Tuesday 6 January 2009

Nowhere Safe in Gaza as Israel targets School

Israel strikes a UN school in Jebaliya, where hundreds of Palestinians were hiding, killing at least 30, mainly children.

Gaza’s biggest hospital is now without power and operating on backup generators that could lose power at anytime. Doctors are working around the clock and are not prepared for the hundreds of patients they’ve been receiving. Everyone is terrorized and traumatized, no place is safe in Gaza.

It seems people stepped outside a shelter thinking it was safe to get some air when they were hit with gunfire.

Children were being laid out on the hospital floor with grief stricken parents hysterical not knowing if they were dead or alive. Medics were running rapidly throughout the hospital taking pulses.

Israeli claims of militants in the area were confirmed: in an incident: where it seems: Hamas was attempting to create a publicity nightmare for Israel: via human shields.


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