Tuesday 13 September 2011

New/NTC Libyan leader wants Sharia Law constitution for Libya, after NATO installs him in a coup d'etat against secular leader Gaddafi!

Article by Marc Aupiais

"We Strive for a state of the law, ... A state that will have Islamic Sharia law the basis of legislation," says the head of USA backed Coup in Libya!

His name is Musta Abdul-Jalil, the NTC, Libya Leader and his calls for SHARIA to be imposed are recorded in September 12th Globe and Mail Libya's new leader calls for state based on sharia law ANNE BARNARD!

He said them at a rally!

And seems to suggest, as seen in the quote above that he clearly wanted the SHARIA as a constitution of a Libyan Republic. Whether formal or informal, this is the underlying law he, backed into power by NATO, wants to implement.

The rebels are lead by the very people MI6, CIA used to think were Islamist terrorists, and renditioned for torture and captivity- USA then backs in coup, these individuals, who their own CIA feared to be Islamist terrorists!?

America also illegally funded the introduction of Sharia law into the Kenyan constitution, according to documents and one of the US senators probing the matter then c.f. Fox News Tess Civantos White House Spent $23M of Taxpayer Money to Back Kenyan Constitution That Legalizes Abortion, GOP Reps Say 22nd July 2010National Review KATHRYN JEAN LOPEZ Obamacare in Kenya? 12th July 2010 . Afghanistan made it law that a man of a certain religion can deny his wife food if she denies him sex, under the current American backed government, according to Canada's Globe and Mail, as noted by our Canadian correspondent at the time. The BBC said the Afghani election was rigged, based on their observations at the time of it. In nations America has conquered: Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as in its international law efforts, it has continuously promoted Sharia law initiatives, to the shock of some.

These, hereto mentioned are the same Libyan rebel council USA backed, European recognised: NTC (National Transitional Council). The same group of violent men, NATO backed and arresting, rounding up, killing Black Africans, when according to Mail and Guardian quotes: both Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International say there is NO evidence of any REAL black mercenaries in Libya, despite almost 30 blacks being executed by the Rebels NTC. To quote the Mail and Guardian :

"Amnesty International researcher Diana Eltahawy said the rebels taking control of Libya had tapped into "existing xenophobia". The New York Times refers to "racist overtones", but sometimes the racism is explicit. A rebel slogan painted in Misrata during the fighting salutes "the brigade for purging slaves, black skin". A consequence of this racism has been mass arrests of black men and gruesome killings -- just some of the various atrocities human rights organisations blame rebels for.
The racialisation of this conflict does not end with hatred of "Africans". Graffiti by rebels frequently depicted Gaddafi as a demonic Jew.
Into this space stepped those who had the greatest resources -- the former regime notables, businessmen and professionals, as well as exiles. It was they who formed the National Transitional Council (NTC).

"The dominance of relatively conservative elites and the absence of countervailing pressures skewed the politics of the rebellion. We hear of "the masses" and "solidarity", but masses can be addressed on many grounds -- some reactionary. There are also many bases for solidarity -- some exclusionary. The scapegoating of black workers makes sense from the perspective of elites. For them, Libya was not a society divided on class lines from which many of them had profited. Instead, the more success Gaddafi had in stabilising his regime the more the explanation for this relied on the claim that "Gaddafi is killing us with his Africans"." c.f. Mail and Guardian RICHARD SEYMOUR A revolution disgraced by racism 2nd September 2011.

The word Kaffir- means curly haired infidel c.f. Catholic Encyclopedia Kaffirs Welch, S 1910. It is an arab word, which is often also applied to all "infidels" in Arabic, translated as "Infidel". Not an Afrikaans word. The Mail and Guardian alleges that the opportunity to wipe out black Africans is why the rebels got so much support, based on information on the ground c.f. Mail and Guardian A revolution disgraced by racism RICHARD SEYMOUR Sep 02 2011.

