Thursday 15 January 2009

Retraction (Note: this will remain on top of subsequent posts, until 11 GMT +2 PM tonight, as likely with future retractions!)

An article based on an article in Reuters, in which: it was stated that, via a Jesuit publication, a rabbi attacked the current pope, has been corrected, it excluded important facts, and had typing errors, and considered accusations used as an excuse to withdraw from dialogue, as though true, without adequate research. We apologize for this!

This Article is corrected:Italian Rabbi Accuses Pope and some Discussions Stop (Title also altered)

A second article, which has had several errors, whereby typing errors: which changed meaning radically, are now taken out of it: is:

Paris, France; EU; Europe; Eurasia: Catholics stand up for their Jewish compatriots

It seems today is one of those retraction days: we apologize for both. As always: we do give retractions for errors. We also: often try to check articles before hand, but on discovering errors, we alter them!

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