Monday 29 March 2010

Sent to our Facebook group: Pope Benedict XVI, as Cardinal Ratzinger, was blocked from looking into abuse by Vatican

Editorial letter to readers

Perhaps some were shocked by our impassioned and vehement support of the Holy Father recently, this is because he is the answer to the sex abuse crisis, the following is what we sent to our Facebook group, of about 58 members: as a justification, of our claims that Benedict XVI was prevented from addressing abuse under John Paul II:

""Vienna's Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn, in defense of the pope, told ORF Austrian television on Sunday that Benedict wanted a full probe when former Vienna Cardinal Hans Hermann Groer was removed in 1995 for alleged sexual abuse of a boy.

But other Curia officials persuaded then Pope John Paul that the media had exaggerated the case and an inquiry would only create more bad publicity.

"He told me, 'the other side won'," Schoenborn said."
says Reuters:

This is to back up our claims in article form, that as head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith, Cardinal Ratzinger, was dis-empowered in his attempts to fight sex abuse in the church.

This is why it is so vital that attacks on the pope end, there are powerful forces in the Vatican, who still want to hide this all below the carpet, we do not deny a wall of silence, we have ourselves confronted it as media. We do note that Benedict XVI is not the source. He is the one figure prepared to fight sex abuse in the church, he must be supported!

HT to my favourite British journalist, Damien Thompson, blogs editor of the Telegraph paper, for the link to Reuters!

The Telegraph website link, with more information is here:

As per our usual claims, we are oft impressed by the quality of journalism by the Telegraph's Damien Thompson, and by Reuters.

Saturday 27 March 2010

We stand by the Pope

Letter from the Editor

Our service is known for our purposeful use of secular services, to verify facts, and as original sources. We chose this path for their independence, even if they are often antagonistic to the church. As a law student, I must train in argument, and fallacy. I often have to bounce contradicting facts to write, major services contradict, add, and omit. Facts are distorted, manipulation oft pursued for political, religious, or ideological or personal reasons.

If the cases are so black and white, on conspiracy, why not arrests? Because this issue is fudged, and truthfully grey. The New York Times, especially has a history of attacking the church and distorting facts on it and much else. The others involved have hardly proved a case beyond reasonable doubt. And civil cases on abuse, only had to be proved on a balance of scales, far less than the criminal standard.

The evidence against the pope himself is weak at best. This is the one pope, to actually attempt to address this monstrous issue. If anything comes of this, it will be a pope less likely to address sexual abuse in the church. The one man standing up to it, with the power to, is the very man, that some terrible, dishonest or unskilled journalists now attack, along with groups who claim to be about sexual abuse and honesty.

Omission, is so vital in these stories. Let us stop crying wolf, and start addressing the perverts and pervert protectors in our midst.

Our word as a service: shame on the press agencies who have distorted an already horrific issue, making victims' rights less likely to be upheld, for the chance to attack the pope, instead of the bishops and civil authorities who covered up abuse. We ourselves as a service have often encounted odd reactions within the church, there are more than certainly those who do construct a real wall of silence, these people are not pleased with the still new pope, who illuminates the deeds of darkness!

The pope is no civil judge, he has no duty to punish beyond what is wise and necessary as a pastor of souls, and enforcer of truth, and in his previous role, he was subject to a pope who seemingly refused to allow this issue to be addressed. The church is not a corporation, and has no duty to adhere to the will of the people. We are not the entirety of the church: its head- support is Christ, and its blood is his, its mission is his, not that of a society which hates the Christian message: of "sin no more". The saints are of it, and the magisterium, these are of the church. Let us not delude ourselves and say we are church, we are not church, but can choose to be part of it, or to leave it and cease to claim its name!

Perhaps I am wrong, but while reporting the truth as best we have been able, even when negative, while doing so, we at present stand by the pope, as the storm in the teacup continues. The church shall not die!

Monday 22 March 2010

House of Representatives passes taxpayer funded abortion in America- media sources

(Social Justice South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

With no Republican votes for the massive, controversial, and more recently unpopular healthcare reform pushed through the lower house of the American Congress, the Democrats, given their massive majority since the election of Barak Hussein Obama, were easily able to pass the legislation, with the support of anti-abortion Catholic Democrats, such as Bart Stupak, who had previously claimed that the bill would send federal taxpayer dollars to abortion funding. Bart Stupak, folded in his opposition, following a promise that Barak Hussein Obama, would issue a reversable Executive Order, preventing taxpayer funding of abortion. The Executive Order is likely to be overturned by US courts.

