Sunday 25 January 2009

Internal squabbles, and the Independent Catholic Press

(Insider Confessions Analysis)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Some time ago, we covered that the locally parish shelf best selling: Southern Cross; was supporting abortion arguments, and abortion supporting politicians. The Local South African church: had no problem responding to us, but still: no intention to reign the Southern Cross in, even as the Newspaper, is widely seen as a voice representing them, and even as it is sold in parishes, and advertised by Priests, and Catholic media.

In a separate story of sorts, that we haven't published: franchises are often odd: they do things not good for business for uniformity. The catholic church is not a business: it is more like a government, and in that category, is efficient.

The problem they face with journalists; lies in freedom of independence. How to allow journalistic integrity; without killing mortal souls.

The South African Answer: seems to be to write letters, and discuss things with editors; but not to crack down on pro-abortion arguers.

Connections between the Southern Cross and the Bishops need not be discussed, however, an expose we requested by an American News firm: Trinity Communications, does not seem to have gone down well. The Bishops have seemingly not taken any penal action on the pro-abortion arguments, nor any action on the slating of a Vatican decision, by the Southern Cross editor.

Freedom of the press, and independence of the press, however: should not be absolute; as Scripturelink News: we try to give accuracy, perspectives; and a human rights focus.

Because many abortion efforts; fall into the direct definition of article 2 section d: of the UN declaration on Genocide: we consider abortion to be a complete human rights issue: even beyond our Catholic belief that the child is alive: a belief verified in science.

The issues, where Catholic press should be forced to comply are: human rights; Canon Law, and issues pertaining to accuracy, truth: and life and death, and dogma.

These are issues, which are important: however; for whatever political, or other reason: these have not been issues which are enforced. Archbishop Buthi's statements: that it is the media in South Africa: not the churches; who have been the watchdog of society, and government: seem quite compelling now.

Indiscriminately using services simply because they are sold in parishes, or listed on Hierarchy websites, is as irresponsible as buying products that sports stars endorse. One must truly investigate what they read: and it is up to the Catholic, in our post modern world, where our post is often late; to discern for themselves; what seems to best fit the Gospel: they have the guidance of the papacy in this: a papacy, which publishes the views of the Vatican quite regularly; and the customization of the Scripturelink search engine; means that diverse views may be researched, to make up one's mind.

To be Lazy in choosing world view, and icons of celebrity, and film: is a dangerous position for any person. The day; when one must look at information, and make up their own mind: with a Catholic defined, and constitutioned framework: the day when we must research before we speak: has arrived, as after the modern age, came the post modern age; when demographics no longer insured world view. After the Post-modern age; come the age we define; but we must put away our single source perspectives, and trust in what is written: and go beyond; researching what is good and true, and not neglecting the intuition, and the facts.

Even I have been prone to mistakes, and yet; now, I crawl, where I once slithered, and perhaps one day: I shall fly.

As Media, and source: it is our job to pursue the truth, as a watchdog. Let us not revoke our role.

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