Monday 26 November 2012

The DA is a party for elitist whites. Not for the majority of South Africa – Helen Zille

The DA is a party for elitist whites. Not for the majority of South Africa – Helen Zille

It's an interesting way, to sound inclusive: by using exclusive  language, but this is just the approach, which the Democratic Alliance's Helen Zille has taken. I may agree with the Democratic Alliance on many though certainly not all issues, that does not mean that I agree that those who disagree should be excluded based on their honest beliefs. Whether strategic or not this focus on the person not the 'problem' interestingly excludes the majority of black South Africa and those in poverty from Democratic Alliance membership, alternatively it excludes the DA from being 'for' them.

To quote The Democratic Alliance's official website on Hellen Zille's speech:

'If we bring together all the people who share these values, we will be the majority in South Africa.  We can become the government and build a better life for all.

But people who do not share these values do not belong in the DA.

The DA is NOT  a party for racists.

It is NOT a party for sexists, xenophobes or homophobes.'

Although: this list of who may not be part of the Democratic Alliance; or else this list: of who the Democratic Alliance does not represent as people and whom they are not for, may seem nonracial, not against the poor... Although that might appear to be the case: it also tends to align the Democratic Alliance almost solely to wealthy white interests, and beliefs. By design or accident: it seems like a statement designed to be hard to challenge.

IS THE NO 'HOMOPHOBES' ALLOWED STATEMENT, REALLY ANTI-BLACK: given the sweeping EXCLUSIVE LANGUAGE USED? NOT The DA is against Homophobia: but the DA is no place for people, who amongst other things: are Homophobes... i.e. they are exclusive of anyone who oppose homosexuality or mentally think it immoral (most of whom are black).

If 78%  of South Africans, as noted by the HSRC in 2004 (the last servey of the issue so far): believe homosexual acts are always immoral, and if as the servey notes: whites are more friendly to the idea of homosexuality, as with those in universities, and women, and those who do not attend church, already, this is a way to exclude the Black majority from the party. Remeber, she did not say the DA is not homophobic, but that it is no place for homophobes no matter their reason for joining. Otherwise, this applies to all the above classes: The Democratic Alliance is not for the general interests of people who also happen in their mind to believe homosexual lifestyle is immoral. Perhaps the Democratic Alliance can be said to only consider homophobia to be attacks against homosexuals. Ian Ollis on 25 Febuary 2009, wrote on his facebook wall:

'Ok, so huge numbers of people have been asking about the gay thing, so I decided we should start a discussion on the board! Currently, the DA has a large number of gay (LGBTI) people as public rep's either as MP's MPL's and Councillors around the country. Yes, I am one of them! On our election lists for the 2009 general elections, I was extremely happy to see the number of gay people that have been chosen on the lists for parliament and the various provinces as candidates. A case in point is the Gauteng Parliamentary Candidates list. I am currently one of 5(that I know of) gay or lesbian people in the top 16 positions on the list. That is a huge plus for the party and for our representivity. Show me one other party in SA that has that many? An many of us, like myself, Mike Waters, Paul Willemburg are very out about our sexuality. we are not a pink party however. We support equal rights for gay people, just as we support say, the equal rights of both genders, all races and each language group in the country. For those of you out there who are thinking of voting DA and for whom this is an issue, rest assured, the DA is the party that most represents the rights and views of gay people and not just in words. we have actions that support what we say! Viva Helen Viva!"'

Ian Ollis, was the 11th member listed on the DA's GAUTENG NATIONAL ASSEMBLY LIST listing.

Just as the African National Congress: seem to have a bias towards electing women, who granted make up +-50% of South Africa, the Democratic Alliance: seem to have a bias towards electing homosexuals in a disproportionate amount to the percentage of the general population. At the time Mr Gavin Davis of the Democratic Alliance leader's office informed our service that his view was that: '[...] there is no discrimination either for or against people from any particular group, whether based on race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.'

It still is peculiar: that about a third of a top list members in 2009 were homosexual. This may suggest that actually there is a anti-Heterosexual bias at work within the core of the Democratic Alliance.


The most recent survey on the issue: found that the majority of South Africans are empirically xenophobic. The least xenophobic demography were the rich and the white. The most xenophobic South Africans: were the indigent or poor and the black demographics. There is a reason the African National Congress has decided to use stricter border control methods, and deport foreigners. These two thirds of South Africans: according to Helen Zille, and the Democratic Alliance: are not welcome within the Democratic Alliance, nor are there general interests, interpreting her speech differently.

Does the targetting of SEXISTS (Note: not Sexism) Really target Black African people for exclusion from the Democratic Alliance?

To many whites polygamy is sexism. This is why they so love to mock Jacob Zuma for his many wives. Likewise, when a 'sexist culture' is spoken of by many whites: they tend to be referring to the Black African demographic base. The fact is that in the eyes of much of the base of the Democratic Alliance: much of what is sexist in South Africa emanates from a specific culture base. One need only hear a potential Democratic Alliance supporter speaking of black men and miniskirts, or alternatively of the rape statistics in South Africa, to hear some mention of a certain greatly ominous culture.

The Democratic Alliance opposes an ill-defined racism. Is this aimed again at Blacks, and the African National Congress?

