Wednesday 7 January 2009

(Gaza (Israel/Hamas conflict)) Political solutions: both sides becoming more open as conflict continues: expect statement from SA Bishops on on issue

(Scripturelink Voters Guide; Social Justice South Africa; c.f. CBS News (American; Secular; independent) 07 / 01 / 2009 )

Article by Marc Aupiais

A peace agreement: accepted by Israel, the Palestinian State ("Authority"), Egypt, and France, and proposed by Egypt and France: to halt the catastrophe in the Gaza Strip: has been rejected by Hamas: who are still waiting for borders to open, and sanctions to be dropped.

Hamas, and Israel: are at this point: both open to viewing non-combative solutions, according to CBS: however: any solution must stop Rocket fire on Israel, and Israel apparently wants assurance Hamas will not rearm. Hamas: wants open borders: so that they can communicate with the world, and trade with it.

South African Church to probably lament humanitarian situation; but not condemn either group

Expect a statement from the South African Catholic Bishops Conference, likely in accordance with other groupings: on the dire humanitarian situation on the ground. Despite talking with sources within the church, we remain, and will continue to remain independent. However, we may start publishing articles: covering some statements released by the local bishops, in as independent manner as we always do so: saying when things are us or others. We will however, either vet this, or do as with our emails from VIS, and Fides. We cannot reveal any source as to our statement about the local bishops likely releasing a statement. If our source is accurate, then you will see a statement. This is not due to a request, but due to certain parts of good practice.

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