Sunday 2 May 2010

An apology: the Catholic perspective on oral sex

Apology by Marc Aupiais

If you are under the age of 13, or sensitive, don't read on, get mommy and daddy, and let them read this and decide if you can.


Vatican on Masturbation

Catholic views, discussions on the morality and limits of morality of oral sex, as provided by other known services

I was recently asked on the Catholic view of oral sex. Here is my response, it may surprise.

Oral sex in the everyday secular sense is always intrinsically evil, as it involves ejaculation outside the, let us call it a womb. It is against the woman's dignity, and degrades those partaking in it.

But between a married couple as foreplay, whereby only the um womb, receives sperm, where all ejaculation is in the womb, and where both enjoy the process, and the woman consents willingly, and wants it, then as long as she is viewed with love, and treated with respect during the foreplay, and as long as both carefully watch for the man's ejaculation, and insure it is in the um womb, then the foreplay is acceptable, even part of a healthy marriage.

That does not make it for everyone, and certainly does not make it something to do outside of marriage. Also, it must be done so neither party is hurt, by it.

Thank you for reading!

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