Tuesday 6 January 2009

Pope Benedict XVI: extremely Worried About Gaza Conflict: doing what can be done to set up peace

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. IHT (Article quoted is AP; which like IHT; is secular; and independent) 06/01/2009)

Article by Marc Aupiais

According to the Associated Press: Benedict XVI: is extremely worried about the Gaza conflict, and is encouraging what he can: to bring about peace: between the State of Israel, and Terrorist occupiers of Gaza: Hamas. Benedict XVI: wants the situation to return to negotiations: believing the conflict; which re-emerged, with hundreds of terror attacks by Hamas against Israel; and the Israeli response at a later date: as rockets continue to be launched against Israel, and Israel has launched air, then ground strikes: to be maintained by hatred.

At least 3 Israeli civilians have been killed, we previously reported 4 were killed, but this was either an assumption, or contradicts a dispatch we heard in Sky news. 3 Israeli combatants have also died in friendly fire, according to a report we heard, another two, according to Sky news: are casualties.

A Palestinian, who gave a report for BBC world news, approached a man: dressed like a doctor: saying "you are foreign", and asking his opinion, the man said that most casualties were civilians. Until international journalists are let in, including BBC's top brass: no clear, reliable picture of circumstances can begin to emerge.

Hamas had not been part of recent negotiations: and had seized the Gaza strip, by military might, from the Palestinian "Authority", and recently began launching terrorist attacks at Israeli civilians. Israel has been accused of a disproportionate response. Hamas has also: purposely operated from areas with large populations... and has aimed most attacks: at Israeli civilians: recently hitting a childcare facility.

Israel is letting aid into the Gaza Strip, but faces accusations that it is not enough, or not reaching sites. Israel claims that it is for their safety, that they are keeping international Journalists away. In Iraq, these were often kidnapped, and held hostage, and killed, however: it is not clear that this is the reason: that these are being kept out.

Pope Benedict XVI: believes that both parties need to return to talks: unlike South Africa: who has notably taken the side of the Terrorist Grouping Hamas: or seems to have: from media reports. South Africa is known for their friendships with tyrants, dictators, and terrorist factions. In the UN security council, it had increasingly blocked certain efforts against certain groupings, and also attempts such in the General Assembly of the United Nations. It has also been accused of keeping Robert Mugabe in Power, in neighboring Zimbabwe. South Africa is in the control, of the Communist affiliated ANC, itself: once listed as a terrorist group: in American systems.

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