Wednesday 18 November 2009

Latin Mass Schedules in November, December- quotation is not an endorsement

(Tridentine South Africa)

Note by Marc Aupiais

We have not noted an update from Una Voce South Africa, since their decision to endorse a schismatic, and subsequent failed attempt to send a message to our subscribers without our permission, in order to confront our service. We did, however, allow the group to give their response, as we also allowed the SSPX locally to.

Here is the schedule of masses, noted by the grouping in PE and Johannesburg. As our organization played a large role in publicising the Johannesburg Mass, we can confirm that it is in fact licit. The PE mass, we are somewhat sure, though not entirely confident: is licit, as we spent several hours researching a mass held by what seemed to be the same priest (who had been Mgr John Clark), but not seemingly at the parish then mentioned; via email and phone, with local authorities, when we were still co-operating with Una Voce, in the interest of the public:

We certainly do not endorse Una Voce South Africa, due to their glorification of schismatic actions, what will follow is a small quotation from their main and only website, a quotation made by us of them: for the public interest. We have not verified their claims:

This quotation is via "fair use":

"Port Elizabeth
Location: St Vincent's Church, Dennehout Street, Algoa Park.

Fridays at 5:30pm.

Location: Christ the King Cathedral, cnr Saratoga Ave and End Street.

29th November 2009 11:30am
6th December 2009 11:30am

Weekdays & Saturday:
Tuesdays, Thursdays 17:30pm
Saturdays, 7:30am

Exceptions/Additional Masses
21st December Monday 17:30pm"
(Una Voce South Africa (Used its influence in the past to glorify a schismatic priest; "Catholic"; "Independent"; South African; not endorsed by our service) 18 / November / 2009: site address

Roman Catholic Pontiff to FAO summit: Empathy, moral business, lack of waste, access to fair markets: ways to reduce global hunger, "climate changes"

[English; Afrikaans; français]

Article by Marc Aupiais

The Roman Catholic Pontiff, recently portrayed access to markets, empathy with and respect for those with less, and preventing waste as sure ways forward in the fight against hunger, "climate change".

The FOA (Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations [UN]), along with other ground-level players, have increasingly emphasized local production over imported food aid, and a need to stimulate local markets, and educate farmers, and built infrastructure in food insecure areas. The majority of infrastructure, at least in the case of systems such as railways, on the African continent, is in one country: the Republic of South Africa, which itself does not spend enough on infrastructure in general.

The following will be a quotation (with paragraphing added), of the Vatican's Missionary News Service, Agenzia Fides, which notes a speech by the Roman Catholic Pontiff to a summit hosted by the the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations. Quoting their article does not mean endorsement of the organization or their article, we provide this quotation in the interest of the public:



VATICAN - Holy Father tells FAO Summit: “Hunger is the most cruel and concrete sign of poverty. Opulence and waste are no longer acceptable when the tragedy of hunger is assuming ever greater proportions.”

Rome (Agenzia Fides) - “Hunger is the most cruel and concrete sign of poverty. Opulence and waste are no longer acceptable when the tragedy of hunger is assuming ever greater proportions.” This is what the Holy Father Benedict XVI said in his address on November 26 at the FAO headquarters in Rome, on the opening of the World Summit on Food Security.

In his address, the Pope recalled that although “statistics bear witness to the dramatic growth in the number of people suffering from hunger,” it has also been confirmed that “the world has enough food for all its inhabitants” and that “there is no cause-and-effect relationship between population growth and hunger.” Reiterating what he had affirmed in his Encyclical Caritas in veritate, Benedict XVI mentioned that “the problem of food insecurity needs to be addressed within a long-term perspective, eliminating the structural causes that give rise to it and promoting the agricultural development of poorer countries,” and “the need to oppose those forms of aid that do grave damage to the agricultural sector, those approaches to food production that are geared solely towards consumption and lack a wider perspective, and especially greed, which causes speculation to rear its head even in the marketing of cereals, as if food were to be treated just like any other commodity.”

The Pontiff then reflected on the “weakness of current mechanisms for food security and the need to re-examine them,” highlighting that the concept of cooperation should be coherent with the principle of subsidiarity. “With regard to countries that are in need of external support, the international community has the duty to assist with the instruments of cooperation, assuming collective responsibility for their development,” the Pope said. “In this way, cooperation must become an effective instrument, unbeholden to interests that can absorb a not insignificant part of the resources destined for development.” 

Benedict XVI also mentioned the risk of considering hunger “as structural, an integral part of the socio-political situation of the weakest countries, a matter of resigned regret, if not downright indifference.” “It is not so, and it must never be so!” the Pope exclaimed, saying that it was essential to “start redefining the concepts and principles that have hitherto governed international relations,” as “only in the name of common membership of the worldwide human family can every people and therefore every country be asked to practice solidarity, that is, to shoulder the burden of concrete responsibilities in meeting the needs of others, so as to favor the genuine sharing of goods, founded on love.”

To eliminate hunger, international action cannot limit itself to “international action is needed not only to promote balanced and sustainable economic growth and political stability, but also to seek out new parameters – primarily ethical but also juridical and economic ones – capable of inspiring the degree of cooperation required to build a relationship of parity between countries at different stages of development.”

In the second part of his address, the Holy Father indicated several necessary steps to take to combat hunger, promoting an integral human development: not view the rural world as something of secondary importance; favor access to the international market of products from the poorest areas; separate the rules of international trade from the logic of profit viewed as an end in itself. “Nor must the fundamental rights of the individual be forgotten, which include, of course, the right to sufficient, healthy and nutritious food, and likewise water; these rights take on an important role in the realization of others, beginning with the primary one, the right to life.” 

Methods of food production likewise demand attentive analysis of the relationship between development and protection of the environment, as “the desire to possess and to exploit the resources of the planet in an excessive and disordered manner is the primary cause of all environmental degradation.” In this sense, the interaction between environmental protection and climate changes are further examined and the human person, especially the most vulnerable populations, are placed at the heart of both phenomena. 

