Tuesday 13 December 2011

Cardinal Foley: a likeable, effeminate, Christmas loving but slightly incompetent man?

Article by Marc Aupiais

Cardinal Foley was the Christmas commentator for years: for the American English church. He was appointed by Pope Benedict XVI as head of the order of the Holy Sepulchre. That is: of getting charity for the Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East.

He is described as leaving thank you notes and making constant communication with friends and colleagues. They remember his jokes, and his ignoring of his cancer. His support of Salt and Light Television, his sentimentality and softness of person. His support for sometimes very politicised propaganda by Catholic News Service. His never bad mouthing a soul- allegedly.

Chaput notes his charismatic ability and that those who loved and cherished him and respected him: he hopes will be consoled. The Pope gave similar words.

Oddly lacking in all accounts is any claim that the man was even slightly effective as Head of the Social Communications department of the Vatican.

From the moment he retired there, news quality has gone considerably up.

The Cardinal died in Philadelphia.

Zuma considering usurping other branches of government- shadow minister claims to our Service

Article by Marc Aupiais

The Deputy Shadow Minister of Transport has written to the Editor of the SACNS, as has been his habit for a long time, requesting that the following view be noted. We do not take sides in political matters at present although the Scripturelink Vote Service will when the next election occurs. The claims of the DA and their representatives while highly interesting are their own.


"Letter to the Editor
Dear Editor,
The Simelane ruling highlights the Zumafication of government
Earlier this month the Democratic Alliance was victorious in defending our Constitution. The Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) found in the DA's favour that the appointment of Menzi Simelane as National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP) in November 2009 was unconstitutional and as a result invalid. Judge Mohamed Navsa in the delivery of a unanimous decision emphasised the fact that the legislative and executive arms of government are not above the law. Judge Navsa reminded the government that it cannot ignore, defy or subvert the Concourt. 
However Zuma and his government simply do not understand this. They also do not understand our Constitution. This is evident when Zuma was being questioned during a Parliamentary session recently, he said the following; "The powers conferred on the courts cannot be superior to the powers resulting from the political and consequently administrative mandate resulting from popular democratic elections."  In other words Zuma's understanding is that once a party is elected it can govern like a dictatorship presumably until the next elections when it should be able to do so until the following elections.
This scary scenario is further reinforced as more of the ANC leadership demonstrate their ignorance of how our democracy was carved out and how it should work. ANC secretary-general Gwede Mantashe is quoted in the media as saying, "you can't have a judiciary that seeks to arrest the functioning of government" describing the Constitutional Court as a consolidation of opposition to government.
The ANC is simply ignoring the principles of separation of the powers and arms of government, especially the assurance that no government could impose their will unchecked. Again, this statement is supported by the fact that the cabinet will be appointing a research institute to review the Constitutional Court's decisions.  
Almost weekly we see how President Zuma is running the country- by constructing the "Zumafication" of South Africa. An example of this is the fact that Zuma ignored concerns raised about Simelane's character during the Ginwala Commission of Inquiry into whether the then NDPP Vusi Pikoli was fit to hold office. In truth Simelane gave misleading evidence to the Ginwale Inquiry into the fitness for office of his predecessor, Vusi Pikoli.
This ruling has opened an even bigger can of worms; it is clear that the Minister of Justice, Jeff Radebe, who was supposed to have advised Zuma on Simelane's fitness for office, is loyal to President Zuma and not the Constitution. We can be sure that Radebe will continue to serve on Zuma's cabinet as it suits his plan perfectly.     
Zuma's mission is simple: to "Zumafy" state institutions so that they shield and protect the President and his network from being accountable to the law for any illegal actions he may have committed.
The President is however left with a dilemma; who must he appoint as the National Director of Public Prosecutions. He needs to apply his mind this time round. If he doesn't then the potential is there that this could escalate into a constitutional crisis. For once, Zuma needs to follow the interests of the country and not himself. I somehow doubt it though.   
Kind regards,
Manny de Freitas MP
Member of Parliament
Shadow Deputy Minister for Transport
Member of Parliament for Johannesburg South
Democratic Alliance"

Wednesday 7 December 2011


Wrote on wrong Blog by accident!

Was meant to go on my diary Blog!

Sorry again!

A magazine


Sometimes I feel a bit lonely. Today I certainly did. I noticed one of a female relative's magazines. I'd cleared it with everything else downstairs. Shape.

I simply looked through at the pictures of smiling women. Oddly pacifying!

Chicken Stir fri! With lotsa chicken


So, last night, I help make chicken stir fry. Really it was half chicken stirred and half anything else fried.

I enjoyed cooking. Especially as I didn't have mom's guidance. Was a bit like swimming alone in a lake for the first time.

Possible tan! Dunno


So, today... Was a day. A day to go down to the beautiful enclave of that cove we discovered on Monday.

Mostly some teenaged girls were bathing in the tepid Indian Ocean waves. I sat, then lay with my Oakleys sunglasses on, and tons of SPF 30. Finally, when the girls near the ocean calmed down, I went for a splash at the waves myself.

Was 30 degrees today (86 F)- so hectic heat.

I enjoyed the waves, at the height. It was almost midday. One to 7. One to seven. Intensity heightening like tension. Ebbing slowly away.

And hour in the surf, spray and sunspray. I hope I got a tan.

Today is my last day of Holiday in Margate. On Thursday we leave at 5 a.m. Then off to Kruger soon.

Saturday 3 December 2011

Is South African "invasion" of Nigeria illegal?


The Johannesburg Star: headlines with the diplomatic storm, after heavily armed South African police tries to storm the Nigerian Consulate.

The Nigerian officials were accused of stealing the passports of 68 South African citizens after they allegedly refused to pay a bribe. Invasion of a diplomatic station is a serious crime in International law. Nicaragua v USA, is one case where the sovereignty issue was shown costly for a violator of it. Peru v Venezuela, at the ICJ also, however showed that the laws of sovereignty and embassies are limited and complex.

The invasion of "Nigeria" by police, doesn't rank near South Africa holding alleged Rwanda Genocide criminals. That is, diplomatically.

But, the taking of nearly 4 score South African's passports away, is a very serious matter also. Passports are property of the state. Passports are part of citizenship, a constitutional right.

Nigeria swiftly handed back the 68 South Africans' passports, and denied travel visas. Their staff, want the responsible parties for the "invasion" taken to task.

Precedent would say sovereignty is one of the strongest factors in any diplomatic activity. The South African constitution does not allow for the nation to go to war offensively.

The question, if this lands in the ICJ, is this: is the alleged human rights abuse of 68 members of one country by another: adequate justification for violating territory to "rescue" them. Especially, given the fact that Al Qaeda flies on South African passports.

Thursday 1 December 2011

Abstain. World Aids day


As the world powers cut back in funding for HIV/AIDS: endangering lives: one method is still very cheap. The oldest method.


Remember this. And that the organization which treats more than any other: of the ill who suffer with this virus, patients of all creeds: is the Catholic church.

Also! ARV treatments have had the greatest success after campaigns against dangerous sexual activities: polygamy and homosexual lifestyle. Condoms, have unfortunately often lead to an initial increase in infections due to false perceptions of "safety". Condoms are not 100% effective, and in preventing pregnancy also lag behind.

Monday 28 November 2011

Terror attack in South Africa foiled

Article by Marc Aupiais

Usually BBM messages from some sources are scams. This had a touch of reality. This was from a reliable source:

"Please send to family & friends who may be in the area - From [omitted]: Confirmed bomb at Eastgate. Building evacuated. Avoid area."

I forwarded to my contacts, with the warning it may be spam.

Then, I got a reply, and said:

"another friend said they watched, said personally to me, the news! Said they heard there was a bomb! So please doubly avoid Eastgate- Marc!"

It seems by then it was defused. My final message on the matter was:

"All clear: They have announced on radio that there was a bomb and it has been defused and taken away. And my friend said bomb was disarmed already now!"

A few minutes ago!

I'm glad for bbm, or without my friends, I couldn't have kept right up to date and send this out to the other friends who didn't know.

Bombing, and terrorism is rare since an Islamist insurgency was halted in the 1990's. The Ethnic Afrikaans Farmer's Army, in the 2000's, was also infiltrated successfully and dealt with by security forces.

Sunday 27 November 2011

I am against the death penalty: but I found I wanted her dead

Article by Marc Aupiais

It made national headlines, just because of the gruesome vivisection that the woman had committed on her victim. Her lover had helped. They had lured him in, by promising a date with her. They were to meet at a graveyard. He had had no hope of escape. Fortunately, he informed his employer, who told the police who arrested her.

She had written poetry about it, fantasized for years. The sort of poetry to disturb a school psychologist but meant!

I watched Bear Grylls and also River Monsters: hoping that the nausea would end. It is now only I know what bothered me most.

Having read she was going to jail for life, parole considered at 20 years: I wanted her dead. I wanted to inject her myself, or be on the firing squad. Like Hercules, I wanted to cut off her head and parade it to the villagers! To say the monster was dead.

I oppose the death penalty. Even in her case. Even in such a case as even Stephen King could not hope to write. A case unprecedented in history.

The reason we want monsters killed is that we feel the world is dirtied by them.

The reason I don't believe in the death penalty: isn't the monster: safely behind bars. It is because when you kill any person you remember them. You are tainted by them. They haunt you. Person and society lose their entire humanity.

Serial killers scare us because they treat people like animals. They treat us as nothing special.

But if we treated them as animals: we'd be worse than them. We'd have no soul!

Saturday 26 November 2011

Western and other investors causing famine deaths in Africa- UN official claims

Article by Marc Aupiais

Agenzia Fides, has quoted a UN official claiming that food prices of basic goods on the international market have doubled in price in a year due to food price speculators buying securities. Food has become a market Western investors entered after the failures in the American and Western economies over weak banking regulations.

The article also quotes the British newspaper Guardian which claims that over a thousand million (US Billion) US dollars have been taken unscrupulously from poor countries in Africa, by vulture funds, which invest only in order to liquidate African firms.

The amount "stolen" through such false investment in equivalent to what the UN requested for Somali famine relief. It is twice the budget of the International Committee of the Red Cross allocated for the continental region of Africa.

