Tuesday 17 May 2011

The Third Instinct - By Marc Aupiais

Article by Marc Aupiais

Author's message:
The Third Instinct - by Marc Aupiais

Soon to be in physical format too!

Sancte Philomena Ora Pro Nobis!


Set in the Greater Johannesburg Area, where the author grew up, this novel discussed South African history, geography, politics, religion, and so much else, in a suspense filled and thriller format. Also entering into the discussion on bio-ethics, murder, death of a friend, suicide, as well as the ethics of espionage and computer hacking, and where patriotism is good, and where it is to the nation's detriment.

The main character Sidney Wolf, as well as other characters, in life and death situations, are forced to choose between what they believe is right and what is most expedient, with varying results.

The novel was written by author Marc Aupiais at the age of 14, before minor edits were made, including footnotes for North American readers, before the author's 21st birthday. It was published first as an ebook, and finally in physical form!

Saturday 14 May 2011

Voting right

Note by Marc Aupiais

As we have a right to vote, we ought certainly vote right. Whether not voting at all, or voting for the right mayor.

Mother convinced me to vote this time. I am not to say for which party. Private as I am. No longer a Democratic Alliance politician at my University, I need no longer say whom I voted for.
Voting encourages transparency. Especially in by-elections when your voice is amplified. So few vote. So many count the consequence.

Both the COPE and ANC have raised the ancestors from the ground, and resurrected God for their campaigns- or so they claim.

The DA has claimed business management and experience and lack of corruption as their manifesto. And added bad dancing to the mix.

What does this all mean?

My electricity bill is so high it affects my ability to buy new gadgets. I am restricted in my number of pets I'm allowed, I think unfairly. Madmen have been forced to the streets so I fear to open my car window.
All this is my fault. Is yours.

For a healthy democracy we must debate, must vote, must raise the real issues and criticise both sides- objectively.

We must educate all on real issues. Not smoke, mirrors and sunlight dish washing liquid.
The DA and ANC's ability to build toilets and walls around them have been a focus.
People march and riot in streets. Police torture, murder.

My phone conversations, yours are all kept on record (RICA Amendment act), as with our e-communication.

Vote. But also talk politics.

Wake up oh sleeper. I certainly have. And I shall vote... Possibly DA as I always have.
Discuss the election. Write about it. Tell your friends on facebook.
You are more connected to your friends and acquaintances than anyone else... Than a distant newspaper writer with bi-focals.

Superman was my hero growing up. Not the guy with the underwear without. Likely not washed ever. And very uncomfortable and unfashionable in a woman's tights.

No- Clark Kent, Louis, his girlfriend. Tell the truth. It will set things right, and let the good out.
But tell it wisely. Look between the smoke and mirrors. God bless you. Now off and vote.

Monday 2 May 2011

Osama Bin Laden executed?

USA claims: No us soldiers, no civilians killed, Osama's 2 wives, 6 kids arrested. "Targeted operation". "Buried at sea". 3 males killed, one female. 24 navy seals sent in. Killed "after" a fire fight! - SkyNews UK based on USA reports. Note "after firefight".

Al Qaeda in Yemen admits death of Al Qaeda leader.

Splinter groups will be strengthened. No strategic value- Sky News.

US embassies on high alert. Death could set off splinter cells. Gradual deterioration of relations between usa and Pakistan. Body taken to Afghanistan before sea. Pakistan will see this as an affront on sovereignty. USA says Osama Bin Laden told to surrender before being shot. But said to be killed "after firefight".

Source on this update is SkyNews UK;

Osama Bin Laden killed

Bin Laden killed in USA military operation involving Apache helicopters attacking his upper class mansion in Pakistan just next to governmental military academy. AlJazeera is quoting USA official: women; children taken arrested, while men, Osama Bin Laden killed in "gun fight". CNN says USA likely thinks Pakistan knew Osama's location.

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