Wednesday 7 January 2009


Retraction by Marc Aupiais (Editor)

While in the link, we gave: it was noted that those children killed: were likely human shields: in the article:

(article where unintentional bias was cleared up: : we assure you, it was an unintentional error, but also: that we always inform you, when we are incorrect in such matters)

We mentioned that there were large Palestinian casualties. Also, until the international media is allowed in: due to the complete bias of all forces on the ground. It is still impossible to know the situation. We have corrected the error, and apologies for it. Our commitment to not be sensationalist: remains. We are determined to give accurate, contextual comment; and will continue to retract whenever we make errors. For smaller errors: retractions: please either subscribe, or browse the archive of our Google group (click on subscribe, and don't subscribe: simply view the group)).

Again: we sincerely apologize.

Our sympathies also: to the Israeli Infant, who died in a rocket attack, and our apologies: for missing the detail: as I assume this was the case. As per usual, we are committed to South Africa's news and media ideals: of accuracy, fairness, and representing those views which matter in showing context, and to accuracy.

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