Saturday 10 January 2009

Founding Editor of First Things: Fr. Richard John Neuhaus: Dies

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Despite prayers, from around the would, Fr. Richard John Neuhaus, has died of cancer. I received this in my Subscription to Trinity Communications: today. First Things, was an inter-religious organization: which truly tried to contribute towards inter-religious harmony. His efforts will be missed.

I have not read it, but Catholic Culture pays tribute to him here:

And others: Here:

I know I enjoyed his magazine, although I do not have time to read it anymore (I have been focused on Catholic news, and Catholic sources, studies, and other such opportunities), and his efforts were famous, and well-known. I think he was a good man. He died in 2009, having been born in 1936.

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