Thursday 29 March 2012

Catholic Bishops' Representative in anti-Christian Tirade

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Catholic Bishops' Representative's anti-Christian, anti-religion freedom Tirade | South Africa
Chris Townsend of the SACBC: Belittles Christians upset with Woolworths, as "Hot Cross Christians" among other hateful mocking phrases; and then assumes to tell non-Catholics what is or is not an important part of their faith.; Some Christians feel 1 Corinthians 8:4 forbids the eating of meat ritually slaughtered as part of Islam

Given that Hot Cross Buns, are a symbol of the Christian faith, some ordinary South African citizens, raised concern over the fact Woolworths went out of their way to have the buns certified and packaged as Halaal. They believed that selling Halaal Hot Cross Buns, over Easter, was insensitive to their beliefs. 1 Corinthians 8:4 in the bible, does appear to forbid Christians eating foods dedicated to a non-Christian God. Halaal does certify that food is acceptable for Muslim consumption, often involving ritual rites by a Muslim religious, and ensuring certain foods are excluded, and food is dealt with in a certain way. In France, Canada, and many other countries, Animal Rights have been debated in relation to Halaal, as some think the ritual killing of animals in the manner specified by Halaal authorities to be cruel.

In some countries, food slaughtered in a halaal manner, is seen as cruel to animals, or possibly cruel, and campaigning has been made in the opposite direction: to label all Halaal foods, to prevent animal rights campaigners from eating them.

When a group of Christians, objected to Woolworths advertising their Easter Hot Cross Buns, as Halaal, some Christians, took to Twitter to air confusion, and a bit of disappointment, in the chain. This, given the deep spiritual meaning of the buns, in the perception of many Christians. Hot Cross Buns, do form a part of Easter celebrations, and they were saddened as they thought that their religious beliefs were being undermined. Rituals performed on food, dedicating them to Gods other than the Christian one, also are felt to be against the bible by some Christians.

This sort of debate, is to be expected in a multicultural society. The fact that Woolworths went out of their way to make the particular buns Halaal, while other foods sold at Woolworths are not, is certainly a move to be debated. Also, whether or not Woolworths also looked into making the buns acceptible to Jewish customers, or just Muslims. It doesn't matter what side of the debate you are on, this is a debate befitting a democracy, and those debating this issue, should not be belittled and called hate names, by a man who is supposed to represent the Catholic Church to media in South Africa.

I will quote a bit of the situation, including the very insensitive remarks by Chris Townsend, and the more sensitive response by Woolworths, the company noted, in the contrast.

To give the very belittling comments, about non-Catholics' religions, by the clearly bigoted Chris Townsend:

The Mercury (part of Independent Newspapers/IOL) 'Hot cross Christians irate over buns' by Suren Naidoo March 29 2012 at 10:15am

"While Woolworths has come under fire from some Christians for putting the halaal certification mark on hot-cross bun packaging, Father Chris Townsend of the Southern African Catholic Bishops’ Conference has labelled the issue “a storm in a baking pan”.


In the messages some members of the Christian community complained that hot-cross buns had special significance to Christians, and thus the halaal symbol – signifying foods Muslims may eat – should not be used.

“It’s not about the ingredients – it’s the act of taking something tied to my beliefs and stamping it with a halaal symbol,” another read.

But Townsend said it was “over-reaction by some members of the Christian community” and people should be more understanding.

“We live in a multicultural society and need more understanding and religious tolerance… Hot-cross buns are only a symbol and not a central tenet of Christianity. There are a lot more weighty issues to deal with in SA than a few ‘hot cross Christians’,” he said.
“Woolworths is not being insensitive to Christians. In fact, they are being sensitive to the food certification requirement to accommodate all communities by including the halaal and kosher marks. Christians don’t have the same food-marking requirements, so I don’t have a problem with the issue. The halaal stamp does not mean the food was prayed for by Muslims, but that it is okay for Muslims to eat,” said Townsend.


“They were unhappy about us selling hot-cross buns with a halaal certification over the Easter period. We apologise and assure our customers that no offence was intended… our next Easter offer will have both non-halaal certified hot-cross buns and halaal certified spiced buns,” it said.
“Woolworths sells hot-cross buns throughout the year. They are produced in a facility that is halaal-certified. Our desire was to offer this well-loved product on an all-inclusive basis that would not exclude any of our customers from enjoying them… All our customers are very important to us and we take all their feedback seriously,” added the company."

