Monday 5 January 2009

South Africa: COSATU's ANC allies obey their "Kingmakers": and blame the violence on Israel

(Scriptrelink Voter's Guide; c.f. IOL (Secular; Independent; South African) 04/01/2009)

Article by Marc Aupiais

Whenever leaders of the socialist affiliated COSATU trade union: noted for their statements against the ten commandments, and calls for genocide inside South Africa: by their leader: whenever these make statements: usually, the ANC, like a puppet, or lapdog, follows suite. South Africa: has called for Israel to withdraw without any conditions whatsoever, further, it has blamed the violence, squarely on Israeli soldiers: ignoring the originally hundreds of rockets daily: before the counter-offensive, and dozens currently: being launched at Israeli civilians, by Hamas: a group which took the Gaza strip from the Palestinian government: by force alone, and has repeatedly called for these terror attacks to continue, also saying they will bomb Israel with suicide bombers.

This despite thirty rockets launched by Terrorist group Hamas, into Israel, today: one hitting a childcare facility. South Africa's government has refused to act on Zimbabwe for 7 years, causing thousands, if not millions of deaths, yet the communist affiliated South African government, which itself has not objected much at all: to calls for genocide, and voter intimidation, by the Ruling ANC's members, nor has seen fit to prevent massive human rights abuses in Zimbabwe: has suddenly decided, that Israel, has no right to a peace deal, which will insure its safety, against Hamas, a group: which took the Gaza strip by force recently, and which is causing problems in the Palestinian government: with terror tactics, and forced empowerment: similar to that used for years, by Hezbolla, on Lebanon.

This is not to say, that Israel, is not causing huge collateral damage, it is not to justify their war: but it is simply another example of South Africa's version of democracy, which affords dictators, and War criminals, Terrorists, and human rights abusers: certain treatment, and other nations, a different sort of treatment.

What is sorely missing from this condemnation, is any call for Hamas to withdraw from dozens of missile strikes aimed at Israeli civilians: it is this sort of illogical: partisan diplomacy: which has allowed the Middle East situation, like the Zimbabwean one: to continue. It is simply more evidence of the double standards, by which the South African government views the world. We have yet to see the ANC condemn their followers for violent act, or statement after violent act or statement, nor have we yet to see very many of their politicians adequately punished for breaking the laws of South Africa.

While South Africa has seen fit to ask the United Nations (UN), to condemn Israeli violence: it must be noted, the press report we have read, not once mentions the fact, that this new violence was solely launched by the hundreds of rockets launched into Israel daily at the time. While we do not agree with Israeli methods, we certainly cannot possibly see: how it is that South Africa could possibly purely blame this on the Jewish nation.

If there is to be peace in the Middle East, partisan interference, by countries, like South Africa: must start to lose its power. This entire situation must be treated, by the United Nations: as exactly what it is: a war, between a political movement, which took power by force, and which has been launching missiles at another nation: from the area it has ceased, purposely firing from highly populated areas: with no regard for life: against civilians; and a nation, ruled by a government: which had advanced more than most: towards peace in this situation.

If Israel must withdraw: then the International Community, must ensure the safety of her free citizens. International troops must be deployed: to treat violations of the peace, in the same manner: as they have in any other warring region. As it is, unfair statements: will do nothing but continue to isolate Israel: meaning that they will feel they have to sort this situation out alone: and ignore the International Community.

So far, we have not seen a statement capable of ensuring Israel: that it is worth listening to. If this situation is to be resolved: both sides must be forced to halt attacks: shouting against Israel: while ignoring the consistent breaches of International Law: by their opponents, is hardly of benefit to the situation: South Africa's own "Quiet Diplomacy" with Zimbabwe: is based on some vague principle, of being "Neutral", even as the MDC, has periodically accused it of being utterly partisan.

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