Friday 30 August 2013

Why you should feel great inquiétude about South African deployments to RD Congo

Note from the EDITOR/AUTHOR (update on the 21 Dec 2013): Shortly after the press conference and with the fresh force in the air being its fiery words, perhaps cowering before the strong backing South Africa afforded the DRC government, M 23 made a rushed retreat. They would certainly soon be defeated by overwhelming physical, vocal, strategic, political, and military uses of extreme force. The once so 'pesky' rebel commanders almost entered into a peace treaty condemned by some as but a statement of the government's grand South African backed prowess. The failure to sign was dismissed as an after thought. The grand rebels were but a whisp... a forgotten memory as other priorities conquered their great terribleness. M 23 has almost disappeared from RD Congo although a massive weapons cache was recently stumbled upon. South African forces remain alert and cautious on the ground. They have turned their gun sights upon other rebel groups and general lawlessness. The differing official and unofficial accounts remain mysteriously unresolved, of the buildup to the press conference. Certainly the events unfolding are a testament to the effectiveness of South African forces, but also of a need for more transparency. It is highly plausible that the South African committment to Congo caused M 23 and their powerful allies to step back at this moment soon forgotten, yet, on the momentous day, marked by a press conference, that would see the beginning of the movement's end.


Over the past few rotations of Planet Earth, I have been raising alarms about actions of the main powers embedded in or about the République démocratique du Congo. Based upon the geopolitical movements at play, I fear either an escalation or rush of movement. Business unusual appears to be at work.

South Africa has designs for 'training' RD Congo servicemen. Similar claims were made when our special forces troops were in fact installed in République centrafricaine, to instil stability upon the ground there. The CAR deployment became a great fiasco as our allies allegedly joined the Islamist lead Seleka rebel militias, and as child soldiers and adult infantrymen charged our positions and overthrew our allies. Christians, and civilians with no affiliation, and the wildlife of that country have suffered deeply due to the coup d'état there, as the coup d'état installed, self appointed new 'leader' of that nation has appealed to Allah to guide his actions, rather than to science and the political manuals many leaders utilise with a bit more success.

Rwanda, which is often accused of being the financier of the Rebel movement, the army deserters known as the M23, (Rwanda) recently claimed that Congo government armaments were utilised by (RD Congo) security forces to bombard the Rwandan border. Rwanda has had a great thirst for intervention in the RD Congo, and many claims have arisen of its land forces accompanying and assisting rebels. The United Nations forces have stated that aucun doute, certainly, they have only and yet every time observed the M23 rebels shelling neighbouring Rwanda.

As I stated, Rwanda was pathologically itching to summons their soldiers and to send these rank and file en masse into the RD Congo to avenge these attacks. Yet, the UN is unambiguous in saying that the attacks were by the very rebellious M23 militia, which Rwanda is accused of covering the expenses of.

It is a common strategy, one which Winston Churchill allegedly desired to utilize to force the Americans into World War II. Pearl Harbour however was a more successful push for the Americans, and a pretty authentic Japanese sneak attack against the nation which sought to cut off their oil supply. In Syria, where a chemical attack which allegedly occurred, while tragic and aimed at spectators supposedly cheering on the Rebel side, some allege that rebels, seeing their gradual loss of territory, determined to assassinate their own civilian partisans to summons American cruise missile cloudbursts.

The RD Congo's minister for communication, said in a firm statement that it was his belief that Rwanda well knew who it was that was blasting munitions into their territory.

It is alleged that South African snipers have assassinated a total of 6 M23 militiamen. It is also alleged that in a few weeks a grand total of 2 South African Rooivalk attack helicopters, will be deployed lethally upon rebels in the RD Congo's east, where South African troops form part of the UN Mandate for the search and destroy mission against the M23 who are also RD Congo army deserters. These are not the claims of randomised rumours or media gossip, but the direct statement of Pikkie Greeff, the national secretary of the South African Defence Union, the organised labour representative of the soldiers fighting under the South African Constitution for the UN in the RD Congo. He made these sniper claims. He shot off about Rooivalk helicopters. Agence France Presse quoted him directly. (Update: The State Attorney has threatened a gag order against the SANDU national secretary, more below the press conference blow by blow.)