Philippines government not genuinely interested in peace: Vatican news bureau reports

Article by Marc Aupiais

With fighting for years, against the Communist and socio-political brand of separatist Sharia Islam, the Philippine government has increasingly relied on its armed forces. Agenzia Fides has reported claims by a source, a Jesuit priest: who has made certain the Vatican press know that all initiatives at peace are being shelved.

Talks between Catholic and Muslim leaders are no longer being sponsored by the state (under Benigno Aquino) reports the Vatican based news agency. Talks with any real merit at lasting peace with communists and Islamists have been halted- Fides' source claims.

In the South-Eastern island of Mindanao, the largest in the Philippines, and one of the few parts which were unaffected by Catholic Spanish rule, and where Islamists originally fought the United States of America in 1913, and continue to resist the current government of President Aquino, more trouble stirs.

Locals believe that the killing of a local priest is the work not of Sharia Islamists in the area, or of those the state claims to be pursuing in secret. They have held public demonstrations, believing paramilitaries linked to the army are responsible for the killing.

After years of civil war, the powerful Philippine army, is accused of rampant rank and file corruption in the report by Agenzia Fides. The current administration, has clashed with the Catholic church, after it decided it would obey American pressure to attempt population control measures. The Church which caused the downfall of many previous regimes, has also been a major voice for peace. The state is currently at war with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and Maoist offshoot: New People's Army. The Moro, the M in MILF, are an ethnic group in the Southern Philippines.

The priest murdered was attempting to protect the land of South-Eastern Mindanao islanders against what Agenzia Fides sees as military linked land grabs. Mindanao, a trouble spot, is the largest of the Philippine Islands.

The Philippines' natural resources include nickel, cobalt, silver, gold, copper. All of these require mining to access. The rights of local populations have often been subjected to the will of well connected individuals in the Philippine state.

The Philippines, is a republic. It has one hundred and one million citizens. It is 80.9 percent Catholic, and 5 percent Muslim according to statistics dating year 2000 provided by the US government.

Pakistan's Minister for Harmony sees hope for Christians

Article by Marc Aupiais

In his recent visit to the Vatican, the successor of assassinated Minister for Minorities Minister Shahbaz Bhatti: Minister for Harmony: Akram Masih Gill, a Catholic, was given special Treatment. The Pope Benedict XVI, gave the minister the same treatment as ambassadors to the Vatican and heads of state. He was given a private audience.

While Asia Bibi has made headlines, and still is in a Pakistani death row cell, facing execution for alleged blasphemy, many others face extra-judicial killings, kidnapping, and workplace discrimination for being members of a minority.

Members of Parliament must understand Islamic beliefs, and be considered by them to be in harmony with these. The Pakistani president must be a Muslim, but a few places in the legislature are reserved for minorities and women. The Ministry for Minorities was quietly disintegrated and replaced in duties by the ministry for Harmony. The Minister for Harmony: Akram Masih Gill, recently proved his worth, by acting to have the name "Jesus Christ" removed from a list of terms the state forbids the use of in cellular networks' SMS (text) communications.

The British Foreign Office notes that attacks on minorities and different religious "sects" are high in Pakistan. There are constant police checkpoints, and foreigners often need police protection. People or places associated with the Western world or the state face bombings, kidnapping, and assassination plots.

Pakistani Christians, claims Zenit News Agency, face kidnapping, en mass assassination, workplace discrimination, and bribery to convert.

It is reported in Zenit: that the socio-political class of Islam fronted by the Taliban and Al Qaeda, in particular focusses on fresh recruits to Islam. Those who convert from Christianity are seen as easier to convince into suicide bombings and violent acts. Christians are therefore consistently intimidated, told they will have a better life if they convert and offered just such life.

Those who won't convert are intimidated, kidnapped, killed.

The lawlessness in Pakistan and in particular the Federal Tribal areas, where a protracted civil war is taking place, means that minorities are easy targets for Sharia Islamists.

Religion must be stated on official documents of Christians, reports Zenit. It claims that VISAs to leave are often denied by state officials to Christians, while Muslims are not. Jobs also, Zenit claims, are often denied Christians, who have a lot similar to illegal immigrants in the west. They have poor working hours and lack days off. Zenit claims from a refugee in Italy, that even Catholic organization Caritas Internationalis engages in discrimination against Christians. Caritas boasts that in Pakistan it has just about an entirely Muslim staff. It claims this as a boast that it aids irrespective of religion and is not purely religious. 95% of Pakistan is Muslim, but one in 20 people are not.

Friday 25 November 2011

A more conservative conclave to elect the next pope

Article by Marc Aupiais

Cardinal Adrianus Simonis, is set to turn 80 years old on Tomorrow, November 26th 2011: reports Rome Reports. The fact of the matter, is that at age 80, the Cardinal will no longer be allowed to partake in the election of the next pope.

Rome reports, notes that with the retirement of the cardinal from the Netherlands, minus the retiring Dutch Cardinal: there will now be: 111 Cardinals able to elect; 63 appointed by John Paul; 48 by Benedict XVI; with about 82 cardinals currently unable to elect due to their age.

Benedict XVI, has consistently attempted to create more conservative cardinals. He has also moved to have the offices which appoint bishops, hold conservatives.

The current pope appears to be of the view that obedience to Canon Law, with its origins in the secular laws of the Roman Empire, ensures a better bishop or cardinal or pope. Benedict XVI, as a cardinal was instrumental in breaking up the conspiracy that had existed before he took charge of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. His efforts lead to the near non-existence of sexual indecency cases after his appointment in the Congregation. The Bishops he has appointed Cardinal: are more likely to be those who believe in obeying the Canon Law: which has a basis pre-dating Christianity in the Early Roman Republic.

The Roman Law basis of Canon law, is the same basis of continental European law, South African, Zimbabwean, Pakistani law.

Canon law, in recent times, forces bishops to offer their resignation at age 75, and disqualifies Cardinals from electing a pope at age 80.

Farmer killed in Punjab, Pakistan: was Muslim, not Christian, and allegedly a criminal

Article by Marc Aupiais

The Vatican missionary Agenzia Fides: faith news agency: has noted a stern warning from the local Catholic Church in Punjab province of Pakistan. The killing of a farmer, Akram Masih in the region could not possibly have been an act of religious hatred. He had Muslim funeral rites, and had since ten years past abandoned all semblance of Christianity for the Muslim faith. The farmer was wanted in relation to criminal acts he was suspected of. He was killed in a police operation. Fides source: Fr. Nisar Barka, of the Catholic commission of "Justice and Peace" for the relevant Diocese of Faisalabad has made the above particular claims.

There certainly is an issue of human rights in the area however.

Punjab is Hindi for Five Waters. It is identified in a fertile plain, traversed by the Indus River which is fed by the five tributaries on which its name has its basis. It crosses the border between India and Pakistan. Herein the reference is to the Pakistani province of which the capital is Lahore.

Fr. Khalid Rashid Asi: Vicar General of the diocese of Faisalabad explained to Fides, that wealthy businessmen in the area, often allegedly steal land from poor farmers with assistance of the state: in particular the army. These "Land Grabs" are recently common in Punjab and Sindh. The vast majority of Pakistan's population resides in Punjab. The official language is English. Land Grabs, despite these two factors are not commonly reported in Western media.

Whether police claims that the man was essentially a criminal, have any credence, or whether he was killed due to any opposition to development is uncertain. What the Vatican and local church want to make utterly clear: rumours that the man was attacked as a Christian: are utterly unfounded and counter-productive.

Punjab, is a strategic region, being a launching place of many of the invasions into the Pakistani nation.

Pakistan is 95% Muslim, 5% Christian, Hindu, etc. Having been formed on religious differences with Hindu India, after Gandhi's passive revolution, Pakistan still takes religion to the zenith. In the Northern Tribal areas, the military held government has waged a war with the Taliban, who hold a socio-political tainted version of Islam. Muslim faith is an important factor in gaining political power in Pakistan, although there are seats for non-muslim parliamentarians.

The army is thought to hold the power in Pakistan, with the elected government consistently relying on American power as a basis for its existence. Claims by Fides sources that links to the military give some level of power certainly have basis.

Somali Islamist strike at Kenya, as the African powerhouse may have succeeded in cutting off their power

Article by Marc Aupiais

The Vatican's Agenzia Fides, Agency of faith: has reported on retaliation by Islamists: Shabab. A number of people were killed in terror attacks, after a major port supplying The Islamists with shipping taxes, allowing transport of Charcoal to the Middle East, and contraband into Kenya was blockaded by the Kenyan Navy and Airforce.

Shabab had previously attacked a pentecostal church and a government base. The latter being a failed attack.

Kenya intervened in Somalia after a wave of Kidnapping caused danger to their citizens.

The move to blockade the port, may cause the Al Qaeda linked Somali rebels, to be forced to scale back operations. The port is so strategic, it may even be the start of the end of the Somali civil war. Fides calls it the Shabab primary source of revenue.

Pope's call to fraternity (brotherhood/sisterhood)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The pope has in passing mentioned that fraternity was the answer to the economic crisis: here is his statement in context. Paragraphing added:

"Vatican City (Agenzia Fides) -

"This is the Christian distinctive: faith that becomes active in charity. Each of you is called to give his contribution so that the love with which we are always and forever loved by God becomes hard work of life, strength of service, sense of responsibility": this is Holy Father Benedict XVI's exhortation to those attending the meeting sponsored by the Italian Caritas, received at the hearing on November 24, on the 40th anniversary of the founding of the organization.

In his speech, the Pope emphasized "the important educational role" assigned to Caritas "to communities, families, civil society where the Church is called to shed her light. This involves taking responsibility for educating people to the good life of the Gospel, and that life is good only if it includes the witness of charity". He then recalled the work method adopted in the past four decades, "based on three interrelated and mutually reinforced attention: listen, observe, discern ...

This is a style that makes it possible to act pastorally but also to pursue a deep and fruitful dialogue with the various areas of church life, with the associations, movements and the diverse world of organized voluntary".

Recalling the pages of the Gospel, that narrate the various "gestures" carried out by Jesus, the Holy Father said that "Jesus' gestures, signs are deeply-rooted to the pedagogical function of Caritas. Through concrete signs, in fact, you speak, evangelize, educate. A work of charity speaks of God, it announces hope and induces us to ask questions".

