Sunday 25 January 2009

Benedict XVI Blesses Lambs: whose Wool will adorn Archbishops: important clergymen

(Journey in a broken World )

Article By Marc Aupiais

In a Video Labeled January 21st, on the Vatican YouTube site, Benedict XVI is shown as blessing two very relaxed lambs, with wreaths on their heads. Rather than being dinner, we hope: some may consider two adorable little white fluffy; and seemingly a bit tired: lambs on plates, or more like cushions; too tempting, the two little darling animals: are being honored: as their wool (Or should we say lamb-fur): will adorn archbishops.

to quote the site:

"In honor of the Feast of St. Agnes, the Holy Father blessed the lambs whose wool will be used for palliums that are bestowed to metropolitan archbishops on the Feast of Saints Peter and Paul, June 29. The pallium is a sign of union with the seat of Peter.Immediately after, the Holy Father received a delegation from the Austrian town of Mariazell, the site of an important historical Marian shrine. Benedict XVI was given the honorary citizenship of the Austrian city"

See the Video here:

NOTE: See how Benedict XVI touches one on the head! I don't have sound, maybe it is a blessing, but I think he may be patting it!

Benedict XVI, is the shepherd of the Catholic Flock!

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