Sunday 30 November 2008

Journey in a Broken World: "My stereotype"

(Journey in a Broken World )

Article by Marc Aupiais

She had said that the Afrikaners were placed in concentration camps by our Allied government in World War Two: whole families: children and women also. I asked, wasn't that some other war, wasn't it just men in the Second World War, that they put in concentration camps for support of the Nazi enemy?

Then, I had made an odd comment: they were not of what one might say is my tribe. It was quickly rebuked. I agreed, it is so easy to see another group as less than human, we do it daily with refugees on television, and with murdered Fetuses, we do it when a Tsunami strikes, or two buildings are flown into by planes: at first, yes empathy, but then: often apathy. We were driving back from church.

He was wearing unfashionable short pants, and Afrikaner attire, I thought he'd get into a Land Rover, and drive off, he did not. My stomach turned, he was our car guard.

When we were leaving, I quickly got the bags and put them in the car, I felt guilty: I was not going to let him serve me, he was human. I felt such guilt, guilt we don't feel when refugees are our car guards: more educated men. It wasn't my comment that it was an Afrikaans issue, that had made me so concerned. I empathized with him, as I often do with church friends of all colours, and with colleagues who are Afrikaans.

Somehow, I am accustomed to Nigerians, or Zimbabweans, with nothing: taking our bags and putting them in the boot (storage area of the car for our international readers), then taking our trolley, and smiling while they serve us. We expect them to die to protect our car, for enough maybe to buy a soft drink.

When considering Afrikaners, who supported the Nazi enemy, I seemed more dry about the possible punishing of their families, I thought: maybe that is why they took over the country later. It was a definite they. Now, I am not a tribal person, yet: because they were abused by a government my ancestors fought with against the Nazis: I did not care if their families were locked up. I was wrong: only the objector should have been imprisoned. And again, with the car guard: today I realized, subconsciously, I have viewed things tribally.

I find it of interest, we see tribes, and fit with some. My tribe is Catholicism: the doctrinal, dogmatic type. I feel at home with Catholics somehow, and especially with British people, even as I am not a British person. When on holiday: I take comfort in British institutions. We were a British colony, but it is more than that. I was not around for our independence. Those of our tribe, we associate with.

We say: if not clever enough, or not pretty enough, or not our language, or not our grade at school, or year in varsity, or department at work. What Christ brings is not grace alone where there was "none". Not salvation where there was none: he saves those before and after his death: with his one death and resurrection. Yes, he enables our obedience... but all grace is through him, before or after his passing, is it not?

More than that, what is radical about Christ: is that he preaches that all men are our neighbor, our tribesman. He came to love and save all of us, even my French, Irish, German soul. He himself: even loves me, one not of his tribe, one who is now of his new tribe: simply because I am human.

Love your neighbor: the Jews did, but love your tribal enemy, while prudently securing your life: well, that is a Catholic idea. Whether Born, or in the waiting room of the womb, hoping not to be killed, whether black, white, or tan, whether catholic, or Islamic, or Atheist: all are in my tribe: it is fear which empathizes more with our own language or colour. When white men are car guards: it makes one fear: their tribesman is that, what of them?

When we realize finally: all men are my neighbor, whatever their stage, beliefs, morality, or colour: the truth comes: justice extends to every life... no person may be denied justice: and while it is my responsibility to care for my life first: others are just as worthy of justice, even as I must secure my own life first. 

Now, the Catholic tribe, brings hope, and it alone can do in the world: what is needed to save it: we are the Spartans at Themopoly; and only by our sacraments, and for those able: our faith; or else religion in perfect proportion: the seeking of the Truth, to obey Him, but not finding him of no fault of our own. We are saved by one church, one baptism, one breaking of bread.

Our tribe is humanity, our sustenance: the Military pledge: the "Sacrament", all 7. Our boat in this rapid flowing river, securely anchored on the crisp white crystal sand: is Mother church: the "pillar and foundation of the Truth" (I Timothy chapter 3 verse 15). Being Catholic, and in truth, makes me sane, but the sane and insane are of one tribe, being Catholic means I have the ability to save others; or to save more through influencing others who aid others by my work: but my fellows are just as human. Humanity is lifted in dignity, by the nature of our soul: but also as God took our form: we are elevated from all eternity, and every beginning: to utmost dignity. God bless Africa, the world, and Afrikaans people, and refugees. But most of All: God bless humanity. And my friends overseas, and over in my heart.

Either by obedience to the church, among the knowing, or obedience to conscience, and seeking of truth among the still seeking: we can be saved in hope: let us forward our tribe: by living morally, and instilling justice, even when it means violent means are needed to defend good. Let us instill justice, which is love, and faith, which is salvation, and deeds, which are faith, and which sustain it, and are required for it.

By our pledges, our sacraments: military pledges, not personally phrased procedures. We are saves: let us propogate the tribe of love, of truth, of sane proportion: even within the church. Let us be Catholic!

Saturday 29 November 2008

See What We See: 29/11/2008

South Korea, Asia, Eurasia: Government permits Euthanasia case

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Secular AFP 27/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

South Korea, has permitted its first Euthanasia, via permitting a family to remove the feeding tube of a terminally ill lady. People have been known to awake from such "brain-dead" comas, and the Catholic church apposes any form of "euthanasia", and apposes allowing death: so far as a family can afford to keep a dying person alive, they must, however: when both active, and extreme measures are needed: to sustain life; these specific actions are not required, but keeping in the feeding tube of patients in other nations, has been a minimum obligational requirement of those caring for the ill, by the church.

No English Language comment has been made as yet by the church on the issues, that we have found. In Italy, similar action was directly condemned at the highest church levels.

Vaitcan, Europe: Catholic official thanks Muslims in Europe, for bringing religious issues back into public square!

(Journey in a Broken World; c.f. Reuters (secular) 28/11/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Senior Vatican Official: Cardinal Jean-Louis Tauran, focusing on inter-religious issues: has thanked Islamic minorities in Europe: for bringing the importance of God, back into the public square. The Catholic church forbids clergy from becoming elected government officials,but believes that it has a right to secure morality, and the stance of religion in every and any state: Islam, in Europe, politically, is as much an ally for the church, as the Mormons were in apposing "Gay Marriage" in California.

Religion is essentially believed to be good: so far as it is seeking God to obey his authority. Anything outside of what is good, is not considered as truly from religion, which is why the church considers Ecumenism essential: in that truth is of benefit to all sides. Catholicism is considered to have the perfect, full truth, but other religions are considered to contain shattered fragments of this: meaning that all religions are true religions, but only one is considered by the Church to have the "fullness" and perfection of the Truth.

Philippines, Aisa: Faction of Bishops claim that there is grounds, if legal attempts to oust their president don't work: for seldomly invoked: "Just uprising", a sort of crusade of the people against a political power; our analysis of how likely this is to result in conflict

(Social Justice South Africa; CBCPNews (Philippines Bishops Conference) 29/11/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

In a seldom invoked Catholic doctrine, much like the jihad doctrine often invoked in Islamic communities in some nations, a faction of Bishops in the Philippines, claim, it appears: that they want the people to commit a "just" uprising, a sort of "just war", which the people do against a political power, when certain conditions are present. Certainly, they have called for an "uprising", but what is meant is unclear, previously they asked for the people to "prepare a new government", both are either vague, or else the bishops asking for something rare to occur.

This threat is: if political means do not work to oust a president attacked for corruption, the people have been asked to take this into their own hands. Similar claims have been made by representation of the Vatican over America's President Elect, Barak Obama, if he introduces new abortion legislation, but both seem vague, in both situations, it is unsure if war is being asked by influential church figures, against political parties. The American situation involves statements, that new legislation would be seen as an act of war, possibly meaning that the Vatican's followers would not be apposed, as the IRA have been: if declaring the Catholic version of a jihad against American authorities, vagueness can only really be seen out of caution, which I have with any statement calling for war: if they were not calling for war, or something requiring such caution: then they would not be vague: even if war is declared by bishops: it would be in a manner governed by strict battle rules.

Again, the church is making very open, or else rare statements, in both areas. If calling for war, this has not happened in years, but could happen, especially with support of bishops. One group is quoted by catholic sources as inciting an "uprising", the other: the Vatican over America, is quoted as saying that new legislation would be seen as an act of "War".

Not all bishops, in the Asian nation are in agreement over whether or not conditions of this exist, however: those for any means to rid their country of a government they don't agree with: are quite loud, and seem to have more say. The Vatican has yet to state on which side they are on. To actually try the president, as head of state may require Vatican permission, however: although the Law on this matter, is not widely explained.

Whether or not it is just, an uprising seems a true possibility; and could be peaceful or violent: depending on what is done in the country. A peaceful uprising seems more likely: one in which the government is apposed, and the president impeached, and then tried. "Just" uprising contains all the required rules of War, of just War, much like the Geneva War rules.

How much power those plotting to take down the Philippine government, currently in a war against much of its Islamic population, with American Involvement, condemned by some as unjust: depends, not so much on how correct they are: but on how effective in fronting their claims. I am unsure if a further civil war would break out.

