Thursday 30 July 2009

USA: Catholic Charities USA (Caritas Internationalis), Society of Saint Vincent De Paul, Catholic Health Association: support Universal Abortion plan in America?

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Yahoo  News (American ; Independent; Secular): press release of ALL(American Life league) (Catholic; Independent; American) Wednesday 29 / 07 | June / 2009 ;  Reuters (British; independent; Secular) Wednesday 04 / 02 | February / 2009 (Press release from Catholic Charities USA) ; Thursday 05 / 02 | February / 2009 (Press release from Catholic Charities USA)  ; 24 / 02 | February / 2009 (Press release from Catholic Charities USA)  ; American Papist (Catholic; Independent; American) Thursday 30 / 07 | July / 2009 ; Catholic World News (CWNEWS) (Catholic; Independent; American) 14 / 07 | July / 2009  ; White House Website (American; Governmental; Secular) 13 / 07 | July / 2009 ; Catholic News Agency (Catholic; independent; American) via EWTN (Catholic; American; Independent) 24 / 07 | July / 2009 )

Article by Marc Aupiais

The American Life League (ALL), and LifeSitenews as well as esteemed Catholic journalist: Thomas Peters, known also for the website "American Papist" : have accused Catholic Charities USA (CCUSA : one of three Caritas Internationalis organizations in the United States of America), Society of Saint Vincent De Paul, and the Catholic Health Association: of supporting universal funding for abortion by American taxpayers.

All three Charity organizations have been lobbying, according to these news sources: for a healthcare reform project currently being pushed by pro-abortion Democrat American President- Barack Obama. The reform would involve an American "Universal health insurance" scheme- funded by taxpayers. This same scheme has been attacked by generally credible news sources- for allegedly including wide funding for abortion as an important effect of the plan. Despite the reportedly pro-abortion effect of the legislation, all three organizations are allegedly attempting to mobilize support for passing the legislation, which has generally become known as "ObamaCare"!

Prior this latest incident: Rev. Larry Snyder, president of Catholic Charities USA (a member organization of the Caritas Internationalis umbrella organization), recently also wrote a letter stressing the importance of healthcare reform as a priority, vaguely skimming over abortion in this. Rev. Larry Snyder is an advisor to Barack Obama on religious issues, via Barack Obama's President's Council for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships (since February 2009). When he accepted the position earlier this year- he claimed that messages which were sent him from those opposing his work with Barack Obama based on anti-abortion sentiments- were hate-mail saying that these claimed his actions were worthy of hell. In his talk, in Washington DC, after having accepted his position as an advisor on religion to Barack Obama- he quoted Barack Obama- as an important source on some of the issues he was attempting to promote.

Catholic Charities USA- then sent his speech via a press release to media, including Reuters.

Caritas Internationalis- has been involved in several scandals involving alleged use of funding for the promotion of an abortionist agenda. After our organization published an interview with Caritas Internationalis Secretary general- Lesley-Anne Knight- earlier this year, we were encouraged in a manner including threats- to no longer cover the story at the time- a story involving alleged funding of pro-abortion campaigners in Mexico, via funds given Caritas' Canadian branch: "Development and Peace", often during collection in Churches. Caritas Internationalis Secretary General- Lesley-Anne Knight, did not answer our organization's question as to whether or not general Caritas funding went towards the Canadian funding of Mexican groups.

On the 13th of July 2009 (earlier this month), Dr. Regina Benjamin, a board member of the Catholic Health Association (one of the three organizations campaigning for Obama's health reform), was nominated as Surgeon General of the United States of America, by US President Barack Obama (White House Website (American; Governmental; Secular) 13 / 07 | July / 2009 ).

Tuesday 28 July 2009

What is traditional marriage- article possibly on the way!

Notation By Marc Aupiais

A recent article on our service got an interesting response. We have been attempting to give secular responses to proposed legislation in a specific country: legislation which the Catholic doctrine and dogma would consider immoral.

In our article we attempted to emphasise the value of secular- western traditional marriage- something so much less than sacramental marriage- but still so important in what it does.

The interesting comment we received- was that in many societies- the concept of traditional marriage is no longer something which is accurately spoken of- and may well not be understood by many readers, especially in their surroundings.

