Monday 28 September 2009

Official Opposition warns of environmental catastrophe with Eskom plant!

Quoting a political party always comes with the danger of bias- our service has not verified the facts or perspectives the DA portrays in this public and official release, which is part of a general e-mail we quote from an email sent out via their official system: They speak in their own capacity, not ours:

The following is a quote from a release sent out by South Africa's Official Opposition party, the DA (Democratic Alliance):

"Top Story: Medupi meltdown is catastrophe waiting to happen

The DA can confirm that confidential Eskom documents in our possession reveal potential for disaster. In a press release by Cobus Schmidt MP, DA Shadow Deputy Minister of Energy, details of correspondence between senior Eskom executives, including confidential e-mails and memos, revealed that the national energy suppliers' proposed Medupi power plant could precipitate an irreversible environmental catastrophe. In the mean time Eskom's senior management appear to be sitting idly bypassing to Schmidt, privileged e-mail correspondence between a DA source and Eskom executives, including Vule Nemukula, General Manager of Eskom Procurement and Supply Chain Management, revealed that following completion of Medupi, the projected future water needs for the area could be up to 500% of the current usage level.

The Shadow Minster confirmed that this was revealed by the same credible source who, earlier in the month documented in clinical detail how Eskom CEO Jacob Maroga had received warnings of an impending coal crisis just six months prior to the rolling blackouts of early 2008.The seriousness of the situation was confirmed by the DA expert source who warned that if the current plan for supplying water to the plant was implemented, Hartebeestpoort Dam "will be pumped dry in 90 days during winter."

Schmidt added: "Our source also reveals that the cost of running the power station will be far higher than budgeted for – implying further energy rate increases to make up for Eskom's poor budgeting."

"Shockingly, the current projected capital costs include only a single pipe without backup – leading to concerns not just over financing, but also how seriously Eskom is considering safety issues," said Schmidt.

The DA source further described how irreversible environmental damage would ensue if the power plant sucked up water from the surrounding areas, including Hartebeestpoort Dam. Furthermore, it was found that the Eskom contingency plan of pumping water from boreholes, will "only last for a short period and would not be sustainable."

In his statement, Schmidt disclosed that the DA is in possession of a confidential memo sent to Mr. Maroga, Eskom's CEO. Schmidt raised serious concerns about an array of glaring mistakes made in the procurement of physical capital for the Medupi power plant."Once again, it is unclear whether Mr. Maroga has taken any appropriate steps to act on this information" a concerned Schmidt added.

Some of the key findings of the report include:• The failure of the negotiation process preceding procurement to follow International Best Practice• Eskom's commitment to a detailed boiler specification without first securing a coal source• Scarcity of water at the power station site and the failure to budget for further costs for coal washing, transportation and water• The budgeting omission of physical capital for maintenance costs and TCO (total cost of ownership).

Schmidt concluded by saying that government needed to be held accountable for the mismanagement that has endangered precious ecological systems as well as threatened to waste hundreds of millions of Rands.Schmidt committed to immediate DA action, by saying that he would submit questions to the Minister on these shocking revelations and demand answers in writing from the Minister and the CEO of Eskom."

Quoting the Democratic Alliance on this issue does not imply that our service in any way endorses their view. We have not verified their facts. This quotation is made to promote access to information which may be in the public interest.

Weather again and some improvement in service!

Weather conditions likely to last the rest of the day have struck once again- hopefully an extra-territorial centre may post some information, but our regular service is thereby somewhat interrupted- with the exception of minimal communication such as this.

As an improvement to our service, our relaying of the VIS service of the Vatican Press office in French should improve as we plan to start to use their original texts (with HTML alteration to enable posting), for our French version.

While our relaying of VIS news is far from that which gets us most reads on our sites. We believe that direct contact from the Vatican is important for our readers.

We welcome tip-offs and tips on our service when reasonable and well meaning.

Marc Aupiais

Sunday 27 September 2009

Itsy-bitsy Spider that Crawled Up A Pope

First off we should realize we all have a different definition for "itsy-bitsy" and massive deadly, fast crawling ugly black spiders. A very large spider crawled all over our Pope Benedict XVI while he addressed dignitaries in the Czech capital Prague, yesterday, is all I know to tell.

As he stood addressing the crowd I cannot be the only one who was stunned, mesmerized at what was taking place, I couldn’t hear anything for fear of where that spider was going all over his white robes. Like driving past a car accident you don't want to look but you peek ... it crawled up his arm, around his back, and then appeared again in the front, quickly moving back down his arm, then it started quickly towards his neck, circiling his neck, then it was on his ear, ugh, the camera's change. It then appears again and its travelling faster and faster closer towards his face.

My entire being was screaming inside for someone to save him … obviously, he has no fear of spiders like lots of the rest of us. Obama, had a fly issue, big deal, this wasn’t a fly or a wasp, where were Pope Benedicts security, I was waiting for someone to come running on stage with a fly swatter to save him, but nope, nothing, I assume we can’t approach him during his speech, but this was major, yikes. This crawling bug was hungry that’s what I was seeing, I didn’t see itsy-bitsy.

When it started to crawl up the right side of his face, I was done, I couldn’t take it anymore I closed my eyes, the heebie jeebie’s took over my entire body, frozen with fear, my attention was on that spider which to me appeared to be more the size of a dangerous poisonous tarantula ready to use his vicious fangs and bite his prey excuse the pun, we need to pray my insides were screaming!!!! :-)

I don’t know what the Pope spoke of, not even sure if it was in English. I’ve attached the video so you can watch, my suggestion would be to just close your eyes, relax and just listen so you aren’t distracted!!

Czech Republic need our prayers!

Note by Marc Aupiais

It is said Pope Benedict XVI is going to this eastern European country- which owes its written language and alphabet to Christianity- in order to help de-secularize it- and breathe the breath of Christian life into the populace- to sustain its Christians, and bring people back anew to truth.

We at South African Catholic see this as noble. Perhaps a once Christian Europe may return to her routes- Benedict XVI seemingly says he desires this, as he has on many occasions, along with the church there appealed for this.

Any good helps fortify good. Pray for the Czech people, and our own.

God bless our readers,

Marc Aupiais

Killing Stalin, murdering Hitler- would you kill them before their time?

