Thursday 27 October 2011

World Bank, a new system proposed by Vatican? Not occupy Saint Peter's Square, but sound advice to the G20?

Article by Marc Aupiais

Vatican calls for new world bank, what about the IMF?

The Vatican calls fir a world financial authority are actually an advisory to the G20, which the Vatican believes has too much power and too little diversity to control the world finances. Also, the IMF does not fairly allow one vote per nation like the UN General Assembly. The Vatican essentially wants sound financial practice to be enforced throughout the world, and imposed on both the poor and the rich. The IMF makes poor nations have sound policies if they want funding, while nations like the USA endanger another financial Tsunami.

Did the Vatican call for this? Is it binding?

The Vatican's Justice and Peace Council/(department of sorts) compiled the document in question to suggest the G20 work on becoming more representative and on preventing bad financial functions, basing itself on the magisterium and financial information but in a non-binding, non-interfering advisory manner. It is intended for the G20 representatives, but not the faithful. It is merely a contribution, suggesting more representative and binding means of regulating financial markets in what it believes ought to be a manner governed by common sense and sound financial wisdoms.

The Vatican has never supported Capitalism that focuses on things and not the human person. To the Vatican, the world's greatest natural resources are its very human nations and peoples. It wants a capitalism that recognises this. To achieve this, it believe the UN structures, in a representative manner could be used to set up firmer regulations of financial markets, thus growing economies and peoples in a manner that can be kept up, to the benefit and fruits of all concerned.

The Vatican is neither, nor has ever been either left or right wing. Further, its work on such matters as finances here is generally pastorsl, interesting, useful, but not binding on the conscience.

It would seem the Vatican is violating subsidiarity?

The IMF and other bodies and nations, even financial advisors like Standard and Poors already govern markets internationally. The Vatican seems to be suggesting a framework in which smaller nations also have a voice in their own powers against the powerful. Laws applicable to all, can be useful. One must remember that any Public International Law, is not enforceable as domestic laws are, but rather is based on persuasion. Here, the Vatican is proposing a framework on a matter it believes requires higher international co-operation to insure safety in a global climate.

So is this binding on anyone?

No, further, while it purports to be based on an interpretation of the pope's understandings of economics and its interlacing with the worlds of religion, human essence, morality, mortality also: this is not the pope's document, nor necessarily even seen by the pope before publication. Further, it is not in a jurisdiction where the Vatican can be anything more than to be noted. It is merely a contribution to the G20 talks in order to assist delegates, using the financial expertise or knowledge of certain individuals associated with one of the Vatican's councils, in order to assist delegates. The document itself notes that this is not of the divine jurisdiction of the church's moral authority. It is a council/(governance department of the Vatican City State) of the church acting any errors in tact in the secular world of finances, the document's suggestions and equations of commerce: where applicable: ought be judged by us as judges on their merits if any relevant and applicable and based on their actual pragmatic, practical worldly based standard: worth in this case.

Pope's fascinating speech

Article by Marc Aupiais (Editor of South African Catholic News Service)

We the sacns used to publish every single dispatch of the vis. We no longer do so, however this speech by Benedict XVI we considered worthy to replicate thoroughly here:



- Assisi: Religion Can Never Be Justification for Violence {powerful speech}

- Acts of the Oriental Churches {not copied here}

- Other Pontifical Acts {not replicated here}






VATICAN CITY, 27 OCT 2011 (VIS) - Today marks the twenty-fifth anniversary of the historic meeting for peace in the Italian town of Assisi, called by Blessed John Paul II. For the occasion, Benedict XVI has made a pilgrimage to the city of St. Francis, accompanied by representatives of other religions and by non-believers, for a Day of reflection, dialogue and prayer for peace and justice in the world under the theme: "Pilgrims of Truth, Pilgrims of Peace".