We therefore are looking into whether or not one of our correspondents, perhaps even myself- should write one or more articles about marriage- we might possibly even attempt to do so via responses to different articles.

Please do continue to contact us with your requests and thoughts and comments- these help shape our service- to a useful degree!

Marc Aupiais

Apologetical Analysis- the trouble with trivialising marriage

Analytical apology by Marc Aupiais

It is a concept so central to western society- that it has in the past determined a man's class. It is in a way- is the most basic structure keeping stability within the cultures which value it most.

A child from a broken, unstable, weakened family- is shown to be more susceptible to unwanted influences such as drugs, or crime. The child without a strong family basis does not have the same advantage that the child which lives in a stable- healthy environment experiences.

The concept of marriage- does not refer to a good for the family alone- a marriage is something which benefits society- the strong vows and many other factors- show both that Marriage creates just restrictions, and secondly that a large portion of its benefits are gained by the child and thus by society- which is maintained via stable families.

The reason that society places such value on marriage- apart from religious reasons, and from the benefits and protections given the couple- is that marriage is an important factor in creating stable families.

If this were not so- would it be just to treat married people so differently from unmarried ones- to treat couples better than lone individuals?

The strength of marriage in society filters into the strength of the basic family unit- and from there- into the depths of society as a whole.

It has been shown that recognition of lesser unions- have made those who are in a weaker position: who would want more protection via marriage- more susceptible to falling for lesser protection.

Allowing registered lesser relations, with less protection to the weaker partner- may well cause some few to be more powerful under the law- yet the many who would have chosen stronger protection- could well be tempted to enter a lesser agreement.

The lesser agreement- means a less stable partnership, and less stability and strength in a family- especially as the partners are not vowed to one another, and as the consequences of breaking the agreement are lesser for the stronger party.

It is my personal opinion that legal recognition of Domestic Partnerships in South Africa- would have a negative impact on the fabric of our society- a society where many families are already weak or broken.

I would urge our readers strongly to defend the structure of marriage against all attacks.

The impact a couple have on their own children- affects all of us. Marriage is a community event and a marriage's success or failure hurts or aids the community.

When the law focuses too much on the individual and not enough on their positive or negative impact on the fabric of society- this is dangerous.

All that is good- is that which is for life- whether our own or life in general- that which is bad- is damaging to life. Any other standards- ethically should rest or fall on one standard- are they good for life- for the single life, and that of the many?

Both are important: both individual and group- we do believe that some women who would have entered marriage or left their boyfriend under the current situation- could well be forced or pressured into receiving only a lesser protection- should these registered and unregistered domestic partnerships be accepted!

But in general- we would also like to warn our readers- that all the interferences with the family structure in South Africa have an effect on us all- there is no ethical justification of giving couples who are together such protection as that of marriage- except with their children in mind- and the family's impact considered.

Monday 27 July 2009

The compass of Your own very own life!

Article by Marc Aupiais

We often hear of death, and of those things which destroy lives. We often hear of bad influences- and of dangerous situations. When we hear of these- it is often is a neutral- or hurt tone.

The reason God forbids sin- is that the human soul is made of truth. Our being's skeleton- our life is a structure made of truth. It is why we call our soul wise- reasoned. The truth vibrates as wisdom- this is the form the structure of truth takes. Yet, when we turn to lies, or allow ourselves to turn into fools- our soul becomes damaged- so that if we died- we may never recover our fuller soul.

People in an egg race walk differently- as with those carrying something fragile, or a near fill glass of water. Your soul is the source of your personal life- through connecting your being to God. It is special, unique. Worth walking in a manner others don't.

Yet, in this modern era- we cannot rely any longer on our society- our fellows: or those who are tasked to save our beings- in order to find the way to God.

For this reason- Lumen Gentium XVI becomes utterly important. God will judge us each individually- and by the same standard.

Did we seek the deeper truth? Did we seek to obey it? Seeing the truth about God- what you sensed of the Gospel, of the Reality of our being- did you accept and eat of it? Did you crave it or persevere in seeking truth? Or perhaps those other aspects of conscience and intuitive truth- which cause our seeking of God and our craving for an existence of truth and ethical existence!