Article by Marc Aupiais

Could I go back in time- and kill Hitler, or Stalin or any evil person as a child- I would not kill them.

Should I even have a chance to go back in time and prevent my own mistakes and sins- I would not do so: I can live with my mistakes, because God hath given us confession.

Confession- in a way: turns back time- or rather: causes us to exist again.

This I would accept- to exist again- even as confession is as though it were: the equivalent of dying- as though I am a different person before and after- as though when I am in mortal sin- I only hold in proxy the place of Marc- Saint Named Philomena.

I would not turn back time to do evil that good may result- because I know that God only allows the minimum of sin and evil to exist. If we were to assassinate Hitler before his time- perhaps a greater evil would arise- now or in a thousand years.

Would I assassinate Hitler while the war was on, and I was there? Again- I doubt I would. One man makes not a war- nor can we predict the human ways. I would have fought against Hitler, however was most appropriate and moral- but I would not think assassination would be right. It is not how God chose to end the war- and there were many leaders of the National Socialist party (I hope I have rendered it right- I know National and Socialist were part of that heinous party's name).

Why we morally do not kill is as important as why we at times morally kill- or fight in frontiers- for good.

Violence when unneeded and misplaced- has been observed to increase injustice. America, once a great nation prior its genocide against the Japanese civilians, now routinely attacks nations, and has fronted Nazi ideals of killing children (I do not mean South African law's de jure definition) and the elderly- to the world, via its multiple organisations. America, also is the nation who most promotes methods of fighting disease such as HIV/AIDS which do not work- but which have accompanied a direct increase in the spread of the disease.

Evil is lack where our good should be. Good is fullness, in proportion with truth.

God did not kill Hitler as a child, nor did He who is wisest remove the tree of death from the Garden in Eden when the world- still was largely innocent.

It is wiser to obey truth- than beget falsehood. God says evil actions are lacking and should not be used to achieve good. He who controls the world- provides always better ways.

Marc Aupiais

Thursday 24 September 2009

BBC NEWS | UK | Northern Ireland | Pope Benedict XVI 'may visit NI'

According to the BBC [British Broadcasting Corporation] (Secular ; Governmental; British / United Kingdom based): the Roman Catholic Pontiff may visit Northern Ireland while visiting Great Britain in 2010:

US (America) closes its official buildings locally- due to possibility of al-Qaeda terror attacks against its RSA (South African) based buildings- as feared response to Somalia operation?!?!?!

We are linking to an interesting article on News 24:

" Johannesburg - The security threat that led to all US government facilities in South Africa being closed this week came from an al-Qaeda splinter group, a South African newspaper reported on Thursday. The US facilities were closed from Tuesday following a threat that the US State Department had said was based on "pretty credible information". The Star newspaper said that, according to "well-placed security sources", the group had telephoned the US embassy in Pretoria on Monday warning of planned attacks against several of the country's buildings in South Africa..."

From: (read more at:)

News 24:
(Secular ; Independent ; South African)

Wednesday 23 September 2009

Of interest: Pope Benedict XVI to visit Britain in 2010: BBC; Catholic NGOs help journalist photograph North Korea's plight - BBC

Note by Marc Aupiais

"Pope Benedict XVI is to visit Britain in 2010, the BBC has learned."

According to the BBC (British; Secular; Governmental), who note their correspondent Robert Piggot for his opinion on the matter, and refer to invitations extended to the Papacy by the Protestant in faith: British Prime Minister: Gordon Brown, and by the Catholic Church of Britain and Wales:

The Holy Father- Pope Benedict XVI is to visit Great Britain in the year 2010:

The BBC has also noted images taken in North Korea in August 2009, by Italian journalist Pieriorgio Pescali, who has been visiting the isolated state since 1995. They credit his access to parts of the dangerous country which other journalists cannot reach with his connections to Catholic NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations). Catholics and protestants alike face persecution in North Korea, according to reports from numerous Catholic News services. The collection is entitled: "In pictures: Life in poverty-stricken North Korea":

Benedict XVI: Love the Church without ever betraying her

[English; Afrikaans; français>]

Vatican created Video:
Noted by Marc Aupiais

Note: Here the pope calls attention to a specific Saint, and figure in the Church, noted for his power in politics, and in the Church. He does so, with a message that those serving the Church are called not only to love her, but to never betray her. We often find that the words of the papacy are of use to some of our readers. Inform us if we can improve our service, we welcome well-meaning tips, and information.

Benedict XVI: Love the Church without ever betraying her: "

May the love for truth and the constant thirst for God [] be an incentive for every Christian to seek without ever tiring an ever more intimate union with Christ. This was the wish Benedict XVI expressed on Wednesday, September 23rd, during the General Audience.To the faithful gathered in the Paul VI Hall, the Pope outlined the spiritual features of St. Anselm, a medieval monk of intense spiritual life, excellent teacher for the youth, a theologian with an extraordinary speculative ability, a wise politician and an intransigent defender of the libertas Ecclesiae.His life, which led him from Italy to France then to England, was characterized by a profound research of the mysteries of the Christian ...



Tuesday 22 September 2009

Weather conditions- causing our service to shut down for the night

Service note by Marc Aupiais

Due to one of the first this season of the many famous Highveld thunderstorms we experience during the summer season in Gauteng- our main centre, is being shut down for the night. It is unlikely that any secondary extra-territorial centre will compile an article today, as none seems to have been planned- meaning that we will likely shut down for the night. As all our online sites are based in outside the country- none of these infamous summer storms will affect access to information already online.

Being in the business hub of Africa, also brings with it the geographical and mostly meteorological disadvantages of this.

Goodnight to our viewers.

We should catch up tomorrow with articles. Expect further weather disruption during the summer period we have just entered- but also for us to continue to catch up when weather is clear, and it is safe to use our equipment.

Friday 18 September 2009

Pope: "Love your neighbour with a pure and generous heart."

(See What We See News And Archives)

Video noted by Marc Aupiais

[English; Afrikaans; français]

Sunday 13th September: Pope Benedict XVI's Angelus

"Pope: "Love your neighbour with a pure and generous heart.": "

Jesus did not come to teach a philosophy but to show us a way, indeed, the way that leads to life, said Benedict XVI during todays Angelus. Taking his cue from the Gospel of the day, the Pope recalled how faith itself is dead if is not followed by deeds. Every believer, therefore, is called to testify in practice the teachings of Jesus, who by his very existence has shown us that only love can change the world. "If you love your neighbour with a pure and generous heart - explained the Pope ...