  The Pontiff and the members of the various delegations left the Vatican by train at 8 a.m. today, reaching Assisi at 9.45 a.m. where they were greeted by the civil and religious authorities in front of the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli. As the ceremony unfolded inside the basilica, the large numbers of faithful present were able to follow events on giant screens set up in the square outside.


  Following a greeting from Cardinal Peter Kodwo Turkson, president of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, a video was screened in commemoration of the 1986 meeting. Then, one after the other, the representatives of the various religions rose to speak: His Holiness Bartholomew I, Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople; Anglican Archbishop Rowan Williams of Canterbury, Primate of the Anglican Communion; Archbishop Norvan Zakarian, Primate of the Armenian Diocese of France; Rev. Olav Fyske Tveit, secretary general of the World Council of Churches; Rabbi David Rosen, representative of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel; Wande Abimbola, spokesperson for the Yoruba faith; Acharya Shri Shrivatsa Goswami, representative for Hinduism; Ja-Seung, president of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism; Kyai Haji Hasyom Muzadi, secretary general of the International Conference of Islamic Schools, and Julia Kristeva, representing non-believers.


  The Holy Father then rose to make his address, extracts of which are given below:


  "Twenty-five years have passed since Blessed Pope John Paul II first invited representatives of the world's religions to Assisi to pray for peace. What has happened in the meantime? What is the state of play with regard to peace today?


  "At that time the great threat to world peace came from the division of the earth into two mutually opposed blocs. A conspicuous symbol of this division was the Berlin Wall. ... In 1989, three years after Assisi, the wall came down, without bloodshed. ... In addition to economic and political factors, the deepest reason for the event is a spiritual one: behind material might there were no longer any spiritual convictions. ... For this victory of freedom, which was also, above all, a victory of peace, we give thanks. What is more, this was not merely, nor even primarily, about the freedom to believe, although it did include this. To that extent we may in some way link all this to our prayer for peace.


  "But what happened next? Unfortunately, we cannot say that freedom and peace have characterised the situation ever since. ... Violence as such is potentially ever present and it is a characteristic feature of our world. Freedom is a great good. But the world of freedom has proved to be largely directionless, and not a few have misinterpreted freedom as somehow including freedom for violence. Discord has taken on new and frightening guises, and the struggle for freedom must engage us all in a new way".


  "In broad strokes, we may distinguish two types of the new forms of violence, which are the very antithesis of each other in terms of their motivation and manifest a number of differences in detail. Firstly there is terrorism, for which in place of a great war there are targeted attacks intended to strike the opponent destructively at key points, with no regard for the lives of innocent human beings, who are cruelly killed or wounded in the process. In the eyes of the perpetrators, the overriding goal of damage to the enemy justifies any form of cruelty. Everything that had been commonly recognised and sanctioned in international law as the limit of violence is overruled. We know that terrorism is often religiously motivated and that the specifically religious character of the attacks is proposed as a justification for the reckless cruelty. ... In this case, religion does not serve peace, but is used as justification for violence".


  "The fact that, in the case we are considering here, religion really does motivate violence should be profoundly disturbing to us as religious persons. In a way that is more subtle but no less cruel, we also see religion as the cause of violence when force is used by the defenders of one religion against others. The religious delegates who were assembled in Assisi in 1986 wanted to say, and we now repeat it emphatically and firmly: this is not the true nature of religion. It is the antithesis of religion and contributes to its destruction".


  "As a Christian I want to say at this point: yes, it is true, in the course of history, force has also been used in the name of the Christian faith. We acknowledge it with great shame. But it is utterly clear that this was an abuse of the Christian faith, one that evidently contradicts its true nature. The God in whom we Christians believe is the Creator and Father of all, and from Him all people are brothers and sisters and form one single family. For us the Cross of Christ is the sign of the God Who put 'suffering-with' (compassion) and 'loving-with' in place of force. ... It is the task of all who bear responsibility for the Christian faith to purify the religion of Christians again and again from its very heart, so that it truly serves as an instrument of God's peace in the world, despite the fallibility of humans.