The reason we must become Catholics, and true- obediently moral, ethical, reverent Catholics- is because the Church is part of the gospel truth- and we must eat of the truth to sustain the soul.

This is why sacraments are so utterly powerful- they are dispensations of the necessary Truth- of the Divine Truth we call grace- which sustains a man.

It is also why prayers to saints are so powerful, and why righteous prayers are answered- why good men are heard by God first. They are more true in their lifestyle- their souls' connection with God are stronger- more healthy.

In this life of ours- our conscience- the presence which softly prompts like a soft- deep intuitive truth- is our compass- as our inner intuition is a dynamic compass, and so much more.

By our conscience we are judged- its testimony is heard, even like the loudest of noise- in heaven- and it creates a hurt inside when we sin. It will not hesitate to note it if we know the truth and refuse to eat of it- to live of it.

We who have conscience cannot purely blame another. Those who have harmed our ability to obey God have committed the gravest of sins- and they too will face their conscience- and the will of God. But you individually need to care for you.

This is why Jesus wisely says- take the log out of your own eye before tending to the splinter in your brother's eye. You must save yourself first- and care for your own soul first- if you ever want to safely save another.

The first step in spreading the gospel is becoming truth. Then too- you must care for your neighbour who is in your care. The priest is a doctor- the sacraments his equipment. Still- if you have been given a soul to care about- you must see the soul through to heaven- in a firm, patient- Godly manner.

Personal responsibility is the most important thing- should you desire to enter God's House, when your last breath has left!

Prayer- is a vital truth, but to conscience- to intuitive truth- be true. The man's inner being is truth. In it we judge truth from falseness.

We are saved in sacraments and by and in truth. Faith- hope- love- none exist in any true, good way in relation to God without Truth. God is Truth. Literally!

This is why we must discern within our being- and turn ourselves entirely into God's service, in our everyday existence and hopes.

Concern over domestic partnerships bill

Concerns raised by the Editor of South African Catholic

We at South African Catholic- would like to raise serious concern over proposed legislation- recognising cohabitation sexual partners in South Africa. Adhering to the clear Catholic belief that the Family is the most basic structure of a civilised society- we would like to express our concern- that a society already damaged by the impact Apartheid had on the family: and thereby on the South African Nation- could be further damaged and hurt by the giving of what Catholic Doctrine would consider: as even further recognition to extra-"marital" relationships- in a manner involving legal consequences- should these be broken off.

We would further like to note serious opposition to the proposition of some- that a person in a civil marriage should be allowed to enter into such Domestic Partnership- with a person not their spouse- thereby incurring the maintenance requirements to their domestic partner- associated with the proposed bill.

We believe such suggestion could be prejudiced against the position of the other spouse in a marital relationship, and could destroy relations, and the good health and position of valid children- within said marriage.

South African Catholic firmly believes that it is foundational to any long lasting, successful society- to have lifelong marriage between one man and one woman- exclusive of all other persons so far as marital relations are concerned- and with the aim, or possibility of raising good children at its core- as a central and over-riding influence in society!

It is our firm belief that the basis of secure families- are a foundation to saving our nation from the corruption and deterioration that have so often surfaced. We encourage our government and the South African people- to once again realise the tremendous value to the nation- of traditional- historic, western marriage.

We are deeply opposed to the proposed legislation- believing that it will not improve the lot of those persons engaged in these extra-marital activities.

Marriage is so binding- and so protected in our past and our history- precisely because of the impact which this has- on spouses, on families, on children- on society, and values- and ethics in a society. We would like the government to consider the real effect of marriage- as well as the effect, which the interventions with family life- on the family by the Apartheid government continue to have upon our society even today!

God bless,

Marc Aupiais

Sunday 26 July 2009

Sunday obligation and illness

Apology by Marc Aupiais

With the winter upon us, and the swine flew issue at large- with over 100 South African cases- I thought to look into writing an apologetical work on the issue of mass and personal illness. I hope our viewers will forgive the brevity.

Today is Sunday, and like many active Catholics I go to mass every Sunday, and feast days when I remember these. When sick however, or if there are other valid mitigating circumstances- I do not attend mass- but not out of any perception of acceptable laxness. It is valid to miss mass when one is ill- or caring for those who are ill. How ill one must be- is a matter for the personal conscience.

