Tuesday 6 January 2009

Unlikely Friendships...Sometimes are the Best Kind

I have read a ton of stories today in the news, from the horrid killings happening with Israel marching into Gaza strongly, mourners saying good-bye to eight men who died snowmobiling in an Avalanche in BC ... heartwrenching with 3 surviving and now living with this memory, the contraversy regarding stem cell advancement and its religious impacts, and of course here in Canada, the end of the world happening tonight with a hockey game being played against Sweden.

But the attached link is by far my favourite read today, think my saint is on vacation, a beautiful friendship story between an Elephant and dog. An odd friendship or bond that they share, like some rare humans on this planet seem to have.

It is a kind heartfelt story about two so very different animals, one an Asian 8,700 lbs. elephant named Tarra and a little doggie named Bella. If animals of different species can do it that are so different in everything ... what is wrong with us humans? Why do we resort to killings and evil when we disagree and we are all from the same tribe??

This story should make you stop and think about the behaviours of all of us. Sometimes the most unlikely friends become the best friends and what a bonus that is when that happens.

True friends harbor no fears, no secrets, no prejudices, they just hang out ... they like each other and have each others back!! Love and trust regardless of the differences in their worlds or lives always makes for a best friend. Like the article states we can all learn a lesson from these two creatures.

You don't just let anyone rub your tummy but your best friend!!


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