Pope: "Faith is not moralism, but a meeting with the Truth"

Of some note:

"Pope: "Faith is not moralism, but a meeting with the Truth: ""We do not create that which is good, this would be a simple moralism, but the truth comes to us" because God himself is the Truth, the Truth in person. " He said Pope Benedict XVI's homily at Mass ..."

From Avvenire September 14, 2009

Tuesday 15 September 2009

But worry, it woul' kill me today!

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

In the middle of the night, you awake screaming. Another nightmare of the subconscious, the same which causes such fear as you feel... often to rush over you, and to sink calmly, maybe foolishly within.

You fear so much in this world, but most of one, can learn to adapt. You learn to read risks, and continue on. Perhaps you learn to trust God, or some special people who will not betray you. You do not give much charity, how could you, and be safe?

You learn not to trust people with certain characteristics, to avoid those without some nuances which speak of one's culture's home. In elections you vote out of fear, not hope, who could blame you? At least you have not given up hope as some do, as they allow apathy to conquer them.

Friends leave the country, and you know you may leave soon also, if it gets any worse. You watch the tides of people, and read politics carefully, cautiously, even dangerously. You listen and are careful. In all, you have become so- cautious, or reckless, either one or other or both.

Such can seem the world to you, can it not, as you drive fearfully from streetlight to streetlight, and rightly look all around when you stop the car.

Yet, while this caution is good, it gives nightmares, or is rationalised away with all you have of basic logic.

You may call it a blessing and a curse, call the rest of the world so very boring, or see it as a game of sorts. You may say- you're safe, or get a false sense of security.

You might work extra hard, to avoid ever losing the protection money brings.

These can be the fears of our people, can they not? a fear so basic, so tribal- that we fear ever losing, or becoming weak. We have heard the stories, and have no reason to doubt them?

Perhaps- but do you not also feel a sense of freedom in the inevitable? While your senses are only made more acute, and while many a person grumbles, or wonders why they stay in this place, this volcano ready to erupt... While we wonder at this, does it not make us, make you more aware of your mortal state of life?

Should you die, you should not be caught unaware... perhaps that part is a blessing, or a curse depending?

Perhaps the solution is simpler, is it not perhaps?

Yes, if God calls you, consider Europe, Australia or Canada, perhaps that is to be to you a home, a safe place to raise the kids?

And a second passport never was a bad idea...

But for all our worries, do we not realize that it is not an indictment on a good driver, should they crash when they did the best they could given the circumstances? Be cautious, but do not stay up through every night in fear, and nerves.

Some worry is good, but too much worry inevitably leads to a shorter life, as adrenalin pulses through the veins. yes, paranoia is good- to an extent, yes- take the other route home, do what needs doing, but do not let fear disrupt your life in entirety, do not let it string you like a puppet, unless there is some direct need of this.

We live our lives and Die at the end. This is near inevitable to most.

There are matters grave to be concerned about, and one should never cease to care, or watch the waves- knowing that the sea can turn at any moment. Yet, one should also try to live- to focus on what God requires, and take pleasure in his moral laws- as a map past fear and anger and so much else.

fear and anger are designed to cause us to act when needed, when thought may not be of benefit. But, irrational fear or anger, or too much or little- these damage love, and hope and so much else.

We do not stop shaking hands with our friends for fear of a very real flu.

Wherever we stand on matters- we should try our very best to be safe, to be aware- to notice all. Yet, once we have done what is reasonable, and should our intuition and logic not demand more- then we should rest, knowing we have done what is needed.

fear or anger is not our master- they are only signals of something we observe. Our emotions are signs of how we react to what we see, and tell us things we might not notice otherwise.

Our fears are oft rational, and good, and this is not the fear I warn about.

Whatever our deep fears, it is good to note them to ourselves, to note where there is wrong in this world, perhaps to write it down. Yet, we then must sit down, and look at these rationally, and determine what is the best course of action.

Should we live a moral life- and fight for life through life, shall we have fear of death? Truly, man always fears death, and rightly- but to truly be an excellent masterpiece, one must look at their fears with intuition and the heart and mind.

One must resolve their fears least these hurt them.

We cannot be governed by fear free from rational thought- no, our fear must not be who we are- only a reminder to always be vigilant and alert, and cautious.

In fact, God wants a fear in us, a fear of displeasing Him, of losing our salvation, of hell and the like. This is a fear which makes us all the more aware as we explore what is right and wrong in our lives.

Sin is always irrational, righteousness is sane. When our fear incapacitates us in finding some way to better the world, in God's fight for justice and goodness, & proportional, strong, true truth in matters- then it is a sinful fear, for it is irrational.

I do not say to risk one's life to give others charity, but rather to look within and ask where one can be a friend to a friend first. I think it best to look beyond our fears to our root emotions, and to ask what one is attempting to achieve by any fear.

I am not fearless, yet I am not governed in fear. My dreams are not often nightmares. I sleep in peace, because I know I take every precaution which is reasonable- in corporeal and spiritual matters, and having taken the precautions- I then leave matters in the realm of God and my protectors, and in the way things seem to be.

We can only do our best, yet once we have done all we can- we must then trust. Trust that though matters may worsen, that if I am obeying God, he has accounted for whatever is to occur. This does not mean I should cease to be cautious, but only that once we have gone that extra mile within reason- then we may rest, knowing we have done all we can. Fear only has a purpose when that which is feared may be combated in some or other way.

Monday 14 September 2009

Judiciary and rights- what are they really?

(Journey in a Broken World)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Given my area of study- I must surely have some confidence in the judicial system- granted, but that does not mean I see it as more than it is. Let us not believe that Constitutions are about justice, or that democracy is about the will of the people.

Gaius, in his Institutes says that every nation has their own Ius Civilis, and is also bound by the Ius Gentium. here he speaks of Natural law, and its comparison to the purely human law.

Natural law is a vital concept, on this concept any conception of human rights or justification of the justice system rest. It is a debated concept, and sadly- most modern legal systems are too politicized to hope to delve into it.

We are too centered on right and left, liberal and conservative, to ask what life actually is, and what is actually best. Natural law, is ascertainable by natural reason. It is the law governed by logic. I would argue that in fact- Natural law is far too dynamic to be consigned to simple, idealist things like basic rights of men.