With the swine flew pandemic, and many other issues faced by our readers throughout the world- it is perhaps important to note how sickness relates to our grave obligation to attend a valid mass on Sunday and on other days of obligation in our local diocese. We have previously listed all the days of obligation in the "Southern Africa" jurisdiction. I think there are about three which do not fall on a Sunday. Internationally there are about 11 universal days of Obligation- which individual conferences or dioceses can ask the Vatican for exemption from.

Illness, or caring for the ill, is a valid reason to miss mass. That said- if you are really ill- consider having yourself placed on a communion for the sick list from a nearby parish. Certainly contact a medical professional if needed- for medical treatment!

The reason we are obligated to attend mass- is because of the spiritually nourishing and healing and protective effect of mass- and especially in the Lord's Supper. I may note that while in South Africa, I have often noted a lack of reverence for the Divine Host, among our priests- that it is important that you take the Body of Christ with the utmost respect- and especially not take Christ's body and blood in mortal sin, or if you are not in communion with the church! Also consider weekly confession before taking communion- it is God you are consuming after all.

If you are seriously sick- ask for the anointing of the sick from a priest- this should include confession and the taking of the host.

Do not underestimate the power of grace in sickness- but also remember that there are measures in place to allow those who are ill to get the host at home, these can also stop the spread of sickness. Also, remember that while the church is a doctor of souls- that if you may be ill- it may be best to visit your local medical doctor or clinic.

Holding hands during the Pater or Our Father prayer- is not actually regulation- I.e. It is neither encouraged nor recognised- and the sign of peace does not have to be a handshake- it can be a cordial nod- one should take concern over their health during mass- and attempt to stop illness spreading.

Personally I also take communion on the tongue- which when done properly- does not involve a hand touching my mouth- and means that one less pair of hands have touched the host- that said, I am no health expert. I would not advise taking of the Blood of Christ if there is sickness in your community- and while we are obligated to attend mass- you are not obligated to take communion except possibly once at the Easter period.

Hope this information has been useful! God bless, and remember- you are important enough to God to not be forced to go to mass when ill- that is just part of why the obligation is lifted. That said- it is still a grave duty to attend under normal circumstances.

I would also like to state that this is not medical advice, and should not be taken as medical advice. It is only to be relied on at your own risk!

Friday 17 July 2009

Pope Benedict XVI falls, hurts wrist, hospitalized, but Vatican says: condition isn't serious

(See What We See News and Archive ; c.f.  AP [ Associated Press] (Secular; independent; American) Friday 17 / 07 | July / 2009 : via Yahoo News ; Friday 17 / 07 | July / 2009 : via Yahoo News : Update ; Sky News ( British; independent; Secular) 17 / 07 | July / 2009 ;  Scripturelink's Catholic Search; Scripturelink's 'Mainstream News Search'; Vatican Site 17 / 07 | July 2005; 23 / 07 | July / 2006 ; some information was also taken from V.I.S. [Vatican Information Service] 13 / 07 | July / 2009: 090713 (300) ; 17 / 07 | July / 2009)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Pope Benedict XVI (Formerly: Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger; Pope since April 2005), has fallen in the bath, thus hurting ('breaking' / 'fracturing') his wrist. The pope is expected to wear a cast for a while, after a successful surgery in a nearby town. Vatican Spokesperson: Father Federico Lombardi, has downplayed the incident, noting that the fall happened on Friday morning.

The pontiff was on holiday in Les Combes, Valle d'Aosta in Northern Italy, in the Italian Alps: nearby the border with France. The pontiff was  staying in the same chalet as previous stays in the area: overlooking the famous Mont Blanc peak- the highest in the Alps. He had spent a number of other 'vacations' as pope, in this chalet. Pope John Paul II, also enjoyed the area, when he was alive. Benedict XVI, was staying in the in the same chalet (belonging to the Salesian Order), as the Late John Paul II, used when on Vacation in the area. Benedict XVI, vacationed in 2005 and 2006, in the alps also.