According to the Associated Press, Stupak's attempt to justify his move, was shouted down on the Republican side, with the phrase "Baby Killer". Stupak, has vastly benefited in the past from the influence of the US Catholic bishops, who have often backed his legislative efforts, even during the previous Republican administration. A YouTube video is beginning to appear on conservative websites, of Bart Stupak allegedly claiming at a Town Hall meeting that he would vote for a healthcare bill, supporting wider abortion coverage, as social conservatives begin to respond to the Stupak turnaround. We cannot confirm the veracity of the video.

In 2007, Independent Newspapers (IOL) reported on taxpayer funded abortion in South Africa, then long since passed, whereby 50% of all pregnancies end in abortion in the Republic of South Africa, where abortion laws, while themselves quite liberal, are vastly more restrictive than in the USA as regards time, and where the group reported on long lines at abortion departments of public hospitals, and the fact that many were unable to access the controversial procedure, statistically seen as wrong among the majority of South Africans. The 9th March 2007 article by Sheena Adams was titled "'Half of SA pregnancies end in abortion'", appearing on page 3 of the Johannesburg Star, according to the grouping's (IOL) website.

Multi-billion-dollar abortion firm, Planned Parenthood, while furious at the Executive Order, which due to precident: is unlikely to withstand America's courts, has welcomed the American: Stupak compromise, noting that they are pleased that the Executive Order does not, in their belief, include what they saw as the previous Stupak abortion funding ban. The Stupak amendment, which has been portrayed wrongly as an abortion funding ban, did not in fact ban taxpayer funding of abortion, only did it limit it to the current principle relating of taxpayer funding of abortion in the United States, known as the Hyde Amendment. Under the amendment funding for abortion federally would have still have been increased, but to a lesser extent, covering abortions for rape victims, incest etc.

The pro-life coalition which had allied behind Stupak, have now largely disowned him, notably the influential Susan B. Anthony List. The SBA president: President Marjorie Dannenfelser, who along with other sources has claimed that legal precident would likely see the Executive Order done away with, spoke to media of their disappointment, and planned reaction. The SBA has cancelled plans to honour Stupak. The pro-life SBA, is known for its effectiveness in campaigning for candidates it endorses, and for its campaigns against them if they break their promises on abortion. (Catholic News Agency (Catholic; independent; American- but their parent company is Spanish: ACI Prensa) 21 / 03 | March / 2010)

Bart Stupak, in accepting the compromise, has seemingly parted with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, which claimed that the Senate version would fund abortions, and urged Catholics to vote against the bill. In a move linked to the White House, the Catholic Health Association (CHA) and the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), via their platform Network, endorsed the Senate version of the healthcare overhaul. CHA had spent a fortune campaigning for the passage of the bill. On the 30th of July, 2009, our own service reported on the then already functioning alliance between the US president, and the CHA, who were already campaigning for this healthcare reform: USA: Catholic Charities USA (Caritas Internationalis), Society of Saint Vincent De Paul, Catholic Health Association: support Universal Abortion plan in America?

We had reported on the odd correlation, that a board member of the Catholic Health Association, following their organizational support of Barak Obama, was then nominated to the position of Surgeon General of The United States of America, by Barak Obama, a position the CHA board member continues to hold:

"Dr. Benjamin is a member of the National Academy of Science’s Institute of Medicine, and a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians. She was a Kellogg National Fellow and a Rockefeller Next Generation Leader. Some of her numerous board memberships include the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Kaiser Commission on Medicaid and the Uninsured, Catholic Health Association, and Morehouse School of Medicine."
(US Department of Health and Human Services | Office of the Surgeon General, undated, quoted on 22nd March by our service )

Catholic Health Association, does not answer to the Vatican or independently to any one of the US bishops, but rather to its own board.

The Leadership Conference, recently was investigated by the Vatican, because of concerns that it was no longer loyal to the papacy and dogmas of the church. The Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious, another grouping of nuns, representing about 10 000 (ten thousand members), and about 100 religious communities, opposed the current legislation, attacking Network as betraying Catholic beliefs, and supporting the US Catholic bishops. The leadership Conference figures, on how many nuns they represent have also been disputed by the Catholic Bishops in the US, as we do not have an accurate number to go on, we have not mentioned a figure. The healthcare overhaul was also supported by Obama allies Catholics United, whom Michigan Catholic Conference, the Catholic Bishops in that area, have slated as deceiving the American public, according to respected political commentator Thomas Peters, writing for American Papist, which is now part of Catholic Vote Action, a political watchdog of a conservative ethos: 19th March 2010.