As I stated upon receipt of this information: Rooivalk is what the Americans call the Apache helicopter. Their designs are almost identical. Rooivalk is South Africa's terminator craft. The Rooivalk like an A.K. 47, is also requisite of very little maintenance to remain airborne and combatant. Unlike the Apache. And it can make a full 360 degree turn, again, unlike the American craft.

This morning, in response to this wild speculation from people on the ground and representing our great nation, the South African National Defence Force held a press briefing. In essence, the SANDF denied claims of snipers, and indirectly denied that Rooivalk were to be deployed, saying however that the UN had requested three of the terminator craft. They also went into non-serious injuries as they put these, which put South African soldiers in hospital. Subsequent to the press conference, the M23 went into a strategic withdrawal. Either read the blow by blow, and my commentary, or skip to below the press conference.

Chief of Joint Operations, Leutenant General Derrick Mgwebi spoke to the media for the SANDF.

Major issues covered would undoubtedly include claims made by the national secretary of the SANDU noted above: about South African sniper kills and Rooivalk Helicopters, I covered this as I awaited the reports to come in from such media briefing conference:


As a matter of some interest, I chatted with the national secretary of the SANDU on Twitter sometime after I wrote this article. He claimed that M23 overtures to peace after this article going to press, were the acts of keyboard warriors, who were, according to subsequent tweets and retweets by the man in question: covering up a retreat from superior forces from the global press corps.

Either way, a few days ago when I first raised the sirens of warning, there was no press consultation by the SANDF on these matters. The hands of regional players also appear to be acting in the unison of tug of war. A few strategic retreats and talk of peace, may well resemble many a ceasefire suggestion, as a strategic method of buying battlefield superiority via strategic breaks. I don't purchase as yet the concept that the sudden rise in geopolitical antics can be the precedence to peace, rather than the flexing of munitions for the sake of an increased escalation of hostilities. Unless M23 have cold feet for some reason now?

More concern comes from threats to gag the SANDU secretary:

After the event I again appraoched the SANDU secretary for information, I asked: is DRC won? Do our troops need Rooivalk and other notable support? Or is South Africa boarded on train to utter victory? The response was neither here nor there:

The SANDU figure was subsequently sent a letter threatening a gag order on the DRC.

I asked him about this some time afterwards:

So you will continue to fight for the boys in khaki by public releases of information you believe will assist their cause? I requested more information. The reply was again nondescript if anything:

I have not managed to be enlightened as to the exact status of the letter or much else. It seems Pikkie is keeping quiet on that.

RD Congo is also called Democratic Republic of Congo or DRC.
CAR is also called Central African Republic.

Monday 26 August 2013

Syria: 'Between East and West, misunderstanding seems now total' Vatican slam Western 'biased view', 'its misjudgement'

'Cardinal Rai speaks of his belief that there is a plan to destroy the Arab world for political and economic interests.' The Vatican's Facebook page instilled
'Christians always pay the highest price when conflicts erupt in Middle East countries such as Egypt, Syria and Iraq.' Cardinal Rai, 'outside countries, especially in the West but also elsewhere, are helping to foment these conflicts.'

'Speaking in an interview with Vatican Radio, Cardinal Rai says the situation in the Middle East is becoming more and more critical as each day passes. He said whenever a conflict breaks out in the Middle East, whenever chaos ensues, Muslim groups attack the minority Christian community, as if they were always the scapegoat.' The Vatican Official News service, noting Vatican Radio's interview, lamented on their page upon the social network, Facebook.

'Speaking about the tensions between Muslim Brotherhood supporters and the Christian community in Egypt, Cardinal Rai said it was a known fact that once in power, the Muslim Brotherhood were seeking to introduce Shariah law. Certainly, he said, the Christians are against this and want a reformed and democratic Egypt, an Egypt that knows how to respect human rights.' Vatican Radio insisted.

'Cardinal Rai spoke of his belief that there is a plan to destroy the Arab world for political and economic interests. There’s also, he added, a plan to exacerbate as much as possible the inter-confessional conflicts between Sunni and Shiite Muslims.' Vatican Radio forewarned. 

'The current events in Egypt and Syria clearly show that the so-called "Arab Spring" hides some realities that are much more complex than those simplistic analyses that are often reported here or there.' The Cardinal related to the news service.

'The positions of the West irritate, sometimes are silent, sometimes noisy, in the struggle to hide its embarrassment and helplessness.' The Cardinal unveiled his opinion.