He then wished the members of the Caritas of "knowing how to best cultivate the qualities of the works" and know how to make "talk'', especially taking care of the inner motivation that animates them, and the quality of the testimony that emanates from them. Such works are born of the faith. They are works of the Church, expressions of her concern for those who suffer most. There are educational acts because they help the poor to grow in dignity, Christian communities to follow Christ and civil society to shoulder its obligations ...

The Church's humble and concrete service does not seek to substitute, even less to assuage, collective and civil conscience, but accompanies them with a spirit of sincere collaboration, and with due concern for autonomy and subsidiarity".

In the concluding section of his speech, the Pope focused on the need to be able to "read the evolution of people's lives", as "charity requires an open mind, broad vision, insight and foresight, a « heart which sees»".

And he explained:

"Responding to needs means not only giving bread to the hungry, but also asking ourselves about the reasons one for their hunger, using the gaze of Jesus, Who could see the profound truth of the people around Him... Our thoughts cannot but go to the vast world of migration. Natural calamities and wars often create emergencies.

The global economic crisis is a further sign of the times which calls for the courage of fraternity.

The gap between the north and south of the world and the wounded human dignity of so many people call for a charity able to expand in concentric circles from the small to large economic systems to the great. Increasing poverty, the weakening of families, and the uncertainty faced by the young all point to the risk of diminishing hope.

Humankind needs not only benefactors, but also humble practical people who, like Jesus, stand alongside their brothers and sisters and share their fatigue. In a word, humanity is looking for signs of hope. The source of our hope is in the Lord.

This is why we need Caritas, not to delegate it with the responsibility for charitable service, but for it to be a sign of Christ's charity, a sign that brings hope". (SL) (Agenzia Fides 25/11/2011)


Police in Northern India arrest and detain Christian based on Islamic Tribunal decision (Sharia Law)

Article by Marc Aupiais

A shocking event, whereby Indian police in the extreme north of the majority Hindu Nation, arrested an Anglican pastor: based on a decision by a Sharia Law court, is just another example of the shocking human rights situation on the sub-continent. Paris based Iglesis d'Asia reports that the arrest of Anglican reverend Channa Mani Khanna, pastor of the Anglican All Saints Church occured when a Sharia Law Islamic tribunal accused him of forced conversions. A common accusation against Christians in India.

While Christians and Islamic populations are both heavily persecuted in large parts of India by Hindu nationalists and the BVP, this arrest happened in Jammu and Kashmir. This region is just below Azad Kashmir, a part of Islamic Pakistan. Fighting over it is common.

The police in Srinagar, a city on the Jhelum River, in the Himalayan foothills, with half a million population: conducted the arrest due to the decision of the Sharia court under Muslim spiritual leader for Kashmir: Ahmad Bashir-ud-Din.

This arrest is similar to that conducted against Catholics in other areas of India, based on the same sort of "forced conversion" accusations. In that case the victims were nuns of Mother Theresa's Sisters of Charity.

The arrest based on a decision of a Sharia Law court has raised concerns that it is against the laws of India which sees all citizens as equal, none above the law. The Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC) is reported as calling the arrest unconstitutional.

To give an except of a source on this:

Zenit New reports:

"Dans l'Etat du Jammu-et-Cachemire, à l'extrême nord de l'Inde, la police de Srinagar a arrêté le Rév. Channa Mani Khanna, pasteur anglican de l'Eglise All Saints Church, sur décision du tribunal islamique présidé par le grand Mufti de la vallée du Cachemire.

L'affaire a éclaté mi-novembre lorsque le grand Mufti Ahmad Bashir-ud-Din a accusé le pasteur de conversions forcées, sur la foi d'une vidéo postée sur YouTube (1) où l'on voyait le Rév. Khanna baptiser sept jeunes hommes et femmes, reconnus comme ayant été de confession musulmane. Cette vidéo, reprise immédiatement sur d'autres réseaux sociaux du web, avait déclenché alors une avalanche de commentaires menaçant le Rév. Khanna de représailles. Depuis, de nombreux chrétiens sont venus témoigner sur les mêmes sites, de la difficulté à vivre leur foi au Cachemire où leur communauté ne représente que quelques milliers de personnes (2)"

The New Mass: Resources from the Bishops

Article by Marc Evan Aupiais

This is a link the Southern African (Catholic) Bishops' Conference (SACBC) has sent out:

We have not vetted it:

"[...] resources for the Implementation of the new Roman Missal, including English Music resources. (see link below).
http://www.sacbc.org.za/implementing-the-new-roman-missal/ "

A resolve for war

Article by Marc Aupiais

Increasingly, Western Nations, and others are taking conflicts in poorer parts of the world into their own hands.

Stronger armies allow fewer casualties. When a battle gets too tough, even after destroying an economy and killing tens of thousands or innocent civilians, withdraw occurs.

The truth is any nation is very cautious to go to war with an equally matched enemy. America would not go to war with Russia or China.

A weaker nation, being able to attack one: serve to prove strength: without the risks true bravery will inevitably incur.

Unfortunately for the West: destabilising regions across the world, results in extreme poverty on which Islamic Fundamentalism thrives. It is the sort of poverty and poor existence which hurts moderate Islam, and feeds a socio-political cult: on which Al Qaeda and allies of it relies.

By attacking weaker nations, the West think no harm is done. Political clout is gained. With this clout however will emerge the Plebian disaster which destroyed the Roman republic. Violence, especially against the weak: only serves to destroy the basis of peace, and the security upon which the wealthy rely.

America and Europe are in danger of economic collapse. If their armies cannot be funded, what will stop the ever greater threat of terrorism against their states? Violence only lasts as long as it can be sustained. This is the same with the peace gained by it!

Turkey steals land from Christian monastery

Article by Marc Aupiais

A group of Christians, who have lived in a monastery for 1,600 years: pre-dating Islam, and the Turkish republic, have decided to approach the European Court of Human Rights of the Council of Europe.

The government of the Turkish nation claims that agricultural land not used for agriculture belongs to the state. The Christians, in the minority in the strange secularist nation, face a strange situation. Those owning the land the government declares to belong to it: say they have the documents to prove their ownership to the European court.

It is common for laws to regulate land needs be controlled and used to be owned. In South Africa, it allows land to be transferred after 30 years of uninterrupted use and enjoyment as though owner. There is a marked difference however between allowing those who have been maintaining land to use it indefinitely, and become bona fide owner, and taking land because it is not being used to farm.

In Vietnam a similar situation exists: where the Catholic Church owned many lands. These were taken by the Vietnamese government, despite the Catholic Church being the just owner.

Legislation, has often been used throughout the world to weaken Christian churches. From MYANMAR to the South African Apartheid regime: defunding churches and hospitals.

The results of this case will certainly be noteworthy.

The Council of Europe is older and has more nations than the EU. Some of its decisions have been highly controversial.

Jesus Christ is then isn't a forbidden word in Pakistan SMS regulations

Article by Marc Aupiais

Pakistan, released a list of forbidden words to be censored in all SMS (text) communications via cellular networks in the Asian nation. One of these words was "Jesus Christ".

The Catholic Church, and Pakistani Diospora, launched a campaign against blocking the name "Jesus Christ". They stated it was not an obscenity. They said that the ban on the word, hurt the gospel, and would hurt evangelization of the nation. They said it hurt the common good to ban the name "Jesus Christ" as an obscenity.

In another nearby Asian nation, Catholics faced violence for calling God Allah: God in Arabic.

In this case, the minister for harmony of religions, stepped in. The list of censored words, not to be allowed in telephonic text communications : now excludes the name of "Jesus Christ"!

Brotherhood, Sisterhood: The solutions to the economic crisis: Pope

Article by Marc Aupiais

Having just recently visited Africa, which he sees as a bedrock of humanity, its poverty a testimony to the fact God speaks through the weak not the strong, the pope has given his own solution to the economic crisis he postulated would occur.


The western world ought not to laugh at this suggestion of the Holy Father, or call it moralising, or preaching impracticable truths.

The basis of modern western civilisation. The basis of capitalism. The basis of modern democracy.

These are the awards the concept of the brotherhood of humanity can claim. From the Magna Carte, to the American constitution, to the basis of modern France.

To view the economy as one where all people have equal dignity: is to make more sound and stable financial decisions.

French Woman loses enslavement case against Opus Dei

Article by Marc Aupiais

The headline above, this is quite close to the headline that made it into the British newspaper: Telegraph.

"French woman loses Opus Dei enslavement case"

The enslavement case was not over Opus Dei beliefs and controversial communal existence, but over a woman actually working for the group. This was an important distinction to be made at the time of the case. Media refused to make this distinction.

The fact the case resulted in vindicating the group: has proven that media ought to take with a grain of salt: certain accusations against groups they do not approve of. Groups which hold practices and views, consistent and present throughout all human history, as old, in truth: as Christianity itself.

Older than modern western civilisation could hope to claim.

Bishops lobby for the green movement in South Africa

Article by Marc Aupiais

The Southern African Bishops' Conference SACBC has released a letter demanding that the South African government push a Green, Environmentalist agenda. It has asked they focus on carbon dioxide and other "green house gases" but mostly CO2.

~SACNS, our service has consistently taken the view that while CO2 may play a role in climate change:

- other actions by people such as disrupting natural sand ratios,
- deforestation
- the building of cities and roads, urbanisation: causing heat traps,
- sun spots known to alter temperatures,
- extra-terrestrial gravity from sun and moon and cosmic forces
- impacts on the Ozone layer and magnetic field of the earth
- tectonic activities
- the introduction of plastics and heavy metals into the oceans: affecting fish including plankton.
- the introduction of chemicals into the environment resulting in cross-sex fish, and affecting the abilities of marine life.
- the emissions of bovine animals domesticated for their meat: which contribute a good deal of non-CO2 gases
All also play a role.

Recent data from NASA satellites showed that heat is not so deeply hampered from leaving the atmosphere as thought by Green House gases.

Even sceptics of climate change do not deny it is happening, they deny that it is a simple matter of CO2 emissions causing it. Some even believe it irreversible!

~SACNS believes that the Bishops ought to have suggested a combined approach to climate changes facing us. Demands for aid from first world countries based on damage: seems counter-productive as Aid promises are already not fulfilled as it is. It takes the responsibility off local governments. The Bishops ought to also have noted that Climate Changes if extant, can only be combated in such a way as does not sacrifice innocent human lives and livelihoods.