Without Catholic support, the controversial health overhaul legislation would not have passed. Not only are many of the senior positions in the Democratic party, held by pro-abortion Catholics, but the votes of the Stupak block were vital to Obama in passing the bill. Catholics were also the swing vote which got Barak Hussein Obama elected as President of the United States of America. While historically the organizational hierarchy of the Democrats has alleged that the Republican party is too closely connected with religion, at least with the campaigning strategies of Barak Obama, allies in groupings claiming to be Catholic, and in America's many so-called Catholic universities, have been a vital part of the Democrat strategy.

It is likely that the current push, once signed into law, by Barak Obama, will have the same effect as taxpayer funded abortion has had elsewhere, a shift in societal views on abortion, something which may have influenced the Democrats to take the massive risk of forcing the overhaul.

When the passage of this health overhaul became less likely late last year, the South African African National Congress (ANC), stopped focussing on their own National Health Insurance plan, which:

"According to Alex van den Heever, a health economist, who was quoted by HASA (The Health Association of South Africa), having spoken at their Durban Conference: the NHI is a ""completely unworkable, unaffordable solution that won't improve health services despite massive increases in expenditure""(News 24 (Secular; Independent; South African) article by SAPA [South African Press Association] (Secular; Independent; South African) 08 / 06 | June / 2009). According to van den Heever: part of the proposal is to increase the Health budget by 100 Billion Rand, an astronomical and unrealistic figure, especially during a recession, and as the ANC has put forward other plans slated as unrealistic by financial experts."
(Archives 03 / 08 | August / 2009

If the choice was because on the American situation, it may result in the NHI option being considered once again in South Africa. The Public Health sector in South Africa, once seen as world class, has largely collapsed under mismanagement under the ANC governments.

Wednesday 17 March 2010

Vatican missionary news service: airs voice condemning "Red Shirts" in Thailand

(Social Justice South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Before noting in this article what Agenzia Fides has reported, we strongly note in accordance with South African law, that whatever the false and unrealistic beliefs of the protesters, or others, there is no witchcraft involved in the 'Red' protests, only foolish people who may illogically believe in witchcraft. We also warn our South African viewers, of the heavy prison sentence often involved in any accusation of witchcraft.

According to the source of Agenzia Fides, a Vatican news service, the spilling of pools of human blood on the palace and Prime Minister's home in Thailand by the "red" protesters, is a statement by the protesters, in which they display their unfounded view that they are cursing the administration in Thailand, which has refused to bow to the pressure of the "red" movement. Agenzia Fides' source, who they claim is an expert in Thai culture, claims that the protesters have links to the former communists, and what the source then portrays as a desperate and ruthless former Prime Minister in exile.

According to Agenzia Fides, some of the prominent Buddhists in Thailand are concerned to remove what they superstitiously believe to be a curse on the government, by the "red" movement, in accordance with Thai superstition. Fides claims that the protesters are mostly rural, and were being paid an allowance to stay, an allowance which is running out. Their source claim that the desperate terrorism and showmanship of the use of the blood of human beings, seen as sacred in Thai culture, is a sign of a movement dying out, but desperate to retain their credibility, through acts which allegedly inspire shock in Thai culture. Their source also claims that there does not seem to be any sign that the military will support the "Red" protesters. Their source claims that there are rumours that the former Prime Minister wants to displace the Thai Monarchy, to become "president" of Thailand.

The source seems to allege that both Catholics and Buddhists oppose the "Red" protests and desire a return to peace and order. They claim that the use of blood has also alienated much of the general population of Thailand from the protesters.

The article by Fides, is important, as they are the official news service of the Pontifical Missionary Society, themselves a powerful voice.

Before ending our article, we strongly note in accordance with South African law, that whatever the false and unrealistic beliefs of the protesters, or others, there is no witchcraft involved in the 'Red' protests, only foolish people who may illogically believe in witchcraft. We also warn our South African viewers, of the heavy prison sentence often involved in any accusation of witchcraft.

