Saturday, 11 October 2008

Pope Benedict XVI- Pius XII did all that was reasonable- and that was viable to protect the Jews, and all Persecuted during Second World War!

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. CathNews 10/10/08)

Commentary by Marc Aupiais

After attacks on the purity of Pope Pius XII, by a Jewish speaker invited as the first non-Christian to be officially invited to attend and speak at a Catholic Synod in Rome, Pope Benedict XVI has defended his World War Two Counterpart- saying that the pope of the time did all he possibly could to stop, and limit the persecution of Jews in the Second World War. Pius XII risked his own life by staying in the Vatican during the occupation- despite chances to move. He did so- because the Vatican, like every other Catholic group- under the direct command of Pius XII, and directly against usual protocol- not only harbored Catholics during the war- but also people of every sort, color and creed.

Pius XII was, and has been proven time and again as a complete hero- and a compassionate man- who would do aside with usual preferences, or his own image to do right- whether he had to do it secretly or publicly. Benedict has defended this great man who so adequately faced such a delicate era in history- and risked much in attempts to reach out to others with hope- and save them from oppression. Attacking this man serves only to gain political reason- whether to attack the Catholic church, or else to further the cause of a minority. The Jewish speaker also asked for more support of Israel.

The church clearly expected the Jewish speaker to give his views, and allowed it anyway- just as David allowed his critics to speak. The importance of him being invited, along with persons from every corner of the Valid Christian World- is that the church is universal- and while others may not have its perfect, balanced truth- they still have human dignity- and human nature- what good there is in the world must be preserved and refined- especially by support of others who think like us.

This does not mean we must ever let the good or what we believe so to be defamed without argument- clarification, and if necessary- opposition. Benedict XVI- once again proves the perfection of his Ecumenism, setting an example for the rest of the world.

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