Tuesday 6 January 2009

Ha Noi, Vietnam; Asia: Vietnamese Communist administration: continues anti-Catholic Blitz

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Catholic Culture (Catholic; Independent; American; This is a news alert of theirs) 05/01/2009; AsiaNews (Catholic; Independent; Asian) 05/01/2009)

Article by Marc Aupiais

AsiaNews, is reporting, that a group of Catholic nuns, in Vietnam, are saying they will put off protesting the seizure, forced eviction of themselves from, and the demolishing of their convent, if state authorities declare that the seizures of Catholic religious land, which happen regularly: are aimed at "uprooting religion". The Communists now plan to erect a luxury hotel on the site, where the convent was demolished.

The nuns are asking if there is an official government policy for the irradiation of religion. Recently, in several areas, with large Catholic populations, the government banned the attendance of Midnight Mass, on Christmas.

Catholics arrested, by state officials: and given punishments of between one year (12 months) and seventeen (17 months- just short of a year and a half by one month) Months, in prison, for simply being involved in a prayer vigil: in praying outside a Parish (Thai Ha Parish): seized by the communists,communists who recently stole Catholic artifacts, from a Nuncio, also seized from the church (arrests of 8 Catholics for what appears to be: "disturbing the peace" via prayer vigil there, also occurred): were reported in state media, as accepting their "guilt", and therefore receiving lighter sentences: 12 to 17 month stays in government detention. These are contesting that the state distorted the trial in the state controlled media, in one of many accusations by Catholic clergy, and laymen: that the state controlled media is distorting the situation.

Despite claims of force applied, and duress: the Parishioners contest that: they did not admit any "guilt": and so Catholic lawyers: are giving state media about a week: to withdraw statements: before legal action is taken.

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