Wednesday 27 June 2012

#IO12 Live blogging by updating this post:


#IO12 Live blogging by updating this post:

Nexus 7 order-able Today (I won't get one but noting it)

Marc Aupiais

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BBC News originally shared this post:
Apple's iPad, Samsung's Galaxy, Microsoft's Surface and now.... Google unveils its first own-brand Android tablet, the Nexus 7

Android at Google I/O 2012 Day 1

also noting commentary at Live Hangout from the Google I/O keynote

Google Assistant is amazing... much better than Siri.

Google's work seems otherworldly... however, privacy concerns: over their using search history to see what contents to give you, e.g. with sport!

GPS position recording raises concerns on Privacy! It uses your habits, but how secure is data?

Mike Elgan on his Hangout is noting, that Google's assistant, in restaurant, is seemingly effective enough to make one fat.

Google's consistent recording of data, sounds useful, but concerning.

Galaxy, Nexus, Motorolla, to get Jelly Bean in the middle of July, but Developers get SDK Today... likely the reason for the conference!

A few select developers already had access before everyone else.

Google is pushing subscription, in app payment systems to developers.

Google Play is allowing updating Apps, by only updating part not the full program. Mike who I am listening to in the background, doesn't know how it compares to competitors!

Google Play sales of songs are noted... doesn't sound different from competitors, Amazon Fire, sounds better! Mike Elgan notes, that he doesn't see benefit in being able to buy instead of rent video. And that they have big partners: walt Disney, etc.

Mike Elgan says they have wired, Vanity Fair, etc. And claims it is catch up with hitense store.

Might be releasing new Nexus Tablet! New Nexus Tablet by Google announced!

Nexus 7: Android 4.1, clear attempt to release before Kindle Fire... made with Asus, who also made Eye candy for Windows 8!

1280 by 800 HD, etc!

They are making interactive magazines. 

Have tv/movie app!

Again... they are recording everything you do, to recommend stuff to buy! Google Chrome is the Browser- Mike Elgan claims.

Mike Elgan: they are following Microsoft, taking more control over their hardware!

They have local reviews, and inside mapping aid etc! Can preview where you are on maps... and use gyroscope, and maps without internet connection!

Also seems big with gaming!

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