Saturday 25 October 2008

Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus ("Salus extra Ecclesiam non est" Saint Cyprian)- the duty was clearly set out by saint Cyprian of Carthage of salvaton on our garden of roses- Holy Mother Church

(Journey in a Broken World, c.f. Vatican Site on unbaptized infants; Catholics United For The Faith 28/09/08;Bringtoyou ??/06 0r 07/08; EWTN "Father Feeney (dissident) makes a comeback" )

Article by Marc Aupiais

We oft observe cautiously, in the ideas of the popular cultures of the ages, and even at present of the mysterious concept of a seer, of some person who somehow knows what the future is, or what it could be in some circumstances. In the novelties of film, and fictions, so often it is left solely to those who know of the prophesy to prevent what could occur- as never is it usually allowed in these speculations, that any person presumably outside of these few viewers of concept, can possibly know of it- and therefore all of these persons would act as they always had- leading up to whatever event would occur in any case. The person who has the knowledge of these events also has the unique danger of changing a good prophesy, if these fictions are to be taken to their other extreme.

When we say "Salus extra Ecclesiam non est" (word for word: Salvation outside the church not is), we say something much like these fiction creators- we say that we know of the future, of these events which are guaranteed, and we also know of the way to prevent these events- and further understand their real, true meaning, and what truths they surround of these words, and of the clear opaqueness in the true values of these words, symbols, mysteries, and events secretly are- which is, and are often misinterpreted.

More than this- we alone have been tasked with this momentous task- that of turning illusion into reality- by calling the reality- much as God did the animals to the arc- from within reality itself- to take the place of what once only appeared to exist so to speak.

For, against, or spoken of with quiet silence in every illusion- is the reality it either manifests, or misrepresents.

Now, we have seen, and know the importance of faith- of adherence to the truth in sanity- in order to bring about a quiet restructuring of sands within our desert world, yet we still have not spoken of how this shifting is to be altered into so subtle an alternate.

Now, if we are traveling within the sands of a dangerous terrain- that which is barren, and hot- a desert of sorts. We understand that if we bear too much heat for just a few collections of moments- our insides will stop working, and our chemical reactions will become pointless- making us die, like a machine no longer able to take its fuel, and make energy from this.

Those who are under threat from heat and elements in a wide open desert, can well include even ourselves... in this world, not only do we need the information to save us, but also the water to hydrate us. It is fair to say that after the day reaches midday in those sun induced hottest parts of time and of space on the planet- that in the open, on the dunes, there is no real hope of survival. One must either cover one's self below the earth, or quickly find a shelter- and preferably one with something to cool one's self.

Now, in the church- the sacraments are the water which keeps us alive- in fact, the human body is majority water, and so we know that we require water to exist at all, as we do the sacraments- or their ghostly mysterious counterpart- the mystery of Lumen Gentium XVI- the sacrament (Latin: Sacramentum: Military Pledge- from the word consecrate (make Holy), translating Greek Mysterion (mystery)), which like a mirage exists within the soul of one who would, or will take these saving mysteries, this saving mystery- which is the works of mercy of the Mother, Our Church.

When we say- that outside the church there is no salvation- it is like saying to a desert traveler- that unless they get to this or that oasis, or trading post before noon- that they will not make it. It is not supremacist,it is a natural, necessary, caring, God-given warning.

The traveler, who does not make it to the outpost on time, must take quick action, cautious action, that he or she might strike into frozen luck, and find a cave just before the time when he is set to die, and even a cave with water within to save him, but how exactly long this cave lasts, or how safe is any person's guess. The way man has been given to save others is through sacraments, and church. God created the sacraments- but himself is not bound by the physical manifestations of grace, which themselves are mysteriously connected with grace- yet it is the state of the soul which would live on sacraments, like the intelligence, wit and intuitive powers of a desert traveler who could find the cave- which saves those who have yet to find the sacrament, but would given time and opportunity. Any who make it to the cave, know also how temporary their resources are, and as soon as they are able- try to find their best path towards the Outpost, our Church.

The Catholic Church is the Pillar and Foundation of Truth (I Timothy chapter 3 verse 15- Bible), and so the church has determined (Romans chapter I, Proverbs Chapter II; Lumen Gentium XVI), that those who seek the Divine Truth about God, who Is God, as best they are able, in order to obey it- are actually seeking the Sacrament- the Mystery, and Pledge of us- of Mother Church.

Like any traveler seeking a new culture, home and hope- these people are already altering in an invisible manner, or changed to some mysterious powers, so that already their soul longs in our same hope, and reverberates, and echoes our hope. It is by the prayers of the church, and grace of God, that against physics, and appearances- these persons are protected from the storm which has hit our Desert universe. Eventually they will either succeed in finding the church, or for their valor, against the impossible- are hidden within the shadow of ongoing salvation.

Judgment by God of sin is not like that of a court, even if perhaps it one day may appear to be this, against my better intuition. Judgment by God, who is Reality, the Mediator of our Existence- is simply admitting of the true state of our soul. Those who seek the truth, the real divine truth- always with the aim of obeying it, like the three wise men who paid homage to our Lord, these have souls which are pleasing to God, and already- their hearts are in the land they so desperately seek. Those who willingly reject the church, knowing her necessity- commit suicide in the desert of our world, and by the church- are considered only to think they are seeking truth, if they even think such a thing.

Those, indeed, who are able to find this salvation, are often those who either came into contact with the events, or secrets- of a saintly person's life, or were influenced by some grace, indirectly, as the sun is influenced in a strange spin by the planets, or tide, by the moon- so that the magnetism of the animated discourse of souls, whether in heaven or earth- has caused a salvation where none other are able to see it, a salvation which is but a ghost, but within the church would flourish within a soul, and which will either solidify when the moment comes, or prove but a strange mirage- when finally the soul is introduced to the surface of truth's chalice.

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