While an uprising was called for: by some bishops, whether or not it is "just uprising", is not clear from my perspective, nor to those supporting the government among the bishops.

The purpose of publicizing these claims is also uncertain: just as it seems uncertain that there could be a civil war in Philippines, however, a situation like in Thailand, may well occur. However, I have not gaged the situation on the ground, perhaps citizens may respond to their calls, in a long standing confrontation between church and state.

The Bishops are not phased by threats of legal charges by the state. The Vatican has neither condemned, nor supported the Philippines supporters of an "uprising". As for the American situation, again, in both situations, I am not qualified to inform of whether or not war is being called for by these persons, nor whether or not it is warranted. Just uprising, is also always left to the individual conscience: even when conditions may exist: one is judged for their actions.

Whether or not just, there may be movements in the Philippines, as we are watching this story, we will, if able to: inform you if any violence or protests occur in the Asian nation. As for America, I am sure that if we see a war emerge there, firstly, there would be more statements, as legislation is not introduced at present, or else we may well see violence if there are not calls to prevent it. As a foreigner to both countries: I cannot tell whether or not their is the will-power, nor the probability of war: the statements from those making them: still seem to hint at least at these stories not going off international radar soon.

Abortion firm "Planned Parenthood": offering gift certificates for abortion to celebrate the unaborted birth of Christ

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. News 24 28/11/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

""The tragedy is that almost 6 000 fewer children will be celebrating a first Christmas this year because they were aborted in Planned Parenthood's Indiana clinics," said Mike Fichter, president and CEO of Indiana Right to Life."(News 24 28/11/2008)

Abortion is murder: it is the systematic killing of an unique human being... in a sort of holocaust.

In Indiana, United States, Planned Parenthood, is coming onto new, utterly evil business (self-made) "opportunities": for the Christmas Season, people can give gift cards to peers, with credit to get medical "help" at "Planned Parenthood", recently having attempted what equates to genocide legislation on the Catholic Philippines, using US Government "Muscle", and failing.

The child is alive, sperm is alive, the egg is alive, both are somewhat separate for their source. Just as it would be crazy to classify a viral, or bacterial infection, as the mother: the poor poor little, fragile, dependent, loving thing: is a separate being all together. When combined from sperm and egg, into a new, "third" full life form, they no longer connect directly with the mother, which is but an environment. The child has all the intelligence needed to grow and prosper in the womb, but lacks any ability to literally avoid ripping apart with sharp medical objects, and has no way of objecting, having its corpse used in "Embryonic Stem Cell" "research" afterwards. This is partly why the church apposes the research, it always involves murder of an unique person. Science classifies the embryo as a living human being: in early stages of life. Technically, a man and also, a woman is 9 months older, or however long one is in their first environment, moving with the parents: than the day of birth.

Like discovering a dead chicken in your boiled egg: an aborted fetus, is killed, and ripped apart in the mother. What remains looks like white fluff, and other processed meat like, cotton wool, or factory processed, parts.

The group is the receiver of promises from part Kenyan, somewhat "American", Barack Obama: to force though legislation to do away with all restrictions on their business, things like parental consent below some ages, and "counseling" to help increase the chances: one is "correct" in one's "choice". Things, which cause them to kill fewer babies each year, in a systematic, money based contract killing system: aimed at defenseless infants, who are at the "wrong" place and "wrong" time: because their parents selfishly pursued sexual pleasure, and now selfishly murder the fetus. When children cry, it is like kitties meuuwing, or the sound of a dying animal: perhaps the lack of noise is because, they are like a submerged diver, in water in the womb.

Clearly, Abortionists care nothing for :"choice", attempting to do away with every option to not perform the operation, and risking health care to many. Planned Parenthood has a complete cycle: they teach children sex education, with US government funding, which is not given to more successful programs for ideological reasoning, they give out drugs, and tools to prevent the gift of a child, and when their contraceptives don't work, they perform the abortion, all for money of course.

It is shown in setting after setting, contraceptive education: increases teenage pregnancies, and abortions; the group benefits greatly from the American Democratic Party, and is always pushing for more abortions to be made available for their sausage machine.

Abortion is an intrinsic evil, performing one or co-operating in its forwarding is an automatic excommunication from Roman Catholicism. America alone, has systematically slaughtered over 50 million children via abortion, and Obama wanted to also allow for Infanticide. Their crime against humanity, is over 5 fold that of the Nazi government in Germany.

One of the founding statements of the ANC in 1994: is that they plan to maintain, and pursue always: abortion in South Africa; as they have, against 90 % of citizens, and perpetrating moral consent. In both South Africa, and America: campaigns proven to increase disease, and abortion, are followed solely... by governments who care more for ideology than the scientifically proven lives of their citizens.

Friday 28 November 2008

Journey in a Broken World: The substance of foreign, or spiritual powers

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

I feared the sharks. They were waiting beyond the reef, I was sure. I was not happy about the reef, fire coral would burn me, I paddled against the wind, and tide, fearful, hopeless.

As I paddled, I looked for successes, yet seemed only to maintain my pace, we, I and the others with me in ocean kayaks, we were pushed back, as no-one noticed the small dots out on the horizon, in a foreign Island reef's proximity; either the socialist Seychelles, or capitalist Mauritius, I can't remember which it was.

Even one experienced with boats cannot fight the tide, yet as the most experienced, I had to pull, and move: to get to shore, to warn of our predicament: yet hope rushed around me, and prayers seemed for once to yield all but progress, I had to push beyond my strength: to conserve energy meant death.

Ahead, a sailboat fell in the wind; somehow my intuition said: move forward, it probably had been speaking the entire time, by intuition I knew I'd still make it. I rushed, and paddled hard, but by the time I got there, the boat was upright. I sighed, and looked back on my companions, and headed for the beach.

Somehow, we all got to safety, the rest is a blur, a mixture of foreign memory.

Whenever I have been in predicaments, my intuition has given signs, has told me things I never knew, even when I have sinned, and want to save face: it guides me, like water directed in a channel. When God answers prayers: it is here; when the devil tempts me, it is here.

Catholicism does not discount ghosts: they are either demons, those in purgatory, or those in heaven, that which is a ghost here, is solid where it belongs: but only a ghost to those who do not sense the spiritual.

To those who are submerged in the spiritual and physical: a form is real, as though with vision.

I pray for about an hour, maybe less or more each day, and also once with a friend. I forgot today, I couldn't find my phone, but when I forget, they know somehow. Also, when I follow the good intuition, this guides me so as to save.

Saints, when one senses their answers, can easily seem to desire you to do evil, but this is not the saint, just as sin is not in our desired course of action, nor our saint or role model, but misreading of them or their importance.

The saints do not entirely speak clearly, they speak through understanding, and meaning: but never through sin.

Now, if they are strangers here, they are substance elsewhere. Spiritus et Terram, these are connected: the seen and the unseen: in the unseen lies limitless power. Every Rosary is like a nuclear torpedo launched in spiritual form. One must not conserve energy, but be cruel, horrid to the body: pray on the cold hard floor, or likewise, with bare knees, or discomfort. Prayer: when lasting, can be powerful in molding, powered in effect, but dangerous: one must remain utterly aware, least something try to harm one.

I sense forces, powers, and miraculous enigmas, like waves, as I pray, they surround, and beings, like vague, powerful orca in the sea, they surround, and cause me fear, and love, even truth: as I sense a smile or frown, and feel necessity to do something for salvation's sake itself.

One must always question the source of desire, to know where it is, and what it may be mistaken to seem as. Either firing or misfiring of the evolution's form, else: powers beyond all physical force influence all men. Even as only the Physical can alter our souls, and surely, some spiritual powers can influence others, from our action.

Evil is hurt by truth, in prayer: we must relate truth, truth is our weapon: it is why we pray to saints: we acknowledge a deep, ancient truth, much denied, a powerful truth, all the more if to our patron, and guardian. Even when praying to Our Father, I ask it, with note to my saint, all I pray is with her aid. This is all intuitive, as I speak, the slight moving of energy, the odd sense of Reality.

When I have prayed against a friend who had made a spell on things, I do not know of forces other than the saints and God, yet oddly one can sense other forces. When praying against evil, all one has is truth. Reality, true nature of all circumstance is the opposite of evil. One can place a cross up, and believe in it, a creed, or surround their bed in prayers: somehow, such things have such effect against evil. When one prays in Latin, all the greater power somehow: pray while fasting for God and mortifying, while the mind shuts off, and time dissolves: how powerful if one keeps alert.

Truth is our weapon: sanity is recognizing truth: and sanity is never sin, it is God's working, love, and truth: God is sanity, the saints most sane. Insanity is the enemy of prayer, and it is our mind we risk in sin. Evil seeks to harvest us, it hangs around, striking strategically: twisting slightly our perception of desire: for good is proportioned in spiritual sanity, and sanity is never sin, evil is disproportioned deliberately, a twisted version of truth.

Of truths, the Apostolic Nicene Constantinopolitan Creed of the Fathers, the Our Father, the rosary, and your patrons, are the most powerful. All truths are like daggers, sharp and on the ground.

