Monday 5 January 2009

Toronto becomes Gridlocked from Protesters

Palestinian and pro-Israeli marchers face off yesterday while cops on horses and bikes try and control the emotions of the crowds and keep some type of peace at Dundas Square. Protesters emotions were on high alert as Israel battled Hamas.

Palestinians were screaming and condemning Israel's attacks. There were approximately 200 protesters at Yonge and Dundas Square.

Across Yonge were approximately 200 pro-Palestinian protesters shouting insults right back at the pro-Israel's.

The only thing keeping the peace were a set of barriers down the middle of Yonge causing total gridlock for anyone trying to navigate there way through the city at this time.

Both groups of protesters were headed straight to the Israeli consulate on Bloor St., but using different routes for fear of the crowds getting out of control and attacking each other while lots of innocent people from all backgrounds were out supporting both sides. Almost everyone agreeing children on both sides were innocent and being killed.

Canada's foreign affairs minister, Lawrence Cannon, has been noted as saying he is concerned about the attacks but our the federal government has at this moment is Israel needs to defend itself.

When news of ground invasion of Gaza hit the protesters they inturn became angrier and marched once again throughout downtown Toronto burning Israeli and American flags before the U.S. consulate.

On the pro-Palestinian side several Jewish Canadians voiced their concerns against Israel's policies.

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