Friday 30 January 2009

South Africa; SADC Region, Africa: DA (Democratic Alliance) Alleges possible ANC scandal

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Article by Marc Aupiais

We do not endorse the views of the DA (Democratic Alliance), nor do their views represent us, these quotations are not endorsements, nor guarantees of the accuracy: of the statements made by South Africa's major opposition party.

A letter sent out from Helen Zille, via email today: says:

"Reports surfaced this week that President Kgalema Motlanthe is poised to appoint Muzi Wilfred Mkhize as the next National Director of Public Prosecutions (NDPP) to succeed Advocate Vusi Pikoli.

If this happens, it will trigger a constitutional crisis.

Advocate Mkhize was a member of Jacob Zuma’s defence team when Zuma first appeared in the Durban Magistrate’s Court on corruption charges in October 2005. Under no circumstances should Mkhize be put in a position to decide whether or not his former client should be charged with 783 counts of fraud, bribery and corruption. That would constitute a clear conflict of interests.

If President Motlanthe appoints Mkhize, it will be clear why the ANC nominated Motlanthe as President when Thabo Mbeki was “recalled” last year. The conclusion would be irresistible that the ANC required Motlanthe to appoint a compliant National Director of Public Prosecutions who would make the charges against Zuma go away. Then Zuma would have a clear run for the Presidency without the cloud of an imminent corruption trial over his head. The first step was to fire Pikoli. The second step, according to this line of analysis, is to appoint a Zuma man as the country’s chief prosecutor, in accordance with the ANC’s infamous deployment policy."

Among other things.

The DA, is calling for the NPA to be appointed by an independent body, rather than the government. The DA campaign for elections: is to prevent Mr Zuma getting the Two thirds majority, which the ANC got last elections: which gives them absolute power over South Africa. Motlante was not elected as President of South Africa, and the current ANC leadership, were not elected by the people at the polls.

Thabo Mbeki, the previous president of the country: was president when the ANC were elected into office, once again. The ANC removed him after a judge, not judging Mbeki, but whether or not Mr Zuma, could be tried for multiple corruption charges, alleged a conspiracy against Mr Zuma, by Mr Mbeki. Zuma used the opportunity to rally his forces, and force South Africa's then President to resign: without an Election by the people, Mbeki was replaced by Motlante, in accordance with the laws set out by the communist affiliated ANC government.

Important figures in the ANC, have previously called for the "Annihilation" of the DA, and have said that they are prepared to kill and die for ANC president Jacob Zuma, who dodged rape claims recently: having been found innocent. The woman, who accused him of rape, is an HIV sufferer, currently in exile outside South Africa, fearing for her life, after Zuma supporters stoned a woman, who they thought was her. The ANC only will guarantee her safety, if she withdraws claims of rape. Zuma's supporters, do not deny that he was having extra-marital sex with her. They say that she actually stayed the night: and had breakfast: and that this is a sign that she enjoyed having relations with Mr Zuma. Zuma claimed that he took a shower afterwards: in order to avoid getting aids.

Archbishop Buti, of Johannesburg, recently expressed fears, that South Africa's government would not be accountable to the people after this years constitutionally needed elections, and fears: that Mr Zuma will not receive a trial on corruption charges; that a "political solution" would be used. What he feared, likely referred to the possibility, that Zuma would change South African law: to avoid prosecution. The DA claim, however: is a bit different, they allege the possibility, that what may be seen: as below board methods will be used: to further prevent a Zuma corruption trial, something Zuma, after asking for a day in court, has fought on every level he could.

Fear of electoral violence, after voter intimidation in recent by-elections, and in a mirror image of some previous times: is real, and feared in South Africa. The future, of the important regional power: is murky, and dangerous. If South African mediation efforts, and troops are withdrawn from across the continent, due to local issues: an even more dire situation could occur.

Attacks, or commentary on attacks of President Motlante's private life, appeared in independently run newspapers, and media, recently. Motlante recently refused ANC pressure, to change the board of the SABC, South Africa's government media network, without fair proceedings, even as they had been reportedly pulled into ANC headquarters, and encouraged to give the ANC better coverage. The ANC, has consistently interfered with the running of state television and radio. Local newspapers, years ago: alleged that the state broadcaster was no longer independent. SABC board members, were due to get the sack from communist affiliated Zuma's ANC recently, but Motlante stood against this, and refused to sign that. Motlante: however: has disbanded the "Scorpions", the body, which was investigating Zuma for corruption.

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