The most recent survey on the matter found that the majority of South Africa's population have no daily contact with other race groups. White South Africans through their work and those who work for them, tend to have more daily contact with other races than the black majority. The Democratic Alliance's base tends to see those who support Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) as racists. I certainly don't support the Black Economic Empowerment projects myself. I see it as racist. But as with the above: I don't see that as a reason to exclude that segment of people entirely from a political party, or not to speak and be for them on other aspects. The political party should be driven by what is the best interests of all South Africans. If they exclude people from membership for the above views, can they really claim this is the case? There are in fact excluding the majority of South Africans from membership or alternatively from the DA supporting them and their interests!

Perhaps the party which advertises a new South Africa where pornographic advertisements featuring black and white participants, and burning of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa: do not surprise anyone… Perhaps that same party thinks that exclusive language, excluding people from the party, or from those they are interested in serving: will make them sound inclusive of the majority of South Africans who are seemingly not permitted in the party, through diabolically clever exclusionary language. Perhaps this is the DA which claims not to be elitist, and not just only serve the interests of white South Africans, and so-called coconuts (black on the outside, white on the inside)!

I would much rather support a party that is against xenophobia, and want to reduce it, with the interests of all in mind: than a party that declares war on xenophobes, rather than xenophobia itself.

(This article was dictated using speech recognition technology. I did check through it several times, but please inform me of any errors I may not have caught.)

Saturday 17 November 2012

What is the Catholic view on South Africa's crippling strikes?


There are many ways to look at striking. The practice is deeply associated with Gandhi, who learnt this practice in the British domain of South Africa, when Zulu workers refused to work, and Indians were brought in / imported to replace them. Gandhi encouraged peaceful resolution of the dispute with employers, by inaction of workers. Likewise, the Roman Plebeians, would strike in arcana, refusing to work. The Roman strikes turned into something unique. The office of the Tribune was set up to support Plebeian underclass workers, and this office eventually turned Republic Rome, governed by a senate and consuls, into Imperial Rome, governed by an Emperor, an office that evolved from that of Tribune.

The fall of the Soviet empire, occurred via strikes, when Solidarity, in Poland took to peaceful protest, as a workers' front against the tyrannical Soviet regime occupying their ancient country, so often conquered over the ages. Solidarity was a Catholic workers union. Oddly, violence, even murder seem to always be present when certain unions strike, but utter peace, even silence exists when other unions strike. Strikes seem to be determined by the organization which strikes, and not the industry they belong to or any other factor. When a massive increase is given for a strike: such as the 22% at Lonmin, or the large increase one De Doorns farmer gave his workers, at least in South Africa, this tends to encourage workers to strike.

The issue with strikes, lies in when they become a greedy first resort, whereby strikes aim not at a fair increase, but do away with good performance to gain better pay. The second major issue: besides strikes being anything but a last resort, is that violence, intimidation and other acts, by strikers: turn a peaceful means of collectively gaining a good, into an act much resembling the working of an Organized Crime Family. Where workers collectively and voluntarily strike as a last resort, for the collective interest it is a good, but where strikes are to enrich a few, who would rather blackmail their employer with their power to intimidate workers, than work hard for success, the strike ceases to be a good.

The Catholic Church's Compendium of Catholic Social Teaching says:

'c. The right to strike
304. The Church's social doctrine recognizes the legitimacy of striking “when it cannot be avoided, or at least when it is necessary to obtain a proportionate benefit”,[663] when every other method for the resolution of disputes has been ineffectual.[664] Striking, one of the most difficult victories won by labour union associations, may be defined as the collective and concerted refusal on the part of workers to continue rendering their services, for the purpose of obtaining by means of such pressure exerted on their employers, the State or on public opinion either better working conditions or an improvement in their social status. Striking “as a kind of ultimatum” [665] must always be a peaceful method for making demands and fighting for one's rights; it becomes “morally unacceptable when accompanied by violence, or when objectives are included that are not directly linked to working conditions or are contrary to the common good”.[666]'

Is the Israeli claim of self defence in Gaza Strip valid? #PIL #PublicInternationalLaw


Gaza and International Law!

a) HAMAS is not a state, nor does Israel recognise Palestine as a state, although about 120 nations do.
b) Self Defence (Caroline), affirmed as still existing by the UN SCRs on 9/11; refers to defence against an actual state. HAMAS is not a state but an armed group, either part of Palestine, or an occupied territory, in the later case: laws governing occupation are required to be enforced, including protection of civilians.
c) Armed Activities in the Congo set out that it was illegal to enter another country to stop a perceivable threat posed by an armed group (not state) in another territory. Security Council Approval is required to launch an attack on an armed group in another territory.

Israeli claims of Self Defence (Caroline Case), are therefore false.

Sunday 11 November 2012



The Commission for the Protection and Promotion of Cultural, Religious and Linguistic Communities is looking to remove Christmas and Good Friday from the Public Holiday schedule. Their choice has not been announced, but ACDP is making a Christian voice heard on the alleged plans to go ahead and ban Christmas. The recommendations on whether to ban Christmas and Good Friday, from the Commission are due in January. The Decision is up to the ANC, who have previously planned to ban Christmas and Good Friday, but withdrew due to public outcry.

As the body told to relook at the public holidays act, to see if Christmas and Good Friday should be done away with, has apparently acted oddly towards some Christian submissions to keep Christmas and Good Friday as holidays, a fire-storm has erupted.