Emphasis on the positive impacts of insulation in keeping out heat and cold, of greening city roof tops, of alternate construction materials, and solar power could have been much better suggestions on the part of the Bishops.

South Africa is aiming unlike what they have claimed: for a nuclear future: focussing on building massive new coal and nuclear power stations. The government has however done so with greener designs in mind.

A pastoral letter from the bishops: ought to have focussed on what each individual can be encouraged to do to combat any extant climate changes or to adapt to them.

The bishops were right to acknowledge that climate change is a natural process. In fact it is continuous, and the world, so stable for the last 60 000 years, historically would be due an upset.

A united approach to Climate Changes: where not only developed nations are obligated to act, and where all take responsibility for climate change, while acknowledging that people are an asset not a obstacle in combating or adapting to climate changes would be much wiser an approach and in line with actual Catholic doctrine.

Catholics are not under obligation to obey mere pastoral letters, which are there to help order the church.

Here is the press release, not sent to ~SACNS but as sent to Agenzia Fides (paragraphing added):


"Defending creation fighting greenhouse gases": the request of the Bishops of Southern Africa on the eve of the UN Conference on climate change

Johannesburg (Agenzia Fides) -

"Our beloved world and the entire creation - that God has given us - are threatened by climate change", write the Bishops of Southern Africa in a Pastoral Letter published on the eve of the 17th UN Conference on Climate Change to be held in Durban, South Africa, from 28 November to 9 December.

"While climate change is a process that happens naturally, there is now a general consensus that human activities make this happen much faster.

Those responsible for this process are the 'greenhouse gases' like carbon dioxide and methane, which are released into the atmosphere", says the Letter of the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference (SACBC), of which a copy was sent to Fides.

The Bishops launch an appeal to put pressure and encourage the South African government, which chairs the Durban conference, to support the following resolutions: to reduce global emissions of greenhouse gases (mainly carbon dioxide) so that the increase in global temperature remains below 1.5 ° C; to ensure that current decisions concerning economic development are not based only on the immediate economic needs, but take into account the survival of future generations; forcing the Countries that emit large amounts of "greenhouse gases" to meet its obligations to fund the programs of developing Countries to reduce their emissions and adapt to the impacts of climate change; South Africa, in the 13th place among the Countries that release more carbon dioxide in the world; commits itself in the production of renewable energy, gradually eliminating coal and nuclear production, and developing the potentiality of renewable energy.

The Bishops also ask for the Kyoto Protocol of 1997 (on limiting greenhouse gas) to be extended and that the treaty becomes a binding agreement and that there are real controls in compliance with these agreements. (L.M.)


No mention of combating the abuse of populations in Africa by both commercial developers and by climate change believers. This press release is likely to have little if any impact. It pushes an agenda of the extreme left, so far from practicality that it will not impact negotiations.

Practical suggestions for talks, or a more comprehensive approach would mean far more.

Wednesday 23 November 2011

Why the secrecy bill is a GOOD thing!

Article by Marc Aupiais

I don't know if we can believe ANC claims on 702 that corruption and felonies being shown up will be adequate defences: but Public Interest is not any good justification for spilling state secrets: given what the term really means.

In Delict you study Public Interest: truth and in the public interest, in general. For media that becomes Reasonable Publication.

Public interest includes hypocrisy. If the Military or Crime Intelligence knew someone had been naughty on the phone or was cheating with their secretary. This is Public Interest material. It is very wide.

The Regulation of the Interception of Communications Act, as amended a.k.a. RICA forces phone and internet companies to keep all emails, SMS (text), MMS (image SMS), sent through South Africa: for government access. Phone calls on cellular phones are also all recorded. Only BBM and BlackBerry etc Enterprise Server Email, are except. The government claims to be attempting to legislate these under the RICA powers in March or so next year.

Believe it or not: your phone behaviour, etc is in the public interest.

When RICA passed, the Secrecy Bill was both inevitable, and necessary.

It may need some altering under Constitutional challenges, but the worst thing in the world would be allowing public interest defences: given that the South African government now has more intelligence on its citizens than Soviet Russia ever dreamt of.

(please note: This does not constitute and is not legal advice. Consult a legal professional in relation to any facts or real world situation facing you. I do not guarantee the accuracy of these statements, nor warrant against harm in reading or listening to or acting on them.)

Zenit the new l'Osservatore Romano: secretly under Vatican control

Article by Marc Evan Aupiais

Suspicious ousting of Zenit editors after the Legionaries of Christ came under Vatican curatorship made few headlines outside the Catholic press.

After the shaming of the legionaries by the Vatican, for their founder's double life, the editorial team of Zenit wanted to give the organisation, with a generally European world view over to the American Catholic media organisations. The founding editor was asked to leave. His team quit in protest.

The question: was it the Legionaries or their Vatican curators who had this done. ZENIT's news agenda is now not only written similarly to Vatican press, but follows the Vatican agenda perfectly.

Just as Agence France Presse is really the French Government, and RT is really the Kremlin: due to not too well hidden financial ties, another organisation has in fact secretly been renditioned.

The Legionaries are under Vatican control after their criminal activities were discovered. Zenit is owned by the Legionaries. Zenit is following the same news agenda as the Press Office of the Holy See.

How long it will last is uncertain, but the half a million subscribers must have been too big a temptation for the Holy See, because an organization now under their indirect or direct curatorship: is now following their news agenda. The editors from years under loyal service to the Legionaries: having been fired or quit.

Monday 21 November 2011

Obama targeting 13 year olds to convince parents to elect him for them

Article by Marc Aupiais

-Scripturelink's Catholic Voter's Guide-

Sacns's negative coverage of Justin Bieber over the past has certainly had nothing to do with his consistent support of the US democratic party policies (calling capitalist healthcare "evil") and his asking Christians to butt out of homosexual "marriage" issues. It also has nothing to do with the sad fact that the South African government has considered bankrupting National Health Insurance due to American adoption of the now very unpopular policy. A policy that never worked in Canada or the United Kingdom: but instead resulted in corruption, limited service and pressure on the elderly and discrimination based on weight and other issues.

Obama, is quoted in the Sunday Independent (owned by Britain's Independent) as once again showing his companions. Justin Bieber is his name drop this time: saying that it certainly didn't hurt his campaign hanging out with him. The teenager recently even met a girl at Obama's request (the US president promising the meeting on the spot), to create goodwill for the ultra-leftwing and frankly anti-capitalist US president.

Obama, in 2008 got into power with the help of anti-war campaigns which have disappeared, as Obama escalated US military campaigns three-fold, targeting civilians and alienating old allies. While the bush administration opposed the move, Obama had the revolutionaries in Egypt trained to overthrow Mubarak, after receiving intelligence that they planned a revolution when it in fact later occurred, as detailed by Wikileaked cables. The sudden buying by Egypt's military of massive US arms caches before the revolution, is something the SACNS noted with alarm, believing then there may be other reasons for arms stockpiling.

Mubarak was an army plant: openly put in power by the army, and the army remains as in power today as when they made him their third appointed puppet president. The difference is, most people in the Middle East, now heavily oppose Obama and America. A similar belief holds in Pakistan, due to CIA blanket drone bombings of tribal areas. Also, Western and Christian schools in places like Afghanistan don't exist any longer. In Libya, leaders who were renditioned by MI6 as suspected Al Qaeda: now suggest Sharia Law as a constitution now in power. In Afghanistan, radicalist legislation has also passed. In Kenya, US allies under Obama have introduced Sharia law into their constitution. In all these countries, anti-Israeli, and Anti-US sentiments have sky-rocketed. Also, the average person is forced to pick up the pieces after wars. Their well-being is damaged. Radical Islam which Now rules their puppet regime nations, only thrives among the vastly poor. It operates much like the prosperity new wave "Christian" Churches in North Africa: which only really succeed among the poor: and introduce shocking, unwise laws. In Afghanistan, marital rape was one of the things the US backed government attempted to assist: allowing a man to starve his wife for three days whenever she refuses sex with him.

Obama can call on the Hollywood elite, for re-election. It is they, like Justin Bieber now, who fought so hard to get him elected in 2008, before shutting up quickly when he repeated Bush's mistakes to an even greater degree. While songs were made about Bush failing New Orleans: the fact Obama sidelined the need for safety regulations for off-shore drilling is often ignored. That he used poisonous chemicals to clean the spill, when natural dissipation was advised by experts, again is not sung of. The deepest destruction to the gulf coast environment was from the clean-up not the oil spill.

Like the ANC in South Africa, Obama relies on fear mongering: Climate Change (which he has done nothing but exacerbate internationally), lack of jobs (a lack created by him and bad management), fear or the religious right (which founded his country and its constitution), and support of Muslim, but not Christian holidays, while putting in place policy that disenfranchises mainstream Muslim culture in America, many parts of the world, and forces Catholics in America to disobey they consciences.

On the matter of Justin Bieber's support, which Obama has flaunted at town (halls) meetings. A sad fact no self respecting politician would be proud of. It certainly is a good thing that this kid only appeals to 13 year old girls, and some male rap artists.

One can only hope that parents dumb enough to wait hours in ticket lines, won't vote for the man who put them out of a job and alienated the rest of the world, simply because their 13 year old daughter wants Justin Bieber to marry her.

Just as Justin Bieber's parting at gay club Kremlin, and support of gay marriage special privileges, should concern his flock of 13 year old zealots, Barack Obama's choice to use celebrity to try to be re-elected should concern just about everyone.

South Africa weathered the financial disasters of world economics by keeping close advisors like Standard and Poors: Obama, however has alienated and attacked the authorities of world finances.

His just recent attempt is dangerously, of late: to do away with conscience protections against his radical social and financial agenda: forcing the closing of adoption agencies, and hurting Catholics who would be excommunicated if they assisted in abortion and other things.

The man who prompted a senior Vatican official to state his healthcare legislation was an act of war against the Vatican, is running for re-election. France 24 and all international media and authorities, have warned of the effect of US withdrawals in nations they destabilised, but that has been just the agenda.