His HolinessPope Benedict XVI: is reported to have eaten breakfast, and said mass, before being taken off to hospital in the nearby town of Aosta (to Umberto Parini hospital). He is said to have walked into the hospital, with an aid accompanying him, having arrived via motor vehicle. According to hospital spokesman: Tiziano Trevisan, an x-ray of the 82 year old pontiff, found a small fracture in the Pope's wrist. The Pope was being kept for observation. According to the BBC: the Vatican is calling the incident minor.

The hospital concerned, has successfully performed a twenty (20) minute  surgery on the pontiff, under local anesthetic. He is expected to have a cast over his arm for about a month. The pope, who enjoys playing the piano, will likely not be able to gain pleasure from music via playing the piano this holiday, as he has reportedly previously done while on vacation.

Benedict XVI, has generally had good health, despite his age. He had planned a vacation, with plans for 'some work' during it. It is expected, that he will keep to his schedule, including appearances, especially his Sunday Angelus, despite the interruptions to his holiday, which were, and will be brought about by his injury.

The Pope arrived in the Italian Alps on Monday July 13, and is due to finish his vacation on Wednesday, July 29.

According to V.I.S. [Vatican Information Service]:


VATICAN CITY, 17 JUL 2009 (VIS) - This morning Benedict XVI underwent surgery at the Umberto Parini hospital in the Italian town of Aosta for a fracture to his right wrist. He had suffered a fall last night in his chalet at Les Combes in Valle d'Aosta where he is spending a brief holiday.

The Holy Father arrived at the hospital at 9:45 a.m. this morning. "Even so", declared Holy See Press Office Director Fr. Federico Lombardi, "he celebrated Mass and had breakfast early this morning".

Later the Pope "underwent an operation to realign the fractured fragments and fasten them through osteosynthesis, using a local anaesthetic then applying a cast. The Holy Father's general condition is good" added the Pope's doctor Patrizio Polisca, specifying that "the Pope will return shortly to his residence".
(V.I.S. [Vatican Information Service] 17 / 07 | July / 2009)

Thursday 16 July 2009

Americas: Caribbean: Honduras: Honduras' Catholic Church supports new government

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. Reuters (Secular; independent; British) 15 / 07 | July / 2009 ; 01 / 07 | July / 2009 ; Catholic Culture (Catholic; American; Independent) 06 / 07 | July / 2009  ; AP [Associated Press] (Secular; independent; American) 28 / 06 | June / 2009: Story hosted by Yahoo ; CNN [Central News Network](American; independent; Secular: accused regularly of biases) 28 / 06 | June / 2009 ; CNA [Catholic News Agency] (Catholic; American; Independent) 06 / 06 | June / 2008 )

Article by Marc Aupiais

British News Agency, Reuters: reports, that Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, and the Catholic Church, in Honduras, have seemingly given their open support to Roberto Micheletti's government, the man voted in as new president by the Nation's congress.

Nearby superpower, the United States of America, has named the military supported transfer of power a coup, while the former president alleged that he was kidnapped. Supporters of the new government, including the Caribbean country's Supreme Court, and Catholic Bishops: claim that the former president had disrespected the laws of the country, and that while the transfer of power involved the military, that it is a lawful and legitimate transfer of power. They claim, that the former president wanted to illegitimately alter the constitution of the country, to gain another term in office.

The Catholic Church in Honduras, which has had a shaky relationship with left leaning: former President Manuel Zelaya (elected for a non-renewable term in office in 2005), has noted that the "coup" occurred in accordance with a court order, to the effect of legitimizing the removing of Zelaya from power, and claims that its position is in fact, out of respect of Honduran law, which it claims Zelaya has broken.

The Catholic Church claims that it did not support the exiling of Zelaya, but does not support his return to the country. Some, including a Jesuit priest and radio personalityIsmael Moreno who was publicly critical of the choice: had seemingly hoped that the role of mediator, taken up by Costa Rican President Oscar Arias, would be assumed by the Church. The Church's previous position, had been perceived by some as hinting at this. It now- claims to remain neutral, but respectful of the law. The law, being in its view: on the side of the new government.

This view, that the military was acting subject to Honduran law, has also been publicized by the Honduran Supreme Court, which claims that the military action, was lawful, and that the former president, had been planning to violate the law, via a referendum, about whether or not a president, such as Zelaya: could run for another term.