Natural law, is the law ascertainable by logic, by which we judge what is best. What is best- is what betters life, and extends it, is what causes it to strain at the ordinary, right into excellence.

Natural law is different than divine law, for divine law is not ascertainable by logic and reason alone. Natural law is different than the laws which nations of adopt, but it resonates in the laws of all nations, and the democracy of international humankind.

As for judiciary, the concept of the modern judge, has its roots, not in the average citizens who were appointed judges in Ancient Rome, but in the role of the Praetor, whose duty it was to ensure fairness, in accordance with the Ius Gentium, in accordance with Natural Law.

Lower judges in our age and nation are bound by the decisions of higher courts. And the courts determine what the laws of the land mean, and when they must be curbed or rewritten subtly by their pen.

In this modern day and age, nations have emerged with constitutions, what some call a nation's pure law. With these have come bills of rights of some or other sorts, or charters on human freedoms.

But, a bill of rights is not a result of delving deep into the pool of natural law. No, a bill of rights is always a political document. With every right it gives an inch of movement to one person, and takes an inch or mile of movement away from another.

Human rights are equally political, and it is hard to find true agreement on what they mean or how they should be interpreted.

Judiciary, seen as so important to protecting the people from themselves, and their leaders- whom the modern democrat hardly trusts, are equally political. The function they surely serve, at least on the highest level- is to govern how the laws of the land are interpreted, and to limit the powers of the ruling party in parliament, or whatever coalition, or movement takes it in a moment.

In truth, are not these judges- political appointments, only ways of taking some power away, their role almost that of a tutor to the new rulers, or an obstruction that the previous hegemony put in place to block the bigger plans of the new rulers of a rotating democratic chair?

These judges, also may be used to change law, in a way a ruling grouping cannot in a parliament- by changing precedent or interpreting statutes differently.

The South African example, where the constitutional drafters purposely went against the will of the people, especially on matters such as the death penalty, and where the judiciary have given interpretations to the constitution, against the moral fabric of the society the Constitution claimed to uplift- is a classic example of a simple fact.

Neither does democracy uplift Natural law- as many would see it, nor for that matter does it comply with morality. Democracy is all about politics, especially in a day and age when emotion rules the roust, as it does today.

A judge is a human being, and as political as any other man. Few judges are appointed in any country- because they are seen as unaffiliated with any ideology.

Simply because a government has a piece of paper which says they can do something, a piece of paper, such a body itself crafted- does not in any manner whatsoever- mean that what they are doing is in any manner right.

Human Rights, and legal rights- while oft used as a weapon to insure the degradation of human dignity, can be used as imperfect tools at times to achieve a purpose, no matter how vague and hard to define they may be.

Law however, should never be confused with morality, and the Ius Gentium, must never be confused with the Ius Civilis. The law is what it is, but man is bound by fuller law, which judges even judges and presidents, and any head of state.

Let us not fool ourselves into believing that this or that charming politician is really doing what he or she does out of care for our means. Rather, let us make it important to them to adhere to what is best.

Saturday 12 September 2009

The Temporary and the eternal; to whom we pledge allegiance!

Note by (editor) Marc Aupiais

To fight a temporary battle- or an eternal one. To postpone our death as long as possible- or serve God with life and past unfortunate death?

How we live speaks of our war- we fight. If we lie we discredit God, if we tell truth we may suffer, but serve His purpose. If we tell truth wisely- as a wise weapon to wield- of an intuitive soldier, and agent of Grace- if we love God- we do wise things eternally.

Our choice is between this battle and His battle- our own existence, and the wisdom which makes it alive and dynamic.

My choice- to fight my battle in His battle- to preserve me- by fighting with His wise training.

It is always a dilemma when we lie- we never know enough about life. So much can be gained in truth and wisdom's silence.

God is with the true of heart and mind and soul!

Fight your fights in the method of God. Thus fight His war with Him, rather than serving yourself and God.

For God cares for his own if they are wise, and care for themselves to serve Him, and to the extent that it is good. We must all hold to our methods of True War. It is never wise in eternity to serve evil to aid ourselves.

Every inkling of thought has some impact! We should always think ahead. If God's way through is hard to come by- it is because wisdom is never simple. To serve God we must learn to think, to listen to the silent voice below thought. To hear wisdom and reason speak- as we observe what we can of what must and has occurred!

Power- temporary

Note by Marc Aupiais

We cannot hold our lies beyond the grave... Nor cover our tracks where we are no longer present.

If there is one thing my meditations on life has taught among many things- it is... that power and might are temporary. Our true eternal power is in wisdom- for this outlives us. I may be dead, but still influence in wisdom and the foundation- truth.

In strategy- the firmest- most certain moral solution is best. Every lie causes harm to our fabric and all other persons. God's way of fighting is the surest. Truth, and correct wielding of this sword is most powerful.

We can only protect ourselves and our fellows: while we still breathe, or live. Wisdom protects ourselves forever.

Wisdom alone is the resonance of our life, our soul's full design is written in wisdom, by letters written as truth!

Wisdom is the only eternal weapon the laity have. And it is Wisdom, our God- who saves by the Sacraments, these pledges of us and God Both- by which the ceremonies we call Sacraments bestow grace, by their mere faithful performance for our part!

It is Wisdom who answers when we pray- who alters events to save the good, and the religious, who seeks always the fuller truth.

Are you okay with you?!?!

Note by Marc Aupiais

Inside it simmers. It sloshes back and forth. You feel emptied in the broken waves as energy leaves your exhausted form.

You want them, you know you do- it is why you work so painfully.

For, they make you better- more respectable... To you.

You need them... Be it sin or not. Your will does not fight the desire, because it is deep- and we always do as we desire, even if it isn't what we truly want.

You're drowning now- grasp... In your hands an item or a word. Smile in recognition, gleam and rejoice. Fight all the more for more. Enter the flight of fight again.

You fight with the world, and it also with you. In fear you want it controlled, you self esteem... In it- depends... Now.

If only you could trust it less, if only you'd see all's fate. You drove your hopes into a straight line ahead. You work towards the goal of night. You take the too well trodden path.

