Saturday 30 May 2009

[See What We See News Archive] Ibreviary Priest comes out with Facebook Gadget!!!!!!!!!!

[Additional note by Editor of "South African Catholic": c.f.

Available in French, German, Spanish, English, Italian: this application was brought to you by the same priest, who invented  IbreviaryFather Paolo Padrini. It is unconfirmed, to my knowledge, whether or not the pope knows about the application. ]

Cool; Vatican announces Facebook application !!
(Secular; American; Independent)

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[See What We See News Archive] Cool Stuff I Read this Week ...

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New virus found in Africa...

Four million hits to Pope2You Website since launched.

Catholic Priest, Father Cutie, of Miami, leaves catholic church...

Father Cutie, who has recently been the talk of much debate regarding pictures shown of him on a public beach with a woman he claims he has fallen in love with raised huge controversy over the celebacy of Catholic priests has made his decision to step away from the Catholic faith, sadly.
The Episcopalian church is part of the Anglican Communion, which traces its roots to the Church of England, formed when King Henry VIII split from the Roman Catholic Church in order to divorce and remarry. They have men and women, married or single priests, and controversy over gay priests within.

This has saddened some Catholics and has others claiming it might be time to end the celibacy rule.

Very cool fossil hunter, from Keyna, Richard Leakey, comes to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) this weekend in Toronto....

Canadian Hockey rituals vs Religion ... dunno, craziness, it could only be Canada!!

Gaia Politics: climatologists predict .... our earth, turn our lights off, Mr. Editor :-) ???

I was driving on the 401 (highway in TO) and all of a sudden I was surrounded by cops, everywhere ... absolutely, no mission from God, I think God is shaking his head sometimes... Bush had arrived.

Sadly, at 44, Peter Zezel has died. Lots of Canadians, dads and oh yeah, moms too, are into hockey for all the wrong reasons, I avoid the political side to this as much as possible and hate more than anything the trashing of kids in this sport.
But because my favourite little men in this world are very involved in it, thats difficult. I liked this coach, he was kind and liked my son, unfortunately we declined his offer. This is one coach who strongly stood up and said how horrible parents can be by slandering children and trashing them verbally anonymously on the infamous N54 site. This site was temporarily suspended this week and as of today the owner has deleted it permanetly, say good bye to the trash site, Peter I'm sure you are smiling from above, what will these parents do with all their time now??

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Friday 29 May 2009

"Americas" News: "Obama" nominates pro-"abortionists", self-proclaimed "pro-life" "professor" "Miguel H. Diaz" for position of new "USA" "Ambassador" to the "Vatican"

(Social Justice South Africa ; c.f. "Creative Minority Report" (Catholic; Independent; American) 28 / 05 (May) / 2009, which quotes an article by the "AP" ("Associated Press": "American"; Secular; Independent) ; "Catholic Culture" (Catholic; Independent; American) 29 / 05 (May) / 2009 ; "Inside Catholic" (Independent; American; Catholic) 16/ 03 / 2009 ; "Cardinal Newman Society" (Catholic; Independent; American) 03 / 03 (March) / 2009 )

Note, in accordance with general policy: names, titles, places etc: placed in inverted commas, quotations explicitly noted as quotations.

Article by Marc Aupiais

"Catholic Culture" ("Catholic Culture" (Catholic; Independent; American) 29 / 05 (May) / 2009 ) reports: that: "Archbishop" "Pietro Sambi", the "Vatican's" "Nuncio" ("ambassador"), to the "United States of America" ("U.S.A"), has praised the nomination by the "US" "President" for the appointment, of "Miguel H. Diaz": as "U.S." "Ambassador" to the "Holy See"/"Vatican City State". The appointment, which had yet to be accepted by the "Vatican" officially, has been made by " "pro"-"abortion", "Democrat Party", "U.S." ("United States of America") "President", "Barack Hussein Obama". According to "Catholic Culture", the "Archbishop", who holds the position: of the "Vatican's" "Nuncio" in the "U.S." jurisdiction: has called the appointment of "Professor" "Miguel H. Diaz", a "funder" of "Obama's" electoral campaign  "an excellent choice" (ibid).