Zelaya, previously seen as a moderate, has been accused of attempting to institute a Chavez (Venezuelan President) style "socialist" scheme in Honduras, as well, as of attempting to extend his term in office. Venezuela, and others affiliated with socialism, have condemned the changeover of power in Honduras. Zelaya, is seen as close to Chavez, who has been accused of allowing Human Rights abuses against Catholics in his country.

The Catholic church, in Honduras, is both powerful, and political. It is reportedly the most trusted institution in the country. The Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, had at one stage been placed in charge of a commission governing the police. This despite the Aquinisian notation: that the priest must not carry the sword.

Zelaya, is a known advocate of abortion, and has been accused by the Catholic church in his country, of being a dictator.

The change of power in Honduras has been explicitly condemned by left leaning United States of America president: Barack Obama, as well as officials, in a number of other nations. The Organization of American States, had particularly attacked the new government. Chavez ally: suspended priest and former Sandinista leader Miguel D'Escoto Brockmann, controversial president of U.N. (United Nations) General Assembly since September 2008, has also condemned the takeover.

The Catholic church in the country, publicly states that the takeover was legitimate, and claims that the takeover was in accordance with a court orderZelaya, who claims that the referendum was more of a poll, than a ballot- faces arrest, should he return to the country.

Tuesday 14 July 2009

Americas: Carribean: Cuba: Second priest in five months killed in communist Cuba

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. Reuters (Secular; Independent; British) Monday 13 / 07 | July / 2009 [link] ; AP (Secular; Independent; American) Monday 13 / 07 | July / 2009 [Link] : Via Yahoo news; via AP Hosted ; Zenit News Service (Catholic; Independent; American) Monday 13 / 07 | July / 2009 [Link]: Spanish Language edition;  translation by Google of 13 / 07 | July / 2009 [Link] Zenit News Service Article ) c.f. French Translation: Amériques: Caraïbes: Cuba: Deuxième prêtre tués en cinq mois sous le régime communiste de Cuba

Article by Marc Aupiais

In a death, which is reported to not immediately seem connected to a similar incident within the last five months: a second (2nd) Roman Catholic Priest, has reportedly been murdered in Communist Cuba.

From first reports: it appears that Spanish Priest, Mariano Arroyo Merino, was reportedly found dead in one of the rooms of: the Nuestra Señora de Regla (Our Lady of Regla) parish, in Regla, by Havana Bay: in the Havana Archdiocese.

An automatic translation of Zenit's report on the issue, includes some details of the priest's life:

"Father Mariano Arroyo was born on February 20, 1935, in Cabezon de la Sal, Cantabria. He was ordained priest on April 17, 1960. Soon after, in 1962, left as a missionary in Santiago, Chile, where he remained until 1968. From 1969 to 1979 working again in Madrid, Spain, as a pastor and trainer of the seminar. In 1980 he returned to Chile, and served in several parishes in the Diocese of Copiapó."
(  translation by Google of 13 / 07 | July / 2009 [Link] Zenit News Service Article)
Arrayo, landed in Cuba, in the month of January (19th January), 1997, the same month as the Late Pope John Paul II visited the Caribbean Island in that year (AP (Secular; Independent; American) Monday 13 / 07 | July / 2009 [Link] : Via Yahoo news). In December 2004, Arrayo, was seemingly appointed rector of the National Shrine of Our Lady of Regla,  which is across from the Havana Bay. This is where he reportedly died (translation by Google of 13 / 07 | July / 2009 [Link] Zenit News Service Article).

As the February 14th death, of Rev. Eduardo de la Fuente Serrano, in a not very populous area west of Havana, is still under investigation, this second death has caught some attention. The Archdiocese of Havana, under Cardinal Jaime Lucas Ortega y Alamino, did not make any release about any suspicions involving who could have killed the priest. They did however comment on his life.

Sunday 12 July 2009

The meaning of "life" and "life alike"

(Journey in a Broken World) c.f. also in French Translation Le sens de la "vie" et "la vie même"

Article by Marc Aupiais

Ever tried to find a celebrity on facebook? Odd... Isn't it- how easily one finds a fraud!

