Sunday 21 May 2023

Deciphering Languages with ChatGPT-4: A Deep Dive You Can Take

 For French and Latin, I command ChatGPT-4 to give me both the IPA and translation of each word. This works to some degree with Latin and for French, which I have studied since about age 4. I find it very useful in language learning as IPA is my main bridge to language. It makes mistakes but it is useful. 

I say: For the following sentences, give the French IPA for each word in brackets and the English translation in brackets after it. i.e. French word (French IPA of French word)(English translation of French word) 2nd French word (French IPA of 2nd French word) (English translation of 2nd French word).

An alternative is:

Write a story about a genius adventurer who seeks treasure in exotic locations and engages in action and adventure and solves puzzles. Have the story be detailed. It need not finish at eash stage. Write the story in French, but for each word, next to it in brackets say the IPA pronunciation and then in brackets the English translation. i.e. French word (French IPA) (English translation of French word) Second French word (French IPA of second French word) (English translation of Second French word) etc.

Here is the start of its response to this:

Il (il) (He) était (etɛ) (was) une (yn) (a) fois (fwa) (once) un (œ̃) (a) génie (ʒeni) (genius) aventurier (avɑ̃tyʁje) (adventurer) nommé (nɔme) (named) Théophile (teofil) (Theophile). Théophile (teofil) (Theophile) recherchait (ʁəʃɛʁʃɛ) (sought) des (de) (some) trésors (tʁezɔʁ) (treasures) dans (dɑ̃) (in) des (de) (some) endroits (ɑ̃dʁwa) (locations) exotiques (ɛgzɔtik) (exotic), et (e) (and) s'engageait (sɑ̃ɡaʒɛ) (engaged in) dans (dɑ̃) (in) de (də) (of) l'action (laksjɔ̃) (action) et (e) (and) de (də) (of) l'aventure (lavɑ̃tyʁ) (adventure), résolvant (ʁezɔlvɑ̃) (solving) des (de) (some) énigmes (enigm) (puzzles).

Un (œ̃) (A) jour (ʒuʁ) (day), Théophile (teofil) (Theophile) reçut (ʁesy) (received) une (yn) (a) carte (kaʁt) (map) mystérieuse (misteʁjøz) (mysterious) indiquant (ɛ̃dikɑ̃) (indicating) l'emplacement (lɑ̃plasəmɑ̃) (location) d'un (dœ̃) (of a) trésor (tʁezɔʁ) (treasure) caché (kaʃe) (hidden) au (o) (in) cœur (kœʁ) (heart) d'une (dyn) (of a) île (il) (island) tropicale (tʁɔpikal) (tropical).

Can this be done with other languages you know or are learning? How well does it do?

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