Monday 12 January 2009

Real Life Priests are Rock'in

A trio of Roman Catholic priests from Ireland have rocked the music world with their beautiful voices. This time instead of local performances within theatres international fame has become theirs almost instantly after releasing their first CD. Since November 2008, around Thanksgiving and throughout the Christmas holidays they have skyrocketed to fame with sales of CD’s worldwide. Their self-titled album “The Priests” is definitely worth a listen regardless of your taste in music, these guys sing like angels and watching them perform comes across totally effortlessly.

The Priests consist of Father Eugene O’Hagan (48), Father Martin O’Hagan (45) and Father David Delargy (44), all three currently practicing Roman Catholic Priests from Northern Ireland. Both O’Hagan’s come from a very musical background and old school friend Delargy. They grew up singing together and studying for the priesthood along with their love of music.

When the O’Hagan brothers told their mother they were joining the priesthood, she did not want them to ever give up singing and wanted them to continue to always use their talent. Their father said when he seen them on the news recently that their mother, who also had a fabulous voice, would have been very proud, she passed 4 years earlier. Both priests believe she was pulling strings up above with their success to fame.

Apparently, Sony was pumped when they heard the demo and after one week signed them to a 1.25 million deal. St. Augustine said that “He who sings prays twice”. After thirty years singing together, more with his brother, they all are quite enjoying the fame since they have been discovered.

Sony had been head hunting musicians to record a Latin Mass and wanted a priest as the main singer. They heard about the O’Hagan brothers and then the brothers along with their friend put together a demo CD, submitted it and thought that was probably the end of it.

They sing spiritually inspired tracks, classical arias and traditional Irish tracks. They have such passion and great harmonies together it is simple amazing the gift and talent they have.

The album was recorded with the Choir of Philharmonic Academy of Rome in Ireland and in the Choir Chapel in St. Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City.

All monies made from their success is being donated to charity. Their contract contains a cause specifying no promotional duties that interfere with their day jobs or in anyway will they participate in anything that has conflict towards their religious beliefs. Their first job is with God as priests.

The Priests have been certified as the having the fastest selling UK debut for a classical act by the Guinness World Book of Records and has achieved gold status in Canada.

So when I asked a friend to recommend a group/band that sang spiritual or religious music and he said “The Priests” believe me I was certainly wondering if it was a joke and thought what kind of group names themselves The Priests, well priests do and they really are. Then I recently watched an interview they gave and it was simply just very nice to listen to them, they are very cool. They also happen to sing one of my much loved renditions of Ave Maria astonishingly!! The music is pumping through their veins, they are modest and no doubt a fabulous trio we should keep our eyes on.

Check them out with the links below:


(Ave Maria)

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