  "If one basic type of violence today is religiously motivated and thus confronts religions with the question as to their true nature and obliges all of us to undergo purification, a second complex type of violence is motivated in precisely the opposite way: as a result of God's absence, His denial and the loss of humanity which goes hand in hand with it. The enemies of religion - as we said earlier - see in religion one of the principal sources of violence in the history of humanity and thus they demand that it disappear. But the denial of God has led to much cruelty and to a degree of violence that knows no bounds, which only becomes possible when man no longer recognises any criterion or any judge above himself, now having only himself to take as a criterion. The horrors of the concentration camps reveal with utter clarity the consequences of God's absence.


  "Yet I do not intend to speak further here about State-imposed atheism, but rather about the decline of man, which is accompanied by a change in the spiritual climate that occurs imperceptibly and hence is all the more dangerous. The worship of mammon, possessions and power is proving to be a counter-religion, in which it is no longer man who counts but only personal advantage. The desire for happiness degenerates, for example, into an unbridled, inhuman craving, such as appears in the different forms of drug dependency. ... Force comes to be taken for granted and in parts of the world it threatens to destroy our young people. Because force is taken for granted, peace is destroyed and man destroys himself in this peace vacuum".


  "In addition to the two phenomena of religion and anti-religion, a further basic orientation is found in the growing world of agnosticism: people to whom the gift of faith has not been given, but who are nevertheless on the lookout for truth, searching for God. Such people do not simply assert: 'There is no God'. They suffer from His absence and yet are inwardly making their way towards Him, inasmuch as they seek truth and goodness. They are 'pilgrims of truth, pilgrims of peace'. They ask questions of both sides. They take away from militant atheists the false certainty. ... But they also challenge the followers of religions not to consider God as their own property, as if He belonged to them, in such a way that they feel vindicated in using force against others.


  "These people are seeking the truth, they are seeking the true God, Whose image is frequently concealed in the religions because of the ways in which they are often practised. Their inability to find God is partly the responsibility of believers with a limited or even falsified image of God. So all their struggling and questioning is in part an appeal to believers to purify their faith, so that God, the true God, becomes accessible. Therefore I have consciously invited delegates of this third group to our meeting in Assisi, which does not simply bring together representatives of religious institutions. Rather it is a case of being together on a journey towards truth, a case of taking a decisive stand for human dignity and a case of common engagement for peace against every form of destructive force. Finally I would like to assure you that the Catholic Church will not let up in her fight against violence, in her commitment for peace in the world. We are animated by the common desire to be 'pilgrims of truth, pilgrims of peace'".


  Following the meeting in the basilica, Benedict XVI and the delegations made their way to the convent of Porziuncola. A frugal lunch was followed by a period of silence for individual refection and prayer before the participants moved on to the Basilica of St. Francis for the concluding ceremonies of the Day.

PV-ITALY/                                                                                        VIS 20111027

Saturday 15 October 2011

The Uprising Against the Desert Mirage: Why Egypt's power is the same as under Mubarak

(Scripturelink: Social Justice South Africa)

Article by Marc  Aupiais

The phantom in the pond, of the Egyptian revolution, is that the people who put Mubarak in power, were not overthrown, and if anything are more powerful. Now, with the massacre of Christians... Some in media are beginning to realise, that the Egyptian army has no intention of ceding the power of might that they used to have held up and with which they had appointed Mubarak. The temporary supreme power remains , along the Nile of Egypt, of the very people, who were the clandestine true ruling power; behind the figurehead that once was Mubarak.

When the Egyptian Revolution of sorts was in full swing, South African Catholic, in an article I wrote, warned against the change of power as something potentially catastrophic. A change in power where people die, religious freedom is damaged, and nothing really changes.

Media knew full well, and were wilfully negligent in neglecting to inform us the public of something we all knew from a bit of research, something I noted worriedly and wished that media would report on. South African Catholic certainly reported on the haphazard and deadly true position in the Revolution in Egypt.