Mysteries, sacraments: truths also : the word sacrament means: military pledge, even as it is something where physical and spiritual combine, and the physical makes a spiritual power, via a promised covenant in Jesus. Without these truths, these pillars, is no salvation, all other truths rely on them, or the ghostly prefrom of these.

History, and every truth: power in speaking it: truth, it clears a path in the wind torn universe. We must be utterly truthful, but not always utterly open. Confession saves: truth sets you free, do not doubt: our only power lies in truth, for God is Truth, the medium on and in which, the bubble in which we all exist, and from It: all Reality forms, and all life is animate. Our souls, but our connections with truth.

Our actions, when strategic: solve more than mislaid force, and bravery: but courage, force and bravery and  fortitude, are required, as we feel out the strategic manner of strikes.

"See What We See: Archive": 28 Nov 2008

Thursday 27 November 2008

Ha Noi, Communist Vietnam, Asia, Eurasia: 4 Men, 4 Women on trial, in government statement, on the same day as new auxiliary bishop is annointed

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. UCAN News 26/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Perhaps it is a sick communist version of humour, in a Nation where church land, including a nuncio, a Catholic Embassy, has been stolen by a paranoid, paraiha state. In Vietnam, 4 Catholic men and 4 Catholic women between ages 21 and 63, are going on trial for what equates to "disturbing the peace", on the same day as a new auxiliary bishop is ordained for the Archdiocese. "Crimes" include, gonging a church bell where Catholics had gathered to pray, another "crime".

This follows the rampaging of mobs of communist youth, who violently attacked Catholic institutions, the stealing of sacred artifacts by the communist government, and verbal attacks on bishops, priests and Catholics, in an international incident between the Catholic Vatican, and the communist government of Vietnam, in which media and state resources have been abused and property requisitioned, against the church's will.

Catholic property owned since colonial times, has been redistributed into government hands, as state controlled media is abused to incite hatred of the church. It is assured, that the 8 tried, are a statement and will likely get no fair trial. The court date is probably to prevent resistance at the trial, set up with other events made into diversions.

Police seem to co-operate with the communist youth league, as the Zimbabwean "police" did with the "War Veterans". Atheistic Communism, is condemned as an ideology of Evil, by the dogma of the Catholic church. A free man is said to have a fundamental right to own property, and advance himself via this

South Africa's ANC is associated with communism, however most countries, unlike Vietnam realize the economic error of the process, so directly and vehemently condemned as evil by Catholic Dogma.

Reviewing media: The South African: Star, and The South African News 24, 702, and others

(Media Study South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

In media in South Africa, the "Sunday Times", and daily "Times", like 94.7 and Five FM, are inadvisable sources of News. "The Star" and "News 24", however seem accurate, objective and reliable. Other sources of relative accuracy, include Radio 702 Eyewitness news, and "Classic FM", although Classic FM does not always carry perspective one may enjoy, when covering religion, they seem respectful, as far as we have looked into it. Our reasons for not relying on the sites we say are inadvisable are found in evidence in previous articles, either here or on sites connected with us.

Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa: Official church's Cathedral to host Latin Mass: Tridentine Mass comes to Johannesburg Archdiocese: JHB Central: Cathedral of Christ the King: first time in 40 years!

(Tridentine South (And Southern) Africa; c.f. Una Voce South Africa 27/11/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

A source I have been in contact with: Christopher Cordeiro, of Una Voce, has informed me of something which is verified with another source, which wont be mentioned for reasons of non-affiliation:

The Cathedral of Christ the king is to have the Valid (i.e. this is officially done by the church, with Vatican's blessing: Summorum Pontificum) Latin mass, starting December:

Christopher had previously via email informed me of Fr. Shawn van Lillienfeld, parish preist of the Cathedral, the priest I assume will be conducting the rite:

According to Christopher, it will occur at Cathedral of Christ the King: Corner of End Street and Saratoga Avenue, Berea, Johannesburg:

Tuesday 02/12/2008 17:30
Thursday 04/12/2008 17:30
Saturday 06/12/2008 07:30

If successful, this initiative will continue.

To not be lost in the ancient rite, download a copy of the missal:

Hard copy, to buy (has Latin, unsure if English):

The online copy linked to has english and latin: giving meaning and when to do what:

While Una Voce has had problems in America, their South African site seems okay for now. These details fit also information gathered from reliable sources. Christopher also appears a reliable source, orthodox.

To contact the Cathedral,

P O Box 23686
Joubert Park



+27 11 402 6342

or see their information at:

See What We See: Archive: 27th November 2008

Mumbai, India, Asia, Eurasia: Blasts, hostage situations kill over 100: foreigners thought to be targetted

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. BBC World News 27/11/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Over 100 people have been killed, over 300 injured in co-ordinated, and tactical terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India. The attacks, however are thought to aim at the Indian economy. If it were simply more terrorist attacks, this is common in a country with tens of thousands of internal refugees, a Genocide active in Orissa, and many rebels groups. Analysis of the tragedy has lead accusations to be made at Al Qaeda, however: Somalia's international underground may also have some connection to this: due to Indian attacks on Pirates, Maoist Rebels, or one of many groups could well be responsible for attacks. No claims were made over responsibility.

Attacks involved high class hotels, tourism, and a train station.

What differs in this attack, is that it targeted foreigners, and killed over 100 people in a central economic hub of India. It certainly seems, as September 11th was: to be aimed at economics, not statements alone.

With thanks to an important correspondent of our online paper: we have noted this tragedy.

The following links are from a secular media house, we were alerted to them by our correspondent:
Video of circumstances of attacks:

images of circumstances, results of attacks:

Indians abroad mourn attacks:

Update: a newly known Islamic group has claimed responsibility, according to one news source, we have yet to verify this.

South Africa, SADC Region, Africa: Government's focus on prevention with condoms backfires: "shortage in condoms"- pro-condom TAC: on E News

(Scripturelink Voter's Guide; c.f. E News Channel (Secular) 26/11/2008)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The TAC, has fronted on live television: claims that there are not enough condoms to meet demand in South Africa, and that all strategies should take over 6 months. This follows South Africa's insistence in originally not treating AIDS, leaving this to Roman Catholicism, then suggesting use of fruits and other plants, and miracle "cures" by persons associated with officials, and then fronting a condom campaign: which included a contraception day advertisement on facebook, where many teenagers hang out. Underage, or teenage, and premarital sex is common in South Africa. The Catholic weekly, the Southern Cross, sold in parishes, even apposed the Vatican in support of contraception (mind you, they have since been listed as a danger site by a major Catholic Watchdog : for their support of condoms, which is, and always has been decried by both Vatican and Catholic dogma), and the fact that Contraception campaigns to end AIDS, are very ineffective, compared with abstinence campaigns, well designed by governments, has not been noted in the more liberal media in South Africa.

We at South African Catholic have asked the DOH to consider mimicking the Ugandan abstinence project, seen as successful by the SACBC. Use of condoms is condemned as lust and masturbation by the Catholic Dogma, based on the death of Onan, who God smote for "spilling" his seed, in the bible, and on the definition of lust: pursuit of sexual pleasure apart from its unitive and pro-creative qualities.

Wednesday 26 November 2008

"See What We See: Archive"

Orissa, India, Asia: Christian Death Toll breaks 100 mark: 118 dead according to "reliable sources"

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. News 24 (secular)25/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Of about a 50 000 or so population which fled homes in Orissa, under heavy persecution for religious views: by Hindu Nationalist fundamentalists: 10 000 currently reside in internal refugee camps, into which attacks have been recorded as succeeding. According to News 24, at least 91 corpses have been identified, while another 27 are confirmed dead by what they deemed reliable sources.

The violence follows the assassination of a radically anti-Christian leader, who was killed by Maoist rebels. After his death, Hindu Extremists: used this as fuel on which to intensify persecution of Christians. Training camps for millitia have been set up, and recruiting of anti-Christian millitia continues. The Indian Government has been accused by sources on the ground of a mass cover-up, and of negligence, over the entire situation. A major Hindu political party also attacked the papacy for prayers for peace in Orissa, using a classical power game: claiming that India is "sovereign", as though this extended to some right to kill others, or watch them die.

Violence in Orissa, is condemned by major religions in the area, including less radical Hindu leaders.

Mexico, Latin America: Mexico's "Catholic" population: does it again: free murder, and a bit of heresy from priests

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. Reuters (secular) 25/11/2008; Reuters (secular)23/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Heterodox versions of a "Catholicism" of sorts, reigns not only with Mexico's senate, which recently legalized euthanasia, in the Latin American nation, but also among people who should be Catholic. On the 23rd of November, Reuters reported on a Catholic priest, who blessed transvestites on the way to a festival where they dress as such and wonder around, an open sign of disobedience to the Vatican. It is a festival, the Catholic conquerors of Mexico banned early, which went underground. Mexico city is also one of the few cities in Latin America, where abortion is legal.

