Saturday 15 November 2008

The reality of the substance of knowledge, which is truth, or a means

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

I look at the reflection in the water- light looks like electric shocks, or invisible scales, as it dynamically moves about the surface. The sky is reflected softly, even with aquatic transparency. I now shall speak of something as vital to man as our desire towards, of and for life-giving water, something as necessary, and daily needed:

Knowledge, such a word of note:

What it means is infinite, and undefinable- in effect, not definition!

Like a fountain of water, blue, mixed with turquoise, cyan and green, and white- sprouting water into a pool in one of those ancient looking cities- flowing knowledge, is beautiful knowledge.

We want to know, and others also do- we understand, and then we inform, or else secretly guard information- and politely use it to gain advances in our own dignity- our own means of survival.

So, love of knowledge- we name this practical, pragmatic. We flirt with danger to gain it- in the not entirely vanity driven fear of losing out, and we desire to gain from it.

Natural love of knowledge- is actually but something beautiful- something we must be proud of. When we learn, we feel happy- we need knowledge- in fact, our constant methods of doing things from knowledge- is how we conquer the planet. We may say it is communication, but this is a form of knowledge- and itself does nothing but relay knowledge to others- whether true or false.

The purpose of knowledge, is propagating our own survival, and making good our own intricate need to breathe, and be alive longer.

How then do we say some knowledge is bad- except that it is false knowledge, or improportionate- unhealthy, dangerous without context, or true perspective.

When we say faith saves- in fact, we say good knowledge saves- we say that understanding, and belief in good, solid true facts which are necessary to survival brings to man but freedom from insanity, from what we call sin, and into God's grace- and promises.

When we speak of improportion around knowledge- we understand the hunger and need for and of knowledge, that our fellow man has. To inform of false knowledge- is to give our fellow tools which do not help him survive- this is evil- because false knowledge damages people. Simply withholding knowledge- is not always evil, not either evil in itself is allowing one to continue in one false knowledge- if of another it means that if he had true knowledge- he would cause damage with it- and it would not save him in the long run, but condemn his soul, the channel of life into him.

In fact, false knowledge is dangerous- as our souls feed and live on truth- falsehood, if believed- damages our souls- the reservoirs, on which we are animated into being.

And so...

Faith saves, and faith destroys- it all lies on who, what and when and where we believe- belief is what gets us through, but also what destroys us and others- if false, or evilly disproportionate...

By belief, we control others, as though levitating the rainbow prism of their substance around us, like pink, blue, green, magenta, cyan, and purple ribbons floating and swirling in the air, like fire spreading, or a volcano erupting in endless passion.

By belief, we also are controlled, leveraged- and made into means of achievement by other beings- and this itself is not evil. It is only evil- when their use of us as means destroys the channel between our soul, or theirs- our winter store, and reservoir of life- and its source- Yahweh- Life, existence- Reality- the mediator in which we exist- "God", if we must say his common name. It is right to use people for good- but wrong to ignore their dignity, or use them in the wrong manner, or time, or as but tools- without choice or soul- for truly, man always has both! 'til death in the least we do!

What we believe determines who we are and who we have become. Our worldview determines how we act, our mannerisms, our culture, our core beliefs, values and causes. Who we are is the merging of two tsunami storms, the combining of two avalanches, the melting together of two flows of water currents, two oceans- two resonances- two sloping and twisting wall-like Icy snow sloaps.

These two- they are our evolutionary formation, and our events, choices, and observances!

09:00 - 09:16AM
15 November 2008
Marc Aupiais' Journal
Edited and altered for publication

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