Mubarak was a figurehead. Real power in Egypt, as I have noted time and again, has always, and continues to lay with the ferocious but diplomatic Egyptian Generals and army corpse.

Mubarak was one of a number of puppet princes installed by this army, funded with a Billion US dollars a year by America, and in the current constitutional framework, far more powerful a nemesis of the people than Mubarak, a mere figurehead ever was.

The army of Egypt, was careful not to partake directly in fighting, the very reason for a figurehead is that they are expendable. The New York Times, and others are finally, allegedly only now awaking to the fact that the Egyptian army always has been the king maker in Egypt, that they appointed Mubarak, and intend officially and publicly now to appoint Egypt's next dictatorship/government.

Whereas the Catholic press were deeply concerned by the revolutions, whereas it warned of future crackdowns against Catholics, as either a rebel government came to power, or the army was forced to act in a populist manner, mainstream Western media lauded the revolution, and the role Facebook, Google, twitter played.

The real spark, is not the massacre of Christians by the Egyptian army recently, in which allegedly, Coptic Christian Minority Egyptians were driven over, and shot at with live ammunition by Egyptian soldiers. The real spark was noted by Official Vatican news agency, Agenzia Fides: always a useful source in conflict monitoring. Fides reported that a marked change occurred with the storming of the Israeli embassy recently, that in past times the building would have been sourly protected to the death by Egyptian soldiers, who would far outnumber protesters. Israel is where the army of Egypt  gets its billion dollar a year funding from America from, yet the army in Egypt, now believed that bowing to populist intentions was more important. Interestingly, just before the revolution occurred, I monitored increased sales of US arms to the Egyptian army, as I noticed this reported in specialist military monitoring news media.

The cabinet it says, must be chosen by the army, as with the Prime Minister: a return to Mubarak days. The power behind the power allegedly wants to insure it can keep this power. It also, allegedly desires the huge power which would come with suggested power to intervene to keep Egypt secular. The powers will be greatest until 2013 when there may be an election, according to military officials, quoted in the New York Times. The Carte  Blanche to protect "secularism" may extend much further with dire consequences.

c.f. extrapolation in evidence of this New York Times October 14th 2011

Wikileaks, according to the UK Telegraph reported that the revolution in Egypt, had been planned for exactly when it occurred. While George W. Bush, rejected attempts to insure regime change in Egypt, the Obama administration had a different view. Either way, the people who organized the Egyptian uprising, were trained by the Americans, according to the Telegraph, as our service detailed when the revolution was allegedly in full swing.

c.f. extrapolation in evidence of this SACNS January 30th 2011; February 2nd 2011

The army, in Egypt, chose figureheads because like a hydra, it can lose them one by one. The power behind the power remains, and it will be surprising if any real democracy emerges in Egypt. Certainly... now that Satellite   Television viewers have had their viewing pleasure: the seeming alleged fall of a monolithic state, and have moved onto Libya: a seeming genocide against Sub-Saharan Africans *, by tribally connected warlords, disguised as an overthrow, more viewing pleasure can result.

c.f. extrapolation in evidence of this SACNS September 2nd 2011;

In North Africa and the Middle East:

Everything "Changes", Everything :"Stays the same".

(once again my source is the New York Times, claims that the revolution on the ground was pushed forward by propaganda against "kaffirs" ("unbelievers": specifically in this case: black ones))

Friday 14 October 2011

Government not protecting citizens from illegal spying

Article by Marc Aupiais

Media now claims that police and intelligence officials are bypassing court orders, to access the permanent record of : all phone and electronic, private conversations: in under 36 hours, easily and illegally.

The Regulation of the Interception of Communications Act Amendment Act, RICA was not about registering phones to people. The true purpose, which unless you read page something far in of the Pretoria News, guessed it from the Johannesburg Star, or read the actual act, is still a frightening concept.