Father Chris, then takes it upon himself, to decide what is or is not important to Christians of other belief systems:

SAPA | 'Woolies facing wrath over hot cross buns' by SAPA staff at 2012-03-29 09:26

""Hot cross buns are only a symbol, and not a central tenet of Christianity. There are a lot more weighty issues to deal with in SA than a few 'hot cross Christians'," he was quoted as saying."

also note the summary in The Star:

The Star (Independent Newspapers/IOL) | 'Halaal hot cross buns spice up an Easter tweet' by Suren Naidoo March 29 2012 at 11:16am
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While Woolworths has come under fire from some Christians for putting the halaal certification mark on hot-cross bun packaging, Father Chris Townsend of the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conf...

Sunday 25 March 2012

Why buying StarBucks coffee, is not the best idea for a faithful Christian

(SACNS Americas News; Social Justice South Africa)

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Why buying StarBucks coffee, is not the best idea for a faithful Christian
Organization, sidelines Christian employees, creates hostile environment for marriage, lies to Middle East customers; Dump Starbucks is first boycott by NOM (National Organization for Marriage) in USA

Side Note: c.f. and and!/dumpstarbucks

EWTN NEWS | 'Boycott highlights Starbucks' radical stance on marriage' by Benjamin Mann | Washington D.C., Mar 24, 2012 / 07:14 am "“To say that they respect our opinion, when they've decided to use their clout as a corporation to redefine marriage, makes no sense,” he stated. “The way you respect our opinion is to stay out, not to take a corporate position.”

Brown also accused Starbucks of “lying to its shareholders and customers” in different parts of the world.

“On the Middle Eastern website, Starbucks Corporation says it takes no political stance. This is a political stance.”

“And the reason it does that, is because it knows that in the Middle East, in Southeast Asia, and all these areas, same-sex 'marriage' is overwhelmingly opposed. Therefore, it's telling its customers and shareholders one thing, and doing something entirely different.”

The National Organization for Marriage has never before called for a corporate boycott. It is doing so now, Brown said, because of Starbucks' decision to antagonize many of its employees and customers.

Individuals, he said, have a “right to speak and donate … to any candidate or cause that they choose.”

“It's a very different thing when your corporation itself takes a stand – stands up in the public square and says, essentially, those of us who believe that marriage is the union of a man and a woman are wrong, and they are going to fight against us.”

According to Brown, Starbucks' corporate culture is already becoming hostile to many Christians, Jews, Muslims, and others who support authentic marriage.
“I think that's already the case, by their own statements,” Brown noted.

“You can't, on one hand, say you 'respect our views' – and then engage the full weight of your corporation to stand against them in the public square.”"
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Supporters of authentic marriage between a man and woman are being urged to “Dump Starbucks,” over the corporation's push to give the institution a radically different meaning.

Saturday 24 March 2012

Kony 2012: "Invisible Children" campaign, a Blatant deception, and hurting Uganda

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Kony 2012: "Invisible Children" campaign, a Blatant deception, and hurting Uganda
Portrays a situation from almost a decade ago, no longer in existence, to raise money

The explicit, publicly disturbing, next to naked parading of himself, by the organizer of the Kony 2012 campaign (now in hospital for psychological breakdown), may be getting many stories. The fact, that his Kony 2012 campaign to raise money for his Invisible Children Non-Governmental Organization/Charity : used blatant deception, is less well known.

"Kony's Lord's Resistance Army is a shadow of its former self, numbering about 250 members, according to a December 2011 report published by the Social Science Research Council.

Some 200 of them are with Kony in the Central African Republic, and 50 others are in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the report said.

The video Russell directed, interspersing shots of his own young son with those of suffering Ugandan children, depicts children walking into the city centre of the Uganda city of Gulu at night to avoid capture.

But active violence like that has not been seen in northern Uganda in seven or eight years, according to Laura Seay, a professor at Morehouse College, who studies conflict and community in central Africa."

Reuters | 'Anti-Kony campaign in turmoil as AU sends troops' by Reuters Staff 2012-03-24 14:05

 Kony, and his LRA are shadows of what they once were, and deep in hiding, not in Uganda. This is a fact to remember, with only 50 troops of the "Lord's Resistance Army" in DR Congo, and 200 with Kony, having fled into the depths of the Central African Republic.

""LRA victims are depicted as absolutely helpless," Seay said, characterising the portrayal as neo-colonial and saying the film may have mischaracterised the nature of Gulu, where the number of children taking nightly refuge dwindled after a truce between government forces and the LRA in 2006.

"You have coffee shops and pizza places in Gulu. It's absolutely peaceful," she said.