International aid organisations, such as the Red Cross/Red Crescent are refusing to help black Africans who are starving, with food and medical supplies, having told western media that their own governments must care for them, given their non-citizen status in ethnic Arab Libya c.f. BBC Plight of sub-Saharan Africans in Libya By Wyre Davies BBC News, Tripoli 02 September 2011.

The  International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has in the past supported Islamist organizations, deciding to send Iranian ships to break the Israeli Gaza blockade, demanding inspection of Palestinian goods c.f. AFP Iran Red Crescent to send two aid ships to Gaza Farhad Pouladi (AFP) 6th June 2010.

The Red Crtoss also helped train Taliban fighters in combat medicine classes, and donated medical supplies to the fighters c.f. The Guardian Red Cross gives first aid lessons to Taliban by Jon Boone in Kabul 25th May 2010 ; The Telegraph Red Cross gives first-aid training to Taliban fighters By Toby Harnden in Washington  25h of May 2010.

According to official Vatican Missionary news service Fides: NATO bombing was often aimed at civilians, and both sides have committed massacres. c.f.

Agenzia Fides AFRICA /LIBYA - "I went several times to the house that was hit and it did not look like a military command center", says Bishop Martinelli 21st June 2011
Agenzia Fides AFRICA/LIBYA - "Fighting still continues", say local sources from Tripoli to Fides 22nd August 2011
Agenzia FIdes AFRICA/LIBYA - " Bombings have intensified but Gaddafi still seems strong", says Mgr. Martinelli
Agenzia Fides AFRICA/LIBYA-"I have the duty to say that bombings are immoral acts, " says the Apostolic Vicar of Tripoli 6th May 2011
Agenzia Fides AFRICA/LIBYA - "Providing weapons just means extending the war, " says Bishop Martinelli 14th April 2011
Agenzia Fides AFRICA/LIBYA - "The hours of the attack on Bab al Aziziya were terrible," say local sources of Fides 24th August 2011
Agenzia Fides AFRICA/LIBYA -"Last night a violent bombing near the church devastated the serenity of innocent citizens, how can the UN authorize this?" complains Bishop Martinelli 28th April 2011
Agenzia Fides AFRICA/LIBYA - "Violence against Africans saddens me very much, Libya needs them and their work", says Bishop Martinelli 06th September 2011
Agenzia Fides AFRICA/LIBYA - Heavy fighting in Tripoli. The Franciscan monks barricaded in the convent 23rd August 2011

Saturday 3 September 2011

I Plead: Be Righteous, Wherein: I ask: What is sin? In a relative world!

Note by Marc Aupiais

For the first time in ages I returned to Catholic forum CAF and decided to discuss things to help people. Someone said they hung out every Friday night with friends who got completely drunk, and had a number of beers with them. They played video games at these events.

My response was: these were seemingly teenagers, illegally drinking alcohol, playing violent likely video games, and likely having lewd talk as drunkenness creates.

Drunkenness always has an effect on our ability to avoid sin, and being around drunks, drinking with them, joking with them, encouraging their behaviour? It sounded not only occasion to sin, but in fact encouraging and peer pressuring his friends to sin. A whole bad situation with a bad bunch.

Ephesians 5 I believe says: have nothing to do with the deeds of darkness but reproach them: show them to be what they are. And throughout the bible says bad company corrupts and "birds of a feather flock together", and "avoid the way of the mocker".

Jesus did associate with prostitutes, with tax collectors: but he never drank excessive amounts with them. He never spent his days discussing football with them, or hanging for hours among prostitutes.

It seemed I was the only one in the forum to even consider looking at what the bible said: it was labelled "student lifestyle" etc. Some said the friends were losers: most said: "have a good time", and "what events you may miss if abandon good friends who will soon abandon drinking".

Except people don't abandon drinking. And drinking excessive amounts is itself a mortal sin. Sitting around a friend playing Russian roulette. Or killing a baby: would be immoral surely? Drinking is a Mortal sin: it is the killing of a soul.