The first sign of dissatisfaction is the fact that the ACDP has launched a march through the streets of Johannesburg, only to be patronised by Pandor (aptly named lass). The ACDP will continue marches until the government promises not to steal Christmas, and ignore good Friday. Most of South Africa's public holidays celebrate figures in the ANC, and thus are not noted by a majority of people. Christmas and Good Friday are important to 79.5% Christian South Africa. The ACDP says it is also upset about past decisions to remove Ascension Thursday from the Public Calendar, and the choice to remove prayer (probably also a reference to the sad removal of hymns by government) from schools.

Sunday 21 October 2012

CCTV employed, successfully to catch exam cheats. Will this system spread?


Two Cheetah Brothers caress in the Waterberg (Image copyright Marc Aupiais)... Image included due to the sound of the animal's species's denotation.

Sometimes, in writing an exam, certain people feel the need to do away with the uncertainty. This is especially the case, when an exam can result is great convenience, or great hardship, dependant on the outcome. 39 (thirty-nine) South Africans, writing their learner's licence tests, in the corruption rife Mpumalanga Province, learnt an important lesson about lack of integrity, when their learners' licence applications were denied, and they were barred from writing the exam again for another 12 months. The staffers, who were seen helping the deceitful lot, on CCTV footage, employed by the department, were promptly released from their positions.

With the rife corruption, and rural setting in Mpumalanga Province, which fortunately is not as corrupt as nearby Limpopo, such checks as this basic CCTV system, are seen as a step forward.

Department of Community Safety spokesman in this matter,  Joseph Mabuza, is reported by EyeWitness News, in this serious matter, as saying that corruption will not be tolerated in the Mpumalanga.

The incident with the examiner and technician, and Mhala has lead the province to extend CCTV monitoring to other motor-vehicle competency exam venues.


EyeWitness News | 'Video footage catches cheating in the act' 21 October 2012 by Govan Whittles

Saturday 20 October 2012

Integrity is Everything!


Today's Gospel Reading, Luke 12:8-12

Jesus said to his disciples:
"I tell you,
everyone who acknowledges me before others
the Son of Man will acknowledge before the angels of God.
But whoever denies me before others
will be denied before the angels of God.

Everyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven,
but the one who blasphemes against the Holy Spirit
will not be forgiven.
When they take you before synagogues and before rulers and authorities,
do not worry about how or what your defense will be
or about what you are to say.
For the Holy Spirit will teach you at that moment what you should say."

Friday 19 October 2012

Please pray for me. Christianity, Catholicism hating individuals are trying to persecute me. Please pray that God protect me, and undo their evil. And preserve me and my name fully in tact!

Please pray for me. Christianity, Catholicism hating individuals are trying to persecute me. Please pray that God protect me, and undo their evil. And preserve me and my name fully in tact!

I love Christianity, I am Christian, I love Catholicism, I am Catholic, and I oppose evil people, but right now I need prayer, and help!

- Marc Evan Aupiais!

Thursday 18 October 2012

I just got a death threat!


So, this person: Alex Angelides starts bullying my friend on Google Plus. And gets his friends to spam me, and threaten to block me when I intervene. It seemed like Google Plus was investigating the lowlife, and I declared victory.

He (or 'Candy Sauce') then threatened murder:

 p.s. the death threat is obscene. Not for children to read. At all! Click to enlarge)!
Here's my post addressing my friend also addressed. p.s. the death threat is obscene. Not for children to read.

+Melanie Jones fyi you just got a death threat from a left wing idiot!

'Candy Saus via
20:17 (1 minute ago)

to me
Maybe you up your bleach consumption. Please, do the world a favor and remove yourself from it. Take the right wing cunt nutjob with you before someone else does in a much less... pleasant way

This message was sent to you from your Google profile. The sender does not have your email address.

If you no longer wish to receive messages from your Google profile, you may edit your settings.'
Alex Angelides - Google+ »
Alex Angelides hasn't shared anything on this page with you.

Unfortunately it doesn't end there. Alex Angelido pushed things further, playing victim and violating my copyright, prompting requests to have Melany and myself killed, from his friends:

'+Marc Aupiais Google didn't do anything because I never broke any rules. I deleted my account and came back. Don't worry though, keep believing whatever's in your head just like all the other posts you've made about me today that have all been proven wrong.'

A Death Threat from 'Lucius Nite'

'Lucius NiteYesterday 18:28  -  Public
Someone from Google seriously needs to step in and remove these guys!!'

And 'Candy Saus' having set up another Google Plus account, not only twisted her own words: a clear death threat to both Melanie and in turn against myself, but decided to attempt to defame us both in her ghetto speak. P.s. a Google Image search of her new profile links to a person linked to pornography (this old image of a woman carrying a spiked bat seems aimed at Melanie).

And her spam on my profile:

And without her supporters, who Alex the Cyberbully no doubt got to spam my profile:

According to Melanie Jones, these are seemingly the details of 'Alpha Corporation' where the cyber bully's father is CEO, and where he works. I don't trust online research, but none the less are putting the details here:

''Melanie Jones Yesterday 17:49+1
Corporate Headquarters
21351 Ridgetop Circle, Suite 200
Dulles, VA  20166
Phone: (703) 450-0800
Fax: (703) 450-0043''

After release of the details, I continued to get ill treatment from some in any case part of the attempts to spam me.

Here for instance is:


Roxie Falco

20:58  -  Public
This profile continues to bully, make false statement and harass numberous people which is a violation of terms of use . What is being done about it +Vic Gundotra '

'Another from the hate squad!