Seay suggested that those whose interest in the region were piqued by the Invisible Children campaign turn their attention next to more active warlords in the region such as Bosco Ntaganda, nicknamed "The Terminator," and also wanted by the ICC for war crimes.

Ntaganda, a Rwandan operating in the Democratic Republic of Congo, is accused of conscripting child soldiers under age 15 to carry arms and fight in open conflict.
"He walks freely," Seay said. "I know where he eats dinner every night.""

Reuters | 'Anti-Kony campaign in turmoil as AU sends troops' by Reuters Staff 2012-03-24 14:05

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The anti-Kony campaign has been thrown into turmoil even as the film succeeded in turning the world's attention to capturing an elusive and brutal Ugandan warlord.

Malema: repeats demands that Government take away White land WITHOUT compensation

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Malema: repeats demands that Government take away White land WITHOUT compensation
Demands expropriation without compensation, while claiming he "doesn't want to drive whites into the sea"; receives Newsmaker of the Year Award, at the Press Club, in Pretoria ceremony

'"You must never buy the story that we are anti-white and we want whites to be driven into the sea. This is your home, your country and it belongs to all of us," he declared.

"I would die in defence of the white minority - they must enjoy the same rights as Africans. But when we say we must share, it doesn't mean we are fighting - we are actually protecting you," he said.

He insisted that he would never change his mind over the "expropriation of land without compensation", saying the African National Congress should adopt the principle.

"This land was robbed, stolen. A black genocide was committed against those who owned the land ... I will never agree with the rewarding of those who stole our land,"'
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(AFP) – 6 hours ago. PRETORIA — Julius Malema, the radical youth leader whom South Africa's ruling ANC is trying to rid itself of, has repeated a call for the expropriation of white-owned farms. T...

Obama Contraception Mandate Against existing Federal Laws, and against USA Constitution- Top USA Legal Experts claim

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Obama Contraception Mandate Against existing Federal Laws, and against USA Constitution- Top USA Legal Experts claim
No pressing government reason, not least restrictive means (Title X: taxpayer money, it's claimed: would be), against Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993, and USA constitution

A relevent side note: Most abortions, tend to occur, when the mother was on contraception already in the month of conception. STDs, such as HIV Aids, also tend to spread more, when condom use is encouraged. Simply put, contraception and "protection" encourages more dangerous behaviour, just as my car's good grip and airbags and seat belt encourage me to go faster. And interestingly enough, tend to have the reverse of the intended effect. More faith is put into them than they really deserve scientifically, and so the effect is the reverse.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act's powers to the Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, seem to be being abused by the Secretary, and USA Democrat President Barack Obama, in forcing Catholics and others to pay for contraception, sterilization, and abortion inducing drugs. "George Mason University law professor Helen Alvaré", "Michael McConnell, a former federal judge and current law professor at Stanford University Law School ", are two panelists quoted in this view (that the HHS mandate is an illegal abuse), from the 'March 22 panel on “Religious Freedom and Healthcare Reform,” sponsored by the Religious Freedom Project at Georgetown University's Berkley Center for Religion, Peace and World Affairs'.

Catholic News Agency | 'Contraception mandate violates federal law, say legal experts' By Michelle Bauman | Washington D.C., Mar 24, 2012 / 06:05 am
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Washington D.C., Mar 24, 2012 / 06:05 am (CNA).- Legal experts believe that the Obama administration's contraception mandate fails to meet requirements needed to limit freedom of religion under fe...

Friday 23 March 2012

Story about Dutch Catholic Castration, demonstrably biased, not backed by fact

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Um... The Dutch Catholic Church... DIDN'T CASTRATE Those ten boys... actually
Serious holes in New York Times story, and history of the case suggest otherwise

Mark Shea, of the National Catholic Register newspaper, quotes a view from Get Religion, on the castration issue, which he believes, adequately shines doubt on New York Times Reporting, here's the quote of the quote:

Patheos | 'Catholic and Enjoying it by Mark Shea'| 'As I suspected, there’s a lot less to the Dutch Castration Story' by Mark Shea at March 21, 2012

"Read through the journal article and you will find all the details you will ever want to read about a dark chapter of Western medicine which saw castration as a tool in a public health program to improve the human race through eugenics and to combat what that age saw as criminal sexual deviancy.

The Times story fails the test of good journalism on several levels. It begins with an over the top headline and lede that implies the existence of Catholic cabal worthy of Dan Brown that preyed on young men — abusing them and castrating them.

