Wednesday 14 January 2009

Italian Rabbi Accuses Pope and some Discussions Stop

Strained relations between Catholics and Jews had made great advances during the 27 year-long reigning of Pope John Paul, who passed in 2005. He was the first pope to ever take a tour through a synagogue and pressed for relations with Israel and the Vatican. The fact that Pope Benedict XVI, has done the same, and more: even putting off the canonization, of a previous pope, in order to wait for secret Vatican archives to be compiled, to prove his innocence, as pope during World War II, is even more evidence of his kindness to the Jewish people. Those defending the man, include Jewish people.

Some Jews feel all the advancement that was made is being lost under the papacy of Benedict because of his will to make traditional Catholic identity his "only" number one priority. The fact, that the word ___ was recently excluded from Catholic public Worship, to accommodate Jewish people, and that the pope has not taken any biased view against Israel, and the French Catholics, have publicly made a stand for protection of French Jewish people is excluded by these Italian Jews.

A rabbi on Tuesday, Jan 13, 2009, Elia Enrico Richetti, chief rabbi of Venice, outspokenly flatly accused the Pope of destroying 50 years of progress with the Catholic-Jewish dialogue and said the Italian Jews will definitely be boycotting the annual Church celebration of Judaism, January 17, 2009.

The persecution in Jews, has increased since attacks on Hamas, a terrorist grouping, and statements, by a cardinal, who called the Gaza Strip: a concentration camp: may be the real source of these accusations. Interestingly, they appeared in a Jesuit publication, another worrying sign about the Jesuit movement: and more evidence why: at their last general conference: the Pope was so concerned, that they renew their pledge of loyalty to him.

They said their discussions with Vatican officials over their decision to revise a traditional prayer last year, a call to save Israel and convert them. The Jews felt infuriated over this move. They strongly feel this was just patronizing them or belittling the Jews. The Jews feel it wrong, that an old prayer: asking for the salvation of All Israel, has been reintroduced, due to Catholic Ecumenism, with the SSPX schism. They are insulted with the Catholic belief that they should recognize Jesus Christ as the savior of all men.

This current problem being dealt with is considered by some as secondary to add to the first issue that the Jews feel the wartime Pope Pius XII who reigned from 1939 - 1958, didn't offer any substantial support during their crucial time of need through the Holocaust. The Vatican states that is a false statement and Pius had worked behind the scenes to help save the Jews. some Jews are requesting the Pope to reconsider making Pius a saint, the pope responded, by delaying the issue, some time ago: so that all evidence could be made public, an issue, which would cost, Vatican time and money. Recently, a major Israeli party's fan website: had a picture of Pope Benedict XVI, along with Nazi imagery. Both that, and recent strains, have been putting some doubt about a coming visit, into the minds of many!

Benedict was to visit the Holy Land sites in Israel but the visit, to some seems highly unlikely because of Israel's involvement with Gaza at this time. Pope Benedict XVI: however, did not withdraw, after a personal attack on his own integrity, the likelihood of him withdrawing, because of an Italian Rabi, is very small, and the Gaza Strip situation, may be all the more reason to visit Israel.

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