'Its biased view and its misjudgement with regard to the actual understanding of Middle Eastern issues are denounced' by the Cardinal.

'Between the East and the West, misunderstanding seems now total.' The Cardinal politely put.

'And how can we forget the plight of Eastern Christians? Their centuries-old presence has probably never been more threatened. The outburst of violence against them - particularly in Egypt - have attracted nothing but soft condemnations from the international community. Embraced by fear, threat of isolation, these Christians are fighting for the right to exist, and also claim, in these decisive hours, the right to speak.' The Cardinal solemnly stated, of the scenario where scores of Christian churches have been burnt down and Christians lynched to their utter demise in the streets of Egypt by Brotherhood partisans.

'His Beatitude Cardinal Bechara Rai, Patriarch of Antioch of the Maronites, does not hide his pessimism. He talks about the general situation in the Middle East, making an appeal to Pope Francis, "the only man who is talking of Peace." Only the Holy See can "put an end to this tragedy."'' The Vatican Radio makes an attempt to conclude.

Vatican's Official News Service on Facebook published their views here:

Sunday 25 August 2013

Obama and Hollande have 'no doubt' and no proof that Syrian government used chemical weapons!

This article will relate that Obama cannot point the finger at any one man, therefore, how can he be so certain the governments forces and not the Al Qaeda linked rebels are responsible for the attack on the rebel supporting area in Damascus. Especially given a penchant Al Qaeda and her allies have for the use of women and children as human shields and as suicide bombers. Britain allegedly attempted something similar to involve America in World War Two, allegedly it decided on attacking an American military target under the guise of the Germans. It is not unusual as a military strategy, especially as rebels are losing, and as Obama has consistently said he would give them all the desert storm shock and awe support they need, just as long as there is a good enough report of a GOVERNMENT CHEMICAL WEAPONS ATTACK ON CIVILIANS OF COURSE.

However, why were the Syrian government not better prepared when they were accused of using what is classified as an illegal weapon of mass destruction, of which America consistently warned of a red line? It seems the government firstly needed to investigate the claims before they even admitted that it seems the obvious attack appeared to have occurred and against the civilians? Is this the behaviour of a practised war criminal?

The government says they invaded rebel tunnels and found both anti-dote and agents for Sarin Nerve Gas. Are the Al Qaeda supporting 'Human Rights Activists', who openly admit their links to rebels the source of the golden breath of God, which put matters beyond dispute? Are the Syrian government troops monsters who massacre their own friends and relatives and then find rebel held areas having the gas?

Did Al Qaeda not previously get caught in Iraq planning just such an attack, with toy aircraft transformed into Aerial combat drones specifically to distribute chemical weapons over Syria?

But Obama has his red line. He cannot even allege the name of a perpetrator, but he can say with certainty that the government is responsible? When the attack was of no strategic value to the government, when rebels had everything to gain from it? When the same organisation which willingly kills Muslims, Christians, enemies and supporters of its cause alike, across the world, are openly fighting with the rebels, and quickly took to Twitter quite soon after the tragedy to utilise their newest strong propaganda.

Neither Obama not Hollande, nor much of Western Media have mentioned the wiping out of whole Christian villages by Western backed rebels. They have also not emphasized the genocidal sectarian and ethnic cleansing nature of the war, or the purposive enforcement of harsh Sharia councils on the populace under the rebels. America attacked Iraq over alleged weapons of mass distruction, following which they said they had been tricked by an enemy of the state into striking. Interviews with the man have him as quite pleased with himself.

America invaded Afghanistan for harbouring Al Qaeda, but now American funding, weapons (whether from America or others, American artillery is used by Al Qaeda-linked rebels) and support are assisting this powerhouse of terrorism. Just as America once supported Al Qaeda in Chechnya against Russia, and in Afghanistan via the ISS.

Let us start with the media we rely on. They says that many Syrians have pitched up at hospitals with symptoms of Sarin gas poisoning, and are being treated for this, while others have died?

Symptoms are patient complaints, the original reports were in French and should have been translated as signs of Sarin gas poisoning if indeed there was any. We rely on a media which didn't consult a single pathologist prior going to press, but weakly translated claims from French media, which came from a French press release by Médecins Sans Frontières, which granted carries weight. The same group has an English version of the article also using the misnomer 'symptoms', but symptoms are simply complaints. In that case it might as well be a survey, and most signs of Sarin gas poisoning are in fact quite readily available. Whether it is the doctors who don't know basic medical terminology or the media who don't care to write more than an impressive headline, this can only be bad journalism.