“Norms, legislation, development plans and investments are not enough, however: what is needed is a change in the lifestyles of individuals and communities, in habits of consumption and in perceptions of what is genuinely needed. Most of all, there is a moral duty to distinguish between good and evil in human action, so as to rediscover the bond of communion that unites the human person and creation,” the Pope warned.

In concluding his address, Benedict XVI mentioned the Church's commitment, without interfering in political decisions: “she respects the knowledge gained through scientific study, and decisions arrived at through reason responsibly enlightened by authentically human values, and she supports the effort to eliminate hunger. This is the most immediate and concrete sign of solidarity inspired by charity, and it brooks neither delay nor compromise.” (SL) (Agenzia Fides 17/11/2009)"

(Agenzia Fides / Fides Service (Catholic; Hierarchical; Vatican Based) 17 / 11 | November / 2009)

Tuesday 17 November 2009

Europe faces collapse starting 2010- report given EU Parliament

(Social Justice South Africa)

[English; Afrikaans; français]

According to, a reliable pro-life service, a report has been given to the European Union's (EU) Parliament, warning of disasterous effects if the EU does not turn around its abortion spurred local population decline.

The report also warns of the effects of a decline in marriage and increase in divorce.

To demonstrate why these statistics by lifesitenews are concerning, one need only look at a 2008 article by Mark Easton, the BBC's home editor: BBC Reporters (Secular; Governmental; British) 24 / 09 | September / 2008), which details some of the consequences on broken families or single parent homes. A recent study released by the Department of Oncology of the First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University, where abortion is encouraged even with tax benifits, by the government, and where it is not taboo, found that abortion, which the WHO (World Health Organization) notes can have at least 5 years effect on women psychologically, can increase a woman's susceptibility to Breast Cancer by 17% (CNA [Catholic News Agency] (Catholic; Independent; American; Articles designed to be published in secular papers) 13 / 11 | November / 2009). A number of other services, including Canada's Globe and Mail (Secular; Independent; Canadian; Liberal) have increasingly warned of the effect society driven population reduction may have on the world economy and on the economies in the West. The statements of the WHO that abortion can have long term psychological effects on women, is furthered by the University of Oslo, which finds that one in every five women who have an abortion, are still affected five years later, and that women who have abortions have to avoid thinking about it (BBC World News (Secular; Governmental; British) 12 / 12 | December / 2005) .


Monday November 16, 2009

Massive Changes Needed in EU Family Policy to Avoid Demographic "Catastrophe": Report

By Hilary White
ROME, November 16, 2009 ( - The news about abortion, marriage, divorce and the birth rate in Europe is bad and only getting worse, a report recently presented to the EU said.
According to the report by Norway's Institute for Family Policies abortion rates in Britain have leaped by a third among unmarried teenage girls and abortion is helping to age the population of Europe. Without a massive shift to family-friendly policies, the pattern of increased abortion and increasingly aging population will inevitably lead to the collapse of social welfare benefits, and, ultimately, to the bankruptcy of Europe's cradle-to-grave socialist welfare state.
Presented to the European Parliament on Wednesday, the report said that the situation of the family in Europe is "a desolate panorama."
"Europe is plunged in an unprecedented demographic winter and has become an elderly continent, with a large birth deficit, fewer marriages and more of them broken, homes emptying."
"The aging population, critical birth-rate, escalating abortions, the collapse of marriage, the explosion in family breakups and the emptying of homes are the main problems of Europeans," the 2009 Report on the Evolution of the Family in Europesaid.
The study found that the annual number of abortions in the EU equals the entire combined population of its ten smallest member states, with the three top aborting countries being Britain, France and Romania. In Europe there is one abortion every 25 seconds, for a total of more than 1,200,000 abortions a year. 19 percent of all European pregnancies end in abortion and 28 million children have been killed by abortion since 1990, making abortion the main cause of death in Europe.
The population over 65 years in all European states already exceeds the population under 14 years. The EU under 14 population has fallen from 89 million in 1993 to 78.4 million in 2008. Over-65s have risen from 68.3 million in 1993 to 84.9 million in 2008 - an increase of 16.5 million elderly people. The average age of EU citizens is 40.3 years, with Italy and Germany having the highest populations of elderly people.
The dropping European birth rate, the report says, with its concomitant increasing health and pension costs, will lead to increases in public expenditure to care for the aging population and the eventual collapse of public revenues, leading finally to the bankruptcy of the welfare state. The average birth rate of EU countries is now 1.38 per woman, well below the replacement rate of 2.1 births per woman, even in relatively fertile countries like France.
Without a significant shift in family policies in all EU countries, the report predicts the result will be "catastrophic." Starting in 2010, the population of Europe overall will begin to fall from 499 million to 472 million by 2050 and every third inhabitant will be over 65.
According to the study, Britain is the "abortion capital of Europe" with rates that last year pulled ahead of France. Its abortion rate is fifth in the world, behind Russia, the U.S., India and Japan. Among these countries, Britain can least afford such a high rate, with a population less than half that of Russia and Japan, a fifth that of the US, and 1/19 that of India. The median age of women in Britain is also rising, at 41.3 years, making recovery even more difficult.
The population of the 27 EU nations reached 500 million last year with most increases in population (78 per cent) attributable to immigration, not births. The natural increase of Europe's population is 12 times lower than the US. Spain has immigration 9 times greater than its internal birth increase and Italy's native population fell (-0.14 million) and had 23 times more immigrants than births (+3.28 million). Poland, Romania and Bulgaria are losing citizens by emigration and Lithuania, Latvia, Romania and Bulgaria have falling populations due to low immigration rates.
Only France, Holland, Finland and Slovakia have internal rates of population increase higher than their immigration figures.
Other indicators show the number of marriages, especially first marriages, is down and divorce rates are up. There are 1 in 4 fewer marriages than in 1980 and the marriage rate has fallen in 9 out 10 countries. One out of every 3 children (36.5 per cent) is born outside marriage. In some countries the fall in marriage rate has been around 50 per cent since 1983 and there are over one million divorces a year, the equivalent to one marital breakdown every 30 seconds.
More people (55 million) are living alone than ever before. One in four households in Europe has a single dweller and two out of three households have no children. Of the households with children, 50 per cent have only one child.
The report recommends the creation of a European Union ministry of the family, laws to increase flexibility of working hours to accommodate families, increases in tax benefits for families and an emphasis on family welfare programs over welfare for individuals.
It calls for governments to recognize the rights of families, including the right of parents to reconcile work and family life; to have the number of children they want; to choose the type of education their children receive and the right of children to live in a stable home.