Every SMS you wrote was already kept for 5 years by Vodacom, MTN, Cell C etc. Now. Every phone call (a voice recording), sms (text), mms, email that you make has to be kept permanently for the government, as I reported for South African Catholic earlier in this emerging situation.

The government needed a court order to access this permanent record. They had to suspect you of criminal activity. To access every word you utter in private, they needed a court order.
According to the Mail and Guardian (owned by British "The Guardian"), and to their major competitors Primedia ("Eyewitness News"), police and intelligence officials are bypassing court orders, to access private conversations in under 36 hours illegally. Primedia claims that the practice is rampant in crime intelligence.

The state has still not been able to break into the Blackberry encryption, and it appears that Blackberry doesn't allow local partners access either. It is suggested a bill will be put to vote in March on whether to force compliance. Blackberry has claimed they will refuse access, but with activist shareholders threatening to gut the company after a recent outage, it is uncertain whether the last hold-out will remain.

After all, non-enterprise Blackberry email likely is read by the government already. BBM, and enterprise email still seem the last safe way to avoid your e-conversations, and phone calls the equivalent of speaking into a dictaphone for someone else's permanent record.

If the practice is rife for government means, it is almost certainly rife for private purposes. It was through espionage conducted on former President Thabo Mbeki and the former NPA Scorpions head, that the Mbeki government fell, and Zuma got away with avoiding courts of law.

That accidental flirting in an adulterous manner, so-called sexting, gossiping, rumours, discontent with the state, that moment in time when you lost it, swore, let off steam... Such popular means of using electronics... Such a dangerous animal trap.

Don't just be careful what you write on social networks! Watch your every breath.

Wednesday 12 October 2011

The 3rd Instinct / The Third Instinct: When Sidney Wolf Is Accused of Murder- Marc Evan Aupiais

Article by Marc Aupiais

Updates on this Novel:
Blog of this Novel:


The Third Instinct, a fascinating, suspense filled novel:

This is a short summary, notation, and informative insight into and of parts of my The 3rd Instinct / The Third Instinct Novel:


The main character Sidney Wolf, as well as other characters, in life and death situations, are forced to choose between what they believe is right and what is most expedient, with varying results. --~SACNS; Aupiais Notes

A Thoroughly scary thrilling novel, where humanity, psychology, and espionage combine.

A spy novel that questions deeply human nature, surveillance,obedience to unjust authority, and thrills all round with intrigue.

While the paperback merely declared The 3rd Instinct; The full Title including subtitle is The Third Instict: When Sidney Wolf is Accused of Murder...

A novel showing deep belief and disbelief in love, humanity, science, espionage, and the extreme sometimes almost absolute power of the state...

The main character Sidney Wolf, as well as other characters, in life and death situations, are forced to choose between what they believe is right and what is most expedient, with varying results. --~SACNS; Aupiais Notes

A Thoroughly scary thrilling novel, where humanity, psychology, and espionage combine.

A spy novel that questions deeply human nature, surveillance,obedience to unjust authority, and thrills all round with intrigue.

While the paperback merely declared The 3rd Instinct; The full Title including subtitle is The Third Instict: When Sidney Wolf is Accused of Murder...

A novel showing deep belief and disbelief in love, humanity, science, espionage, and the extreme sometimes almost absolute power of the state...

Product Description

"The sirens flashed almost silently in the winter air, only slightly penetrating the stale darkness, but even in this light, you could always feel it, always sense it..."

-Thus begins this powerful, story of intrigue, that is the unexpectedly, undeniably gripping suspense ride which is the 3rd Instinct by Marc Evan Aupiais

Just a teenager... Sidney Wolf, a hard working, intelligent young girl, is unjustly accused of murder...

An adventure begins. Desperate to find the truth, Sidney is thrown into the currents of the dark world of espionage as she quickly realizes that someone stored the sole copy of a one time pad code inside of her.

The code decrypts the Third Instinct, the last bit of information that remains unknown from a social formula known as Chameleon works. If the instinct is decoded, then absolute control of anyone would be in the reach of whoever found it. The problem is that if it isn't taken from her, then she will die.


