Friday 9 January 2009

Vatican City;Europe / Israel: Pope and Cardinal on "Concentration Camp" Statement of official

(Social Justice South Africa ; c.f. Reuters (British; Secular; Independent) 08 / Jan / 2009 ; BBC World News (British; Government; Secular) 08 / Jan / 2008 )

Article by Marc Aupiais

In a small proof: that one must be very careful in choice of words: statements; comparing the Gaza Strip, to a "Concentration Camp": because of the fact civilians are unable to move out: due to conflict, and politics: have caused massive insult.

Cardinal Renato Martino: of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace; has caused Jewish people to say: the comparison: is not fitting; that a concentration camp is worse. The Cardinal later stated; that he also condemned Hamas; and related his statement to the walls: but those who had been in a concentration camp: were not impressed. Pope Benedict; in his state of the world address: again emphasized a need to condemn violence. The Majority of those in the Catholic church are neutral on the matter, with a few officials, and organizations breaking ranks. Israel called the statements by the Cardinal Renato Martino: president of the Ponitical Council for Justice and Peace: Hamas propaganda.

Iran has been accused of possibly funding the wars of Hamas and Hezbolla, by the BBC, in an article on rocket attacks from Lebanon into Israel. France and Egypt, have both been working at a peace deal: in which they had a near miss previously: with Israel accepting conditionally a peace deal, which they did not adhere to, when Hamas (initials for "Islamic Resistance Movement" in the Arabic dialect): rejected these: wanting open borders.

This latest battleground situation: started with seemingly unprovoked rocket-fire by Hamas militants, into Israel: after a 6-month truce. A number of people, including an infant, and a number of buildings, including one for child-care: on the Israeli side: have been hit. Hamas, has in turn: since been hit in outposts throughout the densely populated: Gaza strip: wherein certain sources believe there is a massive humanitarian situation: caused partly by Collateral Damage: on Israel's part, which they claim is because militants purposely fire from civilian areas.

UN (United Nations) officials on the ground: deny accusations by Israel, and by a Canadian newspaper: that there were militants in the area around a UN school. The UN, recently suspended aid in to the Gaza Strip: since an incident where Israeli troops were accused by the UN of shooting at some of their aid workers. We are unsure, what allegedly provoked the alleged attack.

Meanwhile: amongst calls by the ANC's "King maker" allies: COSATU; and by protesters who marched on Parliament yesterday: to call for sanctions against Israel: a Jewish association: has lamented the anti-Jewish sentiment, they believe they are experiencing: in South Africa: and have reminded the seemingly pro-Hamas: ANC controlled: South African government: who it is who started the attack in the first place. Racism, Bigotry, and hate speech, are not uncommon in South Africa; despite constitutional clauses against these. It is more than just possible: that those with a hatred for Jewish culture, beliefs, and people: have been misusing this situation: for their own unconstitutional means.

Often, support for one side of the other, springs from hatred of a culture, or religion, often based on, what many would consider: misleadingly superstitious religious beliefs. I personally, have even seen some who hope there will never be peace in the Middle East: believing that it will warrant the end of the world. These same people often believe the Catholic church to be evil... and many other things: but it is simply more proof, of how biased many viewing the conflict are.

The point is, that because of the location of this battle, and the players in it: and propaganda due to it: there is a harsh situation, whereby those who harbor hatred of one or other group: chose to air it, and those attempting to stop it: need to be careful of how they phrase the situation.

The alleged connection with Iran, is actually quite credible, according to the BBC: who say that Iran makes very little effort in denying accusations from Israel: especially , as credible as the connection between DRC rebels, and the Rwandan authorities: also noted by BBC. Who noted Rwandan troops operating in the conflict area, and these troops: have also been noted as apparently shooting down a UN helicopter in the African nation. Iran itself, desire the destruction of Israel. According to the BBC: they do not want a deal: which prevents smuggling of Iranian weaponry into Palestine.

A possible reason for the way in which Hamas is responding to this situation: could well be tied with the Iranian government. Iran, has no benefit from peace in th Gaza Strip.

Israeli-Vatican tensions have been heightened since the Cardinal Renato Martino: of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, used what can only be a metaphor to concentration camps.

Pope Benedict XVI, has not taken sides: but laments the violence, and civilian casualties. He still has done so: after the statements were made: according to Reuters; making it seem that these were the personal; views of the person who said them: and not the view of the Vatican: who are more concerned with collateral damage, and sustainability of peace: than with who is guilty of what offense: at least: at the moment; such, it appears from the outside: is the case.

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