As I reported before most of these media, many have died and others are being treated for this. But it is an important lapse to use the wrong medical term without questioning it. Furthermore, is it only Sarin gas which gives the symptoms? What additional tests are being done? Can rebel spies allegedly bringing tissue samples out of Damascus be trusted by Western Powers? Can we trust the word of these Western Powers?

Did not America just recently close all its embassies in many countries due to a threat that never materialised?

The same Obama who claims certainty of Syrian government involvement cannot tell us who in the Syrian government is the guilty party, this same Obama who keeps goat herders in Guantanamo bay because he does not have the evidence to try them but feels so certain that they must be terrorists. The Obama who has as head of the National Security Agency, the man who oversaw Abu Graib prison when Americans committed human rights abuses there, abuses which seemingly got that man promoted to the highest rank in the American military.

Western Media did not report a lot on the prevalent ethnic cleansing rhetoric of Libyan rebels, who fought not to oust the leader of that nation but to kill Sub-Saharan African migrants, migrants who were denied refuge by the Red Cross and Red Crescent society in Libya when they fled lynchings. Libya is now an Al Qaeda launching base, as is once Al Qaeda enemy Iraq, as is Somalia, which was thrown into disarray many years ago with American intervention, and where America fights to uphold an undemocratic government on the pretext of fighting Islamists, the same Islamists it considers human rights freedom fighters if they hop across to Syria, or to Egypt.

But yes, let us rely on the word of Barack Obama who won the Nobel Peace Prize for promising to close Guantanamo Bay but still hasn't. Let us rely on William Hague and the British Government which slammed Russia for fighting Geogia to prevent Ethnic Cleansing, and then hollowly said after all was clear that in any case Russia had no right to invade another country for any reason.

Let us forget the fact that the violating of Syria's sovereignty cannot be justified without Security Council approval, no matter how convinced Barack Obama is of the very things which could allow him another shock and awe made for television war to garner votes for his political party and a legacy for his children.

To war they march they march, ordered there by television cameras and media that care more for sensation than truth, and call rebel sympathisers activists, rather than rebel sympathisers.

To war the Western Warrior States March, like the city states of Greece, they approach troy, in their grand armarda, ready to rape and pillage or to stand by as it happens. To war they march but Obama is not sacrificing his daughter for good winds, not at all, he sacrifices the lives of Christians and Shia, why not, indeed, he thinks?

To War, to sacrifice human beings as blood libations to the war god Democracy, who is hungry again for human blood. In Iraq, as American placed sacrifices, hundreds of thousands have died, in Afghanistan and Pakistan, American wars boil over. In Somalia, there is a failed state. To war though and should the heavens fall, so be it, for the television it makes is beautiful, and people love to watch suffering and the destruction of those evil monsters, no matter who dies to please the spectacle of the television screen. Television news is the modern Colosseum, where all is but a game and good and bad disappear. Where 'right' and 'wrong' are bestowed by Emperors of imperialism, for the sake of pleasing the rabid crowd. All spurred on by The Tweeting Yahoo spectators of the spectacle. And damned be the civilians and Christians then. Damned be world security, because Obama is certain that Al Qaeda and her Islamist militant allies could not possibly have killed their supporters to summon him like a demon, to wipe their enemies from the map.

To wipe out ther enemies of Al Qaeda, just as he promised he would... if only that scintillating red line could be declared as being crossed. Who cared then? Perhaps, those who care are those in whose blood Obama draws the line? Do any media cameras bother? As long as the man-eating God democracy is satisfied?

Syria has decided to let chemical weapons inspectors into the area now. So much to lose, so much to win. The approach didn't help Iraq of course. The weapons inspectors were demonised by George Bush. And by international press. Already there is chatter among the merciless Western voices, saying that maybe the evidence they need not, will be destroyed due to the long wait.

Friday 23 August 2013

Ultra-Cute Choir performs We Will Stand Like Giants by the Parlotones.

Update: The Parlotones agree with us about this choir performing one of their songs, here are two tweets by them about the CharterHouse Choir prior the video:

Ultra-Cute Choir performs We Will Stand Like Giants by the Parlotones.

