Sunday 4 January 2009

I'm in the 58.3% Readers Range

In response to the editor's new endeavour of monitoring traffic on his website, it made me stop and think about my locations and where I fall into the reading of it.

I realized I am in the highest percentage of viewers grouped into 58.3% of North America but I also read in some very strange places and at some very strange times.

It all started with my curiousity and reading this site once a day before I went to bed, usually with some great read with lots of questions for the editor in the morning, sometimes I'd laugh, cry and other times I'd think this can't be, some things probably will never change Marc.

I have lots of mainly catholic questions because I would be referred to as someone who has returned to the church that has been blessed with a great aid along with this site.

Over a period of time of reading, I have noticed the amount of paper I have printed out from this site and realized I need to be more aware of the environment with serious concern for the killing of tree's. I have gone to sleep with "South African Catholic" stuck in my head and also to waking up with it stuck literally to my head or pillow, but I needed a hardcopy to re-read sometimes what I was reading before I fell asleep ... my need of questions kicking in.

Was or is printing a, so I decided to stop briefly but then something would stick in my head and I'd think "did he really say that" or "did I read that right" and I'd have to get back up before I could fall asleep and trudge out to log onto the site again ... my need for information kicking in. The amounts of articles printed were becoming a safety hazard in my room, car, purse, work, it was everywhere and a serious addiction to reading this site was happening, but that was a good thing, I loved it and love what this editor was writing about.

I still print usually on an average of 4 times a week, believe me thats much better it gives time for some trees to be re-seeded, planted, but I need a hard copy sometimes especially when its a long read, or there is a chance I am going out of range and cannot log on. Yes, time and time again he proves just how brilliant he is and very accurate in answers on our catholic faith. Scripturelink is another favorite and has become a great source for me to check on things that I wonder about.

This site has become my favorite mainly because its accurate and very open for discussion from its readers. I don't ever believe everything I read and always try to make sure the sources are accurate, this site has proved itself to be and helpful in determining others.

I do know that when I have questions for the editor of this site, my saint, he is usually right and/or can back himself up with accurate and true facts. It has become a very reliable catholic source for me and many others as the traffic is proving.

Sooo until this site goes into paper distribution I will continue to be an avid reader of it regardless of the "stare me down eyes" I get for being on-line always reading. I feel honoured and grateful I am able to read it in some very odd places such as schools, parks, malls, arena's, cars, taxi's, in the air (yes, I should have turned it off) and walking to name a few. I love to read newspapers (a few a day), books, articles, mags, all of it, hardcopies or on-line, my interests are huge ... some very catholic, some not.

But this site is a daily must for me. Of course, I do have some etiquette rules for this need for information that I crave and when it should be turned off and thats when I enter the church, its a rule, not sure if its a catholic one, but a respectful one. Other than that its available pretty much anywhere worldwide and 24/7 to be read.

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