I stand amid an avalanche. On the top of a glacier I gaze. I reach within the moving snow, and from it something valuable take. Seeing the danger, I take it still- and save it from the snow and cold.

In my hands- inanimate it moves, in my grasp- I hold a life.

We are not what we have- though it extends our self's dear reach. We are not our job or our career.

What we are is what we do- our wisdom is the measure of our soul.

What we are is quieter still... More silent than the voice of the moon-less, lifeless night.

What we are is how true we are, how similar to truth itself.

What we have extends our reach- but our refers to something less and ever more ad infinitum.

We are more than the sum of our parts and hopes.

Man is deeper than his surrounds, more definite, indefinite than what he lists as wants.

What we are is deeper, deeper... Depths within.

It would be a distraction from the path to knowing the true self- to call us but what we have, want or do. We are deeper than that, for we are of love. And are more than meets the average eye!

Thursday 10 September 2009

Our service may be down for a while

Notation by the Editor

Our news service may be down, or slow for a period, while we focus on the coding (programming) of our network, especially our hosted sites, or features.

To be informed the moment we write again, please join our subscription list (entering your email address in the box on the right hand side of this page, and below this post).

We believe we can better serve our purpose, after our hopeful redesign.

As our service does not earn any profits, and costs us money (willingly paid), we can assure our viewers that this is not for any profit orientated objective, but purely because of our reaction to a perceived need to streamline parts of our system.

God Bless,

Marc Aupiais

Saturday 5 September 2009

Atheist Dr House from "House" on TV- "religious"?

Quick note by Marc Aupiais

According to Zenit:

"The series, ["House",] created by David Shore and starring Hugh Laurie in the role of Dr. Gregory House, premiered in 2004. It now has some 66 million viewers worldwide."

Those who subscribe to Zenit News Service, as I do- will note an article today about a member of the Pontifical Academy of Life- who claims the tv series character: Atheist doctor- "House" is religious.

I am not sure I would agree or disagree- grudgingly- I will say that it is an entertaining series in the least.

The reason that "House" is claimed to be a religious man, however is of note- because is delves into the deep heart of salvation.

Of course- the member of the pontifical academy of life does not think "House" to be "pro-life", or moral.

Life, as our readers know- is the most basic block of the equation of morality.

According to the doctor and member of the Academy: quoted, Dr Carlo Bellieni, director of the Department of Neonatal Intensive Therapy at the General University Hospital of Sienna: religion is the realisation that there is truth and subsequent pursuit of it.

Or to quote him:

"House's religious sense is to search for truth knowing that there is a truth and that not everything is relative and fatuous. And in this restlessness we discern clear signs of the religious fact."

Of course, the member of the Pontifical Academy of Life, who is also justifying his book on "House"- separates religion and goodness, and I truly think this leads to a deep mistake. Truth and Life are one and the same. Religion is intricately connected with morality, even if some in it do not act morally, due to lack of success in pursuing truth.

The Doctor's statement (quoted above): Sounds real Lumen Gentium XVI, doesn't it? Lumen Gentium XVI being one of my favourite parts of Vatican II- says something similar, but not exactly the same- LG XVI is more specific, more complex- according to it- this seeking must take a form. We won't quote LG XVI- Scripturelink the result with our Scripturelink search engine, if you desire ( ).

God is truth. To seek, in conscience with honest intention: proportional truth in a matter is in truth- to seek Him, or a part of Him- to do so with the spiritual is a true exercise, as we have said before- quoting Augustine's: "God is Reality", and a church Father who called God that which is the Frame of the world also (I.e. that which Frames the world, I.e. Like a picture- I bet the translation, if and when I use one- won't get this).

While I would normally say it was a fan who wants the character to be safe, and that a brilliant director tricked them (which is likely)with flashy plot making; into believing something, and speaking:

The article is of note.

The claim that the virtue of religion is the pursuit of truth, this alone... makes the Zenit article "Debate Goes On: Something Religious in Dr. House?'" of some interest:

That said, I would question some of the logical steps, and disagree at times- but it may be a read of note (especially based on its look at what religion really is- even if I think it is still entirely too shallow in defining it):

Friday 4 September 2009

More evidence mounts against South Africa on racism, and the persecution of Caucasian / "White" persons in the country?

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. IOL (Seuclar; Indepdendent; South African) 04 / 09 | September / 2009)

[Voir en français ; Kyk na hierdie artikel in Afrikaans]

Teaching Staff At Former Model C Schools Are "becoming 100 percent black" (due to Government's "transformation" policies) and white principals are not happy with this.- says Sadtu's Ronald Nyathi, 

According to the Star: speaking of just one incident, where a 59 year old white teacher is repotedly living in his car, and has claimed he was dismissed, and forced out of the school he was teaching at: based on the colour of his skin. Shockingly also: the principal of the school reportedly has hired bodyguards to protect his person also: as he was allegedly attacked and intimidated by members of the SA Democratic Teachers Union (SADTU):

"The Gauteng Department of Education has denied the problem at Bedfordview [the school in this incident] was race-based.

Sadtu's Ronald Nyathi said some white principals opposed transformation. He said former Model C schools were "becoming 100 percent black" and white principals were not happy with this.

"What we have observed is that white principals have a general reluctance towards affirmative action. Teachers see them as racist, and a white principal cannot work with black teachers."

He said he was not aware of intimidation at that school." [our emphasis]
(IOL (Seuclar; Indepdendent; South African) 04 / 09 | September / 2009))

Context of this latest round of race issues

The incident of Brandon Huntley, a white man: who has been granted refugee status by the Canadian government, has recently highlighted policies in South Africa, which enforce legislated discrimination against whites in the workplace. Many black (Ethnic African) South Africans, during the Apartheid era, when they and not white South Africans were legally confined to being second class citizens, were granted refugee status in similar cases: by Canada. Comments by the President of the Republic of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, about English speaking whites, as well as other incidents against Caucasian South Africans, involving high ranking ANC (African National Congress) government officials have however not caught much foreign attention.