All three of these situations, if Reuters is correct in their reporting of them: can easily fall under condemnation of dogma. Inculturation never extends to adopting parts of a culture which are contrary to Catholicism, and it is rituals like these: for which the ancient Israelis were to kill their fellows, showing in essence a clear, direct condemnation in the bible, and therefore in Catholic tradition: of such. In the modern time, what is needed is repentance and confession among those in Mexico, who have abandoned their heritage.

Tuesday 25 November 2008

Spain, Europe: Secular Government persecutes Catholics via "Crucifix" ruling

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. EuroNews (Secular) 25/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

In a "historic" ruling, a Spanish court has ruled to allow to have crucifixes removed from classrooms in schools and even universities, according to it's "secular" constitution, the representation of the Catholic church in the country sees it as persecution.

Spain also recently created a child purely to be a blood bank, as it is gradually betraying its Catholic heritage via a secularism, which is not a treaty between diverse groupings, but a tool used to silence religion, by a government and legal system which sees moral objections of religious to be threats. Spain allows abortion, and "marriage" between homosexuals. In allowing the first, politicians voting for it more than likely excommunicated themselves, just as ordinary citizens would for voting for them knowing what they would do. The second also shows what the Catholic church considers a heretical view. According to the papacy: religion must never be repressed: it is not the role of the state to define moral or scientific truths, but to listen to those who specialize in these fields.

This is the latest in a long line of judgments against church, morality and God. Secularism is not the destruction of religion, but a system where religious groups live in harmony. Spain therefore cannot be defined as secular, but simply as having an irreligious, even atheistic legal system, and administration, if this ruling is allowed, as it has been.

As it is, the constitution allows for separation of church and state: L’Osservatore Romano, the Vatican state's national newspaper, has called this a judgment: motivated purely by hatred of religion itself, and not by the constitution of Spain, which EuroNews notes: allows for separation of religion and state.

Sudan, North Africa: Bishops warn of breaking down peace accord!- Agenzia Fides

(Scripturelink Voter's Guide; EWTN News (Catholic News Agency)25/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

EWTN is hosting a story by Catholic News Agency, based on an article by Agenzia Fides: saying that the bishops in Sudan are warning of increased tensions and that a peace treaty may fall apart. The rebels say they are mirroring government efforts, the government says they are updating old weaponry: both are seemingly entered in a dangerous arms race, that could see a return to a war ended in 2005.

"Southern Cross" Placed on international Catholic Rating's service' danger list!

(Media Study South Africa)

Article By Marc Aupiais

05:19PM Today: Screen shot secured at off-site area.

Catholic Culture: Trinity Communications, has listed South African weekly, widely sold in parishes: the "Southern Cross" on a list of danger sites, after reviewing their website.

We ourselves had noticed problems and removed the Southern Cross from our links prior this. Catholic Culture has never before reviewed the site:

The review is listed:

See What We See Archive: 24th November 2008 (24/11/08)

Monday 24 November 2008

India, AsiaNews.IT: Vishwa Hindu Parishad "Training" combattants: bounties out for killing Christians, as Hindu nationalists aim at finishing their Genocide, via payments

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa ; Philippine Bishops' Conference News (CBCP News)23/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Vishwa Hindu Parishad, whose claims are a central motivator for the Orissa violence, as violence is said to be an "act" of "revenge" against Christians for the death of a leader of the group, even though it is Maoist Rebels, who have claimed responsibility for the assassination: is now rumored to be creating "centers" of sorts, where youth can "learn" to be more effective in attacks on those professing Christianity. This is, according to the Philippine's Bishops' news service's source in this, based on an article by AsiaNews: if it is to believed. The development, follows others in the region around Orissa, India.

 Efforts, by the vengeful Hindu Nationalist groupings, in which the VHP has been accused of playing a role: at getting rid of remaining slithers of Christian influence, wealth and livelihood, include relatively inexpensive bounties on still professing Christians, as well as on Priests: such as US 250 per priest, or else basic necessities are traded for some acts of violence.

Illegal activities: for which Indian hit men, are supposedly to get paid for, in anti-Christian attacks, include burning down churches, or the slaying of important Christians. Previously, what seemed to be ideologically motivated volunteers would carry out attacks, these continue to, but, of late: their influence has yet to kill every Christian. Also, volunteers, generally hurt, or chase Christians, but are less prone to be effective killers.

Those who are getting paid for attacks are not paid wealthy sums, desperation, and self interest still cannot be ruled out in the attacks. Some have linked these to the destructions wrought on the cast system in Orissa, by the conversion of Christians to Christianity. Others have noted the appropriation of property by attackers, which could be seen as opportunism.

This latest development: is as winter comes around the corner, and Christians are lucky if left to suffer as internal refugees, in camps, which dispatches from on earlier dates have alleged to be: as unsafe, and prone to attacks. The fleeing persecuted's own houses have often been taken over by perpetrators of attacks, as with some of their goods. The Indian government is at this late hour: fronting claims of a special task force to protect Christians, the reality of these claims is yet to be seen in the future if lives are saved, as over 50 000 Christians have been adversely affected, and at last count: dozens had died. The attacks were already happening in September.

It could be hoped that: training camps, much like those run by militants at one stage in Afghanistan: aimed, in this case at Hindu Nationalists, attempting to kill Christians with more primitive weapons, even crude weapons: including swords, would not be successful in wiping out what remains of a persevering Christian outpost, in such a region of such a country, a country, whose government has, according to sources on the ground: been negligent at best at preventing deaths, and has been accused of a coverup over the genocide, by an important local church representation, which alleges this is to cover up the negligence with which local officials handled the situation.

"See What We See: Archive" 23/11/08 (23rd november 2008: Yesterday)

The Vatican said what?: What the Vatican did not say about the beetles recently

(Media Study South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

It was quite revolting, having Five FM, a government station insult Catholicism as they did: they said that the Vatican was hypocritical, just as Atheists ("Secular society") invited onto 94.7 Highvelt Stereo had said when the "New 7 deadly sins" were "introduced". Both media houses not only disappoint, not only had let the Catholic faith be criticized on air, but also: were providing inaccurate views and news, unless I missed something.

No "new" "seven deadly sins" have ever been introduced, and the Vatican did not apologize to the Beetles, for claims by a member of the band: that they were more popular than Jesus.

It seems, much of the media in more secular countries, actually simply are shooting blindly into the darkness when dealing with Religion, at least the BBC has advisors competent on religious matters, as with any professional media house: which helps stop inaccurate out of context views.

 I had been shocked when ETV, via E News Channel, had gotten a femanist, non-Anglican theologian to cover the Anglican split threats, via their interview of her. She called the Traditionalist Anglicans, who appose gay and women "priests", an old boys club: perhaps Jesus' old boys: considering the direct command of the bible on the matter, simply put: news and media in South Africa, with exceptions such as News 24, and some print media: in general not only get their facts wrong on religious issues, show extreme bias in the matter, but further: insult people for what they have not done: in fact, it can simply be called unconstitutional.

ETV, who also are known for late night Porn, have also done similar things in Sydney World Youth Day, showing protests, but not the size of those who apposed the few protesters, who they somehow found somewhere. On the Anglican issue; the Anglican church has now destroyed their chances of reuniting even with the Orthodox churches, 75% of Christianity was alienated from them in one swoop, it was no old boys club which wanted to prevent the further separation of Christians based on ideological ideals foreign to the majority of Christian faith.

Both of the more recent stories, by Radio stations, are misinformation. Both have the same source, which they misquote, a newspaper based in the Country called the Vatican :"L'Osservatore Romano".

The Newspaper, for the "7 new deadly sins" was misquoted: in an interview, where they asked a cardinal what the 7 worst sins of today's world are. The same non-Papal newspaper, was quoted in an editorial, not by the pope, or Vatican: as saying that while it was condemned at the time: the Beetle's music really was what some would call "that good", and it was the boastings of an immature boy that were condemned. Simply put, the church has made no retractions on any "statement" about the Beetles.

Wow, two more Radio stations onto my: do not trust for any information on religion list. A radio station I advise for news: is Classic FM, I have never been too disappointed with their accuracy. Jacaranda 94.2, is also okay, even if it plays Afrikaans songs, and old music every now and again, though the scientologists may not like them very much, we aren't scientologists, but Catholics, and Christians, so I thought only to mention this. As for adequacy in reporting on US politics, there are very little if any, including the Southern Cross, who also are not able to do this adequately: who could possibly give an accurate view of American politics, of those based in South Africa: such things are left to Reuters, or the BBC, or Euronews, even with some bias in BBC, and Euronews, and others: still: almost no South African source gives what we consider an accurate "get the dirt" picture of US politics.

With the exception of the "Times" and "Sunday Times", who have quite the anti-catholic bias in some articles; on normal issues, many local newspapers, are naive at worst, it seems, but we have not reviewed them all. Another paper which may give wrong information from the Vatican is the Southern Cross, their quotation on Latin mass ideas some time ago: did not give all the needed details, and for the Latin mass, had a photo of a schismatic group's church next to it... the church does not permit attendance of these masses by SSPV, who they showed. Another incorrect fact by the "Southern Cross", was on the new psychological screening of priests, which they said aimed at getting rid of gay priests: i.e. sexually active priests, or priest who cannot control their urges. I myself have other sources on the screening, both secular and Catholic, and the "Southern Cross" was incorrect in their view of "discrimination".