When we routinely associate closely with the sinful, when we routinely surround ourselves with sin, our senses are dulled to it. Our true vision, or the other world, our otherworldly memories and truths of heaven: fade, and we are dulled into a vast sleep, gradually and truly destroying the wooden log in the river, which is our soul tossed upon the rapids of time and space. least we forget, we are timeous, in that ever changing river: temporal and human! Not Just Yet Aeviternal, even as Our Rational Soul IS!

Drinking among drunks: well that's like putting a juicy stake in front of a starving person. It is peer pressure. This person is spending their Friday nights wasting away with bad influence friends, in South Africa where so many die from Alcohol, drugs, drunk driving, and drink related rape resulting in HIV.

And what do respondents in a Catholic forum say: either that their friends seem unwholesome, or to go for it.

Whenever Jesus was around sin he stood against it, or removed himself. The bible says: "have nothing to do with the deeds of darkness".

Sadly, the advice for this person, who could be studying or making good influence friends: was to enjoy playing video games and drinking.

The sort of friends who lead astray: bad company corrupts good Character: do not be lead astray- to quote the good book- the bible.

And yet, the advice is not to remove from the situation? The advice on a Catholic forum?

Jesus said: you are either with me or against me. The Book of Revelation likewise says of the Lukewarm: the lukewarm will be sent to hell.

We must be in the world and not of it. And that means not partaking in or promoting evil, not associating with it. Helping widows and orphans in their distress- the helpless innocent vulnerable, and NOT being polluted by the world (St James in the Bible book of James).

The apostles note how the Christians stopped attending orgies, how they separated from their past lives through morality. Not through associating with evil: as the bible says: "light can have nothing in common with darkness", and "focus on all things good and true and nobel".

How we live our lives makes us Christian. Religion is always striving to be the most good, perfect: we can be for God. I sin, but I try not to sin: this is my motto.

Yes, one or two people sometimes take precedence to God in my life: always the same two- but I try to be good. I try to fight for what is right.

And a good person must remove themselves from bad situations.

A saint doesn't hang out at the local club or bar, or strip club, or casino. A saint is separate. A saint does not obssess over immoral television shows, and scandal. A saint lives a separate existence. A saint does not act as though fornicating, or be excessively passionate and public in kissing- this is scandal- the gravest sin: of encouraging others to sin. And a saint- DOES NOT hang out playing video games and getting "smashed".

Woe, warning, beware: "the devil prowls like a Lion"- says Saint James. And "the Mature in faith do not think themselves safe", least they fall. We are not safe, or out of darkness, we walk, and walk, and walk: tirelessly in the dark dark dusk, unto dawn, we are the night watch of this world of ours. We aim at dawn and serve the King of the Dawn, the Emperor over the sea of time and fate!

Why does sainthood matter? Because a saint is just another word for someone who made it to heaven. And the word means separated by God.

Separate! Holy! In Heaven!

If the standard is to try out in this audition, with out very very best- and note the parable of the gold coins or old english "talents". It is not about talents, in the modern sense from an Americanism: it is about what is given a man. And that for every little thing we are given: God expects a return, least we be sent to hell.

Do not trifle with the eternal things of God, nor with your Aeviternal soul. DO NOT give the devil a foothold, dear sheep of God! Fight with all your might! Conquer every sin! Fight! Because the road is windy, and the path is small: few ever find the route unto salvic heaven. And if you don't like God's presence, or his path and behaviour: remember: Heaven is His Kingdom, His Presence: already among the moral on Earth.

For Jesus, when he preached, did not preach faith but judgement, and hell fire, he preached love certainly, especially in response to a question, but he firstly preached repentance from sin, and this is indeed love, as Saint John Says in the bible, in his epistle: "This is Love, to follow the commands of God", and "he who continues to live in darkness has never known God".