And the Parlotones admired the choristers on their Facebook also:

Saturday 17 August 2013

Catholic Archbishop of Johannesburg, Archbishop Buti Tlhagale, organises gay pride march?

The poster was mostly red. It spoke of a national men's rally, but it seemed a rally which was not designed by a man. Almost a sort of rally which treats rape, spreading HIV and 'homophobia' as the natural state of men. Perhaps this is why the Catholic Church so easily chases away its male believers? It certainly was not a flattering poster.

'No homophobia in my name' , 'No woman infected', 'No woman raped', 'No Woman killed'?

Odd poster signs for a national men's rally?

If I were to hold a men's rally I am not saying the posters would have Castle and James Bond on them, but they certainly would focus on issues which men aspire to. In fact, the poster is defamatory of men. It says these acts are committed so often by men as to attach to the name man. It seems an odd rally.

Other posters by this group call for men to take responsibility for their actions, they clearly think men in general are bad news.

Called the 'Brothers for Life', the group promoted that is? Yet, nothing against abortion, nothing promoting marriage or fidelity. A pretty strange type of thing to promote at a Catholic Church?

I asked the nearest priest about the matter. He said he was not permitted to touch the poster, never mind do anything about it. There were strict orders from the Chancery, the posters were to be put up.

What is a Chancery?

'That branch of administration which handles all written documents used in the official government of a diocese. It is in the diocesan chancery that, under the direction of the bishop or his representative, all documents which concern the diocese are drawn up, copied, forwarded, and a record kept of all official writings expedited or received. The official charged with the execution of these duties is known as the diocesan chancellor. In many dioceses the chancellor exercises some of the faculties which in other dioceses are exclusively reserved to the vicar-general.' - The Catholic Encyclopedia on what a Chancery is. This is quoted from the well known New Advent website of America's Knights of Columbus.

In other words, these documents were especially placed there on the authority of Archbishop of Johannesburg, Archbishop Buti Tlhagale.

What is Homophobia?

'an extreme and irrational aversion to homosexuality and homosexual people.' - Oxford Dictionary.
'unreasoning fear of or antipathy toward homosexuals and homosexuality.' -

What do both definitions have in common? Not reference to crimes against the human rights of homosexuals, which indeed are wrong because they violate human rights and not instead of that because of the behaviour of the victim. The victim has nothing to do with the crime, except being hurt by it. The crime itself is the wrong.

No, this is not what tends to be referred to as 'homophobia', both definitions have in common the condemnation of aversion to homosexual lifestyle as irrational or unreasoning. The word homophobia first emerged in its present form in the mouth of a gay special interests campaigner who declared it to be the fear of Christians specifically that acceptance of homosexual behaviour would undermine Christian views on traditional marriage.

So how does the man shaming gay pride march with the backing of the local bishop differ from the Catholic view on homosexuality?

The Catholic view tends to emphasize both respect for the person its doctrine sees as sinful and also that their behaviour is inconsistent with its formula for salvation. The Catholic view also separates tendencies away from acts and lifestyles.

'Chastity and homosexuality

2357 Homosexuality refers to relations between men or between women who experience an exclusive or predominant sexual attraction toward persons of the same sex. It has taken a great variety of forms through the centuries and in different cultures. Its psychological genesis remains largely unexplained. Basing itself on Sacred Scripture, which presents homosexual acts as acts of grave depravity,141 tradition has always declared that "homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered."142 They are contrary to the natural law. They close the sexual act to the gift of life. They do not proceed from a genuine affective and sexual complementarity. Under no circumstances can they be approved.

2358 The number of men and women who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies is not negligible. This inclination, which is objectively disordered, constitutes for most of them a trial. They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided. These persons are called to fulfill God's will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord's Cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition.

2359 Homosexual persons are called to chastity. By the virtues of self-mastery that teach them inner freedom, at times by the support of disinterested friendship, by prayer and sacramental grace, they can and should gradually and resolutely approach Christian perfection.' - Catechism of the Catholic Church.

What does no woman infected mean?