'Lucius Nite20:35  -  Public
Oh wow! Now apparently I've made a death threat lol
Go to the post, read the one comment for his source lol

This is unbelievable how Google HAS STILL NOT SHUT THESE PEOPLE DOWN!!!

Everyone report this profile, along with any known friends of theirs, for hateful speech.

+Alex Angelides +Joe Bolin +Crystal Mills +Natalie Villalobos +Vic Gundotra +Tiffany Elle 

Marc Aupiais - Google+ - Another Death threat for standing up to Alex Angelides of… »
Another Death threat for standing up to Alex Angelides of 'Alpha Corporation' USA. +Melanie Jones By a Mr Lucius Nite. Hope it helps get him arrested.''

another death threat assistant to note:

After her friends sent +Melanie Jones and myself death threats, has decided to lie about us to assist her criminal friends! I'd like to know when Google will take DEATH THREATS  sent through their system seriously!

'Stacy Frazer20:39 (edited)  -  Public
*This is a copy of the feedback I just sent to Google.  I'm so over the ridiculousness of it all and it needs to end.  +Vic Gundotra
+Natalie Villalobos +chee chew, while this my not be your department please direct this to the person(s) who is/are*

I'm disturbed and very annoyed that you continue to allow the cyber bullying to continue!  It's been reported, posts reported, profiles reported.  Your lack of action is an actual promotion of such behaviors!
Do something about this!

The two profiles above are two of the main perpetrators.  Bullying, calling people's employer, posting personal information about others and creating death threats and defamation of character.  I'm c/p this and posting it publicly.

Google it's time to step in.'

Another in the Google Plus Death Squad:

'Cristina Crocker23:50
Kill yourself

Cristina Crocker23:51
Do you even lift phaggot? I didn't think so. I'll curl your squat rack you pussy.'

I deleted this part after they deleted their post. It was a post attacking me as a hypocrite from the fact I was standing up, and posting this.

And given the many other threats about Melanie, it's interesting how such Cyber-bullies rely on their friends to further harm others.

Friday 5 October 2012

Watch Out YouTube Porn Addicts: Service still records what you watch, when you clear viewing history,and pause it!


Today I was a little bit intrigued. For the first time since I deleted my watch history, and search history, and Google web Search History, in every form (I don't like people to spy on me), Google had recommended a video, based on something I had watched on YouTube. Granted, 6 months ago.

There can be only two explanations for it: 1) Google Chrome is giving up my entire viewing history for Google use, or in general. 2) YouTube gave me a false sense of security.

Granted, the video was of a Google advert I had watched on July 16th, according to my browser history.

What if it were an advertisement for something sensitive, something prone to blackmail, or for an item of clothing a wife might want etcetera. Below, are my windows key + s screen clippings of what Google has done! Click to expand!

Another option is that Dear Sophie is being used, where no videos are in history. Consistent checks show all recommendations on my account use Dear Sophie, even after I deleted it from my browser history. You'd have to check your own account to feel safe. It could be Google using a default and giving a fright, or they may have shifted to only dear Sophie after an error.

Monday 24 September 2012

Must read: The ILLITERATE Pacifist who has become the face of violent radicalism, through the Internet.


Must read: The ILLITERATE Pacifist who has become the face of violent radicalism, through the Internet. The Tragic Story of 'Islamic Rage Boy', a citizen of India's disputed Kashmir region, who's terrible life contrasts the power of his angry meme!

below: an example of the defamation he faces... (He lives in India, a Hindu country)!

A tragic mishandling of a tormented pacifist?

Saturday 22 September 2012

Netherlands Tragedy: Girl invites friends to party, they invite friends... invite friends... invite friends... it doesn't end well, Sheepies!


So a girl invites her friends her her birthday on Facebook... and lets them invite friends... and they do, as do those they invite...

tens of thousands land up being invited, 3 000 come...

When they can't party they riot, and loot shops...

The Netherlands, Ladies and Gentlemen!

Real life 'Project X' party video: Police disperse 3,000-strong Facebook event in Netherlands

Friday 21 September 2012

Paris Hilton apologises to 'the gay community'!


Paris Hilton

Tells gay friend she disapproves of promiscuous immoral gays, 'many of which have HIV/Aids'

Apologises for insulting gays... says she only meant some gays, not her fans ...

Oddly enough, about 1 in 5 homosexual men in USA have HIV / AIDS... 48% in some ethnicities... If Paris really cared about gays she might have clairifed things...

... Paris Hilton... against those specific promiscuous gays... who aren't her fans...

I wonder if Medical authorities will apologise next?

fyi : Homosexuality and South African Law

Saturday 15 September 2012

Using cover of Arab world flaring violence: South African government cracks down on mining unrest!


The South African government has promised the full wrath of the law upon any who gather illegally, armed or for causing illegal strikes or rioting and intimidation. While the state has denied that it is in a state of emergency, technically a formal procedure allowing the government to ignore parts of the bill of rights, bringing the South African Defence Force into play has not been ruled out. Backed by socialists and the Communist leaning Julius Malema, who has called for mine nationalization, workers have started walking to other mines than their own. They recently threatened to burn down a mine shaft if unaffiliated workers did not leave it and join them. Management of that mine say that 5 workers'representatives informed them that if they did not close the mine they would be slaughtered. As the unrest spreads, President Zuma, his political nemesis Mothlante, and ANC allied union NUM, have all called for the snuffling out of these armed protests.