Our religion is not trifles, or possessions, reputation, sensuality, fame, gregarious pursuit. Our religion is Holiness: the separation and difference without which- I assure you, without which the Apostles, and the bible assure you: YOU WILL NOT ENTER HEAVEN. Whatever religion you possess or claim to hold unto. C.f. Lumen Gentium XVI, and the church's clarification on the dogma: "extra Ecclesium, Nulla Salus" (Outside the Church, No Salvation).

Friday 2 September 2011

Error in last article

An article against wanting America's harm accidentally got opposite tinge by a spelling error. I have asked someone with access to alter it. None the less, while I don't have internet I can still send in this correcting it:


Libyan Rebels rounding up, executing black Africans in Unseen Genocide- reports

Note Analytical by Marc Aupiais

The Mail and Guardian- owned by Britain's Guardian paper, and connected to the ruling ANC has reported on a not often reported part of the Libyan coup d'etat.

It reports, based on Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and other groups that Black Africans are being rounded up, arrested and executed in Libya by rebels serving under the USA backed National Transitional Council.

It isn't the first report that rebel troops were being pushed by rebellion propaganda and inspired to kill black Africans- mostly of Christian or African belief systems. The fact that almost 30 black African corpses line Tripoli streets in a Rebel Massacre, and not one mercenary of colour can be proved anywhere however shows a different story.

Sources on the ground suggest that racism against minorities protected under Gaddafi and the opportunity to rid Libya of these are a major source of the Rebellion's steam.

Allegations of Black Mercenaries, being given Viagra to rape Libyan rebel women and other such propaganda have certainly not helped Black Africans, fleeing Libya where they are a minority.

The Vatican has reported that NATO bombings were often aimed at civilians, and that Rebels as well as the Regime were killing civilians on the streets of Tripoli. It did so through multiple articles in Missionary News Service Fides: which is an official arm of the Vatican press office.

The Vatican has also praised the BRIC and German approach asking for diplomacy in Libya, while lamenting the NATO approach of USA and France.

America and her allies have already moved to have the funds of the Libyan government transferred to the unaccountable performers of the coup d'etat, and American oil companies are already reported as vying for lucrative deals.

South Africa contends that the Libya NTC may not be recognised under International Law: as it has emerged from an American backed civil war, which was not in accordance with the SC R 1973. A Resolution South Africa voted for to protect civilians: while it has been used as a justification to bomb civilians in Tripoli, while providing military cover to a coup d'etat force which has used its power to take control of money, resources, army bases, weapons: and to wipe out minority groups. The formation of such a state, the reasoning follows cannot be recognised as it violates a Ius Cogents to which all states are bound.
The Libyan government has pointed out that the rebels have no manifesto. The ability of rebels to govern the vast African nation is also questionable.

America spent close to a billion dollars to overthrow their standing critic Gaddafi. They did so based on no UN mandate, and seemingly against the will of many Libyans- and resulting in many civilian deaths.

If the Libyan economy ever recovers to pre-coup levels it will be decades. Instability has been created, and minorities are at risk. Catholic media, and figures in the Vatican, fear that Christians in Libya will now face greater persecution, and that further instability is now added to the region.

Afghanistan, where America similarly overthrew a government, has still not recovered. Further, drugs trade, human trafficking and many crimes and corruption flourish there and in another American puppet state: Iraq.

The BBC reported that the Afghani election was rigged. France 24 and others have noted that as soon as American troops withdraw the Taliban will retake control of the nation.

In Libya likewise, many residents of Tripoli have openly started to complain that their lives were better under Gaddafi.

The terrible fact of a revolution's unintended side effects due to instability, cannot be better shown than in South Africa: the poster child of overthrows of nations the International community doesn't like.

20 years after Apartheid: corruption and crime and rape are endemic, and statistics show that the poor and average South African: especially the "liberated" average black South African: have a poorer standard of living on the index, today: than under a regime designed to destroy them. The fact that the government is essentially unanswerable due to liberation credibility, has caused something good: the end of a crime against humanity, to be degraded by corruption in a liberation movement.

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