Tuesday 16 March 2010

No exclusive Porn only Channel for Multichoice DSTV

(Media Study South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

After much public anger was raised, when Multi-choice decided to do a survey on whether or not the public would want an exclusive pornography adult channel on DSTV, DSTV has decided at present not to launch an adult channel. They said that some viewers wanted an exclusive porn channel and others were against the idea, and that the survey was a routine survey, and in response to the possibility that their recently legalized competition may decide to launch a porn channel.

This does not mean that DSTV viewers cannot access adult content, via their DSTV system. Terrestrial broadcaster ETV has quite publicly screened content that certainly is adult content, and which has been called porn, both by viewers of the content and by others. ETV is available on DSTV to South African viewers. Multi-choice DSTV itself screens what is seen by viewers and others as adult content, on Action X, and certainly plays its fair share of explicit movies.

What has also not made the headlines, is a possible problem with DSTV's age restriction system. DSTV has a parental locking system, which allows parents to prevent children from watching anything beyond a certain age restriction without a code. Euronews, which shows partial, veiled, and full nudity, is restricted All Ages on DSTV. Discovery HD Showcase, and likely Discovery itself, also seems to possibly have a similar problem, with sexually explicit language (the Test Drive host talks about performing acts with motor-vehicles, in at least one show viewed.) At least an Age restriction 13 may be more appropriate in these cases.

Only recently has a competitor to DSTV been allowed to operate, it is unclear to myself whether or not this competitor's system has launched their own satellite product as yet.

Pornography has been linked to violence against women, and has been cited as a reason marriages break up.

Monday 15 March 2010

RSA lawmakers' hands are dripping in blood, its leaders have 'binned God' - JHB Archbishop says as thousands protests against abortion

(Social Justice South Africa; to also appear in other News Services)

Article by Marc Aupiais

South African law, reflects the official beliefs of the ANC (African National Congress, the ruling party in the Republic, which came to power under Nelson Mandela) since 1994, that abortion is an intrinsic right of both women and girls:

"Recognising the values of human dignity, the achievement of equality, security of the person, non-racialism and non-sexism, and the advancement of human rights and freedoms which underlie a democratic South Africa;

Recognising that the Constitution protects the right of persons to make decisions concerning reproduction and to security in and control over their bodies;

Recognising that both women and men have the right to be informed of and to have access to safe, effective, affordable and acceptable methods of fertility regulation of their choice, and that women have the right of access to appropriate health care services to ensure safe pregnancy and childbirth;

Recognising that the decision to have children is fundamental to women's physical, psychological and social health and that universal access to reproductive health care services includes family planning and contraception, termination of pregnancy, as well as sexuality education and counseling programmes and services;

Recognising that the State has the responsibility to provide reproductive health to all, and also to provide safe conditions under which the right of choice can be exercised without fear or harm;

Believing that termination of pregnancy is not a form of contraception or population control;"
Preamble of the Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1996 (Act No. 92 of 1996)
Accessed via:

"The hands of South Africa's lawmakers are dripping with blood", said Archbishop Buti Tlhagale of Johannesburg.

He said this, Saturday, to thousands of protesters gathered for a Johannesburg march, rallying for an end of South Africa's state sponsored, legally endorsed, Constitutional Court protected abortion system. A memorandum demanding an end to legalized abortion was handed over to officials of the Department of Health, at the historic site of Constitution Hill, about four blocks from the Cathedral of Christ the King, where the protest walk had begun. The march, which extended from Nuggett street to King George Street, followed a Mass and a sermon by the influential, and often fiery Archbishop. Archbishop Buti, who has acted as both an apologist for the actions of the ANC monopoly government in South Africa, and as a major critic of it, claimed that "South Africa is a young democracy - yet those at the helm have wasted no time in 'binning God'." He furthered his accusations, even seemingly alleging a government antagonism to organised religion, claiming at the anti-abortion event: "They tolerate religion so long as it is practised in private," adding the accusation that "South Africa's lawmakers deny that God is the source of all freedom."

