Sunday 18 January 2009

Toronto Canada: Atheists set sites on buses: Canadian Children will be asking if there is a "good case" against God?

(Media Study South Africa; c.f. Canadian Globe and Mail (Canadian; Secular; Independent) 16 / Jan / 2009)
(Media Study South Africa; c.f. Canadian Globe and Mail (Canadian; Secular; Independent) 16 / Jan / 2009)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The Canadian Catholic church has a dark history, it is undoubted: implication in a pro-abortion march, along with the Canadian Arm of the Catholic Woman's League, had already blackened their name. Unlike Italy, where adverts such as this were rejected as unethical; Toronto, could soon see adverts promoting Atheism, at subways, and on buses.

In ancient times, atheism, was a civil crime: a crime against the state: at least, in Ancient Greece. The comparison between atheistic, and structurally, and organized in form: religious cultures: easily shows difference in happiness, success, and other such things: according to a Study in the New York Times (Which is quite liberal itself).

Claims that such will increase discussion on the existence of a God: are likely nonsensical: some people should be angered, and such could create antagonism between religious and Atheists, also: children will see these boards, which undermine parents at a critical age.

Even if it were "probable" that God did not exist, if he were a mythical creature, like a lepracon: it would be rude to create an advert which said lepracons don't exist, it would be a biased, and bigoted attack on Ireland.

To advertise that Santa Clause did not exist, even though Saint Nicolas is a true basis of the mythical creature: well, and English Catholic Priest, who announced such to his congregation: was slandered in the press: so that even BBC heard the story. Such things don't create discussion, they create animosity, and discord in a society.

To believe God does not exist, to discuss this with other adults: perhaps, but placing such on buses, is not acceptable: children see buses, and such can only further degrade family structures, in Britain, America, Canada and Spain.

Much like basically naked people, shown in adverts for a "Sex" convention, in South Africa, which were placed on street advertising, anything in the view of children: which encourages unhealthy behavior, as Atheism does: should be confined to the realm of adults, if accepted at all. Personally, I think, both sex conventions, and Atheism, should be kept out of the public realm, by law. Simply, because of the economic, and social effects such have to damage a society. Atheism takes from people hope and happiness, and for what: a "realism", "skepticism": are these not things which make life unbearable: even if there is not a God: the image of one would spur people on to be kinder and more just: communist, and other atheistic projections: have always had the affect of disheartening people: and such is bad economically. It was also a lack of ethics: which caused the current economic downturn. Belief in a real Hell, and individual judgment: makes people more moral: and morality creates integrity, and integrity is the maintenance of a society, in that morality creates concord, and creates economic profit, for more, and often brings a nation prosperity.

Once again, the Canadian Catholic church, doesn't get good marks, on their "respect" of such things. Sadly, Canada: risks falling further morally; even as to her southern border, the United States of America is about to be caught in the hurricane of her own butterfly wings, unless something is done to reverse, or prevent coming changes promised by Barak Hussein Obama.

People have a right to their views on religion, a freedom to do so that is: but to force and impose that view on another's children: and to force them to read it whenever at the subway; such is attempting to engineer, and propagandize a people, via a sort of coercing: into thought structures not their own.

If I were Canadian, I would raise issue on this, if not simply on a blog, or facebook: and I would be sure to be careful which political party I vote for in future.

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