Like Justin Bieber, he (Obama) relies on a cult of dedicated followers, blind to his courting of several others: here the special interests of the companies that funded him into power. Companies such as abortion and healthcare chain Planned Parenthood, who gained millions of dollars from healthcare legislation, which a vast majority of Americans oppose. Supporters such as those that praised US intervention, introducing Sharia law in to Kenya, Libya, Afghanistan, et al.

Obama in 2008 was very vague in his promises. He is again.

ultra-cheap air-conditioning sans the electricity

Article by Marc Aupiais

-World Tainted Green: Environmental Service of Scripturelink.net-

On Sunday I was in Entabeni conservation wildlife reserve, at Legend golf and safari resort lodge. The temperature was such to create heat stroke, and as I was in the car for two hours, I needed a way to stay cool. It is a myth that you get heat stroke just by being in a vehicle. I put my survival knowledge to use.

Earlier, on my arrival. Air-conditioning off, I was cooler in the car than outside air was. Once, again it got me thinking.

What I did was insulation. I put up that reflective tinfoil on the wind shield, and covered the windows with a cotton jersey, and my wind breaker from Pringle. I then opened all the windows, and created the right amount of space to create a through breeze.

Early man would spend his days in caves. They provide insulation against hot and against cold. Houses used to be built to insulate against weather, at certain angles, in certain ways.

This morning when I woke up I put blankets over my curtains, pulled blinds too. One blanket I attached to the window on the top of one side and closed it, the other was over.

Already, with only my fan on, and even with my window open, and light on: my room is cooler than the rest of the house. The wall of insulation against the outside is doing what my fan alone could not.

Mine is the only bedroom in the house without air conditioning. A simple survival trick I knew to use to spend two hours in desert like temperatures in the Waterberg, has now lead to an experiment.

Blankets keep heat in and out. A few layers of insulation and my 1970's or '80's fan is able to keep me as cool as in winter or spring.

Especially up on the hill where I live.

Perhaps I will have to wait for a sunny day for the full test. It is raining and nearby Johannesburg is on 15 degrees according to the weather on my phone. It is set to reach 25 degrees today. Where I am it is 5 degrees hotter than on road level it should be interesting to test.

If the insulation by curtains isn't enough (my house has brick walls 4 layers about thick), then I will move to put soil in bags above my room in the ceiling, if fire safe or some other method. Either way, what worked in Mpumalanga, ought work here!

Friday 11 November 2011

When the "Other" Vatican spoke: crackdown on personal views, in the Holy See: after document appears to support Occupy Wall Street!


Dark waters swirl at the Vatican. Notorious for sporadic shocking press releases, and lack of media packs to explain statements to major press houses: forcing Catholic media to defend it. Famous for misstatements and infamous clarification.

When the Vatican press office released a statement which media saw as supporting anti-establishment and anti-deodorant occupy wall street, despite the document itself claiming no Vatican sanction: the press office wasn't replaced.

The Justice and Peace department of the Vatican city state, which made the statement, caused some division and calls of foul play, unnamed sources have released to the press. The Secretary of State, responsible for the Vatican government and foreign relations, reeled at the impact of such an anti-G20 document being delivered to the G20 and the world without permission or clarification. Damage to Vatican G20 relations, and with the public, where the document was misinterpreted, has made waves.

"No more firing from the hip, even if it was hurt in a fall"
Down to the intrepid facts

Secretary of State for the Vatican: Tarcisio Bertone, Sandro Magister of L'Espresso is reported in CWNews as reporting: has ordered that all Vatican government departments have their statements to the public vetted by the Department of the Secretary of State, before media ravenously are allowed to devour them.

"Blot out my offence"

The document, asking that the IMF (International Monetary Fund) be replaced by a new global financial authority, controlled within the UN (United Nations) structures, which would govern world financial authorities, and act like a central bank: apparently was even controversial within the Vatican itself, and released to media far in advance of any Vatican officials seeing it.

The Vatican's IOR central bank, has been known to issue statements in the past, as has the pope, but the Justice and Peace Council, really would be better suited to justice and peace issues than those of finance or relations with states. It is surprising despite the controversy of their document, that Italian media now reports they kept all other interested Vatican departments in the dark. On such an important spiralling out of control issue. It seems it involves ruffling feathers, when some independents take to: Involving crimes against logic and body odour; monetary and social left wing, anti-institutional agendas, and bad Halloween costumes: with the Vatican's clean, institutional ("right wing"), intellectual, the-anti-Halloween-like clean bathed image!

The question is why the National and International Relations and not the dogma department is the one to review these documents. The answer is simple enough. The release is clearly seen as hurting the Vatican: on its global stage.

Monday 7 November 2011

CISA and the not so Super "super" site of the Southern Cross

Article by Marc Aupiais

South African Catholic actually owes its birth to the fact the Southern Cross was once entirely void of an internet presence.

Back then, in the stone age, I was known as a Catholic apologist, a blogger: seldom political, and creater of a search engine of the Vatican: better than the Vatican's own blind fumblings at the search world.

But, my fascination, my obsession with the Continent: my continent: Africa: meant that I wanted search results for events here. Or RSS or something. CISA (hereinafter CISA; that is Catholic Information Service for Africa) spoke of Africa, but their website was impossible.

I begged the Southern Cross to let me Blog their articles. I pleaded, and instead got the right to discuss them, as critically as I should choose. I did. Kindly. Then critically. A good friendship emerged.

A storm however changed the shadows of time and space. I was contacted by a person from media, who informed me of their strict view: that the Southern Cross were not good friends.

It turned out they published more anti-Catholic than Catholic letters: Cardinal Napier told us, calling them anti-magisterial (anti-Vatican). But he wouldn't bring his own newspaper, on which board sat his inferior Chris Townsend: under raps.

The Southern Cross promoted legal abortion, gay rights, condoms, sedevacanists: all while contradicting anything the Vatican said as false.

I had Catholic Culture review their website with the note that they sold their product in Parishes officially for the Bishops. I noted their failings. A review came out attacking them.

The offer I had to help the Vatican design a new search engine, and that to help set up a specialist news service for the SACBC soon fell away: especially when I caught out an ally of theirs' abusing Vatican charity funds to support anti-Catholic political campaigns. They were forced out of office, following Vatican activity on the SACNS.

It was then that the Southern Cross launched their new website, finally giving the SACNS a minor competitor online: in our own water territories.

CISA, allied with them, and started to Blog for them. The Church also now has the paper which organised to have the new mass trashed, after the Bishops in charge of it introduced a version early: the church now has it explain, "justify" such mass.

So, if one goes on this new website, easily linked to by Radio Veritas, and other Catholic media locally: but not by us: one finds a basic platform: the type non-IT types update easily.

What is lacking, in this pseudo-independent media; ironically is independence. Articles are either clearly from the SACBC: some figure demanding them, or else fitting a specific liberal, secularist almost ex Catholic worldview.

Sadly for the Southern Cross: such publications are a dime a dozen: especially among local media.

Even more sadly: their site disappoints.

Even if their contents didn't, their site is only mediocre, if even that.

SACNS was founded to create a Catholic web presence in South and Southern Africa: because I thought Southern Cross articles, or some Catholic view needed to go online: even if I had to write some of my own articles.

Ironically: that very fact: is why we compete in a small but powerful way: independent of the Bishops: yet successfully against the Southern Cross.

At a total operations cost of about R 1 000 a year, it isn't bad that we compete online with much larger services.

Sadly, CISA and others, who's value I can't determine, as they truly enter so little into the debate: have sided with the Southern Cross over their own independence. At present I know of only two Southern African Catholic Voices: SACNS and our allies etc, and the Southern Cross.

But the latter, even if it were loyal: hardly competes. It is marketed sorely by almost every parish priest, but hardly grows. It is neither fascinating nor independent where other services are. It isn't original, and its views are clear and in opposition with what those same priests promoting it, same bishops publishing it promulgated!

A site of mixed opinions, all most confusing than the last: helps explain why 90 percent of Johannesburg Catholics have left the Church. Though other contradictions more strongly evidence this contradiction in terms, that is at work within the SACBC.

What gospel is preached, when the gospel itself is the enemy of so many claiming to be within the City of God?

We obey our rulers in what they say not what they do: as long as they don't contradict the magisterium or good morals: yet, what sadness when the lives of the church's servants are so undedicated to the gospel, as to allow it to be slandered right within the very walls of the church!

Zenit dead! Long live Zenit!

Article by Marc Evan Aupiais

Zenit. Such a strange, mysterious name. Perhaps an ancient Peruvian monster. A sea monster, which warriors pursue. Zenit, the internationally recognised Catholic powerhouse, now ironically dead under Vatican indirect control.

Zenit, the voice and face of the Legionaries of Christ: now so infamous: somehow claimed to be independent all its years of quiet operations. The Late Editors, now claim, to the competition at Catholic News Agency, that it was following a desire for more transparency; for changes to the board: that a tornado of change engulfed Zenit.

The Editorial Team: wanted members of other Catholic media on the board: to push out the legionaries. They quit or were asked to quit when this failed.

The shining star of Catholic independent media: through wanting to be less independent but more transparent on funding use: frankly died. The Founding Editors left, en masse. Zenit died. Hydra Zenit rose in its place.

After the plagiarism, and the shocking double life of the former, Late (dead) head of the Legionaries of Christ : Fr Marciel: was discovered; and the complicity of the legionaries: high tea Zenit found itself in the Vatican and Legionary Cross-hairs.

The Legionaries came under Vatican control. Zenit came directly under Legionary control: losing its famed editors, and their bright ideas of submitting to other Catholic media: their competitors.

Independence from a monopoly was persevered at Zenit: but now fully clawed by the tentacles of their legionary masters.

When I read Zenit now, I almost wonder what monster hides just below the surface, what Yeti hides in the snow white of the page: what sea serpent hides under the blue: waiting just that moment to grab me.

Fact is: while dramatically boring: something Zenit wasn't the last time I really truly read it before it died: about a year ago. After the change just a short time ago, articles have continued much the same but without a flair they had. It is as though an old priest now edits it, rather than laymen. It has that ancient dignified sense.

While many have unsubscribed, I have not. I read AFP of the French government. I read Fides of the Vatican. I read Zenit: of the Legionaries; who are now directly babysit by the Vatican.

It makes an interesting read. One wonders: who controls Zenit: the legionaries, or their Vatican babysitting teams.