Well according to a basic reading, it seems that the Brothers for Life are promoting the use of condoms. There is not a single mention of chastity or preserving marriage or not cheating. The problem is this: the use of a condom is condemned as intrinsically evil by the Vatican. In other words, according to Catholic doctrine, these posters put in churches by the authority of Archbishop Buti Tlhagal, no doubt lead Catholic parishioners towards the Catholic conception of hell. Something objectively evil can never be mitigated as not a mortal sin. Looking at this non-Catholic group's website, they do say they promote 'addressing' (Fixing? Mitigating?) the health risks of having multiple concurrent partners, or sleeping around largely. Hardly corresponding with the Catholic view on the matter: where sex should be constrained to only a marriage open to life.

'No Woman Raped?' 'No Woman Killed'? In the name of men?

Women will be raped and killed, just as men will be. Such is the nature of mankind. But is this referring to rape and killing, or to a very specific form of rape and killing, is this not contextually referring to the corrective rape of lesbians, to the killing of lesbians? After all, the other posters, like these could have been snatched from a gay pride parade. And is this not, whether on that or not, a campaign to shame men as though men in general are by nature rapists, and murderers of women?

I have no trouble objecting to the heinous acts of corrective rape and to the human rights abuse of crimes against people whether inclined to homosexuality or not, and to the act of murder that is the unlawful and intentional killing, and I certainly also object to the evil act of rape whether against a straight woman or against a  lesbian. I don't believe in abusing, or allowing the abuse of the intrinsic human rights of anyone whether straight or gay.

Is the Catholic view of men that men rape, murder, are homophobic, cheat, and should use condoms?

With all the above, I can only make the conclusion, that unlike a Catholic men's march, which would promote the family, oppose pornography or abortion etcetera, this is a march for aspects and beliefs which correlate exactly with the interests of the gay special interests lobby. After all, protest rape all you want, and murder, but protesting only that rape and murder which is conducted in the name of masculinity? This is a specific type of rape which this march is treating as worse than all other rape, as with the murder mentioned.

This is all together largely what seems like de facto a march against homophobia, all the other bits are nuanced by that. Given that 19% of homosexuals in America have HIV Aids, and similar statistics exist all over the world, gay special interests groups tend to take the issue of HIV quite seriously, interestingly this issue is also on the placards held by the men on the poster.

A look at the partners of Brothers for life confirms this: Unicef, US Aid, Sonke Gender Justice Network, Population Council, Treatment Action Campaign.

Their website further shows their focus on 'gender violence' (which treats gender theory as true) and HIV, not 'sexual violence', which is the Catholic term.

Quotes: (Emphasis via bolding does not appear on their website, as I copied only the text and bolded where needed, I also commented using square brackets, if you don't want to read the full quotes then it is possible to skip it and to then just read the conclusion below!)

'Join Us - Not in My Name Rally

On 24 August 2013, Brothers For Life with it's civil soceity partners will be holding a Men's Rally on Gender-Based Violence.
Dubbed "Not In My Name" the gathering is aimed at bringing all men in the fight against the scourge of gender-violence in this different forms and shapes...'

'Brothers for Life is a national campaign targeting mainly Men aged 30 and over . The campaign was launched on the 29th of August 2009 in KwaMashu and seeks to address [Notice their wording, to address the risks, not the behaviour] the risks associated with having multiple and concurrent partnerships, sex and alcohol ,Gender based Violence and promotes HIV testing , Male involvement in PMTCT and health seeking behaviours in general.

The campaign is a collaborative effort led by South African National AIDS Council (SANAC), the Department of Health, USAID/PEPFAR, Johns Hopkins Health and Education in South Africa (JHHESA), Sonke Gender Justice, UNICEF , IDMT , the United Nations System in South Africa and more than forty other civil society partners working in the field of HIV prevention and Health. The campaign uses Interpersonal communication , Mass Media and Advocacy to reach its audiences.

The interpersonal communication aspect of the campaign comprises a Men's Wellness Toolkit that will be used to engage with men within communities around a range of topics that continue to undermine the health of men and women.

The campaign will be sustained with a multi-mass media component that includes the use of television and radio commercials. The commercials will draw upon the concept of brotherhood to convey to men the importance of the decisions they make and how these decisions impact upon their future and that of their dependents. The broadcast media will be combined with print and outdoor media that will further serve to reinforce the messages of the campaign.