Police, in response, have deployed helicopters, to tail protesters, have dropped flash-bang grenades upon illegal gatherings, and have used police to chase and arrest those who partake in these gatherings. Protest leaders have demanded protesters 'report' to strike on Saturday. Another mine has declared it will be inoperative until Sunday.

Update: In a showdown on Saturday, Police, with utilization of Nyala armoured vehicles dispersed about 100 protesters, and disarmed 12. Lonmin has doubled their offer, as the Labour court has cleared them to fire any workers of the striking protesters, that they so choose.

The Lonmin Marikana incident continues to escalate. Following earlier murders committed by protester affiliated individuals, with 7 deaths of NUM leaders, and 2 deaths of policemen, 2 of security guards, and 34 of rioting, armed to the teeth miners, perhaps the rest of the world has decided to look away. Those who charged police and shot at police as recorded by ENCA,after having been given Muthi ('medicine') to make them invincible by a Sangoma or Witchdoctor, (Sunday Times Reporting) have recently expanded their efforts. With the blessing of Former ANC Youth League President Julius Malema, who was ousted after calling for the violent over-throw of Botswana for it's harbouring of a USA base, the protesters have started marching to other non-Lonmin mines to shut them down. The Chamber of Mines claims that the R 12,500 miners are demanding after tax, would mean they would need to pay them R 20 000 a month each.That is more than most people with a University Education are paid. It would also likely lead to country-wide unrest.

Malema also recently addressed a hall-full of suspended SANDF soldiers, who attacked the government in a riot some time ago, and in a separate incident, Marikana miners have alleged that while in jail, State Security Agency (formerly the NIA and foreign intelligence) members tortured them for information on Julius 'Juju' (Magic) Malema.

The Intelligence Services removed former President Thabo Mbeki from office, in favour of Jacob Zuma, by allowing Zuma access to private conversations of the former president during his official duties. This, with the support of the Zuma king-makers lead to Thabo Mbeki quitting under threat of impeachment. Julius Malema played a part in that ousting of Mbeki. Those same extreme left wing king-makers, have begun threatening to have Jacob Zuma ousted at the ANC conference, in messages reminiscent of what Mbeki faced.

Many Zuma opponents are calling for the state to requisition the banks, farmland, and mines. This is in accordance with a prima facie communist provision of the ANC founding Freedom Charter.

ANC Executive promise to hit striking miners and instigators with harsh penalties #Lonmin   #Marikana  as miners seek to shut down mines nearby by intimidation, death threats, force. 45 people have died since this unrest began.
EWN - Eyewitness News - No clarity on mine violence plan »
It is still not clear how government will enforce its security crackdown in the mining sector.

As protesters continue to attempt to intimidate other workers to stop working, and as socialists join effort to shut down mines, police use helicopters, stun grenades and riot tactics to disperse, chase down and arest those committing illegal mass gatherings, and intimidation!
Business Report Mobile :: Home :: Mine protesters to defy government »
Protesting Lonmin mineworkers in Rustenburg plan to defy government's warning and continue with their unprotected strike which has crippled the mining sector. “We have heard Justice Minister Jeff Rade...

Typical left wing South African Council of Churches Response. Fact is, Lonmin has always had the law on its side, and if they need to fire people who have cost them and South Africa billions, I say go ahead.

They are even saying they won't use the court order to fire workers, just yet. That is good faith.
Lonmin appears intent to fire workers - Companies | IOL Business | »
Lonmin has given its strongest indication yet of its intent to fire more than 3000 striking mineworkers after the company this week obtained a final Labour Court order declaring the strike unprotected...

Marikana workers disarmed, Lonmin offer revised »
North West police disarmed dozens of striking Marikana workers who gathered near a hill.

Saturday 8 September 2012

Happy Birthday Mama Mary!


And Thanks For Everything And Protect Us ALL!

Thursday 6 September 2012

Human trials next?: Changing Rat dreams, to affect their memory recall, and possibly even change their memories!


Changing Rat dreams, to affect their memory recall, and possibly even change their memories! Researchers replay sounds they put in parts of a maize... the rats then are confirmed as dreaming about that part!

Saint Thomas Aquinas said the Devil (and God and Angels) manipulated dreams or something about a millennium ago... by influencing environmental factors. glad to see we are catching up ;)!
Daily Mail originally shared this post:
Researchers have successfully manipulated rat dreams, and soon they could be manipulating what runs through humans' minds at night.
Researchers successfully manipulate rat DREAMS... and human dreams could be next »
In an extremely creepy breakthrough, scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology managed to influence what the animals were dreaming about by replaying an audio cure associated with the pr...

Wednesday 5 September 2012

Reply to us and thousands may see your view!


Just look on the left, thousands of people regularly visit this news feed.

Replies to our twitters go there!

As police drop murder charges against Lonmin Marikana miners, Miners say they will kill mine management!


Workers' representatives of Lonmin miners, on an illegal strike have delivered a memorandum to management: either give workers R 12 500 a month, or die. The miners have said that Lonmin must shut down their separate Karee mine where workers are not striking or it will be burnt down and management slaughtered. Alternatively, management must give them R 12, 500 a month, triple their agreed salary. Lonmin risks bankruptcy, if they triple rock driller salaries to R 12 500 per month, with stock already at its lowest, and a slump in platinum demand worldwide. Miners have also attempted to stop Karee workers earning their living.

