Tuesday 13 January 2009

Kenya, drought a "National Emergency"- Kenyan government

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Reuters' Alertnet (Article by Reuters:Secular; Independent; Based in great Britain; Global)09 / Jan / 2009; CRS (Catholic; Independent: answer to USCCB though; Relief Organization; American Based)13 / 01 / 2009)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The Kenyan Government, has declared a "National Emergency", after a drought "has" allegedly rendered +-10 000 000 (Ten Million) Kenyan Citizens "Food Insecure"; according to a Reuters article; via AlertNet: which quotes the Kenyan government. This situational report, by Reuters: is largely based on a release, by the office of Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki's office, even as Reuters, but not the Kenyan government: notes the role of violence in the situation. Kenya, has seen human rights violation related accusations, and electoral violence in recent times, and accusations: of death squads, and the resulting reduction in tourism, a recent drought has hit it hard.

Kenya, will now, among other measures: begin to import: 5 000 000 (Five Million) additional bags of maize due to a shortfall: largely blamed on 2007 election violence, which resulted in +-1 300 (One Thousand, and Three Hundred) deaths, and +-300 000 (Three Hundred Thousand) people being driven from their homes, due to violence.

Both the Kenyan government, and working independent of them, Catholic Relief Services, are attempting to minimize the damage done by an alleged Drought and Famine, which is affecting many citizens in Kenya. The role of election violence, and allegations of Government death squads, and political persecution in this, possibly, could have increased vulnerability to the situation. Most of the efforts, seem to focus on basics, such as food, water, and farming products. CRS, is helping supply food, according to their dispatch (CRS (Catholic; Independent: answer to USCCB though; Relief Organization; American Based)13 / 01 / 2009).

For those who want to help:

CRS, forwards one to a donation page: from the article they wrote on their efforts:

It seems to be their general donations page, but I may be mistaken on this, but possibly, one can write in the "Special Request" section, where they want the money to go: I am unsure of this.

A good thing about, our source on this: US based CRS: is that CRS, has a good ratio: of direct funding towards communities, versus the cost of their work.

Kenya: more general Overview:

Kenya, was once one of Africa's so-called: shining stars, however, electoral violence, and purported human rights abuses, along with drought, and famine: have harshly affected, what once was a nation, seen, perhaps falsely as a hope for many.

In previous articles, we have covered, the political situation in Kenya, having stabilized somewhat at this stage. Recent events, however: show a government, made up largely of people, seemingly more interested in their own political success, than in the success of their country. The global economic downturn, will likely also affect such nations: but with such a makeshift government, the chances are, that problems in Kenya, won't be ultimately solved overnight. Efforts, at helping populations make it through such trying times: however, can make differences in lives, just as efforts in Zimbabwe, and the DRC (Congo), have paid off somewhat.

Corruption, and accountability in Africa

What Kenya, and much of Africa: truly need at this point, is accountability for actions, politically, and in business. That a situation, such as the one: over, or perhaps caused by alleged vote rigging, and alleged political human rights abuses: has occurred: has made Kenya less able to deal with life threatening situations.

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