The "Vatican", according to some news services, including source(s) quoted by the "BBC", has apparently rejected multiple candidates for the job, which were reportedly unofficially put to the "papacy"/"Holy See". The reason given by these sources: was that the "Candidates", were not "pro"-"life".

The suggested appointment, by the "Obama" "Administration":

"Cuban-American" "Hispanic": "Miguel H. Diaz", a funder of, and according to another source, an advisor to "Barack Obama's" election campaign: has purportedly claimed in "January" "2009", to a "Spanish" language paper (ibid), that he was "pro"-"life", from "conception" until "death". "Diaz", was among 26 ("twenty-Six") "Catholics", who signed a written statement: in support of the  "nomination of ["U.S."] Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, a Catholic whose support for [so-called] abortion rights was criticized by conservative Catholics." ("Creative Minority Report" (Catholic; Independent; American)28 / 05 (May) / 2009, the quote here is from an article by the "AP" ("Associated Press": "American"; Secular; Independent)).

"Kathleen Sebelius", has been noted for her "honoring" of "Late Term" "Abortionist", "Dr. George Tiller", who stood trial on 19 ("Nineteen") counts of the "misdemeanor" of allegedly performing "Late term" "Abortions", without a "mandatory", "independent": "second opinion" (according to "Inside Catholic" (Independent; American; Catholic) 16/ 03 / 2009). She apparently threw a "party" (ibid) in honour of the "Late Term" "Abortionist" which was attended "[o]nly"(ibid) by the "Late Term Abortionist", his "wife" (ibid), and "clinic staff" (ibid), seemingly from his "Abortion" "Clinic".

 According to "Inside Catholic" , she ("Kathleen Sebelius"), whom "Professor" "Miguel H. Diaz", publically supported recently, had allegedly made use of her "veto" "right", as "Governor" of "Kansas", in order to "protect"(ibid) those practising "Late Term Abortions" (ibid): vetoing two bills: the first of which would allow "Late Term Abortionists" to be "sued" via "private lawsuits" (ibid), and the second bill, which she purportedly vetoed: requiring "explicit medical reasons" (ibid) for performing these "Abortions". She has been advised by a "Catholic" "Bishop" ("Archbishop" "Joseph Naumann"(ibid)), not to take communion.

"Miguel H. Diaz", (whom "Vatican" "nuncio" to the "USA", "Archbishop" "Pietro Sambi", has publicly praised as an "excellent choice" (quote by "Catholic Culture"), as "U.S.A" "Ambassador" to the "Vatican": as noted above,) had reportedly, voiced definite support for "Kathleen Sebelius", seemingly: for her to become the "Obama" "Administration's": "Health and Human Services Secretary"..

"Miguel H. Diaz", has seemingly slurred the "Conservatives", by saying that he wants to move past what he terms as "politics of fear" ("Creative Minority Report" (Catholic; Independent; American)28 / 05 (May) / 2009, which quotes here an article by the "AP" ("Associated Press": "American"; Secular; Independent) ), and towards: "the politics of hope" (ibid). He has further refused to give his positions on issues, saying it would be "inappropriate" (quote ibid).

Called an "Hispanic Roman Catholic Theologian" (quote: ibid), by the "Associated Press" ("AP") , "Professor" "Miguel H. Diaz", received his "PHD" ("Doctorate"), from the "Indiana", "U.S.A": "University of Notre Dame" (which recently disobeyed regulations by the "USCCB" ("U.S." "Bishops'" "Conference"). "Notre Dame" did so, in  giving "Obama" an honorary "Law" "Doctorate", and the position of "Commencement Speaker", at an important function, despite his support of legalising "infanticide", and making "abortion" easier, and his pre-election claim that he would take away restrictions, which have in the past allowed "medical" "doctors" to refuse to perform "abortions"). "AP" notes that he ("Miguel H. Diaz") acted in an advisory role, in the "Barack Hussein Obama" electoral campaign.

