Thursday 8 January 2009

Gaza Strip Situation, Middle East: Lebanon Factor: Hezbolla may have entered the fray: at least 3 missiles, maybe five: launched against Northern Isra

(Social Justice South Africa; Scripturelink Voters guide; C.f. BBC World News (Secular; British; Government) 08 / Jan / 2009; CWNews (Catholic; American; Independent) 07 / Jan / 2009; CWNews (Catholic; American; Independent) 07/01/2009)

Article by Marc Aupiais

BBC World News is reporting that the Israeli and Lebanese authorities confirm the launching of three missiles from southern Lebanon, into Northern Israel: creating a situation: where Israel is now being attacked from both sides: complicating the war: as Egypt, and France, are still attempting a ceasefire between Hamas, and Israel. While three are confirmed, some reports, are said to put it at five, according to the BBC.

The attacks (BBC World News (Secular; British; Government) 08 / Jan / 2009) wounded two Israelis, and shell-shocked others. They follow a rise in anti-Israeli rhetoric, by Hezbolla, and 60 Israeli air-strikes on Hamas in the Gaza Strip, as well as renewed Israeli interest in a ceasefire.

The Previous war between Israel, and Hezbolla: happened on the back of a conflict between Israel, and Hamas: according to BBC World News. Hezbolla, recently became a major threat to Lebanon again, threatening civil war, over objections to spy networks they had amassed.

Hezbolla, like Hamas: is an obstacle to democracy: in the country in which they are based. Both have as a final goal: the annihilation of Israel, and the destruction of her people. Both: have gained what they have: via brute force, and propaganda. Neither group: is a state: both are known terrorist groupings: whose methods almost always involve the actions of terror tactics, and brute force, or calls for violence, and or propaganda: or political maneuvering, or the like.

Meanwhile the president of Indonesia (according to CWNews (Catholic; American; Independent) 07 / Jan / 2009), has called the Israel-Hamas conflict: not religious, but political: a move by a largely (about 88%) Muslim nation, which is a statement, and move of aid, or rather: benefit, and advantage: to Israel: who have been made to face protests by Muslims, which have dotted, or cross-hashed across many nations within the the Global Scene: Canadian versions of such protests, were met by pro-Israeli Protests, meaning that those protesting, represented the two different sides independently: however: protests in the Islamic world have largely been anti-Israeli. This move by Indonesia, which is another move by an Islamic nation: saying that the conflict is political: also is of aid to any peace process, as Israel, whatever their methods, are attempting to protect their sovereignty, something which is endangered by protests and condemnation: which: if aimed only at Israel: further complicate the entire situation.

A new, tougher stance; by Israel's previously more moderate government: may have been shown recently: whether or not the Lebanon missiles were launched by Hamas, or Hamas sympathizers, or by Hezbolla, seems unclear. Further attacks, by terrorists, on the sovereignty of Israel: could result in an even worse situation, within the region as a whole. The humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip is said to be severe: either caused by efforts, at propaganda: for the world: by Hamas, or by bombings, lack of water, and supplies, and the situation around deaths, and bombings: or by both.

Israel, recently accepted a peace agreement, which Hamas rejected: because Hamas desired open borders. However, since this attack, Hamas has become increasingly open to negotiations: something not apparent in a long time. Condemnations of Israel, out of highly partisan, and politically motivated: pro-Hamas nations, and notably out of South Africa: have done nothing to improve the situation much, rather: diplomacy: is credited with every advance gained for the people of Palestine: with Israel claiming: they will listen to their friends: a hinting that nations which distort the situation as purely their fault: will not be heard.

A reported: high level "Vatican" delegation to the Area, according to Catholic World News: is a myth: the only visit currently, by high level church representation, was already scheduled: and is thought not to be anything in addition. In fact, they say: this is an annual trip (CWNews (Catholic; American; Independent) 07/01/2009), and nothing more.

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