Tuesday 6 January 2009

Vatican, Vatican: Pope Benedict XVI prays for ceasefire in Gaza: prays for both sides to act in a somewhat more sustainable manner

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Catholic Culture 05/01/2009 ; VIS 04/01/2009)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Pope Benedict XVI, in his Angelus: has prayed for peace in Gaza, in the Middle east: where fresh conflict has broken out between the State of Israel, and the Terrorist group Hamas, which has occupied the Gaza strip, since conquering it by force: taking it from Palestine's legitimate government, and which continues to bombard Israeli towns with rocket-fire, from this usurping position.

The Palestinian Authority: has laid some of the blame of starting the entire situation, on Hamas, unlike South Africa: which has been blinded to any fault there, being as quietly diplomatic to those terrorists, as it has been to Dictator Robert Mugabe, of Zimbabwe: and South Africa, now: is calling Israel to an unconditional ceasefire: despite 30 rockets being launched into Israeli towns and cities yesterday, one of which hit a childcare facility.

While many news services are reporting Pope Benedict XVI: to be calling an immediate ceasefire: we have seen no direct quote for such: he has blamed the tragedy on a refusal to partake in dialogue, and is praying for peace: and lamenting the conflict, however, I have yet to read a direct quote: which gives an immediate manner in which the conflict must end. He has however: called for prayers: that both sides immediately put hostilities away.

His prayer: is for God to create a ceasefire: and realization: such is different from calls for a ceasefire: he is rather: calling on God: to cause both sides to stop fighting.

His call, is not exactly a condemnation of either side, even as it does lament their mistakes, and blame them for such in no real degree: except, for that of a refusal to dialogue, and a hatred, which he blames for the conflict: but rather: prays for peace, and gives a warning: that the situation is not working in the way it is occurring, in fact, he calls the non-combatants in the Area: victims of "Hatred and War", calling the situation "dramatic".

Even if Israel withdraws, the International Community: still needs to intervene: to prevent the rocket attacks, terrorizing Israeli civilians: which Israel has purportedly mobilized to stop.

The Vatican is a known champion of Palestinian rights, however: in this situation: where Hamas caused renewed conflict, by terrorist attacks, openly fired on Israeli civilians: the Vatican; has acted in a very responsible matter: doing as a Catholic hierarchy should in such a situation: and in a non-partisan way: looking into the reality of the situation. The Vatican is neither anti-Israeli, nor anti-Palestinian, even though this war is not between Israel and Palestine, but the Terrorist grouping, Hamas, and the State of Israel.

Four Israeli Civilians, and one combatant have been killed so far, and dozens of Palestinian civilians, and hundreds of combatants have died. The situation on the ground: is considered to be a humanitarian situation. Possibly a short ceasefire to allow aid in, may have been a better move by Israel, as would continuing air-strikes, but no ground offensive, have likely appeared better in the eyes of certain groups.

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