"Miguel H. Diaz" (affiliated with: "College of St. Benedict / St. John’s University (Minnesota)", according to "Cardinal Newman Society" (Catholic; Independent; American) 03 / 03 (March) / 2009), has himself, gained criticism, by the "pro"-"life"/"anti"-"abortion" demographic, with the "President" of the "Cardinal Newman Society", "Patrick J. Reilly", noting him and others as one of:

“These professors [that are] are giving comfort and aid to those whose stated goals are to advance policies directly opposed to Catholic teachings on life issues, and [and of "Miguel H. Diaz" and others mentiond: that] they do it under the guise of fidelity to Jesus Christ."
("Creative Minority Report" (Catholic; Independent; American) 28 / 05 (May) / 2009; "Cardinal Newman Society" (Catholic; Independent; American) 03 / 03 (March) / 2009 )

Friday 1 May 2009

Vatican vetted Jesuit Paper: "La Civiltà Cattolica" attacks credibility of the "Times", "New York Times" and "The Washington Post", "Le Monde", "the Italian press."

(See What We See news Archive ; c.f. Pope Benedict XVI, letter/speech on Vatican site (Catholic; Hierarchical; Vatican based) 17 / 02 (February) / 2006 ; American Papist (Catholic; Independent; American) 22 / 05 (May) / 2006; Catholic Culture (American; Catholic; Independent) 01 / 05 (May) / 2009; La Civiltà Cattolica (Catholic; Italian; connected with the Vatican) issue "3813")

Article by Marc Aupiais

Known for it's defense of the Catholic position against the use of condoms, purportedly to fight the pandemic of HIV/AIDS, and for being a journal which is purportedly vetted by Vatican officials, the Jesuit La Civiltà Cattolica (The Catholic Civilization) Journal, is known for something modern Jesuits, are not generally known for in recent times, if Catholic watchdogs are to be believed: perceived fidelity to the Catholic Faith.

The La Civiltà Cattolica journal, was noted on the 17th of February 2006, by Pope Benedict XVI:

"I am pleased to welcome you with all those who collaborate with you in various capacities. I know and appreciate the work that the Journal has carried out at the Church's service since 1850, when Bl. Pius IX, my Predecessor of venerable memory, founded it. He then endowed it with a permanent special statute that established its special connection with the Holy See."
(Pope Benedict XVI, letter/speech on Vatican site (Catholic; Hierarchical; Vatican based) 17 / 02 (February) / 2006 )

This same journal, which American Papist, a prominent Catholic service notes, via a quotation: is vetted by the Vatican (American Papist (Catholic; Independent; American) 22 / 05 (May) / 2006), when it was then defending the position of the church against the use of Condoms in the fight against HIV/AIDS, has again taken a stand, which is news making.

In an article, seemingly by La Civiltà Cattolica, which seemingly laments, that Catholics still are perceived as funding some press organizations:

"La Civiltà Cattolica", has been noted by a "Catholic Culture" news brief, as ("Catholic Culture" (American; Catholic; Independent) 01 / 05 (May) / 2009) apparently claiming severe media bias, against the Catholic Church in some Western Media : as seen in this English translation, as taken off "Catholic Culture" (additions by this service in "[]"):

"[these press organizations are part of an anti-Catholic campaign] which, at a universal level, tends to discredit the Catholic Church: "
(Catholic Culture (American; Catholic; Independent) 01 / 05 (May) / 2009)

Those mentioned by name, include: (The British/London) "Times", (The American) "New York Times" and (The American) "The Washington Post", (The French) "Le Monde", and "the Italian press".

In summarizing their article in English on their online site: La Civiltà Cattolica, writes [sections between [] are notes by us):

"[...]The article aims at demonstrating the evangelical purity of a scholarly, vigilant and attentive teaching ready to plug the possible leaks arising from the osmosis between Church and contemporary society. The lay front in Italy has certainly radicalized its position towards the Church. Moreover, the “lay” are always silent in regard to social services that would not exist if it were not for the contribution of the Catholic lay."
(La Civiltà Cattolica (Catholic; Italian; connected with the Vatican) issue "3813")

The word "lay": refers to "laity": to Catholics; who do not hold Holy Orders in the Catholic church. The so-called "lay front", seemingly refers largely to those attacking Pope Benedict XVI, or Catholic Doctrine, that is: in Europe or Italy, or to those supporting publications which do. The article is titled: "AN INCONVENIENT POPE?". The Full summary by the organization is accessible at (La Civiltà Cattolica (Catholic; Italian; connected with the "Vatican") issue "3813").

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