Sunday 15 November 2009

Fort Hood Obama's 9/11: as US State ignored all the signs...

(Social Justice South Africa; c.f. Sky News (British ; Independent; Secular) 14 / 11 | November / 2009; National Review Online (Secular; Independent; American; Right Leaning) 10 / 11 | November / 2009 ; Reuters (Secular ; Independent; British) 14 / 11 | November / 2009; Bloomberg (American; Secular; independent; More Left Leaning) 12 / 11 | November / 2009; CBS (Secular; Independent; American; More Left Leaning) 13 / 11 | November / 2009 ; 14 / 11 | November / 2009 ; The Telegraph (British; Independent; Secular) 14 / 11 | November / 2009; Fox News (Independent; American; Secular; More Right Leaning) 13 / 11 | November / 2009; 14 / 11 | November 2009; InForum Blog by Sheila Liaugminas (Catholic; Independent; American) 14 / 11 | November / 2009; 14 / 11 | November / 2009; LifeNews.Com (We know nothing of this service, it was quoted by Inforum Blog) 13 / 11 | November / 2009; Washington Post (Secular; Independent ; American; Has been accused of Bias in the Past) 12 / 11 | November / 2009)

Article by Marc Aupiais

It now appears, from media reports, that the Fort Hood massacre, allegedly conducted by thirty-nine (39) year old Major Nidal M. Hasam, has all the downfalls of US intelligence that 9/11 made famous.

The alleged killer, a psychiatrist, has reportedly served the US (United States of America) military for over 12 years, with service pre-dating 9/11, and America’s subsequent "War on Terror". According to the media, he is alleged to have conducted many flag raising activities, from claiming non-Muslims should be tortured and graphically killed: to his fellow military health professionals, to talking with a radical Imam- via emails reportedly seen as harmless, by intelligence officials, to reportedly partaking in the transfer of money between the US and Pakistan, a country in an open civil war with the Taliban and with Al Qaeda. The alleged killer further is said to have not wanted to be deployed to Iraq, where he was planned to be deployed, when he allegedly committed the massacre.

According to CBS (CBS (Secular; Independent; American; More Left Leaning) 14 / 11 | November / 2009), a joint counter-terrorism taskforce under the not so watchful eye of the American FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) had known since December 2008, of between 10 and 20 emails between the alleged Fort Hood shooter, and a radical Jihadist Imam, an imam who the Washington Post identifies as Anwar al-Aulaqi, a US citizen living in Yemen, who encouraged Muslims to kill American troops in the theatres of conflict it is involved in in the Middle East.

The Washington Post adds that it was not one, but two intelligence task teams who were alerted to this, with a member of one of these, thinking the emails nothing more than research, which the army psychiatrist, now known for allegations that he conducted the Fort Hood killings, had been encouraged to conduct.

The alleged killer of 14 people, including a pregnant woman and her unborn child, was known to have sympathies with those fighting against America in Iraq, allegedly requesting unsuccessfully, that not only he, but all Muslims be freed from serving in the American military, as conscientious objectors.

Although his military lawyer would not comment to the Washington Post about any formal request:

His aunt even claimed that Hassam consulted a lawyer in desperation to be discharged, something the Washington Post seems to give some credibility to: via its article: in its quoting of an unnamed defence official, who claimed that Hassam’s training had cost the US military money, and therefore that it was unlikely he would be released from duty.

The alleged killer: Hassam, further gave a PowerPoint presentation, according to the National Review (National Review Online (Secular; Independent; American; Right Leaning) 10 / 11 | November / 2009 ), seemingly in 2007 still, in which he defended suicide bombing, and went through a list of tortures, which should be performed on all non-Muslims ("non-believers"), obviously culminating in the death of these non-Muslims. The presentation was reportedly to his fellow military medical staff, who did not report their fellow practitioner for this incidence.

Between Forty-Two (42) and Forty-Three (43) people had been injured at Fort Hood, while Twelve (12) soldiers, including pregnant woman: Francheska Velez, and one civilian, and one unborn child were killed, possibly as a result of the consistent ignoring of symptoms, the alleged killer, an army psychiatrist... consistently displayed over the years. Hassam has been charged with Thirteen (13) charges of premeditated murder in a military tribunal, but seemingly has not been charged additionally under the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, or for the injuries caused the other victims. Additional charges still may be made, although what they would be is not clear. It is not clear whether the death penalty will be asked for.

The US Military's Walter Reed Army Medical Center, where Hassam worked, knew all about Major Nidal M. Hasam's (39 years of age) complete preoccupation with Islam, and with war. Their solution was to order him to attend a university lecture series, on terrorism, the Middle East and Islam, according to the Washington Post (Washington Post (Secular; Independent ; American; Has been accused of Bias in the Past) 12 / 11 | November / 2009) who quote an unnamed relative of a staff member there. He further is said to have addressed physicians there, still back in 2007, claiming that Muslim soldiers must be released as conscientious objectors, rather than be made to fight other Muslims. It is noted in media, that he did not see the American wars as against Al Qaeda, or the Taliban, but against Muslims, an interesting view to be ignored.