Whites Economically- Have One hand Tied Behind Their Backs

The South African government has policies in place, so that national government companies look into whether owners of a company are black or white, or their ratio of black and white, as well as how many employees are of what ethnicity, before considering tenders. Businesses are additionally encouraged to do business with businesses with more black owners over those which are owned by too many Caucasian ("Ethnic European") South Africans, and are encouraged to hire black South Africans over Caucasians:  failure to adhere to what is known as BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) incurs penalties and fines. Huntley is alleged to have suffered 7 racially motivated attacks against him, three of which were allegedly stabbings, and was granted refugee status by Canada's independent: Immigration and Refugee Board. A release by the board notes its independence, and its judicial function, whereby it decides each case, according to a policy which, it says: bases itself: on the evidence at hand.

International and National Media

In the news: Reuters, seemed to quote facts out of context, mentioning unemployment rates among white South Africans, as compared to Black South Africans- excluding the hundreds of thousands of white South Africans who have left the country, due to inability to find work, often despite having skills in high demand. Reuters also writes, seemingly: in a very opinionated manner in relation to this issue. Canada's: The Globe and Mail, has also written an article seemingly biased on the side of the South African government, on the Huntley issue- something they have previously done involving the NHI (National Health Insurance) plans of the government, which were locally criticized as impossible to implement due to cited lack of resources, and considered as dangerous to South Africans, by the Hospital Association of South Africa (HASA).

A local paper, called- the Times, not unexpectantly, instantly opposed the Canadian decision. Our service has previously highlighted  the way Christians are portrayed in the Times (And Sunday Times), making their stance on the side of the government not unexpected to our service.

The BBC, has seemed to cover the Huntley issue in a much more independent manner, while the UK Telegraph seemed to take the side of the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board, on the Huntly issue.

That government based discrimination against a people, leads to discrimination against them by average citizens is a well documented fact. While Huntley may be correct or incorrect in his claims, and the independent findings of the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Board, that South Africa is racist against Caucasians, may be correct or wrong, it is not a case to dismiss out of hand.


I have previously seemingly seen odd discrepencies between what eye witnesses told police at an accident, and the way cars were situated, and what was seemingly recorded by police- in an incident between a black and white driver.

The claims by Huntley, that he feared the police, are also not to be laughed at. Similar claims have been made in relation to the Witch hunts, in which ANC activists allegedly (according to information from the University of the Witswatersrand) insured, that women and children were burnt as "witches", at the same time as "traitors" were being burnt alive in the townships. Allegedly, the police believed the claims against the "witches", and were not much help to victims' families. In a country where Xenophobia just recently broke out: resulting in the murder of foreigners, race and nationality has to be seen as an issue. The police, and government are members of the population and could be infected by the same bias as the population.

Statements by important ANC figures against white South Africans, and similar incidences, certainly do not lend towards the claims of Huntley being as completely unthinkable, as the Department of Home Affairs claims they are. It may be noted that this is a Department which is attempting to get the ruling granting Huntley Refugee Status ...overruled.

Thursday 3 September 2009

Italy: Avvenire editor quits after paper connected to Berlusconi strikes a blow for the Prime Minister against the Catholic paper's editor!

[English; français; Afrikaans]

Notation by Marc Aupiais

According to the BBC (British / United Kingdom based; Governmental; Secular), Mr Dino Boffo, the prominent editor of Avvenire, has quit his post, after a seemingly scathing attack on him in: Il Giornale, a paper connected with the Italian Prime Minister: Mr Silvio Berlusconi: which suggested that the Catholic editor of Catholic paper: Avvenire had had homosexual relations in the past. Dino Boffo admits to a harassment case, but denies either fault in this or homosexuality.

Suggested in reporting on the issue is that the article, was possibly what caused Vatican Secretary of State: Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone to cancel a dinner with Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.
Avvenire, often a voice for the Italian Bishops, had been critical of Italy's Prime Minister: now in his third term in office. Allegations involving Berlusconi, and adultery, and even some allegations of use of prostitution have caused a rift between church figures and the Prime Minister.

Berlusconi, has often gotten support of Catholic voters due to his stances on the use of "Euthanasia" on human beings and Abortion. Both "Euthanasia" on human beings and Abortion are considered intrinsically evil by the Catholic church.

His opposition has often promoted abortion and "Euthanasia".

While seemingly: politically motivated, an attack by the Zimbabwean government on the then Archbishop of Harare, was later admitted to be true. The accusations against the editor of the prominent Catholic paper- could either be true or false, and could well fit another context.
The article: seemingly condemning a Catholic figure, and his subsequent resignation, reportedly due to what the article, could possibly widen a rift which has reportedly been widening over this recent saga.

Wednesday 2 September 2009

Bus Rapid Transit System (BRT): comes under attack- two busses shot at in an Ambush near Soweto!!!

[Voir en français; Kyk na hierdie artikel in Afrikaans]

Analytical Notation by Marc Aupiais

In an incident reportedly possibly involving what those eye-witnesses noted by news service IOL: reportedly saw to be a white minibus, two of the busses running as part of the new Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system have been shot at in an ambush. The ambush occurred yesterday, injuring at least two people- a man, as well as a woman who is reportedly a police officer, but was off duty.

According to IOL (Independent Newspaper's) The Star, the Gauteng MEC for Community Safety, Khabisi Mosunkutu visited the scene of the ambush- by Klipspruit Valley Road, Klipspruit, Soweto, urging commutors to continue using the new system, he is quoted as saying:"We are ready for any eventuality." The MEC also insisted that the perpetrators would be brought to justice. The Star reports that the Gauteng Province government, is determined to continue with the advanced bus system. Measures are reportedly being taken by the Gauteng Government to attempt to ensure that the system continues uninterrupted, and without losing customers. The busses involved should return to the road on normal schedules.

On Tuesday, Taxi opperators were supposed to strike, but this was pulled off. In South Africa, the taxi industry is oft mentally associated, whether correctly or not: by the average independent motorvehicle driver: with high accident rates, illegal drivers, and illegal and reckless driving, illegal firearms, intimidation, gun battles, and crime.

The BRT system was supposed to replace Taxis as another cheap option for tourists during the 2010 FIFA world cup.

At present, only this one prima facie- terror incident has occurred, in a fashion similar to the treatment of rival taxis, or taxi groupings during a so-called "taxi war" over routes.
The BRT system, which rolled out over the weekend has thus far been successful, and received high demand. At present, only the low income earners use taxis, due to their history- it has been hoped that the BRT, along with the high speed train known as the Gautrain (due to be rolled out soon) will also ease up congestion on the roads.