The campaign uses a wide range of advocacy initiatives to influence and engage the various audiences. These include Media advocacy in print media, Television and radio. Other activities include advocacy initiatives targeting all levels of government, traditional leaders, civil society, faith based and opinion leaders within communities around social constructions of men, male responsibilities.' - From their website.


So Brothers for Life is a health initiative, a marketing ploy, with government backing, not a Catholic group. On many issues they either are or communicate views which are: not in accordance with Catholic beliefs and are certainly not compatible with Catholic dogma. Brothers for Life seems to view most men as though they are easily criminals, given their adverts.

And finally, the Chancery of Archbishop Buti Tlhagale has ordered the promotion of this group in Catholic Churches.

Where this or that 'for life', tends to refer to anti-Abortion groups or those which hold the pro-life pro-family views of the Catholic Church. For life here is just an advertising gimmick. The Brotherhood perhaps is promoted as for life, but the campaign does not view marriages and sexual relationships the same way if its purpose is to 'address the risks' of men having multiple sexual partners, but not the behaviour itself.

Friday 9 August 2013

Don't Encrypt your email!!!!!! For Your Goodness's Sake!

You might have heard of quantum computers. You might not have, but chances are you have. No doubt the same story of other dimensions and science fiction. Quantum computers DON'T use other dimensions, they do use the complex behaviour of subatomic particles to conduct amazing REAL WORLD calculations. Including cryptology that defeats Public Key encryption with some notable ease. In fact, there is only one encryption method: however the message that is transmitted is sent, that is impossible to decode if encoded properly, and utilising random numbering, but not the public key type.

Is this quantum quagmire important? No... well... admittedly yes, since Prism baddies, Google now have their own Quantum computer to calculate things like how to read a Google user's mind, or get the drug patent for some exotic disease first. Lockheed Martin, who make the aircraft Western Powers use to undermine whoever has upset them last week. Yes, that Lockheed Martin, the largest defence firm in the planetary region, have one too.

So, public key encryption, which uses the fact that prime numbers such as 3, or 7, cannot be square routed, is pretty much useless against Quantum Computing, which has a penchant for such things. Also useless, all the other methods come up with by human beings, with the exception of one Russian technique, the only encryption method I have always considered as secure.

If you do encrypt your email, even in a field such as mine, the legal field, then you paint a red marker on your usage. The tyrannous powers of the powers of world espionage are not there to be trifled with. If you are not utterly certain you are safe, chances are you aren't. Russia, despite its prowess, uses typewriters to record all of their most secure information. I personally use longhand, at least these days.


Unencrypted emails tend to pass through the system. In South Africa all emails are stored permanently by providers for the government, but even then, they are mostly safe in the same way one wildebeest in a migration across the Serengeti has safety on its side. Yes, it is vulnerable, but it acts like every other Wildebeest, it does not draw attention to itself. Encryption, means you are a target, unless of course your encryption is impossible to decipher, even with a quantum computer.

In the legal field, we still generally use the physical courier services that many have waylaid. But with our clients, we often communicate by email and by telephonic means.

I have suggested that robotic drone technology is approaching a point, where technology can be averted all-together, and a drone used in lieu of a physical courier for everyday usages, with longhand messages of course. If the major software manufacturers are working with the espionage infrastructure, then chances are everything on your internet connected digital device is already vulnerable. Russia understands this.

The one method of encryption that is impossible to decrypt without the key on the other side, was named the One Time Pad System. Yes, it is the system which appears in my spy novel based on the apartheid spy versus spy real life stories I was told as a child. In my book I just so happened to use inventive ideas such as the use of DNA, I would not do so in the modern world. DNA can be too easily accessed these days.

One time pad encryption relies on the constitution of a truly random string of digits, which are used to transform and only once transform, another string of communication.

Let us use the 'random string' (it isn't really) of 00 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99 01 02 03 03 04 05;

And let us encode a message with it: Marc is encrypting.

So to use the classical Russian method we write: marcisencrypting.
Then each letter is substituted with a number, let us say A = 1. B = 2.

M = 13, a = 1, r = 18, c = 3, i = 9, s = 19, e = 5, n = 14, c = 3, r = 18, y = 25, p = 16, t = 20, i = 9, n = 14, g is 7.

so we have:

13 01 18 03 09 19 05 14 03 18. 25 16 20 09 14 07

And we add these with our random numbers: add:  00 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99 01 02 03 03 04 05 to is, and get:

13 12 40 36 53 74 71 91 91 17 (technically 117, but we change mod our numbers by 100) 26 18 23 18 12
Giving us:
13 12 40 36 53 74 71 91 91 17 26 18 23  12   18 12

This is sent to someone with the one time pad of say: 00 11 22 33 44 55 66 77 88 99 01 02 03 03 04 05.