And so to clarify: the seven deadly, or capital sins are : lust, envy, anger/wrath, gluttony, sloth/acaidia, pride, greed: the meanings being theological of course.

And secondly, the beetles, have not been apologized to for anything: if you say something irresponsible, and someone brings it up, why should they apologize.

Thirdly, the news and media needs to get advisors on Catholicism, who are knowledgeable in Canon law, and internal politics, like the BBC and others have: as it is dangerous to quote independent Catholic news as the Vatican, and worse to call Catholics hypocritical for following rules and regulations long set out, based on centuries, on millenia of running an organization.

Fourth: new regulations on priests are aimed at sex offenders, not men who feel attraction to other men, and suffer from the evolutionary disorder, we call homosexuality (not insinuating it is genetic, only that it is not a fittest survive condition;)!

Sunday 23 November 2008

"See What We See: Archive" November 21st 2008 : see-what-we-see - 11 new messages in 11 topics - digest

Friday 21 November 2008

Monasticism points to God: Pope- in Africa, Asia, and Latin America: calls to the monastery growing

(Journey in a Broken World; c.f. Catholic News Service 20/11/08)

Article By Marc Aupiais

As calls to the religious life in America, and Europe are threatened, Africa and Asia are shining stars of the church, as the pope: has said that Monasticism shows Catholics the essentials!

Cardinal's actual word's revealed:Catholics weeping, betrayed:America too quick to elect "Black" (half Kenyan) President, didn't care for crisis to be

Link is not an endorsement, however: we have grown to trust the Orthodoxy of Catholic News Agency:

Italian Finance minister: Pope Benedict predicted financial crisis first: paper about dangers of economic conditions such as those in America in 1985

(Journey in a Broken World; c.f. Bloomberg 20/11/08; group of sources added 21/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

As the Vatican advises the world on the current financial crisis, Italy's Finance Minister has called global attention to the fact that the Leader of Italy's landlocked neighbor: the Vatican; estimated that such a crisis would occur back in 1985, when still Cardinal Ratzinger.

The cardinal had warned of a connection between ethics and economics: saying that when ethics decline, financial collapse can follow!

In 1992, the Republicans, along with controversial Senator McCain, no relation to the brand of chips that we know of: had sponsored a bill to clean up America's financial regulations; it was rejected by the "Democrats", who currently hold the white house in America.

G.K Chesterton: suggested an economic proposal which is different from free-market economics, which may be of use to governments now. Essentially, the wisdom of "God's Rotweiler", has again proven why he was such a good candidate for the papal chair. "God's Rotweiler" being Benedict XVI, who hopes to guide the world into wiser market ethics, and systems. Morality, is what is seen in early Catholic doctrine, as the acting of what materially is sanity.

Obama in anti-life gambit

The following is an article by an external website, this is not an endorsement:

Zimbabwe, SADC Region, Africa: News reports underestimate Zimbabwe catastrophe: over 1.4 million at risk: sources on the ground

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Catholic News Service 20/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

As ENEWSCHANNEL of South African Origin: has reported that over 100 Zimbabweans have died in Zimbabwe, and four people died in South African Limpopo Province, of Malaria: The South African government has been treating those lucky enough to make it in as refugees: many die before crossing the border, and there are still risks facing refugees.

New estimates say that 1.4 million of Zimbabwe's people are at immediate risk, as health systems have shut down. In parishes, the sign of peace has been asked to be investigated by priests, so as to counter infection risks, and in cities, fresh water is not longer pumped in by a government that is not focussed on the people, in a region seeming not to bother.

Wells dug to get water have mixed with human excrement, with sewage, and the UN estimates they will run out of food to keep Zimbabwe alive. Responding to the urgency of the situation, the communist affiliated government of South Africa: has finally decided to act: promising millions in aid: if Zimbabwe can get a "legitimate" government. the SADC region has been interfering for years with Zimbabwe's legality of democracy, and has stalled international efforts at resolving the issue for years: whether this is another strategy aimed at what is seen by many as forcing the MDC into submission to the persecuting Zanu PF, or else a valid negotiation to force the ZANU PF into fair negotiations is yet to be seen: as the ZANU PF continues to kill their people with neglect: having themselves turned what was called the bread-basket of Africa: into the basketcase: needing aid from callous neighbors. Legally: the MDC won both the election, and the presidential seat, according to ENEWSCHANNEL, when they reported on the previous election.

The Humanitarian organizations desire sharp, concise action via the UN, and others desire urgent action to save Zimbabwe.

Thursday 20 November 2008

Journey in a Broken World: When a Catholic may kill: just war, capital punishment, and just rebellion: less looked at doctrine, less spoken of rules

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

My family, it has been so involved in history, from the French resistance, where many of my people died fighting the Nazi occupiers of my ancestor's homeland: Mother France; to our political, but not armed fight against apartheid, via what has since been renamed the DA, the Democratic Alliance, but was once the Progressive Party. I had no doubt of the morality of politically apposing an enemy of ethical morality, but on hearing that the Church had forsaken the IRA, I worried for the souls of my heroic French family, who had fought the Nazi's, in the French Resistance.

We speak of anger as a sin, but this is a theological anger, not the emotion, which simply informs us of situations, which if well controlled: is a weapon, and a warning.

I remember, when I was very young being very angry, both due to sickness, to being easily angered after having a horrid sickness, this was not just anger, yet learning to control it came gradually with self control, and another anger, which was not for the same purposes, and different, powerful, good as an anger.

Anger, when I have been apposed in good, or when I see evil, which is not rare in South Africa: can pulse via my veins, yet when I look deeper, even as I had been telling myself of the emotion flowing, which I was observing for sin: I hate them, my words said inside, yet I looked deeper, at why and what I truly hated, "I hate this person for what they have done", and "continue" in! Even when another anger streaked via me, I used my contemplative theological powers, my Philosophy of actions, as I see it, and looked into what I really felt: to avoid mortal sin.

What I found was an anger at a situation, and at what happened, what someone did, and does still: which is aimed at destroying God's work. It is not hate the sin, love the sinner, my anger is the acting of charity. I do not do violence, this is unwise, and unwarranted, no: I simply realize the purpose of my anger. Anger is meant to be a tool to change bad situations into less bad, like hope: it is a realization that things are not as we want, or believe they should remain as. Anger of this manner was made by God. It is when anger is centered not at hope, not at defense and advancement of life, and right: that anger is unjust.

The IRA, who as a largely Irish person, I myself had quietly, in my mind: so wanted to be justified, I found were condemned by the church as terrorists, as opponents to her, despite their defense of the Irish people.

When I heard this, I feared for my French heroes, who I had been taught to admire for fighting the Nazi occupation, but left it: right until I started to contemplate abortion, the murder of millions: what were we to do of this? It is here where I read something odd: that one could kill, yet not always to prevent an abortion. Killing an abortionist like a hit man, is not just, yet whatever force necessary to prevent it if in the room as it is to happen, was called just, yet it was noted that it seldom required deathblows.

I was perplexed, puzzled, and would have stopped reading were it not EWTN. I read on, and looked for their sources. On my own, I understand better now, since learning to seek my source emotions: my furious, controlled anger when evil appears in front of me: whether watching a man have a gun pulled on him, or seeing violence. I have myself had a knife pulled on me, but was calm.

Anger is meant by God to be a source of justice, when we hate a person, we lie to ourselves: a person is but animated (Latin for soul is Anima: it is our life, that which feed's God's life-force into our being) flesh and blood: what we hate is always what they do or have done, the way they do what they do, is it not; or else, is it not that they are dangerous to our livelihood? What acting justly against an oppressor is and is not is vital, it always lies in preventing great evil, in what is called self defense, or the defense of innocents, or souls, or good against evil.

CCC 2243 is what allows for the formation of an armed resistance to an authority: such as a government, or German Occupiers of France, however, the doctrine of the church forbids the killing of bystanders, "non-combatants", and acts also are illicit, and not permitted: of what is known as "Terrorism". Further, the right conditions must be in place, much as in just war itself, but I will quote it directly:

"2242 The citizen is obliged in conscience not to follow the directives of civil authorities when they are contrary to the demands of the moral order, to the fundamental rights of persons or the teachings of the Gospel. Refusing obedience to civil authorities, when their demands are contrary to those of an upright conscience, finds its justification in the distinction between serving God and serving the political community. "Render therefore to Caesar the things that are Caesar's, and to God the things that are God's."48 "We must obey God rather than men":49

When citizens are under the oppression of a public authority which oversteps its competence, they should still not refuse to give or to do what is objectively demanded of them by the common good; but it is legitimate for them to defend their own rights and those of their fellow citizens against the abuse of this authority within the limits of the natural law and the Law of the Gospel.50
2243 Armed resistance to oppression by political authority is not legitimate, unless all the following conditions are met: 1) there is certain, grave, and prolonged violation of fundamental rights; 2) all other means of redress have been exhausted; 3) such resistance will not provoke worse disorders; 4) there is well-founded hope of success; and 5) it is impossible reasonably to foresee any better solution." CCC

By this, when other means can achieve the goal, they are to be pursued, which is why the church has not caused civil wars in countries like Britain, or America, where abortion is predominant in many parts of society. The situation has not yet been seen as bad enough for military means of taking care of it. As long as there are non-violent means to sort out a situation, these are generally pursued. According to EWTN, my source on this: there is not enough evidence that other methods will not achieve the goal of ending abortion: violence on a small scale, except when directly in the situation, therefore only harms the cause of those apposing abortion. Prayer vigils, fasting, campaigns, legal battles, and politics, are therefore pursued. War is not taken up, except when absolutely seen as vitally needed.