While other attacks were rumoured, only this one ambush was noted to be confirmed.
Only two persons were injured, and the fact that so few bullets were shot- in fact seems not to lend weight to theories involving more than a few people. If rumoured additional attacks were true, this possibility that the incident was possibly conducted by at maximum: a few attackers- may well change.

Considering the history of the industry- the level of violence thus far has been lower than might have been expected. The attack may well have involved others than the white minibus reported, but our service hasn't noted evidence of this at present. IOL does not either note any evidence as to additional vehicles involved.

The story by IOL on this issue may be found at:

IOL (Independent; Secular; South African) via The Star's front page: 02 September 2009

Tuesday 1 September 2009

Disney to buy out Marvel Commics

(Media Study South Africa; c.f. Globe and Mail (Secular; Independent; Canadian): here quotes an Associated Press [AP] (Secular; Independent; American) Article 01 / 09 | September / 2009 ; Reuters (Secular; Independent; British / United Kingdom Based) Press release by Disney 31 / 08 | August / 2009; )

[Voir en français ; Kyk na hierdie artikel in Afrikaans]

Editorial Notation by Marc Aupiais

Walt Disney Co., A.K.A. the "big bad wolf of mass produced plots" / "Corporate America" / "America's Culture's best friend" / "Micky Mouse & Co.": is buying out Marvel Entertainment Inc. (Marvel Comics).

The deal which will cost Disney about 4 Billion US Dollars, certainly has a method to the madness, of expensive buyouts. It will bring over 5 000 (Five Thousand) Characters into Disney's cache. Is that just under a million per character?

Disney's Hannah Montana, Jonas Brothers etc, have brought young females into theaters in droves, according to analyst David Joyce of Miller Tabak&Co, who Canada's Globe and Mail quotes. According to the Globe and Mail, it may be hoped that superheros like Iron Man, Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four and X-Men will get young males into theaters, raising profits for Disney.

The buyout is occurring with the co-operation of both boards, meaning that Disney probably wont have to use its superpowers. It still requires the approval of anti-trust authorities, and Marvel stakeholders.

Disney itself has prepared for itself: a juicy menu, about its devouring of Marvel, that is: about what will happen with this buyout, which, being a press release: we will quote from Reuters' PRWIRE: (Beware the flashy language, and words like "unparralleled", they might dazzle you and me both:)

[p.s. we explain how this relates to our viewers, below their splashy release:]

""This transaction combines Marvel`s strong global brand and world-renowned library of characters including Iron Man, Spider-Man, X-Men, Captain America, Fantastic Four and Thor with Disney`s creative skills, unparalleled global portfolio of entertainment properties, and a business structure that maximizes the value of creative properties across multiple platforms and territories," said Robert A. Iger, President and Chief Executive Officer of The Walt Disney Company. "Ike Perlmutter and his team have done an impressive job of nurturing these properties and have created significant value. We are pleased to bring this talent and these great assets to Disney."

"We believe that adding Marvel to Disney`s unique portfolio of brands provides significant opportunities for long-term growth and value creation," Iger said.

"Disney is the perfect home for Marvel`s fantastic library of characters given its proven ability to expand content creation and licensing businesses," said Ike Perlmutter, Marvel`s Chief Executive Officer. "This is an unparalleled opportunity for Marvel to build upon its vibrant brand and character properties by accessing Disney`s tremendous global organization and infrastructure around the world."

Under the deal, Disney will acquire ownership of Marvel including its more than 5,000 Marvel characters. Mr. Perlmutter will oversee the Marvel properties, and will work directly with Disney`s global lines of business to build and further integrate Marvel`s properties.

The Boards of Directors of Disney and Marvel have each approved the transaction, which is subject to clearance under the Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act, certain non-United States merger control regulations, effectiveness of a registration statement with respect to Disney shares issued in the transaction and other customary closing conditions. The agreement will require the approval of Marvel shareholders. Marvel was advised on the transaction by BofA Merrill Lynch. "

So basically, the Disney cash machine continues to chomp. Unfortunately, Disney is known to change relatively safe stories into dangerous ones, or to strip value out of resources. Did anyone know that the Original little Mermaid of Hans Christian Anderson was a Christian tale about how a mermaid becomes a woman to accept salvation, or of Pocahontas, that she was a famous Christian Convert in that Northern American part of the world, these are different from when Disney has been boycotted by religious groups for movies which portray religion in a certain way, but certainly show what Disney can and has done. Marvel of course- is not a saint, but this possible merger is certainly of note.

It seems Captain of Industry America has finally bought out Captain America, both are just as Red, White and Blue.

South Africa- government fires +-1 000 soldiers

Article by Marc Aupiais

According to ENEWSCHANNEL (Secular; Independent; South African), which quotes defence union- SANDU, the SANDF (South African National Defence Force) has allegedly given -+1 000 (One Thousand) soldiers letters of dismissal. The soldiers allegedly had partaken in an illegal strike which attempted to Reach the Union Buildings, in Pretoria, Gauteng. The Union Buildings house an important part of the South African Government.

According to experts, previously quoted by the IOL (Independent Newspapers: Secular; Independent; South African) Group, the SANDF is in a state of near collapse due to under-funding of the force. A past study has warned of the impact on the African Continent should South African military initiatives collapse.

The soldiers have ten days to explain their actions, according to the report by ENEWSCHANNEL which is based on the statements of the SANDU.

Afrique du Sud: Gouvernement Sud-Africain rejette + - 1 000 soldats

Ce qui suit est seulement une traduction automatique d'un article de langue anglaise. En cas d'erreurs de traduction, seul l'article original en anglais est pour supporter le poids.

Article par Marc Aupiais

Selon ENEWSCHANNEL (Séculaire; indépendants; Afrique du Sud), qui cite l'union défense SANDU, la SANDF (South African National Defence Force) a prétendument donné - 1 000 (mille) les lettres des soldats de licenciement. Les soldats auraient avait participé à une grève illégale qui a tenté de joindre l'Union Buildings à Pretoria, Gauteng. L'Union Buildings maison une partie importante de l'Afrique du Sud.

Selon les experts, précédemment cité par la LIO (Independent Newspapers: Séculaire; indépendants; Afrique du Sud) Group, la SANDF est dans un état de quasi-faillite en raison du sous-financement de la force. Une étude antérieure a mis en garde contre l'impact sur le continent africain devrait militaires sud-africains initiatives effondrement.