The tentacles reach out around the world symbol of Zenit! But who's tentacles? And perhaps is it not a good thing: that American Catholic media houses have not taken over what was always a largely global viewed operation: once truly a view from Rome.

Saturday 5 November 2011

Don't be a Celebrity- Jesus?

Article by Marc Aupiais

Be better than the Pharasees or you won't enter heaven. Don't be like the Hypocrites, who's faith is false. Don't be like a tax collector. Tax collectors, and harlots will enter heaven before you!

Any of these ring a bell.

Pharasees came from the Maccabees: the famous Jewish warriors who fought on the Sabbath. They became a religious cult/denomination in Jesus' time. They were closer to the truth than the other Jewish major Hebrew sect.

Hypocrites: were stage actors in the Greek plays. Actors, celebrities to use a modern word. If you want to know what not to be: pick up People Magazine, Time Magazine, Forbes. Jesus also said only through God's grace can the kings, emperors: the rich: of our days be saved. John the Baptist said: those with good clothes serve in the palaces of kings: you did not come to see such a man. Jesus said to a disciple: if you want to be perfect give up all you have and follow me: but as a rich man he could not accept the call to be a monk.

Jesus shows again: by his wisdom: that kings, claim to be representatives serving the people, but really aren't: saying: be the least that you may be greatest in Heaven: God's presence is Heaven: his dominion: we call heaven! The pearly gates don't exist yet, God however does. They will after all is destroyed that can be destroyed.

Be humble. Don't seek after the things people seek. Don't emulate actors, celebrities. Jesus reacted to the celebrities of his day by mourning them. The Pharasees who everyone greeted, and who valued the respect they gained. The kings, who he snubbed: saying: My Kingdom is not OF this world, even if it includes THIS WORLD!

Jesus has no respect for celebrity. He said Greet EVERYONE in the marketplace: knowing most only greeted the important! Jesus doesn't want us to have two standards: one for the rich and one for the poor: where the rich always get the softer standard: rather: he wants us to be as he is: frankly unimpressed! Unimprinted! Honest! And thriving and doing every deed, taking every sip, stroke: in honest air and water of honesty! I AM WHO I AM: not who YOU tell me (ME) to be!

The theology of suicidal depression

Article from Marc Aupiais

The mortal sin of suicide has always fascinated me. It seems to contravene Lumen Gentium XVI to say it always is for hell, but also it likely often is a mortal sin, and seems likely those who commit it go to hell.

I suffer from suicidal depression, periodic temporary paralysis, and 24 hour pain throughout my body. I am 21 years old.

The depression usually follows the collapse and pain. It is when whatever it is affects my brain. I sense a change in me and know it is coming. Brain chem alters. I have attempted suicide in this state. I survived. Each time.

I also suffer from PANDAS, something still under research, the cutting edge. It means that happy pills will mix with me in a Catastrophic way, I am more likely to die from them than my depression.

Pain killers also react badly, and most medication. When I take medication, I usually land in hospital.

The Catholic Dogma of Hell and Mortal Sin, and Tolkien's metaphor of tending our own little garden in life: our duty to God to live: keep me alive. My pain, which can feel like being killed, no doubt: is constant and always present. Sometimes, it becomes unmanageable.

Sometimes I also feel extreme emotions: love, anger, lust, joy, happiness, embarrassment, etc. These I generally control ten times better than anyone else: I have learnt to control emotion, but depression is different.

I tell when I sense the brain chem alteration, I pray and ask for prayer, I inform, and I try to get home and sleep in a dark room. I read also: Jane Austin has literally saved my life!

I fight depression: our task as Catholics. I control me.

The question for you, or anyone affected, if someone you know commits suicide: isn't: are they in hell, but how does one fight as best they could to obey! If I fight as best I can to obey- to live: to tend that little garden: and a sudden wave crashes, killing me as deeply as an ocean tragedy: how can you live as best to obey God!

My spelling goes, my ability to speak, sometimes my hearing. Sometimes when I get up, I go blind. My reasoning goes, my emotions too: these three remain: Love (Divine Charity); Hope (God's Hope in my Soul); Faith (God's Faith in Me; My Faith in God; Love; Hope; Family; True Good Humanity; Friendship; Community; Love)!

So from someone who knows; and who believes in obeying God to absolute: Catholics must focus on their most utter best: to strive: and when the pain is impossible: strive some more: try your hardest: to fulfil the duty to live! Life is a duty not a gift!

Tuesday 1 November 2011

The Toll Road System is bad for the country- Catholic Parliamentarian- Manny De Freitas says

Article by Marc Aupiais

Where a contract results from government incompetence and bribery, which benefits special interests and hurts the citizens, I see no reason why such an immoral contract against public policy and the constitutional duties of government should be upheld- in my personal capacity. Further, the Tea Party, and Right Wing, while foreign concepts to the liberal Democratic Alliance, actually are those in America seeking sound financial governance and smaller government where this is efficient. They directly mirror the Democratic Alliance in these, or one would hope this were the case.

On to a press release emailed the South African Catholic SACNS by Manny De Freitas, a known Roman Catholic who the Editor of the Archdiocesan News, Johannesburg a long time ago: introduced our service to and we as they had: verified was: Member of Parliament, Shadow Deputy Minister for Transport, Member of Parliament for Johannesburg South, Democratic Alliance: Manny De Freitas, as the emails claimed:

Manny claims the following: given in full, as political statements are often twisted, something our service doesn't do in our past practice:

"Reasons to oppose Toll roads continue piling up


The construction of toll roads in Gauteng has been a subject of debate for a while now. The overwhelming majority of residents in Gauteng are against it – the main reason being that motorist will be forced to fork out money they don't have. The tight economic conditions we are currently in reinforce this. Government is making it expensive simply to get around. Unlike many other countries motorist have no choice as the use of a public transport system is not an option, simply because it does it exist.


The complicated e-tolling system alone costs some R14-billion. Whilst foreign companies install these systems and get rich, South Africans are forced to pay up and tighten their belts. Not only will motorists pay the toll fees but will be charged VAT on these charges. Basically, we will be paying tax on a tax!


The argument against toll roads continues to pile up. The reality is that with these expensive tolls have to be paid for by everyone, including businesses who have to use our roads for products and services. This will make everything more expensive. The poor will be most affected. Irrespective of what SACP (South African Communist Party) Secretary General, Blade Nzimande may say, who describes our anti-toll campaign as "right-wing, tea-party campaign" – the reality is that this will lead to a loss of jobs. As the cost to conduct business increases, businesses will have no option but to lay off workers or even move out of Gauteng to more economical provinces. Gauteng, the economic heartbeat will dramatically suffer.


As this happens and more and more people feel the financial pinch, motorists will seek alternative roads to use. Roads previously less used suddenly will become busy. This will mean that these roads will need additional repair and maintenance attention that they previously didn't require. These roads fall within the jurisdiction of municipalities and provinces. These tiers of government will be unable to keep up financially with the newly required repair work as they historically didn't have these requirements – and thus were not budgeted for. These roads will begin to crumble whilst local and provincial authorities will be unable to keep up with this decaying infrastructure.


Don't be fooled by the clever spin and smoke and mirrors coming from the Department of Transport and SANRAL (South African National Roads Agency Limited). The toll roads system in Gauteng is going ahead – the fight is not over. We need to fight it all the way.


Help us in this fight by visiting www toollfreegp.co.za and fill in the petition as a first step.


Manny de Freitas MP"

Toollfreegp.co.za seems like a spelling error, however we have not corrected it: in accordance with policy.

Thursday 27 October 2011

World Bank, a new system proposed by Vatican? Not occupy Saint Peter's Square, but sound advice to the G20?

Article by Marc Aupiais

Vatican calls for new world bank, what about the IMF?

The Vatican calls fir a world financial authority are actually an advisory to the G20, which the Vatican believes has too much power and too little diversity to control the world finances. Also, the IMF does not fairly allow one vote per nation like the UN General Assembly. The Vatican essentially wants sound financial practice to be enforced throughout the world, and imposed on both the poor and the rich. The IMF makes poor nations have sound policies if they want funding, while nations like the USA endanger another financial Tsunami.

Did the Vatican call for this? Is it binding?

The Vatican's Justice and Peace Council/(department of sorts) compiled the document in question to suggest the G20 work on becoming more representative and on preventing bad financial functions, basing itself on the magisterium and financial information but in a non-binding, non-interfering advisory manner. It is intended for the G20 representatives, but not the faithful. It is merely a contribution, suggesting more representative and binding means of regulating financial markets in what it believes ought to be a manner governed by common sense and sound financial wisdoms.

The Vatican has never supported Capitalism that focuses on things and not the human person. To the Vatican, the world's greatest natural resources are its very human nations and peoples. It wants a capitalism that recognises this. To achieve this, it believe the UN structures, in a representative manner could be used to set up firmer regulations of financial markets, thus growing economies and peoples in a manner that can be kept up, to the benefit and fruits of all concerned.

The Vatican is neither, nor has ever been either left or right wing. Further, its work on such matters as finances here is generally pastorsl, interesting, useful, but not binding on the conscience.

It would seem the Vatican is violating subsidiarity?

The IMF and other bodies and nations, even financial advisors like Standard and Poors already govern markets internationally. The Vatican seems to be suggesting a framework in which smaller nations also have a voice in their own powers against the powerful. Laws applicable to all, can be useful. One must remember that any Public International Law, is not enforceable as domestic laws are, but rather is based on persuasion. Here, the Vatican is proposing a framework on a matter it believes requires higher international co-operation to insure safety in a global climate.

So is this binding on anyone?

No, further, while it purports to be based on an interpretation of the pope's understandings of economics and its interlacing with the worlds of religion, human essence, morality, mortality also: this is not the pope's document, nor necessarily even seen by the pope before publication. Further, it is not in a jurisdiction where the Vatican can be anything more than to be noted. It is merely a contribution to the G20 talks in order to assist delegates, using the financial expertise or knowledge of certain individuals associated with one of the Vatican's councils, in order to assist delegates. The document itself notes that this is not of the divine jurisdiction of the church's moral authority. It is a council/(governance department of the Vatican City State) of the church acting any errors in tact in the secular world of finances, the document's suggestions and equations of commerce: where applicable: ought be judged by us as judges on their merits if any relevant and applicable and based on their actual pragmatic, practical worldly based standard: worth in this case.

