Monday 31 January 2011

Who Am I really Today...[really]...?

Article by Marc Aupiais

A friend was upset with me. She said I was not true to myself. That while I would

never do something alone... that with a friend I would.

She said I was not true to myself.

It got me thinking. What is me..?

I am after all a very complex personality. So strangely off. So caring but ashamed to care. So aware and perceptive physically and mentally of patent and latent... that myself I get terribly upset when others know not to.

But I know to... and also I love someone present. Around. inside of me. In my soul... always. No matter what. Even when I fight with someone I love.

I want them there.. I do need to learn... to own myself more... to be less polite at times.

But. Who I am. Is whom I love. And why. And how. And for how long.

God made us in his image and likeness.

God made us as love. That is what was lost in the not long forgot garden.

That is the Eden of Eden.

Sunday 30 January 2011

How Obama plans to annihilate Israel- #Egypt

(Social Justice, Family and Life)

Article by Marc Aupiais

I've been watching for months, as Egypt continued to stockpile more and more American weapons, from F16s to other military equipment. It has been a concerning buildup of arms. According to the UK based Daily Telegraph, and Wikileaks cables they have pointed out, the American government wanted to institute Regime Change in Egypt, this year 2011 before September, or so their diplomatic cables declare, which also note that America helped train those who are pushing the protests along.

Egypt is instrumental in the Israeli Gaza blockade, preventing weapons and supplies into the Bank. The Egyptian population are not targeting the army, because they support them for clashing with the Israeli forces recently.

Obama recently had a Jewish Heritage celebration in America, an Israeli newspaper noted that other than campaign contributors, all the Jews who were invited where non-Zionists.

The American backed Jasmine Revolution II in Egypt, will have one certain effect. America will have lost an ally as the Egyptian people do not support their pro-Israeli efforts in the Mid-East.

Israel is now possibly at jeopardy. A new democratic government will almost certainly get rid of the unpopular Gaza wall or allow supplies in.

On another note, some Egyptian Christians are hoping a new government will mean better treatment.

Thursday 27 January 2011

Southern African Catholic Bishops are only another part of the Ruling Party now?-- become a tool for the Ruling party, as lobbying organization joins the ANC!

Article by Marc Aupiais

Concerning words from the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference:

"National Religious Leaders Forum (NRLF).

On January 5th 2011, a meeting of NRLF, National Interfaith Leaders Council (NILC) and the Commission for religion and traditional affairs of the African National Congress was held in order to discuss Unity amongst the two Interfaith organizations. The consensus reached was that instead of forming a third umbrella body, as was suggested by Luthuli House, both NILC and NRLF should amalgamate. Each organization will appoint 7 members to constitute a working group. This body who will prepare a concept paper and recommend procedures for the formation of a single National Interfaith organization or forum.

The Challenge of follow-up.

The challenge that continues to confront the conference is to develop a mechanism that will ensure that the results of the various ground-breaking conferences and documents are systematically discussed and implemented. Here we refer to Ecclesia in Afrika, the African Synod on Justice and Reconciliation, the IMBISA triennial Conferences (self-reliance, good governance, good work ethics) and the economic justice pastoral document. Unless we have a way of monitoring implementation, we run the risk of reinventing the same ideas every few years.

Lay Formation.

By lay formation I understand the empowering of lay people to participate fully and meaningfully in the life of the church and society by virtue of their baptism. Lay formation has not yet been given content at Conference Level. It is also not clear how this dove-tails with the evangelization and catechesis. Lay formation is a broad term that refers to information dissemination, the imparting of specific knowledge and training. But there is a debilitating vagueness about this term. LUMKO has been suggested as a possible institution to put together a laity formation programme. To date, no plans have been forthcoming.

It is equally important not to lose sight of the need for a laity structure, a platform, a forum where lay people can make their voices heard. If the Conference does not help to facilitate such a forum or structure, other structures will emerge to occupy the empty space. There are many lay organizations in the church. It is imperative that there should be a possibility of networking for the benefit of the church. The Conference needs to dialogue with representatives of the lay faithful.

Joint Witness.

It is sixteen years since the last Joint Witness Conference. In our view, meetings at metropolitan level are good and desirable. But this can in no way substitute for a national, regional encounter between Bishops and Leaders of the Consecrated Life. A formal structure would facilitate such a dialogue.

The religious are partners in the work of evangelization and should from time to time be consulted on important issues our times. Otherwise, it appears that the work they do is hardly given any recognition. Again, such as in the case of the laity, if no forum is given at conference level, some will always create their own plat form to express their concerns and unhappiness with the Church. We appeal to the Bishops to consider Joint Witness III in the interest of collaboration, openness and dialogue.

+B. Tlhagale


NSPCA / SPCA Treating dogs negligently

Article by Marc Aupiais

Our service has a reliable report of mistreatment of an animal taken for treatment due to a curable disease to the SPCA (National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals), who were paid to treat it:

" We took our puppy of 3 months to the spca's vet they took the dog in. U aren't allowed to visit the dogs in the isolation ward. We phoned everyday and then on the wednesday they said the dog isn't doing well. We went thru and she said we not allowed I insisted. The dog was full of his own vomit and diarrhea and he was having difficulty breathing. They don't [care]. We took our other dogs to the vet in florida. They clean the cages every time the dog makes a wee. They wash the dogs daily. They force feed the dogs. the standard of care is better."

Saturday 1 January 2011

Felix Nova Anum: Happy New Years Day!

Felix Nova Anum: Happy New Years Day!: Click play to play, in the alternative right click link and select view in new window/tab to download

Felix Nova Anum: Happy New Years

Address by Marc Aupiais

To our wonderful, loyal viewers: It pleases me no end to wish you a wonderful new year. The Catholic New Year started a few weeks ago, but the changing of anums is a time to be celebrated. Spend it with family, the most basic building block of society.
As for resolutions, the only way to achieve them is not to wait for a new year but do so immediately in your heart and for your heart, not an occasion, or you shan’t achieve a single thing out of them!

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