They then reverse the process we followed. For instance, 13 minus 00 = 13, which is m. 12 minus 11 is 1 which is a, 40 minus 22 is 18, which is r, 36 minus 33 is 3 which is c. Marc. 53 minus 44 is 9 which is i, 74 minus 55 is 19 is s, 71 minus 66 is 5 is e, 91 minus 77 is 14 = n, 91 - 88 = 3 which is c, 17 minus 99 is - 82 which being a minus number we add one hundred to giving 18 which is r, 26 minus 01 is 25 which is y, 18 minus 02 is 16 which is p, 23 minus 03 is 20 which is t,  12 minus 03 is 9 which is i 18 minus 04 is 14 which is n,  12 minus 05 is 7 which is g.

Suddenly we have a message only the receiver can read: marcisencrypting, which can then be given spaces either randomly or according to some encrypted message on spacing and capitalisation, using the same technique: so say: Marc is encrypting.

The problem is with random order and reuse. If you program a system to create random numbers, most languages just use a public key system which isn't random. Here, I likewise used a system purposely not random. The repeated digit was due to a typing error, where I skipped a letter in manually encrypting, and was too lazy to redo those after it. But if I used that code, I could never reuse it. The Russians began reuse of One Time pads during the cold war, which allowed Americans to decrypt those messages.

One Time Pad, prior to the Public Key system, which latter is safe given the many years a current PC takes to decode it, used to be the standard for corporations for internal communications. With quantum computing and supercomputers spying on everyone with such success, it is perhaps time to return to the only sure method.

How you generate a truly random number without relying on public key short cuts in square roots of numbers which cannot be square rooted is up to you.

Thursday 8 August 2013

The Sun newspaper's Irish edition has dropped the bare breasted coverage of UK's Sun Page 3.

The Guardian daily of Great Britain, reports that the Sun newspaper's Irish edition has dropped the bare breasted coverage of UK's Sun Page 3.

The Sun newspaper of Great Britain praised the supposed journalistic greatness of their Tom Peepery Page 3, said Irish culture is different.

One customer of the Irish version of the Sun, reportedly made a demand that they bring back Bare Breasted Page 3. Just one, no one else. Otherwise, the decision to have less revealing images has gone over rather well, for the Irish Edition.

Peeping Toms no doubt will be satisfied that Page three in the Irish Edition, still has mostly topless women in compromising images the Sun daily's contents on following days assured. Just not bare breasted. Topless, but not bare breasted. Which one can assume is a bit of a change at least. The Guardian certainly took some satisfaction in the change.

Perhaps UK edition shall one day change its coverage as the Irish one did. Perhaps. Just perhaps. Fortunately the slightly less obscene but still obscene edition's change of graphic content for less graphic content, was only met by a slight peep, from just one peeping Tom. Perhaps further moves towards almost decency will one day be pursued by the pervert's favourite paper.

Sunday 4 August 2013

Disastrous deluges disrupt in distant lands of Asia

Extract from the writer's sketch book of Marc Evan Aupiais dated Fourth August 2013.

Today the deluges of water tragically striking Asia Minor and the Indian Subcontinent struck at my inner thoughts.

Each nation deployed their own armed forces after the activity of saving the temporary existence of their respective peoples.

Disastrously dangerous deluges poured down the deceptive diabolic waves of powerful water upon the peoples of Asia. Flooding threatened the livelihoods and yet also the lives of the human libations demanded by that temporal deity, nature.

Stately soldiers suffered stiffening weather, battled to weather worsening worse weather to serve the sparing of the temporary human salvation of their lieges, the civilian citizens of their plurality of pauper pariah juntas and powerful populous powerhouses.

Relocated by the grace of man as God Himself reigned down terrible tearful tear-drops on the diabolic and the martyrous saintly. That is, he rained (intentional) as a monarchy, reigning upon the distasteful kingdom that is distantly still man.

And powerfully did this God act to save both breath and business affairs, skilfully of, through man.

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