Important Characters & Important People (12)
  • Sidney Wolf:
     Main character, protagonist. A High school teenaged girl, who's parents drive her to study, and give her little time to socialise. After her friend Alex's death, the police arrest her for his murder. As long as the Third Instinct, a code used to unlock a secret, is hidden in her DNA, she is in deadly danger. Her hair is sleek, and brown.
  • Tom Rider:
     A complex character Sidney goes to for help. He is, in Sidney's re-evaluation, possibly capable of murder, even murdering her, whom he holds feeling for, for his patriotic idealism. He has to choose constantly between what is right and what he believes expedient. The sudden and grim experience, of the seeming death of their mutual friend Alex, in grade 7 impacted his entire life, and has caused him to be cold at times towards others. He has replaced loyalty with patriotism with possibly toxic side effects for him and Sidney.
  • John Robinson:
     Someone Sidney knew from school.
  • Female NIA Agent:
     Interrogates Sidney in prison.
  • NIA Prison interrogation man:
     Interrogates Sidney
  • Alex:
     Died in grade 7, impacting Sidney and Tom.
  • Sidney's parents:
     Seemingly professional, and pushy when it comes to working hard.
  • The Assassin:
     A main antagonist in the novel.
  • The Vigil Ante:
     A character who in one chapter dedicated to him is involved in spying, and causes a massive explosion of what he considers networked evil. It seems he blew up a compound before relaying something on his laptop.
  • V:
     Scientist who's name, past, and much else is uncertain. Sidney doesn't trust him.
  • Jake:
     Tom's Pack contact.
  • Tom's mother:
     Not too focussed on caring for Tom, or guiding him in life adequately.

Detailed Description:

Sidney Wolf, a Johannesburg teenager, who's parents make her study hard, is out shopping with her friends at the mall, having likely planned movies for the evening, when she is arrested in connection with the murder of Alex, who she had thought died in grade 7, only a few years ago if that.

It turns out she isn't really wanted for the murder, but police are attempting to monitor her for the NIA. She like Alex has the same flu injection. Alex died due to this injection, being shot with a neurotoxin designed to make a one time pad code used in encryption appear on his skin.

Sidney is rescued from jail by a female NIA agent, who claims the NIA, South Africa's world famous, very controversial, and effective intelligence agency has been compromised, and that all Sidney's friends would be observed. Sidney asks to be dropped off with Tom, a friend from when Alex died.

Tom Rider, unfortunately is wrapped up in the adventure being close to the Pack, who themselves had the code inserted in her DNA. He believes he will be ordered to kill her, and is just about to when his superiors call him off.

Sidney and Tom, who has a slight crush on her, despite. Together go on a quest to the spot where Alex was murdered in deadly central Johannesburg's Central Business District. They find some of his blood, barely escaping a sniper from The Trust, a group seeking the code, and discover that it was Alex who was shot, years after he was meant to be dead, and he was working for the Pack actively. Tom, claims to only be working on computers for them mostly.

Sidney discovers a psychological formula the Pack uses to negotiate and control others called the three instincts, the third is missing, preventing absolute and utterly accurate readings of any person's choices.
The Third Instinct is what is inside her. She is told it can only be removed by her death via a deadly neuro-toxin.

Sidney hides out in a government safe house with Tom in the pristine Northern Suburbs until she is seemingly discovered and contacted by phone, told if she doesn't meet a hit man at her high school's sports field, she will be met with the deaths of her family.

She goes to the sports field, only to find she's been tricked.

She soon meets John Robinson on the field, and he and his friends take her to safety at his house. John, and Ross join Sidney and a mysterious character V who claims to have helped develop the 3 Instinct formula in trying to find a machine that will extract the instinct from Sidney.

V is shot in the shoulder, the car rolls. Ross shouts that Sidney is a danger to everyone around her. She runs off, and is caught by the Trust at a filling station.