Archbishop Buti has in the past accused the government of "passive genocide", over its response to the Zimbabwean land crisis, and subsequent occurrences in neighbouring Zimbabwe, joining other voices criticising The Republic of South Africa's "quiet diplomacy", towards its neighbour. He has also previously claimed, over the moral fiasco, which eventually ended in the de facto impeachment of former president Thabo Mbeki, and the dropping of all 700 charges of corruption against President Jacob Zuma, that South Africa was heading in the direction of "sin and ruin", due to the actions of the government's leaders. When Thabo Mbeki left office, the Archbishop noted his achievements, such as the building of schools. When Jacob Zuma's ambassador arrived at the Vatican, he was greeted with much praise of South Africa, and of his rival Thabo Mbeki's achievements, and of other historic factors, but unlike the welcome to Thabo Mbeki, the message to Zuma, in what it did and not say was striking. In what it said, it seemed to the trained eye, that the pope was quoting the Archbishop of Johannesburg.

"The Act [noted above] simply frees a person from moral responsibility, from the dictates of their conscience," said the clergyman, "'Since abortion is approved by Government legislation [then] it cannot be wrong,' is the reasoning which sees morality reduced to a personal preference," the archbishop charged.

Turning to calls by Jacob Zuma for moral debate, shortly after it was discovered that South Africa's polygamist president had fathered even more love-children "The debate around moral regeneration is simply that : debate. There is no search for elusive moral value, [and] not much conscience. In the debate there are no absolutes, no non-negotiables."

The Archbishop contrasted this with what he believed should be the foundation of any moral debate, of the type called for in South Africa: "For Christians God is the author of life and we have to answer to Him on the issue of abortion. Yes, there are tensions between individuals and [there is] tension between the church and politicians who have legislated [for] the killing of life in the womb but society is far too lazy to search for the truth, to do what is moral."

Asked for anything by which to estimate the numbers of protesters, for our service, the Editor of Archdiocesan news, whom we have in the past collaborated with, said that the Cathedral had been filled to capacity during mass, holding about 2 000 (two thousand) people, and that there were about another hundred gathered outside in the parking lot of the Cathedral. Others, she informed our service, had joined that march afterwards. The turnout was, based on her testimony to our service, thus likely lower than the 3 000 (three thousand) hoped for by the organisers "Campaign for Life", but still significant, given that this was one of the first major anti-abortion marches to be conducted by the Church in South Africa.

"We are on a cause of life." said the Archbishop:

"We march today because the Church is duty bound to raise its voice; duty bound to value life, especially life in the womb. South Africa's lawmakers deny life and offer abortion on demand. In this country child rape, brutal abuse of women and children, drugs, violent road deaths are common. Amidst this everyday violence the gospel calls us to protect and revere life. 'Thou shalt not kill' is unambiguous. Life is of unassailable, inestimable value and abortion is a deplorable crime."

He then turned to the authority of the Hippocratic oath, which historically had directly forbidden abortion since ancient times: "Doctors and nurses are pledged to serve life, not death. How long will it be before the South Africa's constitution protects life?"

According to a message sent our service by the editor of Archdiocesan News:

"The Archbishop called on young people to respect their bodies, respect life and speak out. Silence means complicity.

'Love God, love your neighbour.' he urged the assembly. 'Protect and defend life - life from its inception!"

Despite prior planning, permission to hold the anti-abortion march, was withheld by the state, until Thursday last week, the march occurred on Saturday morning. The South African Press Association, had all the information we have by 16:00 on Saturday afternoon, according to a source, however, we have yet to pick up the story of a major march in any of the main press services in South Africa. A march involving about 100 people against abortion had been reported on in February by media. That organization had claimed that over 9 00 000 (nine hundred thousand) unborn offspring had been slain in abortion since Nelson Mandela signed South Africa's pro-abortion legislation into law, that group had further said to media, that abortion is funded by the taxpayer in South Africa. Financial group KPMG has warned of a skills shortage facing South Africa in the future, due to a decline in birthrate, along with the impact of other factors on population.

Our Service has, likely in mimicry of other media: further received no release whatsoever on this important march from the Information Officer of the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference, Father Chris Townsend, who claimed to our editor during talks in which we desired media releases from the SACBC in general, that he was on the board of the Southern Cross, a newspaper which has used it's influence to promote legal abortion directly, as well as to promote pro-abortion Barak Obama. Father Chris Townsend had threatened our service, after we had reported on alleged use of Catholic funding for Caritas Internationalis, in order to fund pro-abortion advocates. Without the official structures of the Diocese of Johannesburg noting this event, our service would not have picked up this march. Much thanks to Archdiocesan News, an official structure of the Archdiocese of Johannesburg, and their editor, for monitoring the march for us, as we requested, and in accordance with previous collaboratory agreements, as our service was not able to do so on this particular day.