The Washington Post, adds, that an unnamed military official, denies that Hassam ever formally asked to leave the military, despite Hassam's aunt alleging that he asked to do so. Hassam, apparently, had become unproductive, and obsessed with the position of what he allegedly perceived as Muslims, who found their beliefs contrary to their duties as American soldiers. The US military, and intelligence, ignored his opinions. In fact, he was reportedly promoted from Captain, to Major.

Republican Representative Michael McCaul, of the state of Texas, a member of the House Homeland Security Intelligence Subcommittee, has claimed, as quoted by Fox News (Fox News (Independent; American; Secular; More Right Leaning) 13 / 11 | November / 2009): that Hassam further had made communications with someone or some group in Pakistan, where the government is in an open civil war, with the Taliban and Al Qaeda. The Congressman, further claims that there were wire transfers between Hassam and a group or person in Pakistan. The Representative reportedly claims that he does not presently know how many monetary accounts were involved, or which way money was wired.

Fort Hood, according to SkyNews, is America’s largest military base. While giving assurances over a White House, and military investigation into the massacre, US President Barak Obama, has asked that Congress delay investigating the killing, claiming that it would be too political in its investigation. The attack has all the markings of at least one similar attack which was conducted on the ground in the Middle East, during earlier years of America’s wars. It has yet to be labelled a terrorist attack, or an act of war, or treason.

The Alleged Fort Hood Killer, who is currently recovering in Brooke Army Medical Center, San Antonio, a hospital in Texas, having regained consciousness earlier this week: is allegedly paralysed from the waist down.

Thursday 12 November 2009

Philippines: Kidnapped Irish priest freed, accuses "rogue" elements of MILF separatists of kidnapping him

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Wednesday 11 November 2009

US Bishops' Conference Media Team calls up Obama, over what they see as his stance on health insurance and abortion

(Social Justice South Africa)

[English; Afrikaans; français]

Article by Marc Aupiais

As the Stupak Amended US healthcare package goes to America's highest house of parliament, the US Bishops' Conference is fighting to keep the gains they have made, via an amended package, which allegedly does not increase or decrease abortion funding, while allegedly still allowing state funding of abortion in the case of incest, rape, or "danger" to a child's mother, and allowing for some cases of possible euthanasia. The Stupak amendment: pushed by about 40 "pro-life" Democrats: with the USCCB's support, they claim, keeps the status quo. The article then challenges pro-abortion, Democratic Party, US President Obama, over his stance on the package:

Updated addition:
The American Life League, Creative Minority Report, and others, claim that while de jure, the principle may not have changed, de facto, Stupak will still allow for an increase in abortion funding.

The following will be a direct quotation of part of an article by the media blog of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB):

"In the midst of this hysteria, National Public Radio (NPR) has done a fair job of breaking down the language of the Stupak Amendment. The quote from Rep. Stupak in the story underscores an essential point about the Stupak Amendment, that it's merely an application of the Hyde Amendment, which prohibits federal funding of abortion and has been attached to appropriations bills since 1976. One question the NPR summary doesn't answer is whether or not the Hyde Amendment also forbids funding entire benefits packages that include abortion. The answer is yes.

In this case, the provisions of the Stupak Amendment are very much in continuity with federal law as it stands now and has stood for decades. It isn't some case of overreaching on the part of pro-lifers, as its opponents are now depicting it.

One voice that has joined the fray of speaking against the Stupak Amendment in the House bill is President Obama himself. The President, as is his style, took a cooler approach, as quoted here from the Washington Post:

"I laid out a very simple principle, which is this is a health care bill, not an abortion bill," Obama said. "And we're not looking to change what is the principle that has been in place for a very long time, which is federal dollars are not used to subsidize abortions. And I want to make sure that the provision that emerges meets that test -- that we are not in some way sneaking in funding for abortions, but, on the other hand, that we're not restricting women's insurance choices, because one of the pledges I made in that same speech was to say that if you're happy and satisfied with the insurance that you have, that it's not going to change." He added: "There are strong feelings on both sides, and what that tells me is that there needs to be some more work before we get to the point where we're not changing the status quo."
ABC News also quotes the President as saying he's confident the final legislation will ensure that "neither side feels that it's being betrayed."

It's striking that this language is President Obama's argument against the Stupak Amendment. He reiterates here what you could call his pledge from his September 9 address to Congress on health care, that federal funds would not go to abortions, a pledge that the U.S. bishops held Congress to over the course of the health care bill's passage.

A major portion of the struggle over the legislation was that the Capps Amendment, the earlier abortion amendment in the House bill, was essentially what President Obama describes above, a "way of sneaking in funding for abortions." The Stupak Amendment rectifies this.

The President also cites his pledge that "if you're happy and satisfied with the insurance that you have, that it's not going to change." As the NPR breakdown explains, the Stupak Amendment "does not apply to private insurance bought with private money." So anyone who currently has a private plan with abortion coverage is going to be able to keep her plan with abortion coverage under the House bill and Stupak.

It seems President Obama simply doesn't appreciate how well the Stupak Amendment meets the goals he's put in place for this legislation."
(USCCB (American; Belongs to the US Conference of Catholic Bishops; Catholic) 10 / 11 | November / 2009 )

Monday 9 November 2009

Agenzia Fides belongs to the Vatican?

(Tridentine South Africa)

Editorial by Marc Aupiais of South African Catholic and the news services

For ages now, I have been using Agenzia Fides for insight on Africa, its conflicts, its humanitarian problems. It was an on the ground news service, that I simply grew to love, despite its bad formatting and its programmers' poor programming skills.

Today by chance, I realized what I hadn't before, with all the hundreds of their articles I have read, Fides is the Vatican's official missionary news service, yes, I was as surprised as anyone could be. Vatican services are usually centered on the pope, out of touch, or plain boring, with a bit of snobbery, but not Fides, Fides, seems a genuinely expert service, the sort with goes with sources which are generally correct, and the right people to be speaking in the first place.

So the quesation emerges, we used to place Fides dispatches on our site, and they, like the dispatches we would place from Vatican Information Service, would get way higher ranking in Google results than Fides' own articles...