The National Prosecuting Authority, as I have demonstrated before, was correct under current and actively used South African Law (Common Purpose and Dolus Eventualis) to charge miners with the anticipated deaths of their 34 colleagues, as they charged police armed to the teeth, ignoring tear gas and rubber bullets, and having been assured by a Sangoma they were invincible. A miner's wife, put a hit out of R 500 per any policeman shot in South Africa. Media didn't mind. Miners, killed ten people in targeted brutal assassinations before the 34 deaths incident, including two policemen brutally beaten to death. Surely, they must be angels.

So, why are these angels, who were let off, after objections from American and British Press, and also by South African media, as a special case: now insisting they will continue their killing spree?

This is what Independent Newspapers reports is now happening:

'North West - Marikana miners have threatened to kill Lonmin management unless they stop operations at the platinum mine in North West.

The threat was made by representatives of protesting workers who marched to Lonmin's Karee mine, from Marikana on Wednesday.

The five representatives told manager Jan Thiroun that management had Wednesday and Thursday to close the mine's K3 shaft or they would end up dead and the mine would be burnt down. The shaft is where most of the mine's operations take place.

On August 16, police fired on a group of protesting workers near the mine, killing 34 and wounding 78. Another 10 people were killed earlier that week, including two policemen and two security guards.

Thiroun, who arrived at the gate escorted by two heavily armed bodyguards on Wednesday afternoon, told the workers' representatives to go back to the negotiating table and sign the peace accord.

“Violence doesn't solve anything. It is not in everyone's interest.”

When the marchers arrived at the mine, police took up position about 500 metres from an entrance gate, and kept a close watch. Two helicopters circled overhead.

Workers have been on strike for the past three weeks, demanding a monthly salary of R12,500.

On Wednesday, the miners started marching the more than five kilometres from Lonmin's mine in Marikana to the mine in Karee around 10am in an apparent attempt to stop their colleagues from working there.

The marchers carried knobkerries, sticks and iron rods and as they marched, sang: “We died because of (President Jacob) Zuma. (Bantu) Holomisa please come and rescue us.”

They also carried placards bearing pictures of their dead colleagues.

Police were unable to prevent the marchers from entering Marikana.

Five Nyala armoured personnel carriers parked at the town's entrance in an attempt to divert the march, but the crowd pushed its way around the vehicles and continued to the Karee mine.'

IOL | 'Miners threaten to kill Lonmin management' by Getrude Makhafola at September 5 2012 at 01:20pm SAST

No more whistle-blowing, or filming police brutality: Apple patents feature to let authorities shut down your iPhone or phone camera #BoycottApple!


A Patent filed by the American based Apple technologies firm, has some worried. It allows authorities, businesses, networks, and others in positions of power to shut down your phone's ability to communicate, or disable its ability to take pictures etcetera based on your GPS location, or the nearest base tower.

Apple explicitly mentions the use of this by a government to insure a blackout as one intended use. Other uses include preventing copyright infringement in theatres, and protecting sensitive business and classified information.

Mobile phones have played a vital role in preventing police and security forces committing abuses.

Apple Inc. (Cupertino, CA) now holds the patent, filed in June 26, 2008, granted: August 28, 2012.

ht to ZDNET and to RT:

RT originally shared this post:
No shooting at protest? Police may block mobile devices via Apple — RT »
Apple has patented a piece of technology which would allow government and police to block transmission of information, including video and photographs, from any public gathering or venue they deem “se...

Monday 3 September 2012

Man faces 2 years in jail, for the crime of French kissing his girlfriend!


In Taiwan... a 40 year old man, by the name of Mr Chan, presumptuously invited his 30 year old girlfriend of  5 months' courting, to his apartment. He had something presumptuous planned for the night, something out there. Something daring, which his girlfriend, upon dumping him, linked to pornographic contents.

Chan, asked Tsai permission. He wanted to share a first kiss. She didn't answer. She didn't say no... the presumptuous man, took it as a sign, and took the opportunity, to stick his tongue into the mouth of Ms Tsai.

This, is the story, that the police alleged. Ms Tsai, broke up, with the Presumptuous Mr Chan, and filed charges of Sexual Harassment with the police. Things have soured faster than the taste of a lemon in with a bad crowd. Mr Chan, who faces 2 years in jail, or a £21,093 knock to his financial standing, has hit back hard.

The presumptuous Mr Chan, alleges that he is not befitting that epithet at all. He says that Ms Tsai, received no such kiss. The inaffectionate Mr Chan, says: rather, his mate (Not the French version... perhaps Australian 'mate') of 5 months, is attempting to blackmail him for money.

Such is a common defence in other countries... in rape trials.

below: the Daily Mail. Their source is Johannesburg based paper: 'Sowetan Live'.

'Who the hell uses his tongue on the first kiss' man arrested for Frenching his girlfriend! via @MailOnline

The Daily Mail using a South African website, as a source on a Taiwanese incident... this can't end well;)!~

+Daily Mail  brilliant story p.s.!
Daily Mail originally shared this post:
An amorous man's attempts to steal a kiss has ended in a disaster - with not only his girlfriend dumping him and charged with sexual harassment.
'Who the hell uses his tongue on the first kiss?' Woman's fury after boyfriend tried to give her a French kiss (and now he's been charged with sexual harassment) »
The 40-year-old man was charged in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, for allegedly employing the French style in kissing his girlfriend of five months for the first time, media reports said (picture posed by models)...