Saturday 13 March 2010

Media reports: Pope helped transfer of suspected sex abuser to his archdiocese, from another archdiocese, while Archbishop of Munich, in 1980

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. ABC news (Secular; independent; American) 08 / 03 | March / 2010; Associated Press (American; independent; Secular) 07 / 03 | March / 2010; 09 / 03 | March / 2010; Reuters (Independent; British / UK; Secular) 12 / 03 | March / 2010)

Article by Marc Aupiais

As the sex abuse scandal within the hierarchy of the Catholic church, which had come to world attention in countries such as the United States, and Australia, has now come to shore upon Europe as well, the Archdiocese of Munich, has made statements, which may implicate the pope in the common negligence many of the episcopacy partook in while the alleged mishandling of sexual abuse claims, was still an arcanum to many.

According to media reports, the pope, then Archbishop of Munich and Freising, accepted the transfer of a priest suspected of sexual abuse from the diocese of Essen, to the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising during the January of 1980. Pope Benedict XVI, then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, was only Archbishop at the See of Munich and Freising, until February 15 1982, a period in which no more complaints of sexual abuse were made against the priest in question, who had been transferred into Ratzinger's archdiocese. Scandalously, while it was suggested that the priest receive therapy, Gerhard Grube who was then general vicar of the given See, had waived the necessity of therapy for the priest. Reuters, however notes that there is no evidence that the pope had any part in the decision involving the waiving of therapy, and it does not appear at present that he even necessarily had any knowledge of the pastoral decision not to address the priest's reported need for therapy. Vatican spokesman Fr Federico Lombardi, is quoted by the Reuters agency, as saying that Gerhard Brube takes full responsibility for his decision.

After further accusation of sexual abuse, starting not earlier than August 1982, according to the Reuters agency, the priest in question, was given an 18 month suspended sentence and a fine, after which no more accusations have seemingly been traced.

Under Pope John Paul II (born Karol Józef Wojtyła), and seemingly under previous popes, it was often policy simply to transfer priests suspected of sexual abuse, and to keep these incidents low key in order to avoid negative perspectives emerging about the church. Sexual abuse by persons such as priests, teachers, or others in authority, is often covered up the world over by institutions implicated by these situations, irrespective of creed. It was likely often feared that such a scandal, may increase the persecution of Catholics throughout the world, due to the way the church had thus far been treated by many.

The most recent revelation, made by the church itself, follows the emergence of a media storm which centred on the pope's brother, after it emerged:

That the Regensburg Cathedral's choir which the Rev. Georg Ratzinger, the pope's older brother, ran, had been subject to sexual abuse claims. The claims, reportedly pre-date by several years: the period when the pope's older brother headed the choir, as he noted to La Repubblica, an Italian paper, and he claims he has no knowledge whatsoever of the abuse. He has however noted, that he and others used corporal punishment with pupils, even slapping pupils in the face, and did not believe claims of quite serious corporal punishments, while head of the choir. He notes that at the time corporal punishment was legal. He further claims that he felt guilt about corporal punishment and welcomed it becoming illegal at a later date. Monsignor Gerhard Ludwig Mueller, who heads the Regensburg Diocese, has backed up Rev. Georg Ratzinger's claims that the abuse pre-dated him, in an article for L'Osservatore Romano, he has further claimed that the abuse cases were already public at the time, and are judicially closed. Georg Ratzinger has also denied claims of a climate of fear within the choir.

In the Netherlands, and Germany, the sexual abuse scandal within the church, has come to light, with mass allegations, of about 200 and 170 abuse allegations respectively . The Dutch Bishops, have asked for an independent inquiry into abuse, so as to insure that someone outside the hierarchy looks into the situation, according to Euronews. In Austria, the head of the Benedictine monastery located within Salzburg resigned, admitting to sexually abusing a child decades ago.

Thursday 11 March 2010

Details of the JHB ant-abortion march on 13 March

(SACNS a.k.a. News)

Noted for our service by Marc Aupiais, our Editor

We are permitted to redistribute the following press release in accordance with our agreements with the organization organizing the event, and with Archdiocesan News.

The following is a press release sent out to media:

Release on the 11th March:

"Health Abortion - Government Gauteng MEC Health

Anti-abortion march Saturday 13 March


Organisers of the march have no idea of the number of Catholics that will turn out for the Mass and prayer-walk to Constitution Hill on Saturday 13 March to petition the Minister of Health and Parliament to repeal the 'Choice on Termination of Pregnancy Act'.