Les soldats ont dix jours pour expliquer leurs actions, selon le rapport de ENEWSCHANNEL qui se fonde sur les déclarations de l'SANDU.

Canadian Government Tribunal: South African government shows "indifference and inability or unwillingness" to protect "white South Africans from persecution by African South Africans".

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. News 24 (Secular; Independent; South African) 31 / 08 / 2009; Page on Brandon Huntly; The Telegraph (United kingdom based / British; Independent; Secular) 31 / 08 | August / 2009 ; (Secular; independent; South African) 01 / 09 | September / 2009 )

[Voir en français ; Kyk na hierdie artikel in Afrikaans]

Article by Marc Aupiais

Representing the South African High Commission in Ottawa, Canada, a Anesh Maistry, according to News 24: has noted a ruling granting a white (Ethnic European / Caucasian) South African refugee status in Canada. The panel chair (William Davis) of the Canadian tribunal (Canadian immigration and refugee board panel) which granted refugee status to a Caucasian South African, claimed that the evidence presented by the claimant: "Brandon Huntley", a 31 year old South African who had been living illegally in Canada :

""showed a picture of indifference and inability or unwillingness""
( News 24 (Secular; Independent; South African) 31 / 08 / 2009)

on behalf of of the government of the Republic of South Africa to protect:

""white South Africans from persecution by African South Africans""
( News 24 (Secular; Independent; South African) 31 / 08 / 2009).

According to the UK Telegraph, the tribunal's chair even went as far as to claim that this alleged discrimination was occurring across South Africa: saying:

"I find that the claimant would stand out like a 'sore thumb' due to his colour in any part of the country,"
( The Telegraph (United kingdom based / British; Independent; Secular) 31 / 08 | August / 2009)

Ronnie Mamoepa, spokesperson for South Africa's Department of Home Affairs, informed News 24 of his "disgust" over what he termed as the :

"baseless allegations against our [note the word "our", in as far as it relates to the alleged attacks, the choice of words here is interesting] people and our country"
( News 24 (Secular; Independent; South African) 31 / 08 / 2009)

which were put forward by the Canadian tribunal.

He Further claimed that:

"It would have been courteous for the Canadian government to allow the South African government to respond to the allegations".
( News 24 (Secular; Independent; South African) 31 / 08 / 2009)

The High Commission representative, contrary to the Department of Home Affairs spokesperson, however claimed that the granting of refugee status was a Canadian decision, of a sovereign state.

The claimant- Huntly, reportedly was raised in Cape town, South Africa and claimed that he has been attacked 7 times, of which 3 were allegedly stabbings, all allegedly by black South Africans, adding that he had been called slurs such as "white dog" and "settler". He is further alleged to have said that "There's a hatred of what [Huntly reportedly used the word "we"] did to them and it's all about the colour of your skin,"

As the majority of South Africans are Ethnic Africans, it is statistically not unlikely that the majority of criminals would by Ethnic Africans, just as the majority of criminals in a European country will likely be Ethnically European, of course factoring in poverty levels, how stable families are in general and other factors. As to whether or not the specific alleged attacks were racially motivated as a percentage of local crime is, and whether or not race played a role in police handling of these specific incidents is uncertain to our service at present. The alleged slurs do seem to center on the man's race, however, these could be incidental insults, based on attempting to downgrade the dignity of a specific individual, by stereotyping his Ethnicity.

Huntly had been illegally residing in Canada, having previously had a stay in Canada on a work permit. He requested refugee status in April 2008.

Current legal fashion in interpreting the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 reads it as allowing the specific discrimination against Caucasian South Africans, so far as economic, educational, and government related business is concerned, this does not extend to personal or physical descrimination of the type alleged by the claimant. The Legislative and Administrative schemes such as BEE (Black Economic Empowerment) and AA (Affirmative Action), ask that larger companies have a certain portion of non-white ownership, and that a large portion of general and management positions in companies over a legislated size be non-white. Companies which do not comply with BEE are fined. Universities are also encouraged to choose non-white students over white students.

The result is that companies often pay for the education of black students in order to employ them later, and black persons can receive much higher pay than white persons in fields where there are not many Ethnically non-white skilled workers. Advertisements for job applications can contain wording which informs the applicant that only "previously disadvantaged" (Those whose Ethnicity [whether or not the individual was alive or not during this period] would have "previously disadvantaged" under Apartheid) South Africans should apply for a job.

There have been publically made accusations, that those most benefitting from BEE, are persons affiliated with the ruling African National Congress (ANC), and that average black South Africans have not benefitted. Those who have become known for profiting from BEE deals include Cyril Ramaposa, and Tokyo Sexwale, both of whom have had strong ties with the ANC. The DA (Democratic Alliance), the Official Opposition in the Republic of South Africa, has alleged that the attempts to change the racial makeup of the judiciary (what the government terms "transformation"), via discriminating against white judges, are politically motivated.

To our service's knowledge: there is a scale as regards these economic discriminations, and different races are viewed slightly differently. Government companies are encouraged to do business with blacker contractors over those with more white staff, or owners. Companies which are best suited to benefit from BEE legislation are known as Blackchip companies.

The current President of the Republic of South Africa, Jacob Zuma, has been reported in the news as claiming that those Caucasian South Africans, who are not Afrikaans, are not true South Africans, his justification of this statement was that many English speaking Caucasian South Africans are in his opinion: dual-citizens in other countries, while Afrikaans Caucasians, according to the President: often are only South African citizens. Mention of Ethnic Africans with dual citizenship was not made. He had also claimed that Afrikaaners were in his opinion: the only truly African "white" "tribe". This was seen as a claim that English speaking Caucasians were not true Africans, some saw it as the equivalent of the slur in which white South Africans are sometimes called "settlers".

Claims that the South African government refuses to or can't protect white South Africans from racially motivated violence, are not often made in the public space or endorsed by state institutions of other countries, making this case of note. A percentage of violent crime against White South Africans, has been seen as racially motivated. Many Caucasian and non-Caucasian South Africans have left the country looking for work, or safety from crime and political uncertainty which is not as prevailant elsewhere.

This article does not constitute legal advice, and should not be taken as legal advice, facts or information are here: presented purely to contextualize the situation for informative purposes, and this is not to be taken as legal advice.

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