Thursday 8 January 2009

Gaza Strip, palestine: Update: UN withdraws from Gaza Strip aid: Obama still silent, but speaks on US economy: a look at Iran

(Social Justice South Africa)

Article by Marc Aupiais

The BBC (Secular; British; Government): is reporting that the United Nations (UN), is halting aid into the Gaza Strip, due to an incident, of Israeli troops: allegedly shooting at UN workers.

Condemnations have began to triple in from throughout the world: for Israel; including from Caritas Wales. As they find themselves: in an increasingly difficult political situation, and losing the propaganda war even more badly than before: and in more countries. Israel: also now faces the threat of Hezbolla. Those, who have always desired a genocide against the Jewish people, are looking more and more to have a natural publicity advantage. Somehow: in this region, for the longest time: world media: has always viewed Israel and their surroundings; as though with a different standard.

With this move by the UN in the area, the humanitarian situation can only get worse: but the region, has become a tinderbox: for conflict. The world continues to, and will: it seems: continue to tolerate hate speech, and calls for genocide against a valid people, who have seen this realized, and could in the near future, see this happen again.

Meanwhile: Barak Obama, who has insisted: that he does not want to divide authority in America: between two "Presidents": through advisors: has spoken on the economic crisis in America: hinting that he has politically chosen to ignore the dire humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip; and like the Euthanasia incident: he seems to bear politics, extremely well: but not focus on those on the ground, nor can one absolve him from his vote on allowing infanticide for failed abortions. He bears politics well, but this does not seem good for human rights. In fact, his promises to extend the textbook American Genocide of article 2 section d definition: abortion: and his other historically extreme stances against human rights issues are worrying. His desire to further fund Abortion firm Planned Parenthood, and his choices of appointments: are scary. He seems more focused on Abortion, and promoting such: than on economics: this is only proven in background checks done on his candidates.

At least 40 targets: according to E News (South African; Secular) have been hit in air-strikes today. Protesters, in South Africa marched on Parliament today: calling for a blockade of Israeli goods. Again: largely missing: is notation: that Hamas: is not only the original protagonist , but just as guilty, and insanely callas, as Israel is on this issue.

While a French-Egyptian peace deal continues to be brokered for the area. Any real future peace: needs justice: those on both sides committing, or ordering human rights abuses need to be brought to book. Biased perspectives: offered by many of this situation: need to be ridden away from the scene.

The following is a BBC definition of Hamas: or
"Islamic Resistance Movement":

We would like to emphasize: that many media sources on this: are relying on external facts. The BBC; is probably still the best source on this issue. They are also the fastest, in our perspective: at present at getting accurate, or semi-accurate news out of the region.

An article of theirs: also links funding of Hezbolla, and Hamas: to Iran: who they say: do not make any real effort at denying this. They said this: when analyzing the recent possibly "Hezbolla" missile strikes on Israel, in an article.

We still believe there is more to this situation than meets the eye. The strategy of Hamas: is either suicide: or insanity, or else: the moving of a larger body, in a bigger war-plan. The seeming co-ordination apparent: in Lebanon, and Palestine, and the cautiousness of Iran at this stage: seems odd.

We (Social Justice South Africa) still maintain; that both sides need to be pushed towards peace: and any condemnation: must be aimed at both sides, and that a proper investigation, and accountable punishment: of human rights abusers on both sides: must occur: to move forward. Also: the possibility of Iranian funding of this needs to be looked into: if Israel must be condemned, and perhaps others: then accusations of Iranian arms and funding being used: need to be looked into: and Iran should not be allowed to get away with anything like this: if accurate.

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