John runs after her, and surrenders in order to be there for her... Captured, they are to be brought, by his killers, to the same place Alex was assassinated, for the very code Sidney also holds.

[For the rest, buy the novel! ... ]

Tuesday 11 October 2011

The Eternity Effect

Article by Marc Evan Aupiais

I recently published my second Novel (this has a Catholic basis): tell me what you think:


The Eternity Effect [The Original Unabridged, Unedited version] (The Adventures In Farnar and Other Lands) by Marc Evan Aupiais has recently been published.

Social: [Updates]



Gripping, thrilling, but sometimes controversial novel by Marc Aupiais of the Third Instinct: When Sidney Wolf is Accused of Murder!

A fast paced, gripping can't put down novel with religious and cultural undertones, in which the author intentionally seems to have made some spelling errors! Some passages are controversial due to how close to human history they stray.

An advanced use, and mastery of the English language, unexpected, as Marc Aupiais ("The Third Instinct: When Sidney Wolf is Accused of Murder") wrote this book at age 16. This original published, spelling errors intact, but also far in excess in relation to suspense, language use, style, than that of what many authors could hope to write!

Knowing Marc Aupiais, it certainly is not for controversial purposes, but parts of this novel are a bit too close to Christian beliefs, for every Christian to feel comfortable. For instance, the Trial of the Lion, in which the proceedings are similar to those in the Gospel!

Product Description

When Anne's world is destroyed by the Deity, "The Divine Lion", She is sent to Earth, and then to Farnar, to find love, and through the death of perfect sacrifice, Save her world from destruction. She goes first to earth to find love, and brings the Earth People to Farnar, using the Pseudonym Alice Wonderland, In Farnar she is a foreigner, and some think a witch, ... a war breaks out... Which could kill both Alice Wonderland, and her new Earth Human Companions... Kindle ebook description: read at: The Eternity Effect (The Adventures In Farnar and Other Lands) [Kindle Edition] Marc Evan Aupiais (Author) ;

{The Eternity Effect by M. E. (Marc Evan) / Marc Aupiais is the first novel in the Series "The Adventures in Farnar and Other Lands": Note, this is the version of the book written as the author intended it, including poetic spellings, even seeming errors and arcanum at times. At the time this was published, a different version of the manuscript was being worked through! Which differs at times from the author's intent!

The book is supposed to reflect how one would read an actual, translated ancient manuscript including errors, much as the bible, and many ancient works had many spelling errors in publication, even many variations.

The original concept of the author was to comment on human history, even portray very close to it, and its many ancient manuscripts at times, with the intent of creating perspective of these. Humanity's manuscripts for the great religions, for instance often refer to wind or breath, when referring to God or the spiritual, and if wolves were higher beings such as human beings, the phrase wolfs would exist.

There is no direct copying of any ancient manuscript, however at times events are purposely close to those of human history: this is intended to note details afresh, even compare ancient ideas of nationality, causing so much unnecessary strife to modern ideas on foreigners in many cultures, to cause a reader to think, deeply on these, sometimes mysterious or unexplained or unexplainable events. The different nations of Farnar and the groups are not meant to reflect any one culture in a negative sense, but rather ideas of human history and especially at the present time.
The Author has dedicated much of his time in study, of history, often with the intent of better describing it in unusual ways. He has decided that this unabridged unedited version of his work be published, that his original intent may be noted, while working on a more refined version that loses some of the intent!

The author is a South African, Caucasian, and strongly Roman Catholic, however, he is well known for curiosity in study of cultures, and religions across the world; and both the Literals and The Wolves of Farnar are not only based on human history, but on modern culture and conflicts, especially as regards superstition that has caused many unfortunate witch killings and trials in Africa, and violence against foreigners, minorities, and tribal groups: sometimes both for political gain with unfortunate consequences.