It is just as hard to find any genuinely helpful book in the spirituality or religion section of a bookstore, or a genuinely religious bookstore for that manner. I have seen a soul lost due to a book I lent a person, from a trusted Catholic bookstore. A book which should never have been sold or published.

In reality, it is common to find people using another's reputation to profit, which is what those abusing religion, or shouting to the heavens from various valid causes can well do.

Jesus warns against this, in the first commandment, and yet; there is the utmost danger of ignoring the true person, of letting the liars, frauds and enemies prevent one from connecting with a real person. Evil is lack, so that a good man, who is ill equipped, is in a way physically evil. Those who usurp another's assigned place, can also be evil: as the good they do is less that the other is meant to, and would be doing!

This desire to use another's name is common in organizations for the common good: which uplift nobodies, with no intelligence, a rabid desperation and infinite self serving needs: to high rank: simply out of perceptions of need. In fact, such organizations attract these people.

And it is there that good and evil can tear each other apart as beasts do: but only should there be good, only should some individual take a stand.

It is therefore not surprising that the same can happen in the assigned Church.

This sinful reality- It is a just justification, and reason for just celibacy and poverty vows. Priests, Religious; these official servants must live as Christ did, least we see them as liars, as thieves and as Simonry's children.

It is their task to channel Christ; for which they must gradually lose their own need to be important: and in the place of this need, determine to become important: but below Christ as a factor of truth!

So, what is this deceptive vice which causes one to pretend, without true, just justification: to be what they are not? I say ... it is the depth of all evil: the original sin, which happened before pride, or in the pride of the first sinners, and is at the depths of the essence of pride.

We all desire meaning, purpose. It is common to all men, all mankind; to want to be important, even vital.

The sin is abusing that which is important for our own desperate desires and fears, and greed.

Let us not neglect that the situation is always desperate. We will always have the poor, weak, abused; until Christ comes again. The All Encompassing Church too, for thousands of years: has been infiltrated, with weeds among the good crop. Our enemies so often using the same trick as the Snake, that vile Serpent whom we read of in the story of Adam and his wife -Eve.

Evil uses the reputation of Good, the appearance of importance to do what benefits it and no one else; and deep inside, this aids -not even itself.

Should the whole Hierarchy fail, and fall into the depths of the currents of decay, death, sin and ruin: do not forget that the Sacraments and the Tradition of the Rock, and the Magisteriam will not fall.

As with the Old Testament truth bearing devices: or as Saul spoke truth of the Second Israeli human king, so the Magisteriam stays strong, should vile men call it to judge, or should good men invoke the procedures.

But know that to be important, good, vital, or needed; one must stare into the hallowed and fearful depths, to cleanse the soul and conscience with wise, connecting intuition: and become good.

Evil is lack, and disproportion. Good is proportion and fullness. To be good, is to be full, or fuller and seeking more. In our dark times, with bishops, perhaps cardinals, entire nations, and so many turning from their posts: their right level, their right place: to be good is the most important gift you have. Even unseen good affects all, and prayer is only one of the many ways we spiritually affect the world. Our every action is a prayer, a request ... To good or evil.

Even our inners speak, and venerate one or other!

To become good, we must stay in our proper place, we must train the soul, and spread the gospel. We must note how important personal responsibility is to Christ: that he command us to help ourselves before others.

Indeed ...he does not forbid us to take the deathly splinter out of our enemy's eye: rather; he demands that we firstly care for our own soul, before any other; least our judgement be wrong and evil!

It is why he speaks of the log and splinter when speaking of judgement. How can we save, if we are ourselves blinded. No, then we as blind men would lead others into the chasm of hades and hell. We must remove that log from our eye; and then we can remove others' afflictions. To be good is to continuously strive even unto, even past every death to better your connection with the Intuitive Truth, which is, and which leads via the magisteriam, and to and in God! For that truth seeks life, and not death; even if it means dying in the quest!

For we should never perform evil that good may occur. In those times, to do evil is to pray to evil. Good is never wrong nor bad. It is always practical: even if it takes more wisdom or energy or less. To do evil, is to lose sight of the gospel. We all have done evil in small portions, and yet; this was surely of doubt, despair and distrust of God, that we betrayed him!

Let us never move our gaze from Christ... Least the water surround us in a drowing death!

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