This possibly justifies my French relatives, who it is hoped still to hope to see in heaven, it justifies many in Europe during the War.

So, why then did the church remain but political in South Africa: simply put, we had no right to do anything else: perhaps defend an innocent life when it happened, and many during the struggle did, yet there were not conditions which said peaceful means were not viable, there were not signs which said combat would not do additional harm. War must only be approached cautiously, and never by hurting non-combatants. Therefore, where some of my relatives were heroes for strategic armed resistance, others were likewise for political resistance.

War is never justified, except when utterly necessary, even then: rules must be kept, all is not fair in love and war. War is only justifiable: if all possible measures are taken to do so in a just manner, any unjust action, or unwarranted force: is not allowable.

When America invaded Iraq, it was an unjust war, the pope begged them not to, but they did, the result is a genocide against Christianity in Iraq, and elsewhere. In other times and places open warfare is acceptable, but again, it is not light matter to take to force. When force is used, it is only when all other options are dry, like driftwood.

My own anger must be channeled, so as not to cause harm to goodness. We must be strategic when justly angry, and we must be sane. When told to forgive a repentant sinner, we are not told to forgive the unrepentant: but tolerating evil can be just when licit means cannot be used, or for a while until it may be destroyed. Revenge is not justified, we cannot harm an aggressor after the fact in judgment with force, we are not a just authority. Where needed, legal or political action may be taken, but war is to stop immediate, certain harm, not simply to punish whom we appose. Defense of nations, is licit, except against just aggression, hence South African troops deployed throughout Africa on UN missions, can be morally justified.

Other times where killing is acceptable, is capital punishment, self defense, or defense of others, and in just war: all three show a grave duty. Capital punishment however should be rare, and when needed: alone. It is the church who so powerfully has combated and destroyed much of death friendly legalities.

Ultimately, war is a last result, as with force: in situations where they are utterly needed: as obliged by conscience. We are a peace loving people, as Catholics, yet there are times when war is justifiable, as with civil disobedience, which can often be: render to Caesar what is his, but what is God's to God: morality is the realm of God, as with religion: these belong to him alone.

For some Rules of Warfare c.f. 2302- 2317 of ccc

And so, to conclude, my French relatives were justly fighting an invasion, the IRA were fighting for a cause which many find appealing, but perhaps should not have taken to arms, and certainly should not have resorted to terrorism, and abortion still can and therefore should be fought on the social level. Mind you, while worried about obligations involving abortion, what actually alerted me to this, which I found impossible to find anything on when trying to justify my relatives' action against the Nazi oppressor: I found, when not looking into what is just: but in trying to understand if abortion to save the mother is ever permissible: to answer a non-Catholic who asked me of this. The answer is no, but should something be wrong with a woman, and the operation needed to save her could damage the child: it is a physical evil. If to save the mother, the intent is to kill the child, this is doctrinally evil: but if one should induce early pregnancy, when the child has a chance, or do a risky operation, this is fine: but to intentionally kill an embryo is abortion, for which we are materially, if not sometimes actually: excommunicated for any effective collaboration in!

In any case, I thought to share my research, by which I have at least allowed for the actions of my bedtime story type heroes of my family's past: to be just and righteous!

I do not however in this endorse any war, or warfare, or conflict: I simply relay what the theological stances seem to be, nor is this intended for anything but the justifying of conscience, and explanations of what the Catholic Church seems to teach!

"See What We See Archives": see-what-we-see - 7 new messages in 7 topics - digest

Philippines, Asia, Eurasia: Bishops draft own bill against contraception happy liberals! Recently after attempts to instill a 2 child limit on the nat

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. cbcpnews (Philippine Catholic Church) 20/11/08; Reuters (Secular) 20/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The state must not define the family: is the stance of Philippine bishops on a controversial family planning bill, which aims at teaching unethical methods of contraception in schools and reducing population numbers, via contraceptives. Something which fits with the United Nations declaration on what genocide is (Article 2 letter d) what is being proposed, which is reducing populations by reducing birth rates. The bishops have proposed another bill to solve the same issues.

The Catholic method of contraception, aimed not at reducing births, but rather at allowing economic planning with future children: know as Natural Family Planning, with education is found by many well reputable studies, including those by the American Health division of their government: to result in less than one child every hundred years of use, done via measuring temperature. More than this: much of the nation's problems are not blamed on the amount of citizens to be served, but the incapacity of a government slated previously by the bishops as corrupt, and in need of replacing: with calls for officials to be tried by courts. "Planned Parenthood", an abortion group which pro-infanticide (He voted for it as recorded officially: to be legal) Barak Hussein Obama, of America is affiliated with: via "International Planned Parenthood", along with the US government: recently tried to use political power to impose their own two child limit on the Philippines: in which "International Planned Parenthood" was set to gain, as they have from being allowed to teach sexual education in US schools.

Foreign influence, heavy in ideology is not welcomed by the bishops: who site the availability of contraception over the counter, and statistics which point to an increase in health problems linked with contraception. Statistics separate from theirs say that water sources are polluted when contraceptives are disposed of, that promotion of contraception in schools is linked to increases in teen pregnancy, and abortion, and link contraceptives not only to divorce statistics, and an increase in immoral activities in society, but also show a vast rise in risks of sexually transmitted diseases linked with such programs and with contraceptives.

Recently, a Vatican source was quoted as saying that if America passes Barak Obama's radical abortion bills, the church would consider it an act of war against the Catholic people. It is unlikely that violence will arise, as this is heavily condemned by bishops in Northern Ireland, where Catholics took to bombings to protect their society from abortions, and religious discrimination... however the church may well consider other means of facing those: who in America alone have slaughtered of 50 million of their own unborn infants.

Chatity South Africa: Chastity is but sanity

(Chastity South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

With the manner in which the human mind is structured, and the dangers of anything sexually but for valid, loving marriage: and statistics of disease, abortion, crime, violence, economic problems and so forth, we at Chastity South Africa: would like to encourage our readers with this: Chastity is sanity: it saves the body, it saves the self, and what we call the soul. Remain chaste, it is worth it, besides: you get allot of attention, and fun debates when being publicly such!

Show your chastity on facebook:

Eurasia, Middle East, Iraq: Al Qaeda threatens to slit the throats of all Christians remaining in Iraq, as situation for Christians worsens despite claims of improvement in security

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. EWTN Global News 19/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

A group affiliated with Al Qaeda in Iraq threaten to commit genocide against Christians in Iraq: already suffering sporadic murders, rape, theft, pillaging, burning of houses, and violence and threats. A mass exodus of Christians from Mosul was sited in the threats: as all Christians were called to join Catholics who have already been leaving Iraq.

Violence against Christians has not been wiped out: but still is and will probably remain systematically, successfully, and viably continued, as American occupiers continue to claim improvements: generally among non-Christians. The situation among Iraqi followers of Christian beliefs: has only increased since the overthrowing of what was seen as dictatorship: under Saddam Hussein. What Barak Hussein Obama will do about this is crucial when he assumes his responsibilities: an unwarranted, politically motivated withdrawal of troops, will only further destroy an already persecuted Christian population.

Belfast, Northen Ireland: Catholic fears following impasse prove true: bomb found at police station!

(Scripturelink Voter's Guide; BBc World News (Secular)19/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Following appeals for keeping peace by a representative of the Catholic hierarchy in Northern Ireland, and warnings that a current impasse about who controls divisions of government governing police and justice: could cause violence: police in Belfast found a "Coffie Jar" Bomb nearby a police position.

This was after an eleventh hour of the night (23:00) call warning of the threat.

Wednesday 19 November 2008

The Dance of Una Ecclesiam et Deus- Journey in a Broken World

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

She felt it like silk against her skin: anguished, as though a soft brush of needles has been combed over her naked heart. She was worried, and pranced back and forward like a fearful horse after a loud noise. Shadow and light combined, her face hid a small scar, her eyes pierced, yet she was almost blind now.

She waited, and awaited her dance- as the announcement reverberated, and the audience quieted. They had come so far, to see her: to support her and jeer at her. She was a prodigy, a paradox. An example of foreign oddness.

Fear sailed up her shivering form, and entered her veins, and conquered her heart. She breathed, and calmed, as her heart pounded, and her chest beat against solid air. Things slowed down, then began to speed up, as she closed her eyes and hoped. She trusts, does she not? Calm enters her, as she is left conflicted. On the stage, the music starts, it enters one, and encompasses. Ahead lies a leap of faith. She goes through the logic, as she prepares to run, her legs move, yet she calms her conflicted self, and feels her veins contract.