Pray for a good turn-out, a successful march, Mrs Michelle Joseph urged 40-50 representatives of parishes gathered at the Cathedral on Saturday 6 March to finalise arrangements for the march. Estimates of the number of marchers vary from 1,000 to 5,000. Rev Fr Shaun von Lillienfeld, Administrator of the Cathedral, expects about 3,000. The cathedral seats 1,500 and can hold 2,000. No parking will be permitted on the west side to allow for overflow. said Fr Shaun.

Mass at the Cathedral will be celebrated by the Most Reverend Archbishop Buti Tlhagale, Archdiocese of Johannesburg who will deliver a message in the Homily.

Residents of Little Eden, a home for adults and children with profound mental handicap, will take part in the Mass. So too will the Catholic Womens League Adoption Society; the Catholic Order of the Knights of de Gama; the St Cecilia Sodality Choir; and members of the Culture of Life Campaign, the organisers.

Some parishes have arranged to come by bus. Each group attending will provide their own marshals. Many parishes and groups will carry a banner identifying the group and protest signs and anti-abortion slogans. The march will take the form of a prayer-walk with marchers praying the rosary and singing hymns.

There are some 130 parishes, 40 catholic schools, a dozen movements and sodalities some with branches in every parish and some 50 different religious congregations in the Archdiocese of Johannesburg.


08:30 Marshals briefing; 09:30 Mass begins; 09:45 Message by Archbishop Buti Tlhagale, in the homily (aka the sermon); 10:45 First marchers leave; 12 noon Marchers pray the Angelus at Constitution Hill where a letter addressed to the Minister of Health will be handed to the MEC for Health, Gauteng.

The route is westwards from the Cathedral, on the corner of Nugget Street and Saratoga Avenue, along Wolmarans Street turning north in Wanderers - Hospital Street to the Old Fort side of Constitution Hill and return south along Hospital Street and back to the Cathedral along Smit Street.


The Culture of Life Campaign was formed by lay people of the Archdiocese of Johannesburg at the request of their Archbishop who called for a commitment to promote life, especially life in the womb. In November 2009 he urged Catholics to study the Gospel of Life encyclical of Pope John Paul II and to reflect on the constitution of South Africa which does not value life.

11 March 2010"

We do not guarantee the accuracy of the legally related statements of "Culture of Life", or others!

Facebook event for the march:

Johannesburg Archdiocese march on March 13 to end state endorsed abortion

Monday 8 March 2010

March 13 anti-Abortion March with the Archbishop of Johannesburg to petition government official, in bid to end legalized abortion

(Social Justice South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Following a statement by the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference in February, hinting at a need to look into altering the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (1996), Archbishop Buthi, of Johannesburg, appears to be upping the stakes, with a third anti-abortion event organized by the "Culture of Life Campaign":

The Bishops, have recently become more political in their fight against legalized abortion: saying in February:

Quotation from a recent press release by the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference, showing a Catholic effort to amend abortion laws:

"Given the current depth of polarisation along social, economic and political lines, we propose that the starting point be the foundational principle that the human person, and every human person, has intrinsic and inalienable value. All else in any code of morals must take its lead from that basic principle. In this way we will avoid all considerations of race, class, nationality, religion and political persuasion. This is also the only way in which we will be able to judge and evaluate whether or not our Constitution and it’s application is in fact fair and just to all those who have been given the gift of life – from babies in their mother’s wombs to natural death. "
titled -- "National Church Leaders welcome Pres. Zuma's call for a Moral dialogue"
(South African Catholic 22 / 02 | February / 2010)

"Culture of Life Campain" chairwoman: Michelle Joseph sent an email to South African Catholic today giving us the following information:

"Anti-abortion march
On Saturday 13 March from 09:00 hundreds of Catholics [are planned and expected to] gather at the Cathedral of Christ the King, Hillbrow – corner of Saratoga Avenue and Nugget Street – to join the Culture of Life Campaign in a march to Constitution Hill where Most Reverend Archbishop Buti Tlhagale, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Johannesburg will hand a letter to the MEC for Health, Gauteng expressing the Catholic Church’s teachings on abortion and petitioning the Government to amend the law on abortion.