Should we do so again, what do you, our readers think- do you find Fides useful, as we do, as we find VIS useful also..? Or is it just a media thing?

On a different note, we have finally updated our Vatican Search site with a 21st hierarchical search engine. We have independently compiled:

To search the world's Bishops' Conferences. While on the site, it is a separate search engine, as it does not search the Vatican itself, and is thereby disconnected from out main navigation on the site!

God bless, happy surfing.

Marc Aupiais

Sunday 8 November 2009

South Africa: Free speech concerns as government critic arrested

Note by Marc Aupiais

"The blogger-sphere was buzzing this week with claims that the South African police were clamping down on people critical of the government and crime. "
(Sunday Independent (Secular; Independent; South African) 08 / 11 | November / 2009)

The arrest of one critical blogger, on a warrant from 1993 (during apartheid) is the reason. His computers- were to be allowed to be taken by police via a seizure order, according to the Sunday Independent. That the charge allegedly was of fraud, but that the computer and organized crime unit, according to the Sunday Independent: conducted the arrest, is odd.

When I heard this from a right wing site on twitter, I hardly believed, I didn't in fact- but the Sunday Independent, is maybe South Africa's top paper.

The author of controversial zasucks was arrested by police on a charge from over a decade ago, and gun possession. He was then, allegedly (which the Sunday Independent; and our own service cannot verify) released, no charges being made for the fraud charge.

I do not read zasucks, and have nothing to do with the Afrikaans right-wing in South Africa, but claims that a blogger was arrested prior the 2010 world cup are worrying. China clamped down on free press prior the olympics.

South African Catholic- will continue to report honestly on South African politics, as, being Catholic, we are neither left nor right, and as we do believe there is good and bad about South Africa, even if the allegations of quieting free speech are right, we should not be in any danger. As far as the law is concerned, yours truly, our editor- doesn't even have one speeding fine!

Despite our government's connections with the Chinese communist party, and the far left- one arrest of an ultra-critical critic, is certainly no time to be alarmed. It does not seem sure whether the other arrests occurred either, or if the arresting of bloggers, is due to any clear motivation.

South African Catholic, has always remained within the law, and we will not change our style or work, simply because of some purported arrests, and one confirmed one, where the right wing, as quoted by the Sunday Independent, claims that no charges were laid.

Sunday Independent (Secular; Independent; South African) 08 / 11 | November / 2009

US health Insurance package passes- but most pro-abortion provisions excluded

Note by Marc Aupiais


Updated 11:49 AM; 12:02 PM Central African Time (CAT) (GMT+2)

This certainly is not an article, I do not have time for one right now: what I can say is that the US health insurance package passed, but that the Stupak amendment pushed by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, was included in the package- meaning that its universal coverage of abortion has for now been largely "neutralized". Unfortunately, if an unborn child's mother had them with a close relative, or was raped, or carries some danger in bearing it, then the state can abort it. According to, the amended bill, also allows state sponsored Euthanasia.

The New York Times, is however reporting, that the Pro-abortion Democrats plan to get rid of Stupak in subsequent refining of the bill- to make it cover abortion universally.

(we linked to their article on our twitter: New York Times: US health care reform passes, but with abortion neutral amendment i.e. no universal abortion funding:

One anti-bill campaigner, Patrick Archbold, from Creative Minority Report calimed:

"I have mixed feelings. I am glad that the House stood up for life but this almost guarantees passage of the bill and abortion will likely make it back in in reconciliation."
(Creative Minority Report (Catholic; Independent; American; Pro-Republican) 08 / 11 | November / 2009)

The Hyde-like amendment seems to have been in order to please pro-life Democrat votes. The amendment: allows state funding of abortion in cases of " incest or if the mother's life is in danger" (CNN [Central News Network] (American; Secular; Independent; Liberal / left leaning) 08 / 11 | November / 2009)

Saturday 7 November 2009

Bishops cannot forbid taking communion on the tongue

Note by Marc Aupiais

While we at discourage taking communion during peak swine flu infection times, except in Easter season, when a precept of the church asks us to partake at least once of communion:

A report that Toronto, has forbidden taking communion on the tongue is disturbing to us. As ETWN has noted, the last judgement of the Bishops of the world- on the matter asks that taking on the tongue be the way Catholics take communion.

Taking on the hand, is largely tolerated, and in many dioceses- permitted by an exception, as what had been an abuse had become so widespread there.

Forbidding communion on the tongue, however- is what is known as an abuse, which is in direct disobedience to the church and canon law. While it may be wise to abstain from communion at present in Toronto, it is not a just cause to forbid communion on the tongue, but rather an abuse canonically speaking, of authority invested in one in the name of God, who judges teachers of faith more harshly. The forbidding of eating the flesh of eternal life in what is de jure the ordinary form, is certainly a serious action to take, one which is not generally acceptable according to the law of the church all priests are obligated to serve.

Accent learnt in the womb- German Study suggests- BBC

(South African Catholic; c.f. BBC [British Broadcasting Corporation] (British; Governmental: but acts de facto more independent; Secular) 06 / 11 | November / 2009; Inside Catholic (Independent; Catholic) 06 / 11 | November / 2009)

Note by Marc Aupiais (Editor)

This is just a note of another service's article, click the date below to read their full article:

The following will be a quotation from an article by the BBC (Secular; Governmental; British), as relates to a study by the German University of Wurzburg, a study which was lead by a Ms Kathleen Wermke. The BBC article on their page, has audio, where you can judge the crying yourself. The adoption of accent in crying, possibly is part of the child's instinct, to form a bond with its mother, crying is now thought important in developing language:

"Babies 'cry in mother's tongue'

German researchers say babies begin to pick up the nuances of their parents' accents while still in the womb.

The researchers studied the cries of 60 healthy babies born to families speaking French and German.

The French newborns cried with a rising "accent" while the German babies' cries had a falling inflection.