It offers uncorroborated anecdotal evidence from a man dead 54 years to insinuate the Church was complicit in a gruesome crime — yet we don’t know if it was a crime. The history offered is full of gaps and makes assumptions — was the victim in the care of a Catholic institution when he reported the abuse? Was he passed from Catholic institutional custodial care to a Catholic-affiliated psychiatric hospital to a Catholic-affiliated surgery center for sterilization? Under what circumstances was the claim of abuse made? The journal article reports that castration was ordered by the state for those found to be mentally deficient or who were incorrigible sexual offenders. Who was the victim? Could the Catholic Church order the castration of a young man? How was that possible?

Professionally this is sloppy work. It is also offensive. The Catholic pedophile scandal in Holland is a horrific case of abuse, betrayal and evil. Tossing the incendiary charge of castration into this cesspit of moral corruption cheapens the suffering of those who were abused. It tells the true victims of abuse, “well it could have been worse, you could have been castrated.”
There is a story in this mess that a good journalist could bring out — a story of state sanctioned abuse of those whom science adjudged to be defective — of a church that relaxed its standards in the face of government and public opinion. We do not get that here. (One of the lacunae in the journal article is the objection by Catholic theologians in the 1930s to state castration programs on moral grounds and its disquiet over the whole field eugenics.)"

here Mark Shea quotes 21 March '“Hare, hunter, field” — Castration for deviancy'
Posted by geoconger, of Get Religion
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This is a disturbing story. But is it fair or thorough reporting? No. The lede states there is “new evidence that only adds to the scandal engulfing the church there.” The body of the story reports th...

Obama is a liar, acts unconstitutionally, is anti-freedom- Washington Post claims

(SACNS Americas News; Social Justice South Africa)

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Washington Post Attacks Barack Obama government
"Unlimited Powers", "financial Manipulation", "violating the constitution"

The Washington Post, while asserting a critical theory of law, which dishonours the courts perhaps, has an interesting article slamming Obama.

See this article from the usually Obama-phile Post.

Post Opinions | The Washington Post | 'Obamacare: The reckoning' by Charles Krauthammer, a Washinton Post Opinion Writer | Friday, March 23, 1:50 AM

"But now that the near-costless years 2010 and 2011 have elapsed, the true 10-year price tag comes into focus. From 2013 through 2022, the CBO reports, the costs of Obamacare come to $1.76 trillion — almost twice the phony original number.
It gets worse. Annual gross costs after 2021 are more than a quarter of $1 trillion every year — until the end of time. That, for a new entitlement in a country already drowning in $16 trillion of debt."

"Beginning Monday, the Supreme Court will hear challenges to the law. The American people, by an astonishing two-thirds majority, want the law and/or the individual mandate tossed out by the court. In practice, however, questions this momentous are generally decided 5 to 4 — i.e., they depend on whatever side of the bed Justice Anthony Kennedy gets out of that morning.

Ultimately, the question will hinge on whether the Commerce Clause has any limits. If the federal government can compel a private citizen, under threat of a federally imposed penalty, to engage in a private contract with a private entity (to buy health insurance), is there anything the federal government cannot compel the citizen to do?
If Obamacare is upheld, it fundamentally changes the nature of the American social contract. It means the effective end of a government of enumerated powers — i.e., finite, delineated powers beyond which the government may not go, beyond which lies the free realm of the people and their voluntary institutions. The new post-Obamacare dispensation is a central government of unlimited power from which citizen and civil society struggle to carve out and maintain spheres of autonomy."

"All institutions — excepting only churches, but not excepting church-run charities, hospitals, etc. — will be required to offer health care that must include free contraception, sterilization and drugs that cause abortion."

"(1) Contraception, sterilization and abortion pills are classified as medical prevention. On whose authority? The secretary of health and human services, invoking the Institute of Medicine. But surely categorizing pregnancy as a disease equivalent is a value decision disguised as science. If contraception is prevention, what are fertility clinics? Disease inducers? And if contraception is prevention because it lessens morbidity and saves money, by that logic, mass sterilization would be the greatest boon to public health since the pasteurization of milk.

(2) This type of prevention is free — no co-pay. Why? Is contraception morally superior to or more socially vital than — and thus more of a “right” than — penicillin for a child with pneumonia?
(3) “Religious” exemptions to this edict extend only to churches, places where the faithful worship God, and not to church-run hospitals and charities, places where the faithful do God’s work. Who promulgated this definition, so stunningly ignorant of the very idea of religious vocation? The almighty HHS secretary."
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Movement to end reckless business in America, gains ground

(SACNS Americas News; Social Justice South Africa)

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South Africa, blanketed itself from World Financial Crises with reckless credit regulations, perhaps this movement will gain these in USA
Movement opposes greed

Here in South Africa, a loan must be repayable, and the bank must insure it is based on extensive checks, otherwise the law hits the bank. Perhaps more regulation will hit USA also.