The rivers inside her skin move slower, and she steadies her heart rate as much as viable. Ahead lies a sharp light, and around it- all is dark. She breathes in, and brushes her hair, combing with naked hands, and then she walks forward. Her heart is now like a log, tossed in the sea, and it beats as though buoyed in a hurricane. The beat is constant in her ears, as her face becomes pale beyond comparing.

The figure walks towards her, and peace begins to radiate, like the sun shining on her form. The rhythmic beat hits like a soaking in torrid ocean waves. She prepares to faint, and faintly stumbles into view, as around the lit up area they stand on- darkness surrounds. She cannot see the crowd, she ignores them as best she is able. She nearly closes her eyes, as she prepares to dance, as gentle, and perfect hands clasp her waist, and as a beam of light shines against her. She notes now, she is wearing clothes- a shining, translucent pale blue dress, which shines and reflects- sparkling, swirling like waters turning: in the light.

Dressage. She prances like a horse... Together: as one flow, together- form molds. She floats, like a strand of shrubbery, blown in the wind. She sways- like the savanna- in torrents before the storm. There is electrical energy in the air- a calm coolness preceding the power of an ancient storm.

The crowd is agitated, some want to hurt her, some devalue her- she senses their stare, and shivers. Other admire, others are jealous- others still wish they were her, and still others want to see her dance. Her moves are sudden, dramatic in this act of passionate rhythm. She hardly knows to trust her partner, as he leads her in a dangerous pose. In every move she senses his stare- it sustains her more than love- fear of betraying him, who trusted her is greater than that of the watching crowd. In every moment, he watches her technique, it is flawless: least he grimace, it is perfect, least he leave her and no longer dance. She is scared, a fear twirling, like a black horse swirling: she is terrified, as one who loves the mirror of her soul, whose heart would fade, should she disappoint. She barely trusts, but movement takes her, she barely knows- but logic sustains her.

"Ecclesiam", Deus whispers her name, as she recognizes barely her partner, and they prepare to move again. She realizes she was frightened now, she sees the swaying crowd, and watches as they move.

"Ecclesiam... Dear, dear friend!" Ecclesiam glances up at Dues, at the partner she so loves... and sees her partner, barely flashing against the flowing of movement and light. Her heart takes longer to beat, surprise takes her, she dares not meet his eyes!

"You did... good...!" She barely remembered it, these near foreign words he said. It was soft, it was quiet, barely could she hear... "Now follow me, we have more to dance... ... ... Do not disappoint"

She holds his hand, she feels steady now. Her fears are lost, she's bathing in his tearing love.

Her form is perfect, technique matters so much. She aims in her self: now barely to please- her heart wont pass this down.

They do a dance, as light flashes around. She holds his hand, daring not to glance up. Her fear remains, yet so now does her hope. She dances now, freed: by her very technique; extravagant- for her exacting specification of pose. Her feet move faster, her eyes glance around. She stops, then moves, then isn't sure until her partner carries her forward into the blissfulness of dance.

This is her chance- the only one to please, this is her promise- her actions will make her married. She is God's fiancée, the church of the living God. This is where she has the opportunity- to impress him into marriage. When in love: we cherish our foolish loving, when in love- every risk is enough: yet, when in love with truth: truth must lead all things. We dance not with the audience, no: we make them wish they were us.

Perhaps, we are only the shoe, or a tiny part of her, but as long as we, as man and as woman: are the cherished woman: Ecclesiam: that pristine woman we call church: we dance with God himself, and we are entitled to what follows! We are like royalty, or the couple at their day: let us not forget our dignity, our birthright should we not forsake it.

All watch, and some applaud- as Ecclesiam and Deus end their dance- all around people begin to stand: inside her heart, the wild horse dances. All are impressed, she finished her dance, and shall dance forever with Deus: her partner. Her form won him for her, and his goodness, true oneness won her for him. Let us become Ecclesiam's flesh, let us be good- true and morally sane!

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(South African Catholic)

Note from the Editor:

Due to increasingly liberal editorials by the Southern Cross in recent weeks, and their decision not to note how tragic the Democrats Party's Barak Hussein Obama's victory in the United States is, instead: joining his fan club: and attacking an American Priest who included the need to reject contraception: in a Christmas sermon. We have excluded the Southern Cross, along with two sites which have fallen the opposite way, one already SSPX, and the other which became this, these sites have been removed once we discovered clear Fidelity issues.

At South African Catholic: We Value our ratings on fidelity, we aim at accuracy and at giving a good picture of events, the press are like present-day prophets, and we aim at projecting as best as viable what is happening in the world. It is for accuracy, honesty and Fidelity, that we inform you not only of when we get it wrong, or make a mistake: via retractions, but also when we have discovered fidelity issues in links from our own systems, which we then automatically determine to remove! Our Articles based on an agreement with the Southern Cross, which site some of their articles as a source will remain, as these are links to either articles which are fine, or in which errors are noted, or are not internet links, but citations of news, however regular updates on their services will cease!

Please inform us of any and all Fidelity, accuracy, or usability issues with our sites, we at Scripturelink dedicate ourselves to the advancing of excellence in fidelity, accuracy, faith, and reason. Our Job is to inform, without harming our readers, and to this we will try to hold!

Gulf of Aden, Somalia, Africa: Theft of ships causing diversion of shipping from Suez to Cape of Good hope, by some big shipping groups

(Social Justice South Africa ; c.f. Reuters (Secular) 18/11/08; Reuters (Secular) 17/11/08; Associated Press 18/11/08; Sky News Channel (Secular) 19/11/08; Other Sources (Largely Secular) ??/??/??)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Reuters( 17/11/0818/11/08;) , the London based news Firm, is reporting the effect of the consistent hijacking of ships by pirates in Somalia- currently in a civil war. Unlike other News Services- they have said that there is no major move to the cape route (18/11/08). Ships, however, many carrying "dry cargo" or electronic equipment are being diverted from the quicker route of the Suez Canal, via the Gulf of Aden, having had, or noted of issues with Somalian Pirates: taking rather: the long route from before the Canal was created- around the Cape of Good Hope.

The Cape of Good Hope is located in Cape Town, in the Western Cape Province of the Republic of South Africa. Insurance costs of taking Suez are estimated by a source in shipping: quoted by above mentioned Reuters:  to be one probable reason, however major Middle Eastern Oil producing nations have not yet hinted at any diversion, despite the recent hijacking of a Middle Eastern oil carrier. A reason sited by a shipping company withdrawing: is the risk faced, not by companies, but by crews of ships. There is also disappointment in the lack of support from the authorities and governments: in combating the piracy: whether or not this disappointment is warranted will be seen in coming weeks.

The civil war in Somalia between their Warlord president and Islamic rebels, has resulted in the government controlling less than half of Somalia's territory, with Rebels now controlling what seems an ever-growing amount of ground. When two Catholic religious were captured as hostages in a raid, by terrorists in nearby northern Kenya, and brought back to Kenya's Neighboring Somalia, the Somalian Government, appears to have had to ask Kenyan help to try resolve the issue.

Reuters, which reported firstly on the diverting of shipping, appears to have done a more extensive analysis: via an interview of a shipping company not quoted as pulling out: one day later, which saw the issue as not a major factor. All sources noted some ships being redirected to avoid the Gulf of Aden.

The extend of the diversion: will be determined by how effective promised efforts by the European Union: to stifle the hijacking of ships in the Gulf of Aden will be.

Tuesday 18 November 2008

"See What We See" Archive: 17 November 2008: Published 18th November 2008

Northern Ireland, "United Kingdom": Irish Bishop Cardinal Seán Brady urges an end to political "impasse", noting that peace may be in danger

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Catholic Culture 17/11/08; Irish Catholic Bishops' Conference 17/11/08; Sky News (Secular) 18/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The peace in the politically unstable region known to the world as : "Northern Ireland"; is in danger due to a new political "impasse", if Irish Bishop: Cardinal Seán Brady is to be believed. In a lengthy article posted on the online facilities of the Irish Catholic Bishops' Conference, the Cardinal warns of the dangers of a political stalemate, and recalls the hope brought by the Irish Peace process to Catholic persons in the Middle East.

Northern Ireland is in a different political situation than much of Britain- having a degree of independence: which prevents abortions, and allows for local political parties to have a say over events. Recently, a British army parade was the cause of protests by Irish opposition to the deaths of Catholics, in which some sections of the army are accused of playing a role. Both those who seek an Independent Northern Ireland, and their opposition have been accused of less than ethical dealings at times.

The Democratic Unionist Party, which is pro-Britain, and Sinn Fein, which has allot of Catholic support: have been unable to decide how authorities such as police are to be divided. In a country which has seen accusations of the abuse of authority, this is serious. Also in need of discussion is apparently an economic downturn- according to the secular News Group : Sky News.