The march to Constitution Hill will take the form of a prayer-walk. It will start at about 10:45 following Mass celebrated in the Cathedral by the Archbishop and a number of priests of the Archdiocese. Various parishes and church organisations will carry banners identifying the group, some may wear uniforms and some may carry posters calling for an end to abortion.


The Culture of Life Campaign was formed by lay people of the Archdiocese of Johannesburg at the request of Archbishop Tlhagale in response to legislation that condones the termination of pregnancy. Eleven years after abortion was legalised in South Africa, thousands of citizens still believe that the Termination of Pregnancy Act (Act 92 of 1996) violates the rights of unborn children. In particular, Catholics believe that the unborn foetus becomes a human life from the moment of conception and therefore termination of pregnancy is tantamount to murder, an act that is condemned [sic] by the Constitution of South Africa.

The Culture of Life Campaign looks for proactive ways to protect the lives of unborn children and their pregnant mothers. One of its projects is the creation of a future safe haven for pregnant mothers – giving them opportunity to take care of themselves and their unborn children, giving them an alternative to abortion.

The Culture of Life Campaign fully believes that no effort is too great when it comes to the defence of human life and in the words of the late Pope John Paul II: “Go out into the streets and trading places and woe unto you if you do not succeed in defending life.”"

Pavement protest outside a Sandton abortion centre

On Saturday 6 March, 10:30 to 12:00 around dozen people, members of the Culture of Life Campaign: were planned to be involved in a protest prayer vigil outside an abortion facility. The organization does so monthly, and has claimed that motorists use their vehicles hooters to hoot (USA:honk) their support to protesters, not unlikely given mass opposition to abortion among a vast majority of South Africans, as attested to via statistics.

Government unfairly dismissed doctor for pro-life stance- PSA

(Social justice South Africa; c.f. SAPA (South African; Independent; Secular) 08 / 03 | March / 2010))

Article by Marc Aupiais

The South African Press Association reports on the reported unfair dismissal of a pro-life doctor, allegedly dismissed for his anti-abortion beliefs, expressed outside of working hours as a member of the pro-life professionals' organization: "Doctors for life".

"Bloemfontein - A Free State doctor fired for protesting against abortions must be reinstated at the National Hospital in Bloemfontein, an arbitrator has found, the Public Servants Association of SA said on Monday.

Doctor Faan Oosthuizen was dismissed in February 2009 for participating in protest action and campaigns against the termination of pregnancies by the Free State health department as far back as 2006.

PSA spokesperson Manie de Clercq said Oosthuizen's dismissal in 2009 was substantively unfair. The Free State health department was ordered to reinstate him in the same or similar position, with the salary and benefits that existed prior to his dismissal."
(SAPA (South African; Independent; Secular) 08 / 03 | March / 2010))

Public Servants Association of South Africa's representative, claimed that doctors were often compelled to finish other doctor's abortions, even after hours. The PSA further noted that claims by the department that staff felt victimized by the choice of the pro-life doctor to report the matter to the Health Professions Council of South Africa, were found to be without evidence by the arbitrator.

Despite massive opposition to the procedure by the general population of South Africa, which is largely socially conservative on such matters, as homosexual unions, and termination of pregnancy : "abortion"), the South African government's ruling party, the ANC, under former president Nelson Mandela, forced through both radically liberal abortion laws, and other controversial legislation.

Sunday 7 March 2010

Anti-abortion march, in March, after bishops suggest altering Constitution

(South African Catholic)

Note by Marc Aupiais

After the Southern African Catholic Bishops' Conference released to us and other media, a media release, in which it was suggested that either the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 (Act 108) be amended or that it be differently interpreted, than it currently is, Archbishop Buthi of Johannesburg, appears to be adding pressure, or at least groups in the Johannesburg Archdiocese appear to be. An anti-abortion mass, and march are planned for March 13 2010, from the Bishop's seat, the Cathedral of Christ the King, in Johannesburg. South African Catholic has been informed, that the protest aims at having laws allowing for abortion amended entirely to end the practice, or else, for abortion laws to be tightened, so as to make abortion harder to procure.

Relating to an entirely unrelated March [capitalization intentional], on February 1st this year, by a grouping known as the Christian Action Network, who were also marching for an end to abortion, it was stated then to media that over 900 000 children had been subjected to so-called abortion or termination of pregnancy since 1997, when Nelson Mandela radically liberalized the laws regarding procurement of artificial terminations of pregnancy in South Africa. It was also claimed to media, that taxpayers directly fund abortions in South Africa.

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