Sunday 4 January 2009

Gaza Strip, Palestine, Middle East: Israeli Ground offensive has begun

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. BBC World News (Secular; Government; British) 04 / Jan / 2009)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Israeli troops have begun to clash with forces of the Terrorist group Hamas: in the start of a ground offensive to take areas. One always feels sad at the beginning of such a conflict: while it was unpreventable: world leaders did not listen to Israel, and so her people caused her politicians to do something radical: still, this is horrid and sad: perhaps now the world will learn, and treat this situation as what it is: another issue, just like those in Africa, or Bosnia: an issue, where two parties are at war. America is continuing to support the Israeli offensive. Some say that they are using the holiday period to ensure their success.

Rockets continue to be launched into Israel, and like a group of angry bees, protecting the bee hive, or a mother bear, sheltering her children: Israel's wrath has been shown.

The Israeli presidency: claims it has no intent to crush Hamas, but only to stop the terrorist attacks. If they are not lying: then it is very likely that if a long-term peace-fire can be brokered: they will immediately withdraw.

As to the morality of this offensive, while I am so deeply weakened within: I do not take a view: except that whatever route is best for longterm peace: must be taken: and partisan politics involving the two nations must end: press must report exactly what is occurring, at least, as best they can.

Many civilians deaths in this conflict: result from the way in which Hamas has fortified themselves in highly populated areas, of a highly populated region. Reports from civilians inside contradict, according to religious views and nationality: some Catholics welcome the attacks, but one "Palestinian American" interviewed, seemed to contradict the viewpoint of the Catholics on the ground. The only thing that can be agreed: is that peace needs to found again, and a longterm peace. The offensive against Israel, which started this entire issue: has not haulted once, despite the heavy backlash, nor have terrorist threats. Granted, Israel's response is very large, and has been somewhat ineffective, in stopping attacks: still, Hamas has shown their true colours in this war. Again, we call for this to go to the International Criminal Court, where justice can be found for both groups.

For all the saddening details, we are forwarding to BBC World News, whom we have no affiliation with:

One of, if not the most: trustworthy major secular news source on the planet.

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