Challenging the establishment is as old as history. Sometimes going out directly to the public is the avenue needed to have one's voice truly heard. The collapse of the former Soviet Union was spa...

Pro-abortion countries, refused to endorse womens' rights, over other countries following history and excluding abortion from "Reproductive Rights", as always have

(SACNS; Social Justice South Africa)

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Pro-abortion countries, refused to endorse womens' rights, over other countries following history and excluding abortion from "Reproductive Rights", as always have
United States, Norway, and the European Union, blamed in particular for prioritizing abortionists over women

Hold on. Human rights cover human beings. One gender doesn't trump another. And human beings young enough to be pre-born are not only not covered at all (sorry for the double negative, but it is),...

Down Syndrome Babies, with support of families, becoming ordinary hard working citizens

(SACNS; Social Justice South Africa)

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Down Syndrome Babies, with support of families, becoming ordinary hard working citizens
UN World Day for the world's most persecuted, and most common Learning Disability's Sufferers

A cheerful crowd of young people with Down syndrome and their proud families filled a UN conference room today to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. Brazil and Poland hosted the event showcasing the a...

Wednesday 21 March 2012

Entertainment Wise Blocked in Republic of South Africa

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Entertainment Wise Blocked in Republic of South Africa

British website Entertainment Wise has been blocked by the South African firewall! If in South Africa you won't access

If you are able to access it at a future point, inform the SACNS, as the national firewall is currently blocking it. (The firewall usually excludes Blackberry Internet, Kindle, Foreign Proxies: however we can confirm that it does not appear on our Blackberries either and has not for the last about 8 hours!)

It is not often noted in South Africa, but from time to time the National Firewall does block websites, as our service was informed by an Internet Service Provider, the last time we inquired over such a matter.


at 05:40 PM SAST the Entertainment Wise website was unblocked, following our story.

America forces citizens to pay for abortion

(SACNS Americas NewsScripturelink Voters' Guide and PoliticsCatholic Watchdog South Africa)

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US citizens to be forced to personally pay for surgical abortion under USA Obamacare "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act"
Surgical abortion (in the case of citizens), added to contraception, chemical abortion, sterilization mandatory insurance already would be forced to cover.

The Catholic Bishops, and others, have raised concern, over the new implementation, of regulations within Obamacare, which will now force Americans buying mandatory Health Insurance, to directly fund abortion with a 1$ or above mandatory surcharge for the surgical practice. While insurers may choose to offer a plan excluding abortion, if they include it, for which they will be subsidized, they will get federal tax subsidies towards funding abortions, they need not inform potential clients beforehand, and may not inform them of how much of the surcharge goes towards abortion. Those buying insurance, also may not opt out of funding abortions, as the regulations forbid insurers from permitting this based on any grounds including religion, or conscientious objection. They will be forced to stick with abortion funding insurance, only informed of it, in a benefits list in small print, given to those who buy insurance. This extends to the majority, who will get insurance through their employer, or based on which doctors networks are covered by an insurer, who will have no option in American law, but to fund abortion directly through the 1$ or above surcharge.

This latest move is in addition to regulations forcing employees (through their employers plans), to fund sterlization, abortion causing drugs such as the morning after pill, and ordinary contraception. Barack Obama,  has announced, through the White House's mechanisms, that Universities will now also be forced to add students into Obamacare, meaning that their abortions will be funded by ordinary Americans, and other students.

While the American White House, in Washington DC, Washington State, has already claimed that funding of measures to prevent children being born, saves costs, KPMG has warned of catastrophic consequences to the USA economy and state due to aging population, a euphemism for low birth rates, if its birth rate does not increase, or at least stop decreasing.

Abortion now mandatory part of plans, Insurance buyers, not to be told plans cover it until actually in the plan and made to pay 1$ up surcharge, US government to pay insurance providers to cover abortions also.


Abortion now mandatory part of plans, Insurance buyers, not to be told plans cover it until actually in the plan and made to pay 1$ up surcharge, US government to pay insurance providers to cover abortions also.

Obama's "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" Act extends controversial population control measures to college/University students

Population decline, not population increase is the real problem:
KPMG Public Institutions study reveals likely catastrophic future for Western Nations:

Main story source:

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