Saturday 24 August 2019

Angels bearing the message of death ... and Ramaphosa's admission of national bankruptcy

I know it can be hard to see, but bannings like that of a harmless flag or of speech or of insulting politicians, are signs of tyranny and the complete erosion of liberal democracy.

Combine that with the President's admission that the state has run out of financial resources ... we are a lot closer to Venezuela than people think, but we don't have their oil resources. If you don't have a plan to get out of the country, you need one.

You can glory in revenge against whites, our culture and history all you want, and many South Africans are super focused on that, making Rhodes fall, banning the Union flag. But, in the end, the result of everything going on is collapse. Is the worst possible outcome.

Right now, we live in Sodom. The angels have come to visit us and warned us that due to the immorality of our city, God is going to destroy us. That immorality is communism, tyranny, and the lies many of us have been okay with for decades, and God is reality and the market.

Like Lot, we need to escape without looking back. If you don't have emigration plans, you need to make them now. Collapses like the one the ANC is steering us towards almost inevitably lead to fighting in the streets. Individual rights and responsibilities and honesty are how any nation survives.

The path we have been on for years now, leads straight to hell on earth.

Friday 2 August 2019

Prosperity gospel tells you to be a prostitute. In Christianity, the church is the bride of God.

Wealth isn't a bad thing and God does often give those he loves rewards including wealth. We do need money to survive and Jesus taught us to ask God for our daily bread.

You can't be generous or charitable if you are worried about losing everything, all the time, but can focus on the things of God if you can trust God to clothe, shelter and feed you, your spouse and your offspring.

The heresy of Posperity Gospel is strongest here in Africa, where Christianity isn't viewed the same as in the West. People go to church and then go home and sacrifice animals to their ancestors.

The problem with prosperity gospel is that it teaches Christianity as a form of witchcraft: do this and this and become wealthy by the ritual of it.

Christianity is a relationship with God, our protector and provider.

The difference between a Christian and a believer in prosperity gospel teachings is kind of like the difference between a wife and a prostitute. Prosperity gospel tells you to be a prostitute. In Christianity, the church is the bride of God.

Essay by Marc Evan Aupiais

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