Tuesday 13 January 2009

Social Justice South Africa; South Africa: "Jik For Zim": Local Catholic Project, we were alerted to by the Information Officer of the SACBC

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. CNS (Catholic; American; Independent; we don't endorse them) 05/01/2009)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The article linked to, isn't the full article, but it is the only online version, on their website: by the news source publishing. The reason we linked to it, was that we were alerted to the project by the Information Officer, of the Southern African Catholic Bishops Conference, but like what seems to be many of their dispatches, it wasn't in their words, meaning our publishing agreement doesn't apply. They simply alerted us to the situation, without giving an perspective, or article separate from it.

Based on the email we received, and extrapolation:

At least +-16 000 people in neighboring Zimbabwe have been diagnosed with the curable disease: cholora. Our other dispatches have covered, that many need to cross the South African border for treatment. Healthcare in Zimbabwe, is currently, according to secular news: in a state basically: of collapse.

"Catholic Welfare and Development": a South African based, Catholic Charity: which is Cape Town (Western Province, South Africa) based: has set up a project: "Jik for Zim", which has so far: raised $US 16 000, to supply Zimbabwean NGO (Non-Governmental Organization): "Catholic Development Commission", among other NGOs, with Jik, which for our international viewers, is a form of clothing bleach, often used in South Africa: which is also used as a water purification ingredient, by rural people.

The partners in this in Zimbabwe, plan to distribute the bleach, along with information on how to use it: to over 1 000 villages, or communities.

Cholora, is spread via contaminated food and water supplies.

A teaspoon of Jik, according to the article, will purify about 25 litres of water, in +-12 hours. Likely over 1 600 people have died of Cholora in Zimbabwe's recent epidemic so far, which has spread to 10 Zimbabwean provinces, and over the South African border. The agency says, that once they "meet" the Jik (Water purification; information) needs of the local populations: they will use left-over money to supply Zimbabweans with food. Over +-5 million of these face starvation.

According to Health 24 (associated with News 24, South African; Secular, which we often quote; we quote an old article of theirs on Cholora)

Symptoms of Cholora can include, sometimes at different stages:

"Severe, watery diarrho", "Nausea and vomiting", "Muscle cramps", "Dehydration","Hypovolemic shock" (not enough blood supply: untreated: leads to death)
(Health 24 (South African; independent; Secular) 13/07/2007)

As to the South African Charity: for this specific: "Jik for Zim" (Zimbabwe) project:

Their account details are:
Account name: CWD Zim Crisis Relief; Account number: 07 115 5090; Standard Bank; Thibault Square Branch, Cape Town; Branch code 020909; Swift ID SBZA ZA JJ.

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