Writing in the journal Current Biology, they say the babies are probably trying to form a bond with their mothers by imitating them.

The findings suggest that unborn babies are influenced by the sound of the first language that penetrates the womb."
(BBC [British Broadcasting Corporation] (British; Governmental: but acts de facto more independent; Secular) 06 / 11 | November / 2009)

Friday 6 November 2009

DefenceWeb | Iran tested advanced nuclear warhead: report

Note by Marc Aupiais

According to the South African weapons industry's Defenceweb, quoting Reuters (Secular; Independent; British):

"The UN nuclear watchdog has asked Iran to explain evidence suggesting the Islamic Republic's scientists have experimented with an advanced nuclear warhead design, the Guardian reported in today's edition.

The newspaper, citing what it describes as "previously unpublished documentation" from an International Atomic Energy Agency compiled dossier, said Iranian scientists may have tested high-explosive components of a "two-point implosion" device.

  The IAEA said in September it has no proof Iran has or once had a covert atomic bomb program.

  The Vienna-based IAEA was not immediately available for comment on Thursday. Iran's Foreign Ministry and the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) were also unavailable for comment when contacted by Reuters.

  The IAEA statement in September followed reports from the Associated Press quoting what it called a classified IAEA document saying agency experts agreed Iran now had the means to build atomic bombs and was heading toward developing a missile system able to carry a nuclear warhead. "

(Paragraphing may have been changed)

Defenceweb (South African; Secular; Connected to the defence industry)

06 / 11 | November / 2009

Committee develops plan for health insurance system

Committee develops plan for health insurance system: "

The Health Department says members of the Ministerial Advisory Committee will develop and implement a plan for the National Health Insurance System.

Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi announced the members of the committee on Thursday.

It will be headed by the HSRC’s CEO Olive Shisana.

The department’s Fidel Hadebe said the 25 committee members have a major task ahead of them and will have to listen to public comments before advising the ministry on what to include in the final implementation plan.


America: House Republican leader: 'health plan will require monthly abortion premium'

External Article Made Note of by Marc Aupiais

Article goes through the sections. The act actually mentions abortion by name. The Catholic Bishops have directly and openly rejected PelosiCare as promoting Abortion.

See the link on passages which directly allow abortion and require all American taxpayers to fund it:

Catholic News Agency [CNA] 05 / 11 | November / 2009

Thursday 5 November 2009

War against hunger, global warming can be won on farmlands – UN report

(World Tainted Green)

Note by Marc Aupiais

A new UN (United Nations) report suggests that one of the best ways to combat global hunger, and "global warming", is by focussing on local agricultural projects in food insecure regions.

What follows will be a quotation of a UN News Centre article, and a link to the discussion paper, released by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN. Obviously, reading from the source carries the danger of bias, we do not guarantee the accuracy of their views, nor necessarily endorse them:

War against hunger, global warming can be won on farmlands – UN report: "The world's farmlands can be the frontline for the fight against the impact of climate change and the battle to feed the mounting global population, according to a new report released by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) today."

UN News Centre (Secular; UN run; UN)

5 November 2009

Paper of the FAO:

Italian minister responds to European court: 'We will not remove crucifixes from the classroom'

Noted by Marc Aupiais

Italian minister responds to European court: 'We will not remove crucifixes from the classroom': "Italy’s Minister of Education, Mariastella Gelmini, has rejected the ruling by the European Court of Human Rights in favor of removing crucifixes from public schools.  She stated, “Nobody, much less a European court that is steeped in ideology, will be allowed to strip our identity away.”"
(CNA [Catholic News Agency] (Catholic; Independent; American) 04 / 11 | November / 2009)

Wednesday 4 November 2009

South African Presidency, confirms that alleged RSA mercenaries were freed to please RSA government

(South African Catholic; c.f. The Presidency of the Republic of South Africa (Secular; Governmental; South African) 04 / 11 | November / 2009)

Note by Marc Aupiais

Local press, is announcing that the release of a number of alleged South African mercenaries, by the government of Equatorial Guinea, is due to President Jacob Zuma (ANC: African National Congress) making it happen.

That the Presidency says the foreign government saw this a a gesture of good faith to South Africa, seems to lend credibility to these claims. The mercenaries were arrested when their plane landed in Zimbabwe, allegedly on South African intelligence, prior an alleged coup plot could be inacted, to take control of the north African state:

The following will be a quotation of a press release from the Office of the Presidency of the Republic of South Africa:

"The visit by President Zuma coincided with the release by the government of Equatorial Guinea of four South Africans imprisoned in the country for their part in an attempted coup in 2004. The government of Equatorial Guinea has indicated that this was a gesture of goodwill related to the visit."
(The Presidency of the Republic of South Africa (Secular; Governmental; South African) 04 / 11 | November / 2009)

Gautrain nerve centre unveiled, no, the train system won't be ready for start of 2010 World Cup

(South African Catholic)

News brief note by Marc Aupiais

The city of Johannesburg has released the following article, as it is from the City of Johannesburg, about the City of Johannesburg, don't take it at face value. It does mention the construction of a train simulator, and the Operational Control Centre (OCC), a safety and co-ordination centre, for Gauteng's Gautrain high-speed train project. Notably, the Gautrain will reportedly not be ready for the start of the 2010 World Cup, it was supposedly being constructed for:

Gautrain nerve centre unveiled: "THE Gautrain has puffed passed another milestone with the unveiling of its high-tech Operational Control Centre in Midrand.


Over the years, the budget for Gautrain has crept up. Starting at R7-billion when originally proposed in 2002, it shot up to R26-billion several years later. Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan announced in his mid-term budget speech on 27 October that an amount of R144-million had been allocated to the Gautrain. This is to be matched by the provincial government, contributing a further allocation of about R300-million to the construction of the train.

Despite the additional funding, the Gautrain will not be available for commuters on 11 June 2010, when the 2010 FIFA World Cup™ kicks off. Instead, passengers will be able to step aboard two weeks later, on 27 June. This means that the construction of the airport link to Sandton [A high class area in Gauteng], via Marlboro, is on target, as per the agreement signed on 28 September 2006, confirms Jensen.