Saturday 1 September 2012

The NPA justifies charging miners who's 34 colleagues were shot by police, with their murder!


As I reported recently, the NPA, are simply following their legal duty.

Note also this article by Advocate James Grant justifying them:

Must see Press release:


The National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) wishes to confirm that it has brought the following charges against the accused in the Marikana case:

  • Murder
  • Attempted Murder
  • Public Violence
  • Illegal Gathering
  • Possession of Dangerous Weapons
  • Possession of Firearms and Ammunition

The NPA has noted the public concern arising from the decision to charge the miners with murder. Ordinarily, the NPA does not favour the stance of engaging in public about its prosecutorial strategy. Even in this instance this is no attempt to do so, but to briefly set the record straight as we recognise the significance of this case and the national and international attention it has attracted since it started in the past week.

We would like to stress that decisions in criminal cases are taken on the basis of all the facts available to the prosecution, and not only on what has been captured on television and in other media. The prosecution has evidence that it is confident is sufficient to sustain the charges that have been brought against the miners.

In terms of the law, co-perpetrators may be held liable for the death of members of their group or of others where there is enough evidence of foreseeing that death may result as a consequence of their collective action, and nonetheless proceeding with that action. This approach is based on sound legal principles that are well established in law and there is case law to support the approach the NPA has adopted.

The principle of dolus eventualis is well established in our law see S v Nhlapo and another 1981 (2) SA 744 (A). It holds that a person may be convicted of murder where someone dies as a result of an act by a person who should have foreseen that someone may die as a result of the action, and reconcile himself or herself to possible fatalities.

In such cases, co-perpetrators may be held liable for the death of members of their own group or of others where there was sufficient evidence that they foresaw that death may result as a consequence of their collective action. The NPA believes that the state is obliged to test this principle in court.

It is important to acknowledge that the Marikana incident was not isolated to one day (16 August), to which much media attention is given, but it developed over a number of days during which other people were brutally killed, including two policemen who were robbed of official firearms, one of which was later recovered from the miners.

The NPA wishes to emphasise that this matter has been dealt with at the highest level. Advocate Johan Smit, the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) for North West and head of the NPA in the province, has personally approved the possible charges based on evidence available.

He is one of the most experienced and longest serving DPPs in South Africa, and personally prosecuted the landmark case of the murder of Constable Francis Rasuge where a murder conviction was obtained without a body being found.

The national head of the prosecutions service in the NPA has also been briefed on the matter, and is satisfied that the approach is sound legally.

Let justice be served.

Friday 31 August 2012

Why The STATE is RIGHT to charge the Lonmin Marikana MINERS with murder!


From a Cape Town Constitutional Law lecturer who never shuts up, or ceases to amaze with his stretched and ridiculous revisions of the actual constitution of 1996, to Julius Malema... there has been outcry over the National Prosecuting Authority, charging the 270 arrested Lonmin Marikana rock drillers, with Murder, Attempted Murder, and Public violence. These ridiculous critiques say that the police shot at the miners, and killed the miners, how can the miners be guilty of murder? The Capetonian law rewriter, goes further and calls the charges unconstitutional.

In a decided case, a person told their partner to go through with killing their self, when they threatened to. The victim shot their self, and the person who told them to, was convicted.

Another fact, is South Africa acknowledges common purpose: when a group of people act as one body, they are all guilty of all of the possible acts the group carries out, which could have been foreseen. It is likely on dolus eventualis and common purpose that the miners are being charged with murder, and direct intention, that they are being charged with attempted murder.

ENCA footage showing that miners shot first, has been detailed here before. I will not go into it. The fact miners were given muthi, possibly narcotics by a sangoma who told them they would be invincible, that they ignored tear gas and rubber bullets, and the fact their strike was illegal. That the rock drillers, armed with newly construed, and deadly traditional weapons charged police, at least 8 armed with firearms, all point to a common purpose, whether stated or through action.

It is my personal view, that the National Prosecuting Authority was only doing their duty under the law. There is such a thing as suicide by police... likewise there is convincing a person to take actions, which would force police or others to kill a person or others, or die themselves.

A famous suicide cult in the early days of civilization, would threaten to kill strangers if they did not kill the cult member. The stranger was put in a life or death circumstance, by the cult member, and in the Roman Empire, where this occurred, was the victim. As recorded by Augustine, the Roman Empire wiped out this cult by force. They understood who were the guilty parties: it was not their victims.

And who are those shouting on the side of miners who want their salaries tripled, while the platinum industry struggles to stay above water: Malema and sundry: who want mines nationalised. If all our mines are bankrupted, what better excuse to nationalize than that?

The NPA are right in their decision. The miners, if they are not a special case, alien to the proceeding criminal law, which applies to all others, could well be guilty of murder or at least culpable homicide. Or are they so special that they are above the law?

Zuma's expected replacement: Kgalema Motlanthe calls on socialists to MOBILIZE against the West and Capitalism


The SABC News Service, of the South African government, has a lot to say of Jacob Zuma addressing an Socialist International Congress. Zuma, however will address the socialists on strengthening representative democracy... a concept a bit different than one might expect to be spoken of with attendees within a socialist conference.

The real story is however the man, whom Malema and the anti-Zuma camp of the ANC want to replace Jacob Zuma with. Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe. Motlanthe, not only called on delegates to oppose western powers and their 'capitalist agenda'... no, he also said it was the responsibility of the socialists present to 'insure' that the lives of 'marginalized' people are 'improved'.