Pontifical Academy for Life,Vatican: science which throws away ethics, we do not belief can morally be pursued

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. CBCPNEWS 18/11/08)

Article By Marc Aupiais

In an article published in a Vatican Based Newspaper (L’Osservatore Romano): the President of the Pontifical Academy for Life, has released a statement. Archbishop Rino Fisichella, in his capacity as President of the Pontifical Academy For life: has stated that when science is pursued without ethics- it mostly is utilized in such a way that it is made into a platform from which to persecute others: by unjust authorities.

He has therefore affirmed the Catholic belief: that science must always remain within ethics, or cannot morally be pursued. He said this: having noted already, that the church understands humanity with a special knowledge- having been the safeguard of man's dignity for about two millenia.

He also noted that science does not cause opposition to Catholicism, and therefore scientists must not appose the faith, rather- they should remain reasonable when dealing with issues such as the Ancient Religion.

Vietnam, Asia- America's selective "kindness" continues to hurt innocents- as government supporting mobs attack priests

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Catholic Culture 17/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Catholic World News (affiliated with "Catholic Culture") reports of the ransacking of a Catholic monastery by Communist youth in Vietnam, while police protected the ransacking militants, from catholics attempting to save the place- in another of many attacks by supporters of the "Party" against often helpless adherents of Catholicism. The recent advancement against innocent civilians, came after an "invitation" by communists to priests for talks- probably in order to cause a diversion- to allow for the ransacking to occur.

The same American "good-willed" campaigners: who brought you a escalation in sexual immorality- money wasted on going into space, and "peace" ideals, and the abortion crisis- also, "priests" included- caused a mass withdrawal of troops from still every bit as much: communist: "Vietnam", and the Catholic church has been daily crucified ever since, along with all, or at least most slightly visible: free-thinking citizens. In a recent attack- Government controlled police blockaded a monastery to prevent desperate actions by Catholics local to the area to stop the ransacking of the building by Government affiliated Communist youths. The government itself constantly incites hatred of the church on television and other state controlled media, has called for the disposing of Catholic leaders, and have stolen church property, and goods- including the Nuncio in the country, and much of its contents. The nuncio which was "confiscated" was older than the communist regime. A nuncio is the catholic equivalent of an embassy.

The clear desire of the communist government to weaken, control, if not wipe out Catholic religion in Vietnam is more than aptly clear in the constant and incessant assaults by government representatives- verbally and physically on the human rights of Vietnam's Catholics. The systematic manner in which police, and authority are used as what seems to outsiders as an ideologically powered, and politically wielded: weapon is only part of it.

Communism is condemned as an ideology of evil by the Catholic church- and communist nations almost always try to control, or suppress the Ancient Religion- if experience is the indicator. Socialist governments are less likely to try to control religion: however with pure communism: those who question authority are often disposed of. External authority such as religions are either taken over, bargained with, or gotten rid of where viable.

America itself is hailing a "black" (half Kenyan) president and hope for a future "black pope" (The nickname of the head of the Jesuit Order apparently wont do it for them): while America does their painting- their decision to invade Iraq, and following it: ignoring of the wiping out of much of the Christian community in the nation- still reverberates: as with their desire to withdraw from another mess they caused.

As it is, "Planned Parenthood": the American based, international abortion firm, which teaches sex education in American schools- has been noted as hailing the election of their partisan president- Obama, as historic- not because he is black, not because he is part Kenyan- but because of all the blood, and white fluff stained tax dollars: they will get to keep systematically slaughtering helpless, unsuspecting, unborn children: that is- if he fulfills the promises he made about what changes he'd bring if elected. This includes preventing parents from stopping their child having an abortion- getting rid of pre-abortion councilling- and discriminating against the highly effective abstinence campaigns in schools- by funding further: Planned Parenthood's "Sexual education" programs.

Vietnam is a country in need of change, these incidents are not sporadic- they are common. When Catholic media picks up mass and open persecution of Christians- it is assured that others are already persecuted.

Monday 17 November 2008

Somalia- Rebels control most of the country- Administration's head admits

(Social Justice South Africa ; c.f. Reuters 16/11/08)

Article by Marc Aupiais

With many unsuccessful attempts at governance since 1991, when a dictator was disposed of, Somalia has had many failed governments, with a warlord currently "president", and yet with a current insurgency still fighting for control, and it seems succeeding. The insurgents now control more territory within the Somalian Nation: than the administration of the North African country. When it is noted Somalia has a crippled government- that is to say that they have a government which hardly controls the country- and is basically unable to govern- as an internal war continues. The country is a danger to surrounding countries- in the region, and if it were not for recent intervention from Washington- the nation would not have its current government, salvaged as insurgents of Islamic background recently took the capitol, and were pushed out of it again.

For this protection- Somalia has Ethiopian troops to thank, who were spurred on by American support to save the militarily nearly conquered government, yet just last week the rebels advanced significantly again, and the government itself is divided by politics and feuds. Only a third- of the aid so needed needed to sustain over 3 million starving Somalians has been secured, after the the United Nations this year appealed for it.

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Sunday 16 November 2008

Of Interest in the News: The following is not an endorsement

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contributor, other than the editor

>INTERNATIONAL / AFRICA | November 16, 2008
>The Spoils: Congo's Riches, Looted by Renegade Troops
>The exploitation of a tin mine is emblematic of the deadly role that
>Congo's natural wealth has played in its misery.

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Judgement in the kingdom of Dust, in this veil of tears, the banishment from heaven!

(Journey in a Broken World )

Article by Marc Aupiais

Sand blows immersed, and infused inside the small night breeze. In the distance, the ice creeks, and mourns an unknown death, as frost slowly seeks out the uncovered parts of the green grass, and in the distant sky there is a castle. Figures with wings, they slowly mount the passages, they move up and down- to a ladder which opens into light, and paradisaical beauty of heaven above. A sound, like the dying of an animal, or a crying child makes the ears freeze, as the combination of desert on one side, and paradise between, and icy tundra on the opposite comes to be noted.

We judge, do we not? Fiery expanses and ashes blow against our face! We see, and we define, sometimes we see paradox, snow in the desert, or many other things- yet do we now say that it is not snow- for our judgment. True judgment, Righteous Judgment- is but so often followed by war, or diplomacy- under the yellow, gold and white flag of freedom.

Real judgment is the sort which is observation- we see snow in the desert, and wonder at it- and consider what it means, and perhaps act. False judgments always are evils which attempt to lie- to say a person is not human, or snow is not snow. True judgment is apposed to heterodoxy- to common incorrect belief, to wrong assumption, to undefined precepts for action. Real judgment is noted of Saint Paul "The Spiritual Man- he judges all things- yet he is not judged" (Paraphrasing his wording in his letter to the believers in Corinth)- surely the rebuking of misinterpreting by some of the words of Jesus : "Judge not least you be Judged!"

To judge- we must always treat people as their dignity is- sometimes this means war, sometimes, it means enmity, or many things...

I describe this kingdom I see, I speak of opposites as one- yet opposites which are true in this kingdom. It is a fool who sees white falling in the desert and says- no, it is not so- and a mad fool also- for either he sees it, or he doesn't- yet to deny it is utterly devious, and harmful. In fact, it is apathy which does such damage- people who know something is wrong tolerate it- in other words, they judge- not man but God, who speaks in their conscience. Now, how much worse than judging another man! Those who lie to themselves and others about what they see- about their conscience, and tolerate evil without just reason- these judge God, and condemn the oppressed.

These crucify Christ on his cross. Non-judgment is utter foolish enmity with God. In fact, in Africa, we note the "unbiased" view of our leaders- as mass murderers and better men are treated as equals- as governments and terrorists are concerned as equal at the negotiating table. We see people starve for this apathy- which condemns itself utterly when it justifies itself via faith.

In the stream of the rivers of time- we see all things come to pass- but it is short term to treat right and wrong as equal- in fact- justice must be done. In the Congo we now see revenge for Rwanda taken.

Refugees, they are not saints- anger touches- and enters, hatred fills, these are people, with emotions- do not be surprised if they pick up arms. With one injustice, another chases it. When injustice is permitted- when terror is allowed- it continues- small and large.

It is the gravest of sins- that we should participate in mortal sin- by doing nothing. Let us judge utterly, but judge via truth, and the morality of faith, and the manner of faith's way forward. Light, it breaks the clouds, golden, and sunset- it enters the heart. Do not ignore conscience- but act prudently, and with timing which is of benefit- yet never ever back off from justice- for in this you condemn your soul!

Let us be prudent in judging- and act in just the right proportionate doses of action- in truth, and the prayer God wants of us!

(Clarifying what just judgment is: it is not petty, not foolish, not evil, yet while we say so much of not "judging", which is a condemnation of the counter-society so often present among those who think this is Christian- we need to say what we actually mean in this veil of tears, and so us who know clarify, in any case... I was staring at a painting of a boat, and simply had to right down the complete images which molded into my consciousness- and their meaning I gave them. When we say this, now you know what it should mean- it fits in somehow- and has proportion- do not judge by appearances- but by conscience, and always ask when in doubt- those who have proven themselves true, for more, research it in our engine- with very professional sources, and others.)

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