Pope's fascinating speech

Article by Marc Aupiais (Editor of South African Catholic News Service)

We the sacns used to publish every single dispatch of the vis. We no longer do so, however this speech by Benedict XVI we considered worthy to replicate thoroughly here:



- Assisi: Religion Can Never Be Justification for Violence {powerful speech}

- Acts of the Oriental Churches {not copied here}

- Other Pontifical Acts {not replicated here}






VATICAN CITY, 27 OCT 2011 (VIS) - Today marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the historic meeting for peace in the Italian town of Assisi, called by Blessed John Paul II. For the occasion, Benedict XVI has made a pilgrimage to the city of St. Francis, accompanied by representatives of other religions and by non-believers, for a Day of reflection, dialogue and prayer for peace and justice in the world under the theme: "Pilgrims of Truth, Pilgrims of Peace".


  The Pontiff and the members of the various delegations left the Vatican by train at 8 a.m. today, reaching Assisi at 9.45 a.m. where they were greeted by the civil and religious authorities in front of the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli. As the ceremony unfolded inside the basilica, the large numbers of faithful present were able to follow events on giant screens set up in the square outside.


  Following a greeting from Cardinal Peter Kodwo Turkson, president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, a video was screened in commemoration of the 1986 meeting. Then, one after the other, the representatives of the various religions rose to speak: His Holiness Bartholomew I, Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople; Anglican Archbishop Rowan Williams of Canterbury, Primate of the Anglican Communion; Archbishop Norvan Zakarian, Primate of the Armenian Diocese of France; Rev. Olav Fyske Tveit, secretary general of the World Council of Churches; Rabbi David Rosen, representative of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel; Wande Abimbola, spokesperson for the Yoruba faith; Acharya Shri Shrivatsa Goswami, representative for Hinduism; Ja-Seung, president of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism; Kyai Haji Hasyom Muzadi, secretary general of the International Conference of Islamic Schools, and Julia Kristeva, representing non-believers.


  The Holy Father then rose to make his address, extracts of which are given below:


  "Twenty-five years have passed since Blessed Pope John Paul II first invited representatives of the world's religions to Assisi to pray for peace. What has happened in the meantime? What is the state of play with regard to peace today?


  "At that time the great threat to world peace came from the division of the earth into two mutually opposed blocs. A conspicuous symbol of this division was the Berlin Wall. ... In 1989, three years after Assisi, the wall came down, without bloodshed. ... In addition to economic and political factors, the deepest reason for the event is a spiritual one: behind material might there were no longer any spiritual convictions. ... For this victory of freedom, which was also, above all, a victory of peace, we give thanks. What is more, this was not merely, nor even primarily, about the freedom to believe, although it did include this. To that extent we may in some way link all this to our prayer for peace.


  "But what happened next? Unfortunately, we cannot say that freedom and peace have characterised the situation ever since. ... Violence as such is potentially ever present and it is a characteristic feature of our world. Freedom is a great good. But the world of freedom has proved to be largely directionless, and not a few have misinterpreted freedom as somehow including freedom for violence. Discord has taken on new and frightening guises, and the struggle for freedom must engage us all in a new way".


  "In broad strokes, we may distinguish two types of the new forms of violence, which are the very antithesis of each other in terms of their motivation and manifest a number of differences in detail. Firstly there is terrorism, for which in place of a great war there are targeted attacks intended to strike the opponent destructively at key points, with no regard for the lives of innocent human beings, who are cruelly killed or wounded in the process. In the eyes of the perpetrators, the overriding goal of damage to the enemy justifies any form of cruelty. Everything that had been commonly recognised and sanctioned in international law as the limit of violence is overruled. We know that terrorism is often religiously motivated and that the specifically religious character of the attacks is proposed as a justification for the reckless cruelty. ... In this case, religion does not serve peace, but is used as justification for violence".


  "The fact that, in the case we are considering here, religion really does motivate violence should be profoundly disturbing to us as religious persons. In a way that is more subtle but no less cruel, we also see religion as the cause of violence when force is used by the defenders of one religion against others. The religious delegates who were assembled in Assisi in 1986 wanted to say, and we now repeat it emphatically and firmly: this is not the true nature of religion. It is the antithesis of religion and contributes to its destruction".


  "As a Christian I want to say at this point: yes, it is true, in the course of history, force has also been used in the name of the Christian faith. We acknowledge it with great shame. But it is utterly clear that this was an abuse of the Christian faith, one that evidently contradicts its true nature. The God in whom we Christians believe is the Creator and Father of all, and from Him all people are brothers and sisters and form one single family. For us the Cross of Christ is the sign of the God Who put 'suffering-with' (compassion) and 'loving-with' in place of force. ... It is the task of all who bear responsibility for the Christian faith to purify the religion of Christians again and again from its very heart, so that it truly serves as an instrument of God's peace in the world, despite the fallibility of humans.


  "If one basic type of violence today is religiously motivated and thus confronts religions with the question as to their true nature and obliges all of us to undergo purification, a second complex type of violence is motivated in precisely the opposite way: as a result of God's absence, His denial and the loss of humanity which goes hand in hand with it. The enemies of religion - as we said earlier - see in religion one of the principal sources of violence in the history of humanity and thus they demand that it disappear. But the denial of God has led to much cruelty and to a degree of violence that knows no bounds, which only becomes possible when man no longer recognises any criterion or any judge above himself, now having only himself to take as a criterion. The horrors of the concentration camps reveal with utter clarity the consequences of God's absence.


  "Yet I do not intend to speak further here about State-imposed atheism, but rather about the decline of man, which is accompanied by a change in the spiritual climate that occurs imperceptibly and hence is all the more dangerous. The worship of mammon, possessions and power is proving to be a counter-religion, in which it is no longer man who counts but only personal advantage. The desire for happiness degenerates, for example, into an unbridled, inhuman craving, such as appears in the different forms of drug dependency. ... Force comes to be taken for granted and in parts of the world it threatens to destroy our young people. Because force is taken for granted, peace is destroyed and man destroys himself in this peace vacuum".


  "In addition to the two phenomena of religion and anti-religion, a further basic orientation is found in the growing world of agnosticism: people to whom the gift of faith has not been given, but who are nevertheless on the lookout for truth, searching for God. Such people do not simply assert: 'There is no God'. They suffer from His absence and yet are inwardly making their way towards Him, inasmuch as they seek truth and goodness. They are 'pilgrims of truth, pilgrims of peace'. They ask questions of both sides. They take away from militant atheists the false certainty. ... But they also challenge the followers of religions not to consider God as their own property, as if He belonged to them, in such a way that they feel vindicated in using force against others.


  "These people are seeking the truth, they are seeking the true God, Whose image is frequently concealed in the religions because of the ways in which they are often practised. Their inability to find God is partly the responsibility of believers with a limited or even falsified image of God. So all their struggling and questioning is in part an appeal to believers to purify their faith, so that God, the true God, becomes accessible. Therefore I have consciously invited delegates of this third group to our meeting in Assisi, which does not simply bring together representatives of religious institutions. Rather it is a case of being together on a journey towards truth, a case of taking a decisive stand for human dignity and a case of common engagement for peace against every form of destructive force. Finally I would like to assure you that the Catholic Church will not let up in her fight against violence, in her commitment for peace in the world. We are animated by the common desire to be 'pilgrims of truth, pilgrims of peace'".


  Following the meeting in the basilica, Benedict XVI and the delegations made their way to the convent of Porziuncola. A frugal lunch was followed by a period of silence for individual refection and prayer before the participants moved on to the Basilica of St. Francis for the concluding ceremonies of the Day.

PV-ITALY/                                                                                        VIS 20111027

Saturday 15 October 2011

The Uprising Against the Desert Mirage: Why Egypt's power is the same as under Mubarak

(Scripturelink: Social Justice South Africa)

Article by Marc  Aupiais

The phantom in the pond, of the Egyptian revolution, is that the people who put Mubarak in power, were not overthrown, and if anything are more powerful. Now, with the massacre of Christians... Some in media are beginning to realise, that the Egyptian army has no intention of ceding the power of might that they used to have held up and with which they had appointed Mubarak. The temporary supreme power remains , along the Nile of Egypt, of the very people, who were the clandestine true ruling power; behind the figurehead that once was Mubarak.

When the Egyptian Revolution of sorts was in full swing, South African Catholic, in an article I wrote, warned against the change of power as something potentially catastrophic. A change in power where people die, religious freedom is damaged, and nothing really changes.

Media knew full well, and were wilfully negligent in neglecting to inform us the public of something we all knew from a bit of research, something I noted worriedly and wished that media would report on. South African Catholic certainly reported on the haphazard and deadly true position in the Revolution in Egypt.

Mubarak was a figurehead. Real power in Egypt, as I have noted time and again, has always, and continues to lay with the ferocious but diplomatic Egyptian Generals and army corpse.

Mubarak was one of a number of puppet princes installed by this army, funded with a Billion US dollars a year by America, and in the current constitutional framework, far more powerful a nemesis of the people than Mubarak, a mere figurehead ever was.

The army of Egypt, was careful not to partake directly in fighting, the very reason for a figurehead is that they are expendable. The New York Times, and others are finally, allegedly only now awaking to the fact that the Egyptian army always has been the king maker in Egypt, that they appointed Mubarak, and intend officially and publicly now to appoint Egypt's next dictatorship/government.

Whereas the Catholic press were deeply concerned by the revolutions, whereas it warned of future crackdowns against Catholics, as either a rebel government came to power, or the army was forced to act in a populist manner, mainstream Western media lauded the revolution, and the role Facebook, Google, twitter played.

The real spark, is not the massacre of Christians by the Egyptian army recently, in which allegedly, Coptic Christian Minority Egyptians were driven over, and shot at with live ammunition by Egyptian soldiers. The real spark was noted by Official Vatican news agency, Agenzia Fides: always a useful source in conflict monitoring. Fides reported that a marked change occurred with the storming of the Israeli embassy recently, that in past times the building would have been sourly protected to the death by Egyptian soldiers, who would far outnumber protesters. Israel is where the army of Egypt  gets its billion dollar a year funding from America from, yet the army in Egypt, now believed that bowing to populist intentions was more important. Interestingly, just before the revolution occurred, I monitored increased sales of US arms to the Egyptian army, as I noticed this reported in specialist military monitoring news media.