As those who want nationalization of the mines, and banks and sundry. As those same, want the full implementation of the Communist freedom charter. As those same back Motlanthe, who has just said he wants to uplift those marginalized by capitalism... and called for resistance against the 'capitalist agenda' of the 'Western Powers'... Questions as to why those same support Motlanthe... have finally been answered!

Zuma looked the Communist to those left wing powers that ignored his many wives and children. Zuma looked the communist until he was not a Communist in power. Motlanthe, is clearly the hope of the king-makers who put Zuma into power. A hope, that would bring South Africa's capitalist democracy to a swift end if implemented.

Mothlante calls for socialists to end marginalization by capitalism, and calls for fighting against the west and capitalists
SABC - Zuma to address Socialist International congress:Friday 31 August 2012 »
South Africa President Jacob Zuma will today address the Socialist International congress in Cape Town at 10 am.

'An Honest Mistake' : Catholic Paper removed interview where priest blamed victims of sex abuse.


The NC Register admits poor journalism, due to trusting the priest. His society says he is suffering mental losses, and is constantly in hospital, and is not thinking correctly. He has apologised, as have all concerned.

NC Register on withdrawing the interview:

'Editor’s Note:
Child sexual abuse is never excusable. The editors of the National Catholic Register apologize for publishing without clarification or challenge Father Benedict Groeschel's comments that seem to suggest that the child is somehow responsible for abuse. Nothing could be further from the truth. Our publication of that comment was an editorial mistake, for which we sincerely apologize. Given Father Benedict's stellar history over many years, we released his interview without our usual screening and oversight. We have removed the story. We have also sought clarification from Father Benedict.
Jeanette R. De Melo
Editor in Chief'

Priest apologises for his comments! His society also does, the interview has been removed, and subjected here to retraction.

'National Catholic Register
August 30, 2012

The Community of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal sincerely apologizes for the comments made by Fr. Benedict Groeschel in an interview released yesterday by the National Catholic Register, online addition. In that interview, Fr. Benedict made comments that were inappropriate and untrue. A child is never responsible for abuse. Any abuser of a child is always responsible, especially a priest. Sexual abuse of a minor is a terrible crime and should always be treated as such. We are sorry for any pain his comments may have caused. Fr. Benedict has dedicated his life to helping others and these comments were completely out of character. He never intended to excuse abuse or implicate the victims. We hope that these unfortunate statements will not overshadow the great good Fr. Benedict has done in housing countless homeless people, feeding innumerable poor families, and bringing healing, peace and encouragement to so many.

Fr Benedict helped found our community 25 years ago with the hope of bringing the healing peace of Jesus Christ to our wounded world. Our desire has always been to lift-up humanity and never to hurt. About seven years ago, Fr. Benedict was struck by a car and was in a coma for over a month. In recent months his health, memory and cognitive ability have been failing. He has been in and out of the hospital. Due to his declining health and inability to care for himself, Fr. Benedict had moved to a location where he could rest and be relieved of his responsibilities. Although these factors do not excuse his comments, they help us understand how such a compassionate man could have said something so wrong, so insensitive, and so out of character. Our prayers are with all those who have been hurt by his comments, especially victims of sexual abuse.

Personal Statement from Fr Benedict Groeschel:

I apologize for my comments. I did not intend to blame the victim. A priest (or anyone else) who abuses a minor is always wrong and is always responsible. My mind and my way of expressing myself are not as clear as they used to be. I have spent my life trying to help others the best that I could. I deeply regret any harm I have caused to anyone.' - NC Register's Facebook page!

Thursday 30 August 2012

'Never in my life have I killed a cat' -priest says!


A Catholic Priest in Lima, Peru, had another thing coming, recently. He had to suspend Mass, as the service was disrupted by 30 vocal special interests protestors, who invaded the property and accused him of a cat 'murder'.

The parish sacristan, according to CNA, climbed on the roof to see if a cat was on it, but saw no sign. Such is the case pleaded by the parish, as protesters alleged that no one went up to rescue a cat stuck on the roof.

The Church of The Miraculous Virgin (Mary), in Lima, has in excess of one hundred stray cats wondering around. Allegedly they are overpopulated for the area, and make the church smell like urine, causing distress to couples marrying on the property. CNA claims that local residents have campaigned to have the cats removed from the area, although nothing has been done as yet.

Fr. Berrade says he has never killed a cat. The activists had to be kept at bay by police and continued their vocal and physical protest into the sensitive hours of the morning. They are said to have shouted loudly and banged on doors, as strategies to disrupt the day and to have continued their strategy late into the night.

There is no news of whether the over 100 stray cats also made unrelated noise into the early morning, although such is likely already a nightly occurrence where over 100 stray cats prowl a small area.

Clearly the feline friends, have been the centre of much controversy.

'“Never in my life have I killed a cat,” he said. “If they said falsehoods against Christ, we also should expect that they slander his disciples.”'
Animal rights activists disrupt Mass, accuse priest of 'murdering' cat :: Catholic News Agency (CNA) »
Lima, Peru, Aug 29, 2012 / 11:38 am (CNA/EWTN News).- A group of animal rights activists disrupted Mass at the Church of the Miraculous Virgin in Lima, Peru, lobbing insults against the priest who was...

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