The novel certainly makes commentary on ancient Judah and Ancient Israel, and on Eastern and Western, European and African cultures, nations and regions in modern times ;

Facebook:}  Copyright Marc Aupiais! All Rights Reserved!

Why South Africa made the MORAL choice in refusing a VISA to the Dalai Lama

Editorial by Marc Aupiais

The blood thirsty media couldn't help but publicise the statements. "Worse than the Nationalists". This was the defamation Anglican retired archbishop Desmond Tutu uttered with such wrath.

He was referring to the decision to refuse the Dalai Lama a visa to visit him.

To give background, Tutu's autobiography of sorts is called "Rabble Rouser for peace", in it he pitches himself as some kind of vigil ante, and of course cannot help but dedicating much to his belief that homosexuals obey God by having homosexual sex, and other attacks on marriage. Tutu, aptly named, also called for South Africa to break International Law, and fight and invade Zimbabwe, in addition to asking that every white South African pan extra tax in collective scape goating for Apartheid.

The Dalai Lama, so often portrayed as peaceful by the Nobel committee (set up originally by the inventor of dynamite) of some or other European government, in fact has often supported acts of war. While the Vatican lamented the summary execution without trial, in front of a minor child of Osama Bin Laden, the Dalai Lama had to be held back from clapping, making very public his approval of a human rights and humanitarian and international law abuse.

China invests billions in our economy, and our Deputy President was in China attempting to get more export rights into their markets and the investment the west denies our nation.

At this time, Mr Tutu, who lied in saying he'd fade from public life a few years past, decided to invite the separatist who's been living comfortably in India for years, to come for a visit.

The visit would have cost billions of Rands to the economy and hundreds of thousands in jobs. Our economy already shed a Million or round about last year.

The lives of millions, the livelihood of these, is far more important than a political statement in support of a few people and their "deity incarnate" leader of faith. A man who really is more political than spiritual, and so deeply wants his own name engraved as to insist that after his death, there be no more Dalai Lama's, only an ordinary government among his separatists.

Only a short while ago, the west slammed Russia for attacking Al Qaeda in some of their provinces, now they are alleged heros for these same acts.

America is letting their population and world influence decline significantly, and uses their foreign policy to bully into place population decline and its lever, "gay marriage" across the world. Europe also bullies likewise. No one mentions these. But when an enemy of our major ally and trade partner and investor and creditor China, with so much power to harm us: is invited by not our government, but a man who sees himself as a mob inciting superhero: we are to betray the hundred of thousands of South Africans for their livelihoods, to help a man living comfortably in India?

France made the mistake, as did America, of inviting the Lama over. Both economies were tragically hit by the loss of exports to China. Obama may even have caused their second US recession by this teenage choice.

Jobs are more important than hopeless causes of separatists! If you disagree, ask those who lose their jobs in countries like America- for attempts to be frankly rude to another nation!

The politics of left and their opponents the morally right

Editorial by Marc Evan Aupiais

One cannot escape it on Twitter or in the American Media, "Occupy Wall Street" for one: people with no fashion sense and likely smelling foul, marching through New York City, and camping like illegal immigrants on the farm that is Wall Street.

They wear that American Symbol: the Halloween mask, and say they want to eat people. Not very nice.

Of course, unlike the civilised Republican Tea Party, the American Left Wing Media consider their presence legitimate: asking for universal debt relief and other communist ideas which Communist China, America's major creditor I assure, will never permit.

It reminds me of the "Gay Pride" parades where each contestant for most immoral tries to be more extravagantly horrendously unnatural than the rest. Carrying whips, treating people as dogs, dressing in outrageous teapot outfits. That any sensible woman or man would never wear.

It reminded me of Solidarity, the Catholic Workers Union, that overthrew communism: and how unlike these, they marched silently and were well behaved! As with seemingly all Traditional European Christian Values protesters across the world, all these seem to be so.

I know who is good and bad by who they oppose. I know what is good and bad by its opposition. Often enough.

What type of person protests for left wing agendas, are these those we want to obey?

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