 

And as one reviewer pointed out, iPhone 4's Siri will totally blow your cover if you don't deactivate her too which could be very embarrassing.'

Daily Mail | ''Sorry I have to go, my Bad Date Rescue just rang': New app gives singles the perfect escape with fake phone calls from mom and scripted reactions' at UPDATED: 22:17 GMT, 10 July 2012 by VICTORIA WELLMAN

Tuesday 10 July 2012

Activists want Quidditch to be made an Olympic sport...


Activists want Quidditch to be made an Olympic sport...

'Muggle Quidditch is a sport based on Quidditch, the fictional sport developed by British author J. K. Rowling in the Harry Potter series of novels. It is most popular amongst college students. The sport was created in Middlebury, Vermont.

In Muggle Quidditch, as in fictional Quidditch, there are seven positions on a team. Because Wizarding Quidditch is based on fictional devices and concepts such as magic, Muggle Quidditch has been adapted for play on the ground, with game play confined to a playing field comparable in size to a hockey rink.[1]

The equipment in Muggle Quidditch varies depending on venue. '

- Wikipedia

More unrest hits South Africa... as communist future capitalist future: debate continues!


Ahh, more instability a.k.a. service delivery protests as the 'propaganda' machine sometimes calls them mostly Another story by Government The New Age: says a protest at a venue the president was speaking at, was caused by Youth League members being chased out (The Youth League wants a communist South Africa!)

'EWN Reporter ‏@ewnreporter
#Zuma Police have brought out the water cannon in an attempt to subdue the crowd outside the church. It doesn't look like it's helping.RE

 Drama drama drama. Armed Police officers are chasing after demonstrators outside the venue.RE

#Zuma‬ as the president delivers his speech this evening, people are demonstrating outside the venue. They're singing the 'change' song.RE

‪#Zuma‬ as the president delivers his speech this evening, people are demonstrating outside the venue. They're singing the 'change' song.RE'
Scuffle at Zuma Limpopo event | The New Age Online »
A scuffle broke out between police and ANC Youth League supporters outside a hall in Thohoyandou, Limpopo, on Tuesday ahead of an address by President Jacob Zuma.

Apple Safari 'safe' browsing NOT SO SAFE! Google Steals Apple users' data!


Naughty Google! Bad Google... Is anyone safe? #BoycottApple
(What we are talking Safari;)!~)
Mashable originally shared this post:
Google is nearing a deal to pay a record $22.5 million to settle charges that it violated the privacy of millions who used Apple’s Safari browser.

The Federal Trade Commission settlement, which may shape up to be the largest fine in the FTC’s history, was first reported by +The Wall Street Journal, which based the story on information from “officials briefed on the settlement terms.”

Google was accused of privacy violations by the FTC for using a work-around to track Safari users’ web surfing habits even if those users activated a Safari feature designed to prevent tracking. Google stopped the practice after an earlier Wall Street Journal report about the situation.

Is this type of fine deserved?
Google to Pay Record $22.5 Million to Settle Privacy Charges [REPORT] »
Google is about to a pay a record fine for tracking users of Apple's Safari browser, according to a report.

Divorcing Google like Divorcing Scientology? lols! XD!

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