The Rhodesfield Station at OR Tambo International Airport [Johannesburg's main International Airport] is almost complete.

"The Gautrain will be a bonus if it is ready for 2010," [When everyone wanted it to be ready by, hence the high spending!] emphasised Monkonyane.


The security of the Gautrain will be guaranteed with 650 CCTV [Close Circuit Television] cameras, the SAPS [South African Police Service: national policing force] Railway Police and over 400 security offers at stations, car parks and inside trains [This is important, as average citizens often fear to use trains, due to high crime rates, whether it delivers safety is yet to be proven!].

Fencing will be constructed along the entire route, to prevent unauthorised access and vandalism of the Gautrain and its stations [As buses have been burnt to the ground in strike action before, this is not a bad idea!].

Mokonyane outlined the Gautrain's socio-economic development obligations record. Sub-contracting in the construction of the train had involved 490 BEE [owned by ethnic Africans / "blacks"] companies, to the value of R1,8-billion. A total of 90 new BEEs had been involved, to the value of R720-million. This meant that by the end of March 2009, 13 400 jobs would have been created, of which 92 percent were local and 70 percent were historically disadvantaged [Ethnic African / "non-white" / not Caucasian etc] individuals. More than 11 000 unskilled and semi-skilled people were trained, 1 400 of whom received training in management skills.

The first of nearly 50 train drivers have been trained on the simulator.

"Our Golden Train will become synonymous with people on the move, hungry to invest in new opportunities, seeking new investments and opening up new markets. Today we celebrate a giant step closer to that exciting reality," she concluded [Big promises for an over budget, slow finishing train, which Gauteng may or may not need, as compared Cape Town's Bus Rapid Transport focus!].

City of Johannesburg (Secular; Governmental; South African)
04 / 11 | November / 2009

Gay "Marriage" Certainly Loses in Maine, USA

(South African Catholic; c.f. (Catholic; Independent; Canadian) 04 / 11 | November / 2009)

Note by Marc Aupiais

We had feared we had called it a bit early, this morning, which is why we noted that the No vote could still win. However, the Yes vote has won, in Maine- something which is sure to please many Catholic and conservative activists and others, who support heterosexual definitions of marriage, and wanted the homosexual-"marriage" law in Maine repealed:

"AUGUSTA, Maine, November 4, 2009 ( - Maine voters handed true marriage supporters a major victory Tuesday night after rejecting a same-sex "marriage" law that the state government approved six months ago.


Same-sex "marriage" has now lost in all 31 states in which the question has been put to a popular vote. It is the second time citizens have rejected same-sex "marriage" even after its legalization: one year ago today, 52% of California voters also upheld traditional marriage, striking down an activist state Supreme Court ruling legalizing homosexual "marriage" in May. "

( (Catholic; Independent; Canadian) 04 / 11 | November / 2009)

DA welcomes reports of NHI postponement

Note of a political release:

DA welcomes reports of NHI postponement: "
If the suggestion in the media today that the implementation of the National Health Insurance scheme is to be put on hold is correct, then the DA welcomes this recognition of reality. Should the minister indeed make this announcement tomorrow, then it would be an encouraging sign that he is able to see through all the misinformation that ANC careerists have spread, and identify the fact that the poor will not be served well by this scheme. "

This was a release the DA (Democratic Alliance), South Africa's Official opposition, made today.

The NHI has been criticised as impractical, impossible, and dangerous by the Hospital Association of South Africa. The South African government, if general analysis is to be believed, has wrecked what was once one of the best public health sectors in the world, with corruption, bad management, and policies such as previous AIDS denialism, and via not being able to maintain many skilled medical workers in the public sector. Plans for a NHI, were largely put forth to their ANC (African National Congress) allies by the South African Communist Party, and leftist union Cosatu.

Avveneur / Italian Bishops: True secularism, doesn't bar crucifixes from public classrooms!

(Catholic Watchdog South Africa; c.f. Avvenneur (Catholic; Italian Bishops' Paper; Italian) 03 / 11 | November / 2009 ; 03 / 11 | November / 2009 )

According to the Italian Bishops (Italian Episcopal Conference: IEC), quoted in their official paper Avveneur, the decision to bar crucifixes from spanish classrooms, made by the European Court for Human Rights, in Strasbourg, seems ideological in nature. According to the paper, the decision neglected what they claim to be the great significance of the crucifix, which they say is not only a symbol which is religious, but one which is cultural.

The Italian Episcopal Conference further notes their belief that the decision: "does not take into account that, in reality, the Italian experience of the Crucified exposure in public places is consistent with the recognition of the principles of Catholicism as 'part of the historical heritage of the Italian people' reaffirmed by the Concordat of 1984".
(Loose translation by Google)
(Avvenneur (Catholic; Italian Bishops' Paper; Italian) 03 / 11 | November / 2009)

The Italian Bishops claim to fear that the decision will forcibly separate the Italian National Identity, from its alleged cultural and spiritual mix. The Bishops, in their statement: claim that the form of secularism being promoted is that which is hostile to all forms of political and cultural religion, and to any religious symbol in public institutions.

The case was brought by a secular woman, who did not want her children to learn with crucifixes on the walls of the classroom, allegedly believing that the children would be influenced away from their secular upbringing. The decision, has sparked outrage among many in largely Catholic Italy.

Avveneur further quotes Monsignor Vincenzo Pagalia, of the IEC's Committee for Interreligious Dialogue, saying:

"Bishop Paglia, IEC responsible for Interreligious Dialogue, rejected the argument that the crucifix in classrooms represents an imposition. "I do not think - he said -. It is a reminder of what happens to humans when justice is not respected, and which shows a value of generosity that we all need faith in any apartment." "In this sense - he concluded - there is also a dimension of cultural and educational weight that it is irresponsible really want to delete."" (loose translation by Google, only acronym altered)

Avvenneur (Catholic; Italian Bishops' Paper; Italian) 03 / 11 | November / 2009 )

Maine- heterosexual marriage hasn't won yet

The Globe and Mail Article quoted, seems to say only 87 percent of precincts have reported. The gay activists could still win Maine, hopefully not- but it is possible!