The cabinet it says, must be chosen by the army, as with the Prime Minister: a return to Mubarak days. The power behind the power allegedly wants to insure it can keep this power. It also, allegedly desires the huge power which would come with suggested power to intervene to keep Egypt secular. The powers will be greatest until 2013 when there may be an election, according to military officials, quoted in the New York Times. The Carte  Blanche to protect "secularism" may extend much further with dire consequences.

c.f. extrapolation in evidence of this New York Times October 14th 2011

Wikileaks, according to the UK Telegraph reported that the revolution in Egypt, had been planned for exactly when it occurred. While George W. Bush, rejected attempts to insure regime change in Egypt, the Obama administration had a different view. Either way, the people who organized the Egyptian uprising, were trained by the Americans, according to the Telegraph, as our service detailed when the revolution was allegedly in full swing.

c.f. extrapolation in evidence of this SACNS January 30th 2011; February 2nd 2011

The army, in Egypt, chose figureheads because like a hydra, it can lose them one by one. The power behind the power remains, and it will be surprising if any real democracy emerges in Egypt. Certainly... now that Satellite   Television viewers have had their viewing pleasure: the seeming alleged fall of a monolithic state, and have moved onto Libya: a seeming genocide against Sub-Saharan Africans *, by tribally connected warlords, disguised as an overthrow, more viewing pleasure can result.

c.f. extrapolation in evidence of this SACNS September 2nd 2011;

In North Africa and the Middle East:

Everything "Changes", Everything :"Stays the same".

(once again my source is the New York Times, claims that the revolution on the ground was pushed forward by propaganda against "kaffirs" ("unbelievers": specifically in this case: black ones))

Friday 14 October 2011

Government not protecting citizens from illegal spying

Article by Marc Aupiais

Media now claims that police and intelligence officials are bypassing court orders, to access the permanent record of : all phone and electronic, private conversations: in under 36 hours, easily and illegally.

The Regulation of the Interception of Communications Act Amendment Act, RICA was not about registering phones to people. The true purpose, which unless you read page something far in of the Pretoria News, guessed it from the Johannesburg Star, or read the actual act, is still a frightening concept.

Every SMS you wrote was already kept for 5 years by Vodacom, MTN, Cell C etc. Now. Every phone call (a voice recording), sms (text), mms, email that you make has to be kept permanently for the government, as I reported for South African Catholic earlier in this emerging situation.

The government needed a court order to access this permanent record. They had to suspect you of criminal activity. To access every word you utter in private, they needed a court order.
According to the Mail and Guardian (owned by British "The Guardian"), and to their major competitors Primedia ("Eyewitness News"), police and intelligence officials are bypassing court orders, to access private conversations in under 36 hours illegally. Primedia claims that the practice is rampant in crime intelligence.

The state has still not been able to break into the Blackberry encryption, and it appears that Blackberry doesn't allow local partners access either. It is suggested a bill will be put to vote in March on whether to force compliance. Blackberry has claimed they will refuse access, but with activist shareholders threatening to gut the company after a recent outage, it is uncertain whether the last hold-out will remain.

After all, non-enterprise Blackberry email likely is read by the government already. BBM, and enterprise email still seem the last safe way to avoid your e-conversations, and phone calls the equivalent of speaking into a dictaphone for someone else's permanent record.

If the practice is rife for government means, it is almost certainly rife for private purposes. It was through espionage conducted on former President Thabo Mbeki and the former NPA Scorpions head, that the Mbeki government fell, and Zuma got away with avoiding courts of law.

That accidental flirting in an adulterous manner, so-called sexting, gossiping, rumours, discontent with the state, that moment in time when you lost it, swore, let off steam... Such popular means of using electronics... Such a dangerous animal trap.

Don't just be careful what you write on social networks! Watch your every breath.

Wednesday 12 October 2011

The 3rd Instinct / The Third Instinct: When Sidney Wolf Is Accused of Murder- Marc Evan Aupiais

Article by Marc Aupiais

Updates on this Novel:
Blog of this Novel:



The Third Instinct, a fascinating, suspense filled novel:

This is a short summary, notation, and informative insight into and of parts of my The 3rd Instinct / The Third Instinct Novel:


The main character Sidney Wolf, as well as other characters, in life and death situations, are forced to choose between what they believe is right and what is most expedient, with varying results. --~SACNS; Aupiais Notes

A Thoroughly scary thrilling novel, where humanity, psychology, and espionage combine.

A spy novel that questions deeply human nature, surveillance,obedience to unjust authority, and thrills all round with intrigue.

While the paperback merely declared The 3rd Instinct; The full Title including subtitle is The Third Instict: When Sidney Wolf is Accused of Murder...

A novel showing deep belief and disbelief in love, humanity, science, espionage, and the extreme sometimes almost absolute power of the state...

The main character Sidney Wolf, as well as other characters, in life and death situations, are forced to choose between what they believe is right and what is most expedient, with varying results. --~SACNS; Aupiais Notes

A Thoroughly scary thrilling novel, where humanity, psychology, and espionage combine.

A spy novel that questions deeply human nature, surveillance,obedience to unjust authority, and thrills all round with intrigue.

While the paperback merely declared The 3rd Instinct; The full Title including subtitle is The Third Instict: When Sidney Wolf is Accused of Murder...

A novel showing deep belief and disbelief in love, humanity, science, espionage, and the extreme sometimes almost absolute power of the state...

Product Description

"The sirens flashed almost silently in the winter air, only slightly penetrating the stale darkness, but even in this light, you could always feel it, always sense it..."

-Thus begins this powerful, story of intrigue, that is the unexpectedly, undeniably gripping suspense ride which is the 3rd Instinct by Marc Evan Aupiais

Just a teenager... Sidney Wolf, a hard working, intelligent young girl, is unjustly accused of murder...

An adventure begins. Desperate to find the truth, Sidney is thrown into the currents of the dark world of espionage as she quickly realizes that someone stored the sole copy of a one time pad code inside of her.

The code decrypts the Third Instinct, the last bit of information that remains unknown from a social formula known as Chameleon works. If the instinct is decoded, then absolute control of anyone would be in the reach of whoever found it. The problem is that if it isn't taken from her, then she will die.



Important Characters & Important People (12)
  • Sidney Wolf:
     Main character, protagonist. A High school teenaged girl, who's parents drive her to study, and give her little time to socialise. After her friend Alex's death, the police arrest her for his murder. As long as the Third Instinct, a code used to unlock a secret, is hidden in her DNA, she is in deadly danger. Her hair is sleek, and brown.
  • Tom Rider:
     A complex character Sidney goes to for help. He is, in Sidney's re-evaluation, possibly capable of murder, even murdering her, whom he holds feeling for, for his patriotic idealism. He has to choose constantly between what is right and what he believes expedient. The sudden and grim experience, of the seeming death of their mutual friend Alex, in grade 7 impacted his entire life, and has caused him to be cold at times towards others. He has replaced loyalty with patriotism with possibly toxic side effects for him and Sidney.
  • John Robinson:
     Someone Sidney knew from school.
  • Female NIA Agent:
     Interrogates Sidney in prison.
  • NIA Prison interrogation man:
     Interrogates Sidney
  • Alex:
     Died in grade 7, impacting Sidney and Tom.
  • Sidney's parents:
     Seemingly professional, and pushy when it comes to working hard.
  • The Assassin:
     A main antagonist in the novel.
  • The Vigil Ante:
     A character who in one chapter dedicated to him is involved in spying, and causes a massive explosion of what he considers networked evil. It seems he blew up a compound before relaying something on his laptop.
  • V:
     Scientist who's name, past, and much else is uncertain. Sidney doesn't trust him.
  • Jake:
     Tom's Pack contact.
  • Tom's mother:
     Not too focussed on caring for Tom, or guiding him in life adequately.

Detailed Description:

Sidney Wolf, a Johannesburg teenager, who's parents make her study hard, is out shopping with her friends at the mall, having likely planned movies for the evening, when she is arrested in connection with the murder of Alex, who she had thought died in grade 7, only a few years ago if that.

It turns out she isn't really wanted for the murder, but police are attempting to monitor her for the NIA. She like Alex has the same flu injection. Alex died due to this injection, being shot with a neurotoxin designed to make a one time pad code used in encryption appear on his skin.

Sidney is rescued from jail by a female NIA agent, who claims the NIA, South Africa's world famous, very controversial, and effective intelligence agency has been compromised, and that all Sidney's friends would be observed. Sidney asks to be dropped off with Tom, a friend from when Alex died.

Tom Rider, unfortunately is wrapped up in the adventure being close to the Pack, who themselves had the code inserted in her DNA. He believes he will be ordered to kill her, and is just about to when his superiors call him off.

Sidney and Tom, who has a slight crush on her, despite. Together go on a quest to the spot where Alex was murdered in deadly central Johannesburg's Central Business District. They find some of his blood, barely escaping a sniper from The Trust, a group seeking the code, and discover that it was Alex who was shot, years after he was meant to be dead, and he was working for the Pack actively. Tom, claims to only be working on computers for them mostly.

Sidney discovers a psychological formula the Pack uses to negotiate and control others called the three instincts, the third is missing, preventing absolute and utterly accurate readings of any person's choices.
The Third Instinct is what is inside her. She is told it can only be removed by her death via a deadly neuro-toxin.

Sidney hides out in a government safe house with Tom in the pristine Northern Suburbs until she is seemingly discovered and contacted by phone, told if she doesn't meet a hit man at her high school's sports field, she will be met with the deaths of her family.

She goes to the sports field, only to find she's been tricked.

She soon meets John Robinson on the field, and he and his friends take her to safety at his house. John, and Ross join Sidney and a mysterious character V who claims to have helped develop the 3 Instinct formula in trying to find a machine that will extract the instinct from Sidney.

V is shot in the shoulder, the car rolls. Ross shouts that Sidney is a danger to everyone around her. She runs off, and is caught by the Trust at a filling station.

John runs after her, and surrenders in order to be there for her... Captured, they are to be brought, by his killers, to the same place Alex was assassinated, for the very code Sidney also holds.

[For the rest, buy the novel! ... ]

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