Gay "marriage" loses in Maine- The Globe and Mail

In an article clearly empathetic with the gay activists, the Globe and Mail has announced yet another victory for heterosexual marriage in Maine, USA.

The Catholic church believes acting on homosexual urges, like masturbation, and use of condoms is a mortal sin, and intrinsic evil- in accordance with the bible condemning homosexuals to Hell in the new testament, having these urges but not endorsing them, is not morally evil. Gay marriage, is considered a danger to society itself. Statistics have shown that children need both mother and father, as those without both figures, are more likely to enter crime, especially those without a father figure. The church opposes homosexual marriage- which amounts to state endorsement of what it considers a shorter, on average, more dangerous life.

Globe and Mail article- an excerpt:

"Gay marriage has now lost in every single state – 31 in all – in which it has been put to a popular vote. Gay-rights activists had hoped to buck that trend in Maine – known for its moderate, independent-minded electorate – and mounted an energetic, well-financed campaigning 87 per cent of the precincts reporting, gay-marriage foes had 53 per cent of the votes.

"The institution of marriage has been preserved in Maine and across the nation," declared Frank Schubert, chief organizer for the winning side.

Gay-marriage supporters refused to concede, holding out hope that that the tide might turn as the final returns came in.

"We're here for the long haul and whether it's just all night and into the morning, or it's next week or next month or next year, we will be here," said Jesse Connolly, manager of the pro-gay marriage campaign. "We'll be here fighting. We'll be working. We will regroup.

"At issue was a law passed by the Maine Legislature last spring that would have legalized same-sex marriage. The law was put on hold after conservatives launched a petition drive to repeal it in a referendum.

The outcome marked the first time voters had rejected a gay-marriage law enacted by a legislature. When Californians put a stop to same-sex marriage a year ago, it was in response to a court ruling, not legislation.

Five other states have legalized gay marriage – starting with Massachusetts in 2004, and followed by Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Iowa – but all did so through legislation or court rulings, not by popular vote. In contrast, constitutional amendments banning gay marriage had been approved in all 30 states where they have been on the ballot.

"If we don't win, then Maine will have its place in infamy because no state has ever voted for homosexual marriage," said Chuck Schott of Portland, who stood near a polling place in Maine's biggest city with a pro-repeal campaign sign"

Globe and Mail (Secular; Canadian; Independent; Liberal)

Tuesday 3 November 2009

“At the World Cup 2010, thousands of women will be taken to South Africa for prostitution,” spokesman from South African Bishops' Conference tells Fides. “We are working to assist the victims of trafficking in human persons.”

(South African Catholic)

Quotation of an article by Fides, by Marc Aupiais

Fides Service has the following article:

"AFRICA/SOUTH AFRICA - “At the World Cup 2010, thousands of women will be taken to South Africa for prostitution,” spokesman from South African Bishops' Conference tells Fides. “We are working to assist the victims of trafficking in human persons.”

Rome (Agenzia Fides) – “We are expecting to see a sharp increase in trafficking of women forced to be prostituted for the Soccer World Championships, which will be held in South Africa in 2010,” Fr. Chris Townsend, spokesman of the SACBC (Bishop's Conference of South Africa, Botswana, and Swaziland), told Agenzia Fides in a recent conversation.

“South Africa has become a sort of “hub” for trafficking in human persons,” says Fr. Townsend. “Criminal organizations throughout the world, from Nigeria, Italy, Lebanon, China, all send thousands of women to be used as prostitutes in our country, while others are sent from South Africa to Europe and the Persian Gulf, for the same purpose. The arrival of thousands of tourists and fans for the World Cup has become a great source of encouragement for various organizations that carry out prostitution and trafficking in human persons. Thousands of women from all over the world are arriving - not only from other African nations, but from Asian and European nations as well.”

The Catholic Church, along with other Christians communities and various non-governmental organizations, has started an awareness campaign for the people, so they can recognize and help the victims of trafficking. “The campaign is mainly in the parishes: we teach the people to be on the lookout and to indicate the presence of women that may be forced into prostitution. They know full well that there are women who prostitute themselves out of their own free will. It is difficult to intervene in their case, and convince them to get off the street. But there are thousands of women, however, who are forced into prostitution, by lies, threats against themselves and their families left behind in their countries of origin. Oftentimes, these women have no identification documents, have a hard time speaking English, and are afraid to contact authorities. With these people, the Catholic volunteers try to establish dialogue and help them to emerge from the nightmare that they have been thrown into by criminals. Our first task is opening our doors to these people,” the SACBC spokesman says. The campaign against trafficking is being led by the Counter Trafficking in Persons Desk (CTIP), a project started by the SACBC, and the Leadership Conference of Consecrated Life (LCCL) of South Africa, inspired by 6 religious congregations of sisters who have their general headquarters in South Africa.

The program for helping traffic victims is the most important aspect of the Catholic community's response to the FIFA (International Soccer Federation, which is organizing the World Cup) appeal to find at least 50,000 volunteers for the World Cup. The appeal has been widely accepted by South Africans, so much so that the number of aspiring volunteers is double the number required. To offer further information on the Church's activity surrounding the World Cup, the SACBC has launched a website: 2010 World Cup: Church in the Ball! -
“The Catholic volunteers wish to offer a spiritual and cultural support to the fans. In between the matches, there is so much to discover in our country and on the Christian presence. We hope the fans will not only think about going to the stadium to drinking and entertainment, but that they will also open their eyes to the reality of South Africa,” Fr. Townsend concluded. (LM) (Agenzia Fides 3/11/2009)"

[Paragraphing Added]

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